3 Cool Ways in Which We Can Receive Help and Support from the Spirit Realm

Life can be hard at times. 

Those are six words that are news to absolutely no-one who is incarnated on planet earth right now.

However, there is also a lot of spiritual assistance available to us, to help us get through difficult patches in life. People who believe in spiritual stuff are not always aware of the kind of assistance that is available. They may know that they can pray for help, or that their guides are looking out for them. But there’s several other mechanisms or ways in which the spiritual plane helps us out. And in this article, I’m going to break down three of these mechanisms and take the mystery out of them.

Note that these often show up when a person is in real need. So, for example, if a person has lost their job and feel really down about it, and like they don’t have many options open to them. Or if a person is in a relationship that is breaking down or having difficulties, those are the kinds of situations where this spiritual help comes into play. Rather than situations like, someone really wants to buy a Ferrari but they can’t quite afford it and so they have to settle for a Porsche instead, and they’re disappointed about that. Lol.

The spirit realm really draws near when we are in pain or in need. And if you’re perceptive, you may notice.

We all have several Spirit Guides and usually a couple of Guardian Angels who look out for us, protect us and give us intuitive guidance to steer us on our path through life. I talk more about the Spirit Guides and angels here.

But apart from guides and angels, there are three other ways in which the spirit realm provides support to us, and in this article I’m going to look into them.

1. The Fifth Order

The Fifth Order is a group of souls on the other side (mostly lightworker souls) who support human beings who are currently incarnated on our planet and going through difficulties in their life. The Fifth Order recognise that life here on Earth can be very challenging sometimes and they endeavour to provide assistance to humans going through dark times.

So, when not in a body, Fifth Order souls have experience travelling between the other side and this earthly realm, for acts of spiritual service. They may deliver messages, help to hook human beings up with earthly resources when they are in need, and they also support the angelic realm in delivering healing and comfort to human beings.

(As an aside, I’ve had clients who have belonged to this order in between lifetimes, and it makes a person very good at shifting their energy at will and travelling between realms.)

When lockdown started here in the UK, I had a dream that felt more like an astral projection experience, where I was travelling around the country (energetically of course) with some spirit beings who were delivering help to a variety of people. One person was suffering from an addiction and living on the streets, and the spirit realm was trying to connect this person with physical resources to make their life easier. These beings showed me what was likely to happen to this person within the next several months if they didn’t get the help they needed. I was also shown another situation with a person who had recently lost their spouse and was traumatised. I saw some spiritual beings doing something to help patch up some kind of ‘energy leak’ that was appearing around this person’s lower back, connected to the trauma they had recently endured.

In my experience, the spirit realm not only helps us out but uses us to help other people out. So if there’s a little voice in your head that is asking you to help someone out, that could be the spirit realm calling on you to help make a situation more bearable for another person. Of course, we don’t always have to do what Spirit tells us to. We won’t usually be called upon to help someone if that help will disempower another person or if we don’t have the resources (time, energy, mental bandwidth) to help.

Now let’s have a look at another way the spirit realm can help us, in a more ongoing way:

2. Secondary Godsparks

First let me explain what the Godspark is:

The primary Godspark is a connection that all souls have back to Source. The Godspark looks like an energetic golden umbilical cord that arises from the centre of the chest. It gives us our vital life force and a sense of connection to Spirit. We receive vital life force through our Godspark every night for three minutes — in this way we ‘recharge our batteries’. Every incarnated soul has a Godspark at the heart chakra, called the primary Godspark. Upon death, the Godspark is shed.

We can sometimes be given a secondary Godspark. This constitutes a second connection back to Source — another direct line through which we can receive vital life force. Having a secondary Godspark is always meaningful, firstly because they are somewhat rare. They also cannot be asked for — instead they are simply given to us when Spirit deems it necessary for the path that we’re on.

A secondary Godspark will be connected at a particular chakra, when a client has a secondary Godspark in place, what Akashic Record readers tend to do is ask when it showed up, and which chakra it is connected to. This often gives us some idea of why it showed up for the client.

And often a secondary god spark will tell us something a person’s soul purpose.

As an example, if a client presents with a secondary Godspark at the throat chakra, and it appeared 6 years + 8 months ago (when she was doing a teacher training) then we know that this Godspark at the throat chakra is likely helping her with her communication and teaching skills. Then if the client says she struggled with the course at first but then it got easier, this is going to make some sense.

Another example could be a Godspark that is connected at the root chakra, which appeared for someone when they were aged 10 and went into a coma after a car accident. Root chakra Godsparks help us to stay connected to the physical realm when we are in danger of “disappearing” energetically (aka dissociating) or otherwise leaving this realm when it is not our time. They can also appear for people who struggle to stay grounded and those who have undergone a lot of trauma or abuse in childhood. But root chakra (and other lower chakra) Godsparks are more rare than the upper chakra ones.

Now let’s have a look at the third way in which the spirit realm can help us out in an ongoing way:

3. Temporary Guides

In addition to the Spirit Guides that are permanently with us, we may also have one or more ‘temporary assignment’ Spirit Guides in place. Temporary assignment Spirit Guides come into our lives for a definite period of time, to help with something in particular. For example, a temporary guide may show up when a client is going through a difficult time such as a divorce or bereavement.

Temporary assignment Spirit Guides will often show up when we begin a new endeavour. For example, a client who begins writing a book may receive a Gabrielite temporary assignment guide who is adept in the area of self-expression and communication. Temporary assignment guides often show up at times when we are venturing into something new. They can steer us in the right direction by putting positive thoughts into our minds, influencing us with their energy, and sending us intuitive guidance through our clair gifts.

And again, the presence of a temporary guide may indicate something about that person’s soul purpose. So, a person who has a life purpose of healing themselves or working as a healer may receive a temporary guide to help them when they are going through a period in their life where lots of healing happens, or when they are training as a healer.

So this is another way that the spirit realm can notice that we’re struggling with something and hook us up with the spiritual resources that can help.

How to invoke the spiritual assistance available to us…here are some ways:

★ Set an intention and ask your guides to help you with it (they can do this by giving you intuitive guidance that can help you get there more quickly or easily.) Use the process detailed in this article.

★ Create a relationship with one or more of the Divine beings (aka ascended masters and archangels) and call on them for assistance. I haven’t mentioned the Divine beings in this article but they are also helpful beings to call on. Note: in my experience, it helps to develop a relationship with a Divine being over time, rather than only call out when you’re in need. Often we have past life connections to Divine beings. I detail my experience with Ascended Master Buddha & also provide a process for calling on this type of being in this article. 

★ Ask for help and speak your request out loud. If there is some way in which the spirit realm can help you out, prayer can set in motion the mechanisms above, and I do feel that prayers that are repeated may be even more effective. As mentioned, the depth of our struggle and difficulty may also have an effect on how prayers are responded to by the spirit realm.

★ If you feel you are a lightworker who is a on a path of serving others, asking for spiritual support in your work is a good idea. In my experience, there is a lot of this kind of support available to lightworkers (the secondary Godsparks and temporary guides are good examples of that.)

The material shared in this post is drawn from my Akashic Record Reading Program.

Meet Anna

Hi, I’m Anna Sayce! My purpose here on this website is to provide practical techniques and information to help empaths to understand, and fix the root of their energetic overwhelm & also to help sensitives to embrace and develop their intuitive gifts. I believe that developing our spiritual & intuitive side is very powerful and allows us to improve our own lives, and if we wish, even make the world a better place for others. Discover more >


  1. Deb

    Excellent article, Anna. I didn’t know about Godsparks until reading this article. Question: Are any of us born with a secondary Godspark?

  2. Anna Sayce

    Hi Deb, I’ve never found a Godspark that was given at birth or before a soul comes into the world, although it may be possible. I’ve only found them given once a lifetime is underway.

  3. Jane Carson

    Hi Anna, I really enjoyed reading your article especially as I had an Akashic record reading with Shelly last week in which she told me I have been a member of the Fifth Order. I’ve since tried to find out a bit more information about this but unfortunately not a lot comes up on the internet so I was really pleased when this subject popped up in your blog.

  4. Petra

    This is so lovely! Thanks for sharing Anna. I have often seen e.g. during a hug the god spark but did not know its name. Felt the divine connection and always named it their inner light. I experienced it connects with others and as it symbolizes our oneness and we can increase it during meditation and spiritual communication. Animals have it too. Thanks again, much love…

  5. Anna Sayce

    Jane – Glad you enjoyed the article 🙂

    Petra – Thanks for sharing!

  6. Allie

    Thank you for this article! I feel it’s very important these days as many people are facing challenges. I’ve been praying in my own words recently and after reading this article I’ve realized that I’m being helped and guided. I was inspired to read a book about pendulum and then another one about chakras that made me very happy and it opened doors to more and more ideas and *answers* and I started feeling that things are starting to add up and make sense. Things in family started to improve. Everything just became easier. For me, sometimes this help comes as a gush of fresh breeze (literally). The wind blows in my face and I calm down.


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