Your Life Is An Achievement

The spiritual teachings that I ascribe to say that:

Planet Earth is one of the toughest places you can incarnate, and some of the trials that humans can go through here, among the toughest in the universe.

This is all in the name of learning. Yet learning through the difficult experiences is hard, especially if you happen to be in a difficult stretch or indeed a difficult lifetime.

Reaching ‘rock bottom’ (or anything close to it) here on Earth is like no other experience in any other place.

Your essence and soul are forged and strengthened over time by your earthly experiences, good and difficult. Being melted down and forged in this way is hard and painful work.

But when you look at your life through this lens, your failures are not failures anymore, and you always succeed, eventually.

Being kind to yourself over past choices and being proud of the battles you’ve fought is important. Even if you weren’t sure you won.

What are your battle scars?

I will show you mine, hidden behind my ear; etched on my brain.

I survived a major earthquake, was brought up amid total dysfunction and craziness, and chose multiple abusive relationships.

This post is dedicated to us. And to you who are reading this. Your soul is brave and seen through the eyes of spirit, you’re always doing fabulously.

Or as Plato said: “be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle”

Amen to that.

Meet Anna

Hi, I’m Anna Sayce! My purpose here on this website is to provide practical techniques and information to help empaths to understand, and fix the root of their energetic overwhelm & also to help sensitives to embrace and develop their intuitive gifts. I believe that developing our spiritual & intuitive side is very powerful and allows us to improve our own lives, and if we wish, even make the world a better place for others. Discover more >


  1. Frances

    Amen to that indeed!
    I was just talking about this to a client of mine last night. This is school and we come here to learn. We must not dwell in the trial but in what we gain from it. And you just gave me an idea for a future blog post 🙂

  2. Lesley

    What an absolutely inspiring post. You have such a beautiful spirit.

  3. Julie | A Clear Sign

    Hi Anna,

    My friend lost his 32 year old wife this week and another friend almost died earlier this year and is on the road to what I hope will be a miraculous recovery.

    Put it in perspective – we are each here to do what we came here to do. Some joy is in that discovery, even when the events are tough. We should wear the weathering of these storms as badges of honor – we made it and keep going.

  4. Ann

    Thank you for your (as always) beautiful and insightful post, Anna.

  5. Claire

    What a lovely article. It’s so true.
    I’ve had my fair share. Suffered from depression as a teenager, gone through self harm. Suffered from a severe psoriasis outbreak in 2010 where I was stuck inside for a few months, followed by the death of a friend, followed by the death of an aunt, and an uncle all within 6 months. Had a car accident during that time too.
    Hitting rock bottom and the challenges of those incidents has brought me to where I am today though. It has brought me closer to spirituality, closer to knowing who I TRULY am, and has made me appreciate the simple, beautiful things in life like nature, and loved ones. I’ve developed a passion for photography, have travelled the world, and have moved to the countryside – which I would have never done otherwise.
    Everything happens for a reason.

  6. Mattea

    What a great post! This was something I definitely needed to hear.

  7. rashmi

    Very touching and a timely reminder ! thanks Ann!

  8. Anna

    Thanks to all who commented and added your thoughts and experiences.

    Thank you Lesley for your kind words.

  9. Jaime


    what a fantastic post. validating with words what we all have always known yet doubted.

  10. Kara

    Hi Anna,

    Thanks for such a great validating post. It is especially appreciated in my own life as my husband and I appear to be hitting the rock bottom in one area of our lives, but the lessons learned from this experience have been so great.

    As we practice compassion for our clients, it is oh so important to practice compassion and forgiveness for ourselves.

    Here’s to you strong and inspirational woman!


  11. Anna

    Thank you Kara, all the best for what you’re going through as well.

  12. Lori

    Hi Anna,

    My Husband Mike just passed away 2 weeks ago today. We were married for 23 years. Your insight and the information that you extend, helps more than you will ever know! It helps me to understand death and souls. Happy I found you in the world at this time in my life!

    Thank you

  13. Anna

    Hi Lori, thanks for leaving your comment. I am sorry about your husband. So glad to hear that the info here is helpful for you at this time. All the best, Anna

  14. Ciaran

    Comforting post Anna 🙂 I’m a newby to your site and I have to congratulate you as I’m impressed with what I see, a real fountain of knowledge for someone new to the whole spirtual awakening. I’ve had my own share of tough times during this lifetime. It certainly seems that some of the hardest lessons learned involves some of the toughest events in our lives.

    I’m new to the psychic arena. I’ve been going through some crazy changes spirtually in my life recently, but I believe I’m finally starting to see the bigger picture now. For a long time I used to have these feelings that something wasn’t right in the world, or that something was off! Couldnt get my head around the whole materialism thing. Kinda hard to describe. Anyway I had my first psychic experience a few months ago, an obe of some sorts. Anyway I felt like this world we live in wasn’t real and I could sense a presence towards which I was moving towards, that was welcoming me. Naturally, I started to freak out as I was totally overwhelmed by what was going on, as soon as I felt like this the experience started to subside but I remember hearing in my head “your not ready” and I remember wondering “whats the point of it all?”, the answer I got back really has changed me, I heard “Your here to learn”.

    It has opened me up to a lot of things and the more I learn spirtually the more I think, well it really makes a lot of sense, how did I not realise that before now.

    I guess we all have some schooling to do yet!!


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