Which Is Your Strongest Intuitive Gift?

If you’ve read any of my other articles you’ll probably notice I’ve been banging on about the importance of finding out your intuitive gifts. This is because intuition or psychic ability is not just one gift – it’s actually made up of six gifts – clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, dreaming, empathy and claircognizance.

The chances are, you have innate abilities in one or two of these gifts. The chances also are that one or two of the above gifts you do not have yet. Your intuition will be difficult and slow to develop if you try to develop a gift that you don’t have yet and neglect the gifts you do have. So that’s why it helps to start your journey of intuitive development knowing what you’re naturally good at.

Here is a quiz to help you to find out what gifts you have:

(Note: you can also now take this quiz here, and it will automatically calculate the result for you.)


Clairvoyance is the ability to ‘see’ Spirit

• Do you dream in colour and with vivid images?

• When you’re doing creative work, like designing something and deciding how you want something to look, do you get a clear image in your head of it?

• When you close your eyes, can you clearly see any object of your choosing? For example, visualize a bicycle. Can you see it in your mind’s eye? (Natural clairvoyants usually have an easy time than most at visualizing).

• Do you get visual solutions to problems in your mind’s eye?

• Are you very visually/artistically creative?

• Do you ever see lights or auras around people when you’re speaking to them?

• Do you ever see things moving in the corner of your eye?


Clairaudience is the ability to hear your Higher Self, Spirit Guides and other extra-sensory input

• Have you ever had a voice clearly direct you to do something and it turned out to be helpful or accurate?

• Have you ever heard ringing or buzzing sounds in your ears?

• Do you hear voices upon waking or going to sleep?

• Do you sometimes hear music playing in your head?

• Do you wake up in the morning with a song in your head?

• Have you ever heard anything outside of you, such as whispering, music or voices when there was no-one there?

• Do you get words popping into your head fully formed which are relevant or solutions to difficulties you’re having?


Clairsentience is intuition in the form of emotional input, physical feelings or gut feelings

• Do you get tingling sensations on your body for no reason?

• Do you feel your emotions very deeply?

• Can you feel the emotions of others?

• Do you need a lot of time alone to recharge your energetic batteries?

• Are you sensitive and thin-skinned?

• Do you have an ‘F’ in your Myers-Briggs type (F for feeling)?

• Do you know what’s the right path to take according to how it feels to you?


Claircognizance is when intuitive information just pops into your head

• Are you very analytical and thinking-oriented?

• Can you be skeptical – does your mind often have the final say in things?

• Do you get lots of great ideas seemingly out of nowhere?

• Are you mentally and creatively inspired on a regular basis?

• Are you good at solving problems and lateral thinking?

• Are you often making subtle assumptions which turn out to be true?

• Are you sizing up people and knowing things without being told?

• Do you know that things are going to happen ahead of time?

• Do you come across as a know-it-all because you always think of an answer to the difficult questions of life?


• Do you know how others are feeling without needing to ask?

• Can you feel tension in the air when there’s been an argument?

• Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed that there are so many people on Earth who are suffering, and wish you could do something about it?

• Do you often feel overwhelmed in social interactions because you are so absorbed in observing others’ feelings and experiences?

• Do you identify deeply with other peoples’ problems and difficulties? (and this sometimes means you over-identify with other people, and sacrifice your own needs in order to help others)


• Do you often remember your dreams?

• Do you wake up from dreams feeling like you learned or ‘realized’ something?

• Have you ever had a dream where a deceased loved one showed up?

• Have you ever had a lucid dream or an astral projection experience?

• Are your dreams rich in interesting symbolism?

Now add up how many times you said yes to statements in each category. Did you say ‘yes’ to some statements in one or two categories in particular?

More tips to find out which gifts you have

1. Experiment. Try exercises to awaken each clair. For starters, I have a few suggestions for what to try in each of my articles about clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and claircognizance. You may notice that one of the exercises is really easy for you and awakens something in your perception.

2. Notice where you’re already using your natural gifts. Remember the times when you actually have received some intuitive guidance – how did it come? Was it visual, auditory, emotional or kinesthetic?

Which are the most common psychic gifts?

Several years ago, I offered a free mini reading where I’d tell people which intuitive gift they had, out of the four mentioned above. I did between 600 and 700 of these mini readings. I found that claircognizance and clairsentience are really common gifts. The vast majority of people I read for have one of these gifts as either their primary or secondary intuitive gift. These gifts are usually classed as ‘intuition’ and they can be very subtle, which is why they can often go unnoticed. Only a small proportion of people I read for had clairvoyance as their strongest gift.

If you would like further instruction on developing your intuitive gifts, you may be interested in my Intuitive Awakening Course.

intuitive awakening

Meet Anna

Hi, I’m Anna Sayce! My purpose here on this website is to provide practical techniques and information to help empaths to understand, and fix the root of their energetic overwhelm & also to help sensitives to embrace and develop their intuitive gifts. I believe that developing our spiritual & intuitive side is very powerful and allows us to improve our own lives, and if we wish, even make the world a better place for others. Discover more >


  1. Zora

    Strange – when you did my mini reading several months ago, you said I was clairsentient, but I answered “yes” to more things under clairvoyance. (Yip, I don’t want to be clairvoyant!) While I do sometimes have trouble visualising a scene in detail, I can visualise pretty easily. I remember being surprised, upon talking to fellow writers, that a lot of them don’t clearly see their characters or their characters’ houses in their head, whereas I do.

    I do, however, find it difficult to hold an image in my head and try to draw it at the same time. Not sure if that’s common to artists, though.

    I’ll play with exercises in both articles, though, and see how it turns out. (With any luck, I won’t see anything that’ll scare the royal pants off me – that’s what I’m most afraid of when it comes to clairvoyance. All the same, if I saw something I’d be less likely to dismiss it.) I do think my clairsentience is more likely to be better now, though. In the past I’ve been quite apathetic even when having no reason to.

    Thanks heaps for this article. 🙂

    (A question, though – what /is/ that ringing noise? I always hear something like very soft, distant static in my ears, or out of the blue I’ll hear ringing. People have told me that it means my hearing is damaged because of listening to something really loud, but I don’t actually get exposed to that. I hear the static is just blood going through the veins, though?)

  2. Anna

    Hi Zora,

    Did I give you only your primary clair? You could be primarily clairsentient with clairvoyance as your secondary.

    The ringing noise can be lots of things (I should mention that in the article that it can just be physical too). I mean, the obvious one is that it can be tinnitus if it’s ongoing. I think the important thing is how it feels to you when it happens. When I get a true clairaudient impulse, I know by how it feels to me as well, something like excitement and certainty.

  3. Julie

    I believe I`m Clairaudience. But how can I devolpe this gift to be more then just a subtle feeling.

  4. MarkC

    But how can we go beyond the basics? There is a lot of information on identifying personal characteristics, but to go further?
    According to the above information I’m clairsentinent; with claircognizance & perhaps a little clairaudience.
    I suppose awareness is the first step. But what are the second, third & onward steps?

  5. Anna

    Hi Julie – do you mean clairsentience? That’s a subtle feeling. Clairaudience is hearing. I have written an article called developing clairsentience, which is in my archives. There are a few exercises in there to get you started. If you’re looking for something more, I am in the process of putting together a resource page of products, courses and books that I have found useful in my intuitive development, one for each clair.

  6. Marissa

    After answering your little quiz, I’ve discovered that I’m primarily clairsentient but got the same score for clairvoyance and clairaudience as my secondary gift. Which one will I develop first?

  7. Anna

    Hi Marissa,

    I reckon whichever appeals to you most is a good indication of where to go from here. Clairaudience is particularly useful to have with clairsentience.

  8. Cathy

    Hello Anna, I am so excited to have found your website. Now I have a name for something I’ve been experiencing since the age of 9 – Claircognizance. My question is, can this knowing be related to your own life? Usually when I know things, they pertain to someone elses life, not my own. I also have dreams and/or visions of things. For instance, once I had a series of vivid feelings and visions that my foot was cut in half. I would feel pain and see a bunch of blood. It would last about a minute and it was horrible. I thought I was going insane. Several months later my grandmother took ill with diabetes and half of her foot was cut off in a surgery. Of course, then I knew what the visions meant. Haven’t had them since.

  9. Anna

    Hi Cathy- The knowing can be related to your life or to someone else’s life. I’m claircognizant and I pick up things about my own life and things about other people.

  10. Colby

    Hiya Anna! According to your quiz I am a clairvoyant. Why do you think clairvoyance isn’t as common as the other clairs? I have never trained my “ability” , but sometimes I get very (I mean very) vivid dreams. In the dreams i can see everyone around me, I smell all the different smells, and I can hear what the people are talking about. The dreams usually don’t last long, but the creepy part is after i have these dreams they usually come true the next day. Sometimes it can really scare me… If you have any advice I would be glad to know.
    P.S. I’m very good at visualizing things.

  11. Anna

    Hi Colby.

    That is a precognitive dream – I have those too. I quite like them – makes me feel like I’m in just the right place, at the right time.

    Not sure why clairvoyance seems not to be too common. Maybe it’s our conditioning and education – we’ve been taught to use our heads so as a result many people are receiving info through their minds (claircognizance). Maybe if art and visual stuff was emphasized more in our education system, more people would be clairvoyant.

  12. Lindsey

    Hi Anna,

    Grateful to find your website. I am a dancer that is currently laid up with a fairly long to recouperate knee injury. Forced to sit around alot.

    Feeling drawn to get all my “stuff” back out…my crystals, energy books, etc.

    I answered yes to most clairaudient, clairvoyent, clairsentient……nothing really of the third.

    I was googling ” I can ‘feel’ things in other people when I touch them” looking for what to call what I am capable of…which is how I stumbled across your site.

    Looking to get back to/into using my healing and intuitive abilities as a means of livelihood because of my laid-up ed ness.

    I adore dancing….but something is knawing at me that it isn’t everything for me…that there is something else.

    Maybe this is it…..

    I don’t know if you are still offering the mini readings…..but it would be cool to have one…

    If not, I will just putter around on the site and find my way.



  13. Tia

    This is really awkward for me since I finally admitted that the things I’m experiencing is the stuff you described. After reading around and finally(and gratefully)finding this site(its really disheartening to search for answers and get hounded for money) and it seems what I’m experiencing is real. After reading this article and the one on claircognizance I’m fairly certain that’s my primary intuitive gift. The thing that confuses me is what my secondary one is, or rather is it possible to have more that one? I answered all the questions for each sense honestly and for each category the majority is yes with only one no in the mix. The thing is all the instances I can cite are mundane at best. I feel strongly about them and know that I didn’t make it up but its nothing really solid…I guess that’s why its called extra-sensory huh?

  14. Alesia

    Hi Anna,

    I am only 14 and I have been looking for answers to a lot of confusing things that have been happening in my life lately. I came across your website and it has proved very useful, as I now see that I am not really alone in what is happening to me.

    I tried your quiz and i got 7/7 for clairvoyance, 6/7 for clairaudience, 7/7 for clairsentience and 9/9 for claircognizance. What does it mean?

    I have been looking for someone to help me as I am too scared of what my parents would think if I told them, and i dont really know where to go to get a bit of help with everything.

    If not you, do you know someplace/person i could talk to for some help?


    • Anna

      Hi Alesia, it sounds like you have all four skills already developed somewhat. Have you read any books or visited any forums about this? There is a good forum with a section on psychic abilities at http://www.stevepavlina.com/forums

      I also found the book ‘Psychic Development for Beginners’ useful when I was starting out.

  15. Earthdarling

    there were three catagories where I answered yes to almost all questions. Clairaudience, Clairsetience, and Claircognizance, although the later two have been the most noticeable, and the reason why I started searching about this. I have seen with my eyes spirit too, but mostly felt them touch me (could this be the “pressure” you speak of? or simply felt their presence in the room). I get pretty regular flashes of things that happen seconds later. All of the above I don’t talk about w/anyone I know except my husband, for fear that they’ll think I’m crazy! My husband believes me because he has heard some sort of presence first hand at an apartment I lived it which appeared to have a increasingly aggresive spirit hanging out. It sounds so silly, do they actually do that?

  16. magdalina

    I have seen and heard things since I was a baby,and even before birth
    I can walk in a room and pick up what people are feeling and thinking
    and being a people person this is very hard on me at times.
    I have also seen future happening and at the time had no idea what it meant
    for instance when i was 9 years old for a whole year i was this woman standing in front of this window in a very tall building watching a plane coming right at me and at 9 i had never been in a large building or seen a plain that close this was in the early 70’s.
    my experiences were very hard and scary for me growing up,they don’t
    scare me anymore i don’t understand all these things i go through but have learned to deal with it and except it and feel i am at a point in my
    life where it is time to learn more and try to help others.But i don’t know where to go from here

  17. Josh Hannan

    i can pretty much feel all 4…but my clairvoyance as the same as you im a bit scared to use it. hahahhaa makes me laugh a little.

    i always wondered what i always felt was normal…..and when i would get the feeling of someone else ide be like oh yeah…and then wonder why didnt whoever else is with me not know what the other person ws thinking . weird

  18. Sarah

    Hi!! Is it possible to have three natural gifts?? Because for me I am an empath, a clairsentient and a claircongnizant…well it seems like it anyway

    • Anna

      Hi Sarah – yep definitely possible!

  19. Sarah

    Thank you. I am having some trouble turning off my empathy. Any suggestions?

  20. Josh Hannan

    hi anna

    i can do everything on this page just not so much the clairvoyance but still most of it.

    i have such a higher understanding anna do you know what im talking about ?

  21. Sithera

    Wow… I answered yes to 70-80% of those questions! Clairvoyance seemed like my strongest, then clairaudience, then claircognizance, then clairsentience. I just can’t seem to be scared of these sort of things! It seems so exciting, and I would love to help others once I develop some skills.

  22. Ineya St.James

    Hi! Thank you so much for this website!!! I think i tested mostly Clairaudience and secondary Claircognizant. And that is what a psyhic told me ..so that is good to have way to verify that.I think that there might be a tad of Clairsentience too…because i usually just feel if something is right ..it just works better.

  23. Jill

    Having looked at all of the questions, I answered yes to all but two (across all sections) I have no idea what this means. I DO know that my next step will be presented when the time is right and I need to trust my intuition, so I’m not sure if I want to “force” any development to this… but I have to ask… can we choose which gifts we develop, or are we given the ones which will benefit the most, and in my case… am I receiving ALL of them?

  24. France

    Thanks Anna, I wasn’t sure if this blog was your current blog or not; I was just hoping someone would answer. 🙂

  25. Anna

    Hi France – if you get a bad feeling from the website, then trust your gut! I haven’t had time to check it out, but in my experience – some info on star seeds is true, and some is not. A lot of it lends itself to conspiracy theories too. You’ll know which is which by how you feel when you visit the site.

  26. Anna

    Hi Jill

    Yes, some people are born with an equal distribution of gifts. It’s not as common, but it happens. You can totally choose which ones you want to focus on, or spirit might choose for you.

  27. Barbara

    Hi Anna, I enjoy your articles. I also had an experience at age 7, where I woke up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and two men in long white gowns were standing at my bedroom door, one taller than the other and the one was holding my mom’s Maxwell House coffee can in his arms and he said, “Don’t yell now, you’ll wake everyone up.” I covered up my head and when I looked again they were gone. I didn’t need to go to the bathroom after that. I never told anyone that story for 50 years. Now I do see and I haven’t had an experience that I have regreated. I only see if they want me to. The latest eposide was a young boy who was standing on a porch near my home and he was dressed in black and I took a second look and his feet were swinging back and forth. I asked my guides and I was told that he died many years ago during the war and has been at the farm I seen him at. I actually spoke to him. I find that spirits as I see physical beings, each have their own story to tell if you allow them to. I always make sure I am protected just in case. I only wish I could of developed my gifts much earlier in life and I pray that young adults think about that as they recognize their gifts. Thanks for all you insight.

    Namaste, Barb

    • Anna

      Hi Barb, Interesting! I don’t know many psychics who see spirits like they see physical people, so you must be a rare breed.

  28. Angelina

    Hello Anna, I am interested in understanding if I have a psychic ability and if so which of the 4 intuitive gifts. There have have been several situations in my life where a person (whom I vaguely know) comes to mind (just popped in my head) and within seconds or minutes I receive a phone call from them. In every case I was not expecting their call, and as far as I know they didn’t even have my phone number. This gave me an uncomfortable sense of anxiety (goosebumps) to say the least.


  29. Kitty Moonsinger

    Um….is it a bad thing I said yes to every question in all four?

  30. Andrei Caba

    i have a “yes” for every question in all four, except for “Are you sensitive and thin-skinned?” – i was like that when i was in gymnasium (around 13 years old, now 25), but now totally not :). Which would be primary, then?… Also, the Myer-Briggs test (which got me INF J/P) was very hard – i would have been placed myself in the middle between affirmations at almost all of them, but there was no such “middle radio button”… Well?… What would that mean?…

  31. Raymond

    I have a strange question. Does anyone else hear voices, music and noises when they are around any machinery that produces white noise? What I mean by white noise is noise like an exhaust fan running Anything that makes a constant droning, hissing noise.

    I have been hearing this for a couple of years now. The voices are never discernible and it seems like there is only a few words said and then it s repeated over and over, but after a while it changes like someone tapped on a stuck record player and it begins working again.

    It is almost like I am listening to something and then days or weeks later it comes back to me from the noise. I was listening to music in Gaelic a long time ago and then I heard it in the noise. I have even heard Peter Jennings, the newscaster recently, only he is now deceased.

    Lately I hear very little except for my wake up alarm. Very irritating. It will go off as early as 4 AM and wake me and it just keeps on going. Beep, beep, beep! Lately even my wife hears it. Oh. I forgot to mention that my wife and I use a sound machine at night as we both tend to snore. I have had to turn it off so we could get some sleep.

    Any help with this would be greatly appreciated!

  32. Anna

    Hi Raymond,

    It’s difficult to say whether you are experiencing psychic phenomena or whether it’s a sensory issue with your hearing. I wonder if it’s the latter because you mentioned a sound machine and you also said you’re not hearing messages, just snippets of recorded things you’ve once heard.

  33. Renae

    I have a little of all three.But My strongest Id say is clairvoyance, then clairsentience. I want to try to understand these gifts.Learn more about them and strengthen them. How can I do this?Anything you recommend I read? whatabout excercises I can practice?

  34. france

    Okay we may have gone over this before but I need to bring it up again. I see things; like dark spots. Sometimes its with movement other times its just like black spots on the wall but nothing is there. What does that mean? I had gotten used to it but now it seems to be happening more. I feel that something is trying to get my attention. I know I have not meditated much lately I have so much I want to do so nothing is getting done. I guess I am frustrated maybe I am just seeing things. Any help on that?

  35. Barry

    Hi. Well for as llong as i can rember i always have has a huge facination with the difrent “clair” gifts, and reading the above article i answerd yes to most of the questions asked under all of them, is tht unusual, or even posible, or am i just loco?

  36. karen

    mine would be my dream life tho for years i would
    have very strong visions. I dont have the visions so much anymore but continue to be a strong psychic dreamer.

  37. Lisa

    Hi, Anna,

    I have always known there was something “more” to me, even special, if you know what I mean. I believe I am claircognizant, clairsentient, and clairaudient, in that order of most to least ability. The odd thing is that I just turned 50 and have only recently actively pursued my
    “gifts.” I tried an experiment about 2 hours ago with a rubberband with a key hanging from it in an effort to contact my spirit guides. I nearly fell off my chair when I got responses to all of my questions. I was told that this is the path I should be on and that I would help people, and leave this soul-destroying job that I have soon. Just before my birthday in November, I felt entirely stressed out, severely anxious and nervous, and my ears have been ringing uncontrollably, but since I made contact tonight, amazingly, so many pieces have fallen into place. Because of the unnatural stress I was feeling, with no good explanation for it, I do feel that I am something of an empath, also. Long story short, I appreciate the fact that you and Erin Pavlina have supplied so much free information to help in my soul exploration.



  38. rochelle

    yes iam told iam extre,mely psychic and one day will teach the world alot mainly when im older .. i have had many experiences except i tend to choose to ignore them sadly i misssed out on saying good bye to my father because i ignored this i really didnt know what to do nor what was going on i thought i was being crazy /silly/ like i didnt trust what was going on until it was too late .. i had a avo against my father for myself and my children but i still loved him very much i would have loved to have said good bye i didnt piece everything together until a week later when i seen his death notice in the paper i sat in the park and cried for hours but i know he was saying good bye to me that whole day and night because things were happening around me that were really weird and it came with a huge feeling like a big swell of emotion in my inside me that night as i was laying in bed with my daughter we both heard a whistle outside my bedroom window it was the whistle my father used to do when he was working in his shed i look down at my legs and the hairs on my legs were pricked completely up and so were my daughters. i sensed when my father was sick as 3 days prior leading up to my fathers death i turned very ill with horrible pains in my stomach that just seemed to hit me out of the blue i thought it was a 24 hour bug but i was so sick i went to the emergency department at my local hospital while i was there this thought over and over again kept popping into my head “go and ask if (the name of my father) is in the hospital it repeated and repeated the whole time i was there it also cam ewith a feeling but i was scared and didnt know what was happening to me i never went and asked turns out he died that night in hospital he had been there the whole time and i missed out telling him i have always loved him i will never forget it.

  39. sarah

    I answered yes to every question for clairvoyant! I really don’t want to be clairvoyant. That is a scary gift to have. I have seen a ghost once and I don’t want to see one again!!!! I also answered a lot for clairaudience, not all of them like 1 or 2 i said no but the rest of those i said yes. The other two were like really all no. God…Clairvoyant is the worst gift to have…It is so scary…. :/

  40. Brandi

    Well, it seems I scored the same in the first three. I have always wondered if I was clairaudient; when I was about 18 I was going to sleep and I heard someone call my name. It was as if someone put their mouth to my ear and yelled my name. Not only did I jump out of bed, but it scared me to death. Although I knew there was no one in the room, I began looking under the bed, in the closet, even under my pillow 🙂 It still happens every now and then but it doesn’t scare me anymore but all I ever hear is someone calling my name-sometimes I recognize the voice but most of the time I don’t. But lately though, I’ve thought maybe I’m clairsentinent because it seems I have to get away from people and be by myself a lot. I’ve always been “sensitive” emotionally and I constantly have this heavy feeling in my chest. How do I tell if the feeling I’m feeling is someone elses? I honestly don’t know how to tell.

  41. tracy

    I think I’m all four because I answer yes to almost everything. It makes me doubtful that I answer yes to most of them.

  42. Ryanne

    I got 6/7 for Clairvoyance, Clairaudience and Clairsentience. Then I got 8/9 for Claircognizance. Which one(s) should I try to develop first?

  43. Cheyenne

    I seem to fit into everyone of them. I have a question though, are you born with these specific abilities or do they aqquire after a traumatic experience? Because I’ve had 1 surgery on a limpnode, and 2 ear surgeries on the same ear which has left that ear with hearing loss. I was watching a documentary on psychic abilities and it struck my curiousity. It seems very interesting in my eyes.

  44. Laurie

    Hi Anna, I came across your site and I’m so glad I did. I believe I’m claircognizant, though now I’m wondering if I have more clair-senses going on than I believed before. I have been dealing with some emotional things in my life and it’s been bringing me down. Learning how to cope with and protect myself from your articles has been absolutely wonderful. Thank you for your site and sharing your gifts. Best wishes from San Diego, California!

  45. Sara

    Hi, Thank you for this article. Im still having trouble with finding out what is my strongest area. I feel I am more clairsentience, But the other like clairaudient and clairvoyant I do to. Ill definitely have to do some exercises. I wake up sometimes because someone is calling my name , some times urgent some times not. But then again, I am empathic and i feel alot , whether its peoples emotions or just a knowing of intent , pick up energies etc. But this was a great article thank you 🙂

  46. jo

    what if i answered yes to all the questions what does that mean

    • Anna

      It means you’re multi-talented!

  47. Willow

    Sounds like I’m all of them 😉 I’ve actually been able to do some median-type things in the past. About a month ago, I was at a friend’s house when information just started pouring into my head. Pictures, memories, sensations, emotions, just everything. It was very interesting, especially because I knew I had some type of gift before but I had been trying to block it because I didn’t want to be a freak. But after the session at my friend’s, I’ve just learned to accept that this is me, and that I was born with a gift. I think that when I began going through adolescence, my sense started to become more and more active. But when I come to think about it, when I was a little girl I used to communicate with my dead grandfather. He passed away when I was around 1(I don’t think that I could have possibly remembered what he looked like even I was imagining it), and around 4 I started seeing him, saving seats for him on the school bus and in the car, saying goodnight to him when my mom went to sleep, etc. I knew what he looked like and gave my family a valid description even though he passed away a couple years earlier. Well, good luck to all. 🙂

  48. Kiet Lai!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    what does it mean if i say yes 97% of the time?

  49. C~

    I do energy work, and I have started to have these experiences with my clients – it usually starts with pressure on my face, and now has progressed to goosebumps on my arms, neck and scalp. I don’t actually “hear” the message, I have to ask questions and “feel” out what the answer is. This would be much easier if I could actually hear or see the spirit trying to communicate.

    Today, there was a male presence that was filled with sadness, and I actually started crying myself. The message was for a woman I did not know, but was completely relevant and brought her to tears, too. The strange thing is, I am scandinavian and it is always first nations people that get these messages through me.

  50. Hannah

    Ummm… I answered yes to all of these except for one, which was the ‘do you have an F one’ because I have absolutely no clue what that test is. What in the world… is that even possible. I’m probably just being insane…. I thought everyone was like this

  51. Nikki

    I am really interested to know what i should do and practice at as at the moment. I have answered yes in each one but not sure the best way to go. :O)

  52. Hannah

    ^^^ I agree with Nikki! Same thing happened to me, So is it possible to be a mix of all and what does that mean for me and how can I utilize it?

  53. Alyssa

    I’m so glad I know that I’d definitely be best at Clairvoyance… I’m an artist, advances, sells paintings, etc, and I often see things dart around my peripheral vision. I see things vividly, I learn better by seeing things rather than hearing, etc… I’m happy to know what talent I can develop now!

  54. Kelly

    Oh my gosh!! I am soooo excited about finding this site! It’s funny, just today I was thinking to myself that I need to sit tight and wait for some guidance. And voila’! Here it is! I’ve been bouncing all over this site tonight soaking everything in, trying to read each article all at the same time. 😀
    Anna, this is fantastic!! I will return tomorrow, read some more, and in the coming days/weeks, I hope to be ready to take your e-course.
    Whew!! I feel so much better and so excited! It’s like Christmas! 🙂

  55. Sabrina

    I had a yes for 98% and the other 2% was a “sometimes” I really want to grow with this. Im not sure where to start….

  56. Jennifer

    Hello, I happened to stumble upon your website and found it to be very helpful. Growing up, I have always sensed things, seen things, and known things that made me feel different from everyone else. I sense the spiritual presence of my deceased relatives (namely my grandfather, a pastor who passed of a heart attack in my presence when I was 3 and he loved me dearly). Also, my maternal grandmother who passed only a couple years ago (she raised myself and my siblings). I also see moving human form shadows from the corner of my eye frequently, feel cold spots and get chill bumps out of nowhere, feel very stongly that someone is watching me intently although I am assumingly alone. I also have very vivid and colorful realistic dreams every night and remember them in great detail. Two months ago, I had a dream that a person I know was pregnant and had this powerful urge to tell her of my dream. I was hesitant as she and I are not close friends and I didnt want to seem “wierd”, but I couldnt resist relaying the details. I just found out a week ago that she is in fact TWO MONTHS pregnant. I have had several other prophetic dreams in my past including seeing my unborn neice at age 3 in great detail while my sister was still pregnant and didnt know the sex of the baby. When she became 3 years old, she looked exactly as she did in my dream. I have been curious as to exactly how gifted I am, but too afraid to explore my gifts. Any insight would be appreciated. Thank you!

  57. Sarah

    Hiya ^^

    Where to begin?
    So, I’ve always known about psychics and prophetic dreams (because of my dad), but I never really noticed how huge of an influence it’s actually been in my life.

    I found out that I’m super empathetic toward others and will often lose myself in a crowd of emotions from others. But then, it kinda just goes back to normal for a little bit before going full blown emotion sponge.

    I find that walks help me clear my head of stuff that may have been dragging with me throughout the day, but sometimes I can’t go out for a walk and have to deal with it until I CAN go out.

    I don’t really enjoy having empathy on 24/7, but I don’t wanna get rid of it entirely either. I guess I’m scared that it’ll disappear forever ^^;

    I also get a lot of deja vu and the occasional prophetic dream. And a few times, I can actually kinda pick up on what people/animals are thinking/feeling (though, I kinda think that goes along with empathy?)

    I’m not really sure what to do.
    I’m a senior in high school right now and this is kinda starting to take a toll on me with college and all that other stuff creeping up.
    I’m not sure about meditating, because my entire family is Christian, so I’m kinda freaked out with chakuras and “quieting your mind and grounding yourself”. I’ve always been raised against all this.

    Please help if you can~!

  58. seanallan

    Hello, my name is Sean.

    I’m really getting into this stuff i was just wondering if you’re born with this gift.

    I have a really strong intuition. Well, it started when I was going in year 1 I had this really strong gut feeling about it and my teacher was so mean I dont know why but I had a strong intuition on my mean teacher, it might have been a warning but I never knew because I was only young.

  59. Rumaanah

    Hi, I just wanted to ask…. Does lack of emotion affect your abilities?

  60. Luna

    I scored “yes” on all questions except for 1 under clairaudience. This isn’t anything new to me, but it seems most if not all of the “things” I used to experience have slowed down to a near halt two years ago (after a particularly vivid and supernatural dream). I think that indirect advice was given in that dream, and I still haven’t taken all the steps to make that change… I’m seriously afraid I am losing my abilities because I made the wrong decisions in the past. Is this fear something that has any validity?

  61. Gabriel

    I answered yes to almost all the questions except 1 or 2 wtf…

  62. Mike

    This is a very cool site. TY and I can’t wait to use your tips 😀

  63. jennifer

    I think iam clairvoyant, my third eye has been activated several months ago when i wake up i see numbers, words, and images the most common ones i see is the number 7 with a sun next to it, butterfly and eyes but it only last for a few seconds before it goes away.

  64. Phyllis

    I have had dreams of bad things happening to other people and me.
    I have seen spirits that healed me
    I have heard voices in the air to thinks I think
    I have had strong feeling on what and when to do things or not to do them

    I had heart surgery a few years ago and it all stopped. I need to know how to get all of it back and more. I have also seem myself through my third eye in another time in history. It has all stopped and I miss all of it. I always have people with me to protect and watch me. Sometimes 6 of them.
    What do I do to get it all back.

  65. France

    Phyllis, I believe that you should try relaxation exercise to relieve this tension from your body. WE all have psychic powers some more and other less. If you imagine what you want to be in your life it will come. More than likely you could get more than you even had before just by believing and imagining what you want to happen. I hope this helps.

  66. Alicia Hostetler


    My name is Alicia. I believe I am a clairaudient, according to your list of things that occur. I have ringing in my ears at least once a day and I’m wondering what exactly to do when it occurs. I am a musician, and I thought it was interesting that you said most of us are clairaudient. Thank you for your insights!

  67. xyz

    I almost felt clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and claircognizance many times. What does it mean ?

  68. Jess

    Hi Ana! I have been looking for answers. I would say over the past few years my ability has gotten stronger but I can’t control it. I get really sick and weak for days after.
    I have visual, auditory as well as physical things. Can you help me idenitfy which I am better at?

  69. Katie

    I got all yes’s on clairaudient and claircognizance, most in clairvoyance and I missed 3 for clairsentience. I’m only just realizing my clauraudience, I always just figured it was my intuition or that those sounds were from listening to too much loud music. My hearing is pretty damaged from headphones because I love music, but despite that I’ve always had the uncanny ability to pick up even just vibrations of music and I can be like “Oh, Fresh by Kool and the Gang, its playing in the other room, can’t you tell”, it’s like I feel the vibrations.I always hear music at night too, I’ve even asked my boyfriend where it was coming form and he hadn’t a clue of what I was talking about. My intuition is very strong, it’s been a real guiding hand through my life, and I can definitely attest to being associated with know-it-all-ism. I often feel torn between logic and intuition though. I think I ignore my intuition by over rationalizing, I’ve even pinpointed the moments I do it, it’s super quick and hard to notice. It seems I’m missing the step of trusting myself I think.

  70. Miranda

    I got 7/7 for Clairvoyance, 4/7 for Clairaudience, 7/7 for Clairsentience, and 6/9 for Claircognizance. Does that mean I got all of them?

  71. Hazel

    Hi Anna, I’ve just found your website and I think it’s great, very informative and enlightening. I wonder if you could answer a question?

    I quite often get physical feelings – a tightening/fluttering in the chest, tingling or goosebumps on my arms and a fuzzy head. I feel that there is something I should know, or there’s something I’m missing and I can’t quite grasp it – it’s on the edge somewhere. How can I teach myself to understand whatever it is? I quite often say “okay, I get it, someone’s trying to tell me something, but you need to be less subtle as I don’t know how to see it”.

    Strangely enough, my best friend gets these feeling too. We discuss this regularly and she feels like it kind of deja vu.

    I also experience what feels like deja vu, where I can feel that I’m in a certain place and I get the tingly, fuzzy feeling, and I can almost smell it (like looking over summer fields in the hazy sunshine and I can smell the summer, or an english country manor in the rain – even if it’s winter outside). I scored highest in clairsentience so perhaps that’s what it is.

    Thank you.

  72. Michele

    I’ve had quite an awakening last year and it came out of nowhere. It seemed as though ALL of my gifts came at once. I started to see things with my eyes closed(what would happen on tv or the next day, or what people would do before they did it)and I can also see things such as symbols and alot more with my eyes open. As soon as I understood that part it was like 2 weeks later and I started having clairaudience. That was weird and still is because I’m not sure who is saying it to me-spirit, my own spirit, or what, then 2 weeks later I started to awaken my clairsentience. I could smell things and feel others physical pains being tapped onto my own body. I was all over the place. I also saw spirit (I think), It was a flash of seethrough images. Then 2 weeks later I began telepathy with the people in my house and that was weird! All of it has calmed down now but I do still have all of these gifts. I would like to learn how to develope them further and I hope I can do this with your site. I’m so glad I stumbled upon it!!! Thank you!!

  73. Tess

    i took the quiz and apparently i have clairvoyance and clairsentience. it doesnt really suprise me though. i always get “feelings” about certain things. like this one time, out of the blue i thought “i’m going to get into a car accident at this intersection” and sure enough, a few months late on the way to school, we got in an accident. as for the clairsentience, i always get this random tingly for no reason and the BOOM! im in la la land. while that happens, i can feel other people’s emotions. most of the time the just want me back down to earth! 🙂

  74. nadine

    Hi Anna,
    i really dont know where to start, i have been drawn towards the metaphysical world since i was 12 and constantly reading and for the last couple of years it felt like the information started to unfold infront of me directing me somehow and now here i am reading this article and thinking i have all of them except (Are you sizing up people and knowing things without being told?

    Do you know that things are going to happen ahead of time?)
    the thing is i thought it was normal to hear voices when i start falling asleep or the buzzing sounds and sometimes phone ringing when there is nothing i got used to these stuff happening i didnt think about it until i read what u wrote, it wasn’t a coincidence getting to know u and ur work i dont believe in coincidences. so thank you for writing these articles i hope someday i would have the knowledge u do.
    Thank you

  75. Stephanie

    I’ve had different types of experiences such as, feeling this dark feeling around me i call that death because the 3 times I’ve felt it someone that I know passed away.. I’ve had this feeling one time that someone was gonna try to kill my bf & then the day I finally had a chance to tell him someone shot his car up.. I’ve had a vision to the side just pop up of my bf calling my name and when i look up i see him in a hospital bed then 2 mins later he tex me and said he was in the hospital he fell of his dirt bike. I’ve had a vision of someone running thru the woods then when I called that persons phone the phone picked up & i cud here the person running and moving around & when I finally talk to them they were being chased.. I’ve even had visions and connections thru numerology, telephone numbers birthdays and addresses.. There are so many more vision I’ve had pertaining to my kids this world and so on I would jus like help to understand everything.

  76. Melissa

    SO glad to find your site and this article! I have felt odd or off my entire life. I’ve been told I’m too sensitive, but I never felt that was bad. I scored equally on Claircognizance, Clairauidence, and Clairsentience. And oddly, pretty high on the Clairvoyance, too. Do you know anything about smelling things that aren’t there? What that might be? It’s almost a joke between me and my husband. I smell things all the time that can’t possibly actually be in the area.
    Also, I had a friend tell me she thought I was an empath last year, and my life has changed so much since reading up on that! I truly would love to be able to develop any gift I may have and I am so thankful you have resources available. Thank you!

    • Anna

      Yes, this is clairalience. I didn’t include it in the article because it’s something I have not ever experienced so don’t know much about it!

      For empath resources, check out ‘Whose Stuff is This?’ by Yvonne Perry and also Karla McLaren’s work on energetic boundaries.

  77. Han

    I once did a test the nation’s psychic ability test while it was live on tv… it was multiple choice and timed, I got 9 out of 10 answers correct in front of my then-boyfriend. The last one that I got wrong I believe was because I thought the time was up and I ended up guessing. The thing is, the answer was not coming to me as I thought happened with psychics, instead, I had a method. What I did was probably got into the alpha state you talk about, then I ‘tried on’ each of the answers physically. Like I imagined ‘wearing’ the symbols one at a time, asking myself ‘how does this feel in my body?’ I would do each one (there were four possible answers to each, so it took a bit of time) and I would notice when one felt different to the previous one… then I would keep going until I had tried them all on and then go back to the one I thought felt different to check it definitely felt different. I also used this method to correctly guess the ages of some foreign people I was with. I knew they were all in their early twenties or late teens, so that narrowed it down to ‘multiple choice’ and then I went trough my method while staring into their eyes and I would just know which one was right. This happened because they asked me to guess this guy’s age and initially, I said I didn’t know… I didn’t want to offend him with the wrong age, so I took my time. They were all getting excited and calling me psychic! I guessed/worked out intuitively three of their ages correctly. I ignored their faces and focussed on their eyes to assess their ages.

  78. rebecca

    what is you answer yes to 99% of all the questions..but still find yourself as nothing special?

  79. Karen

    I fit in most of the categories I think with my very strongest being claircognizance. I often hear my name being called before I go to sleep, causing me to often sleep with the light on. Have had a couple of times voices tell me things quite sharply one word answers which made perfect sense as a solution to a problem I was having.
    I have insanely vivid dreams all the time in colour, like blockbuster movies they are so real. I have sometimes dreamed about someone I haven’t seen in awhile only to have them call me or visit the next day.
    I had a dream one night about the family dog, he came to me in the dream extremely happy and healthy and kind of smiling 🙂 he had been sick for a year or so, the next morning my mother called to tell me he had died in his sleep 🙁
    The strangest thing that I ever experienced was I awoke one night to see “something” standing at the foot of my bed, it looked like death, no face, but a brown suede cloak. I was frightened but not entirely, felt I must be dreaming awake or something. I turned the light on and surprise it was still there and I looked at it for the longest time and then just put the pillow over my head and hoped it would go away. I felt it was a warning and I was suddenly afraid for my family. I was going on a road trip that weekend and was sure it meant something would happen which it didn’t. A couple of weeks later I was diagnosed with a very serious life threatening case of gallbladder disease. I had ignored symptoms for the past year due to busyness and finally went to the doctor as i had had another attack and felt I needed medical attention. Once all was said and done, I visited the surgeon’s office and he then informed me of the pathology report telling me how seriously ill I had been and had they not done the surgery when they did I likely would have ended up in ICU or dead. I immeidiately thought of the figure at the end of my bed, it had in a way warned me or was trying to I think. I have shivers from the whole experience.
    I always KNOW people’s angles and when they are lying or feel their pain or know almost exactly how things will play out with someone, I am rarely shocked. I feel other people’s emotions quite strongly and their problems, level of maturity, the issues they deal with in life and take a lot of it on emotionally which I find extremely draining. I also have a strong sense of medical issues of other people, like I know almost immediately what has caused the issue and sometimes how someone should treat it, naturally. but I keep it to myself as most people do not want to hear it. sometimes I give gentle encouragement as to try this food or that food to help with issues and if they take my advice very often they are amazed that it worked.
    Lots of other things as well…
    I went to see a psychic a few of times over the past many years, I’ve been told I have much knowledge and just “know” how things are. I thought it was interesting to get that reading.

  80. Karen

    I’m sorry, this is all so interesting, I think I am realizing that this might be something real that I have.

    Animals love me, the meanest cat or dog can be putty in my hands, I just know how to calm them, usually they are just afraid and just need to be told that it’s ok. If you just put your hand out and tell them telepathically that it’s ok you won’t hurt them they just come over and want to be pet.

    I also saw the ghost of my boyfriend’s father the night he died, my bf called me the next morning to tell me his father had passed away in the night and I already knew.

    I was told by one psychic to always light white candles around me, believe in the purity of light as at the time I was very upset about some things in my life and feeling depressed, she told me to be careful and not get too depressed because there were not nice energies around me. which I believed because i could feel them all the time.

    My father went through a very difficult medical situation many years ago, we almost lost him 4x and many months in the ICU, I knew from the moment he went into the hospital that he would survive it all but needed his family near him to protect him… which turned out to be very true, we caught many medical errors which nearly cost him his life several times.

    When someone I know is very ill, I always know if they will survive or not.

    when I was quite young my sister and I both used to always see our grandfather (who was still living at the time) out of the corner of our eye, standing at the staircase with a briefcase and hat waiting for a train like when he was young…

    When I first moved into my apartment I used to see a lot of shadows, like someone was always running through the place… I told them to go away and they did.

    I used to wake up sometimes with the feeling that someone was holding my feet in their hands.

    a relative of mine passed away quite young and there were many lillies at her funeral…. for years afterwards I would often suddenly smell lillies very strongly at the strangest times. I had many dreams about her afterwards.

    anyway, this is a very interesting site! I am so eager now to learn more! Thank you!!

  81. Valarie

    About a year ago one of my very best friends committed suicide, or so they say. A couple days before he passed he had stopped by my house and I wasn’t feeling too good so I didnt answer. Then 2 days later he was gone. I felt really bad like if I answered my door things wouldn’t have went the way they did. So I knew I wasn’t gonna torture myself over the what ifs. I knew that if he had something to tell me, he would come to me in a dream. And the night of his funeral he came to me in my dream and told me he loved me and he was sorry and he was gonna miss me a lot. I woke up with tears streaming down my face. I couldn’t believe it. And I still dream of him frequently and he always has such big smile on his face…guess his way of telling me he’s finally happy!

    • Anna

      Valarie, I am sorry for your loss. I get the sense that even if you had opened the door you would not have stopped him from doing what he wanted to do.

  82. Catherine

    Anna. When I see things that I really like on TV, I can go to sleep and actually think about them and see them as perfect images in my head. I have a pretty creative sense with writing. Could what I do be the same as Clairvoyance and Clairaudience? Or is it a mixture of all of these different traits?

  83. Madie

    Hi Anna,

    I mostly fit into the categories you have listed but I’m really scared to try to develop clairvoyance, because i don’t want to see anything that would frighten me. However i am very curious about it, should i try to develop clairvoyance or am i not going to be able to because of my fear?

  84. Tess

    hi, anna.

    i am still fairly young, but i want to start developing my gifts now. great idea, right? i scored highest in clairsentience. about once a month, i get this tingling feeling at the base of my spine when good things are about to happen. i can sense the emotions of others fairly well. i also scored well in clairvoyance. i’ve been able to visualize well since i was very small, and some of my dreams actually happen.

  85. Yen

    Hi Anna! According to your Quiz , my results came as Clairaudience , Clairvoyance and Clairsentient. I am a very sensitive Empath and i can channel or be a medium for spirits, just found out about this clearly around two years ago.I pick positive and negative stuff from people,animals ,and even things..our car one time,i told my husband when something went wrong with it’s airconditioner and i told him right what the cause was.The car aircon specialist confirms it true , he smiles and asks the repair man why does his wife(me) know ,since i am not a car mechanic and never learned about automotives.I am having a hard time with those who directs their negativity or dislike feelings or negative motives on me and my loved one.Since i am not interested in creating arguments and exchange of useless words, i usually detach or isolate myself from them.I could be quite annoying at times to others ,especially those that i’ve had a closer relationship with as a friend or family member that i know and feel ,so i exit myself from them and their lives for awhile or maybe permanently to find my own peace and them to find theirs.But,when people are sharing their own hurts or feelings of being judged by the outside world , i am so compassionate and wanted to shield them from any negative stuff if i can.Even animals, i find them unbearable in pain.I do my prayers regularly,then my meditations and clearing my aura.But, i just am having a hard time tuning it off.It’s almost always turned On all the time.Thank you,Anna for this quiz and giving us time to share about our own experiences…:)

  86. Ku-Chan

    I think that I am clairovoyant. I’m actually really excited about that.
    I checked out some excersises to strengthen this, and trying this out I have improved my ability.
    The problem now is that I can’t find any new ways to improve this skill. Please post soon!

  87. Kris

    I greatly enjoy your site! It is truly informative and I have gained much insight into developing my intuition from you. 🙂 Though I had been told, in the past, that I am clairsentient in the past. Yet I have some experience feeling, but I mainly get messages through dreams and signs in real life coincidence (either on billboards, numbers, license plates, TV, etc.) I took your test and received clairvoyance as the highest, I checked all but two in claircognizant, clairsentient was 4 out of 7, and clairaudience the lowest. How can this be? I’m so confused.

  88. pocha

    Ok, english is my second language so bare with me. My entire life, since I can remember, I have always feel lucky. I (and don’t take this like if I have a huge ego, or I am being “cocky”) consider myself a really good person. The way a think, how I see life, my actions towards people always been very respectful and open minded. I will understand and see what you are trying to say, I will identify with you. But obviously wont mean that I would just change the way I am because of it.
    If I had to take a decision; either important or not; something like a memory or a song on the radio, or a simply pop out of the answer in my mind would just happened.
    A few months ago I went through something personal in my life that took all my “personality” away. I was depressed, with no motivation and I didn’t want to do anything. I would go crazy on my husband about nothing, and at the time I was aware of that but I just needed to release my anger. Anyways like 2 months ago little by little thing were going back to… normal? Sorry but its hard to explain. The old me came back, and she brought some new friends.
    I am way more aware of things around me, I feel the tinglingcrawlingnumbness on my head, some numbness in some of my fingers, hot flashes, burning on my feet, crawlingshocks in my skin.
    Now the “fun” part… I am more aware of the sounds around me, sometimes I just hear music or ramdon tones, whispers, and a couple of times a sentence. My vision has change too. I don’t see people or anything like that, but I can see little things or bright shadows, also like tiny bubbles floating around (specifically when I am outdoors).
    Soooo I AM NOT CRAZY!!! I live a normal life but whenever these sensations awake… it gets my total attention. And to finish I just want to say that not so long ago I used to be afraid of them but now I feel like I need to own it and embrace it.

  89. Being able to sense others feelings.

    When watching a movie or play or something, I’m able to sense others feelings in an almost tangible way even if im not in the room. When any person hugs me or makes any physical contact, its worse because its almost like im looking at their soul and their deepest thoughts and their feelings are magnnified like reading a piece of paper. Any idea what this is called? Please respond.

  90. pamela zimerman

    is it wierd that i guess the sex of ever child born into my family and benn right all the time

  91. kayla holland

    I’ve always felt kind of like a freak…but here lately I’ve been trying sort it out and understand everything better but it scares me and I don’t know what to do. Any advice would be very much appreciated.

  92. NICOLE

    I AM A Clairvoyant i see shadow people,color orbs,orbs,ghosts i have dream that later come true and the same way in the dream i love to draw and paint i can tell a about a person when i see them i can feel when someone i love is in pain,sad, and in trouble and i see lines of lights in white around people and i know what song is going on the radio before it play and i talk to my grandpa who pass and see him in my dream and he know things that he can not known

  93. Yllka

    Hi Anna
    I really don’t know how to tell this but I born gifted. My gift is I see things that they are going to happen . I dream all night long about things, people, places and more. I really don’t like it dreaming but I don’t know what to do.

  94. Jax

    I seem to be a few of these things. I answered yes to nearly all of them. Since I was young, I always felt a bit different; now that I am almost in my 20s, I feel that whatever abilities I possess have become more powerful. I have always been able to read people, signs, and find the meanings in dreams. I have always been able to feel energies, good or bad or both, no matter where I am. My dreams are always extremely vivid, and some fairly specific elements of these dreams that tend to repeat themselves over and over seem to come true in the waking world. I have been able to will things to happen before. I have had dreams of my past life/lives. People tell me I’m like a “human divining rod” or a fire detector for the supernatural, because I “sound off” whenever something spooky is afoot.
    What’s more is this: being so open to things that I can’t see or explain, I have been influenced before. These influences vary in intent, and some have been the opposite of benevolent.
    Please, I feel like a crazy woman. What does any of this mean? I’ve been told I’m highly gifted. It does not feel like a gift.

  95. Seann

    Is it possible to be more than one? Strange things seem to be happening and theven more I learn the weirder it gets. But I would have to say it seems like most of those have been happening lately

  96. Rose

    Hi Anna I’m experiencing all of them. What does this mean? As I’m reading in each category I’m experiencing this very often.

  97. shannon

    Umm i have all of these. But the one that most interests me is the one with the talking out of no where. For me i always hear someone and it is like a second soul. She said that through all of my lives she has been protecting me from harm and it seems this way. She also is the one who suggested i look online for this website. She often tells me the answer to things and tells me words i never knew before. She told me about other lives and what happened before and how all creatures moved on. I know a lot more and apparently she is my sister. I could tell you personally but it makes me feel like a nutter but it is true. She tells me about spirits and shows the different soul types and how strong they are. I have all of these gifts and her. They all work equally well and i want to know more, for re assurance.

  98. Kate Zamora

    Hi! I find this so much helpful in answering all my questions. When i was a kid a have an imaginary friend (that’s what they call it) but i know deep down he is real. Till when I grew older I always dream of Him and once saw him in our school and i fainted. When i was a kid I experience someone is always telling me that something will happen. Just like one time I was 10 years old, I open the room of my mom and found the lights is turned off. In my mind there was something telling me that at left corner of my mom’s room something is frightening. When i turned on the lights i saw a very big centipede there. And every time i dream of earthquake it will happen. And I saw dead people or ghosts but the feelings are not the same. Sometimes I’m scared and sometimes I am amazed or just dont know the difference of ghost to real life. I have a dream journal and my husband find it amazing that i dream a lot of things vividly. And I also notice that negative people always gives me negative energy and it weakens me specially in a crowded place. I hope I can develop my skills well and help my family from danger. Thank You this site is very helpful for me.you are such a blessing! Have a good day!

  99. Eddie

    Hi Anna, I really like your work. This article helped me when I first started a couple years ago. I’ve shared it with alot of people and it has helped them too.

  100. jonny mcculloch

    what if you are just a normal person from Glasgow who could answer yes to every single question in all the psychic categories. there’s also a lot more that my brain is capable of dream frequency and playing the next day out in my head and at certain parts of the day I know what is about to happen and I tell myself and replay before it happens then it happens and much more but there is far to much to go into as I would be here for a week typing it up but is it unusual for some one to have the ability to answer yes to all the questions listed in each category above?

    • Anna Sayce

      Hi Jonny,

      Yes a few people do have all the gifts, while others have just one or two.

  101. jonny mcculloch

    hi thanks for the quick reply, lets say I have all the gifts and I have a seventh sense but it has got me into trouble and drawn a lot of attention to me is there a way to stop being psychic I’ve tried but i cant switch it off. my third eye is fully opened im so aware and highly intuitive my chakras are all balanced i have been on this path of enlightenment and self discovery finding out who i am as well but i kind of want it to end but still stay curious without the extra sensory stuff.

  102. Monica

    I have a question, I took your quiz and what if you basically answered yes to all of them in each category? Then what? What does that mean?

  103. Teri

    Hi Anna, i feel as i have all four, sometimes i have certain visions that pop up in my head but i feel as they are coming from elsewhere and aren’t mine. I am also a painter and i sometimes feel as if i am not the one that is painting. I also do see things at the corner of my eye and i do see orbs. I also see a lot of repeating numbers and i can basically read people even if i don’t want to be all up in their business. I feel as if my eyes analyze. I do always hear someone saying my name everyday. Also if someone is in a lot of stress i can see a black outlining around them. Once i saw a flame on someone’s shoulder that was white and black? But i do not know what they all mean. I do see energy coming off from the trees i noticed i started to be very interested in birds and flowers and plants for a particular reason and i never been so interested before. I had a recent miscarriage. I had meditated one day and i saw two girls that seemed to be white not like how i would see an actual Caucasian person but these two girls were outlined in purple. One coming out from the woods by a tree and the other girl right in front of my body she was very young maybe the age 2 which is the age of my son and she also had a purple outline around her but i can see her dancing in front of me twirling around. It seemed as the other girl had come to get her and the older girl reached her hand out to the little girl and they went back into the woods whilst looking at me. There is another time i had meditated and i saw a Caucasian woman dressed in all white and she had the most white blonde hair i have seen and she looked so beautiful. She calls me her daughter. While i do meditate i always seen purple orbs and blue indigo orbs and i would see people walking all the time from all directions. While meditating i also do hear my name being called. Back to my miscarriage it was early on in the pregnancy when it had happened. But i buried her by a big protective grandfather tree as i call it. One day i decided to go visit her and the river is surrounding her and the river separates the island which is a reservation. I could hear her i feel as i was going to have a girl there i would always get in my head saying hi mommy, hi mommy there i stood by a tree looking north and all of a sudden i saw Ancestors of the land on the other side of the river and a ancestor on a birch canoe on the river the ancestors on the other side were all waving at me and i can see my daughter standing next to me and i saw dandelions, ever since then i love dandelions the yellow and the flower remind me of her so much. When that was over i saw an eagle coming from the left side of the river and another flew above me going north then there were 3 crows going to the eagle that was coming from the left. I couldn’t believe what i had seen with my own two eyes and i was not even meditating. There i broke down to my knees taking deep breaths. It was so green and this is early spring so it wasn’t green at all. She showed me the beauty of the other side and what i got from that was to always see beauty wherever i go and to see that beauty within all people. I am Native American there was another time i was praying with my two yr. old son as i stood there i saw two Native people peeking out of the trees as i was introducing my youngest son. I have never seen this before ever. I have had many times where this would happen to me. I do also feel someone touching my head and shoulders. There would be times with my bestfriend where i would get in my head saying he is coming or he is messaging you right now or he is coming over be ready. And they were all true? I don’t understand and i wish i could put all the pieces together. I need help and guidance and i know if i have a recent loss to never meditate about them. My daughter would just come to me and i didn’t ask her. She would tell me i want to be here for you mommy. There would also be times where i get thought in my head telling me someone is coming over and it would be true.

  104. Jenny Figs

    I saw my ex’s uncle at his bedside when we were together one night. We lived together and at 4am I woke up and saw a man in a shadow-like form standing next to my ex on his side of the bed.
    2 weeks later, his uncle passed. We went to the wake. They brought a picture board out of all his pictures growing up. I SAW HIM! In this picture, it was him. He was 20 years younger and 50 lbs thinner but it was him. The same as in this picture they brought out.
    I’ve never been the same. This is among a lot of other experiences I’ve had.

  105. Veronica Carter

    Hi, my name is Veronica Carter and was born 7/17/71 @ 7am. Since a child I’ve noticed 3 gifts. Now I said yes to all of them. I have been told that I could also be a psychic medium. How do I make those gifts come out with more clarity and make sure they are extremely accurate. My biggest fear is being wrong, or giving the wrong information. Maybe that’s what’s blocking me, or the fear of seeing scary things, of hearing/feeling them. I have lucid dreams. Most dreams come true. My strongest is “gut feeling” and I can see cards suit and number when someone else is thinking it so I believe I have either telepathy or there is spirit that informs me when my eyes are closed and see shapes etc…I have had visions, see ghosts, heard my name awake out of thin air in a female voice, can feel when spirits are around me and get feelings about some information just by knowing when it all of a sudden comes to me when I wasn’t even thinking about a specific subject…How much more am I suppose to learn or how many different gifts are there. I’m trying to learn what all I need to learn to help others and fulfill my divine life’s purpose. Thank you

  106. Kristin

    I don’t know if there’s a specific ability that defines what I May be and have experienced over a period of time
    My dreams are often violent or scary and they happen often and remember them all from the time I was little
    I can tune into people’s conversations half way across the room in a crowded place and know what they are feeling and even talking about sometimes
    I have walked into a crowded place and felt fear and a bad feeling
    I just knew certain things about someone that I did not know but for an hour talking to them
    I often have strong feeling about a person when I first meet them
    I have woken up and just knew an answer to an issue I have had before
    Sometimes I know who is going to call or txt before they do
    I don’t know if it’s anything specific that I have but I do know I have something
    I have also heard something that was not there a voice that was looking for someone in an old house we used to live in
    I honestly think i have anxiety issues because of all these feelings and the unknown is overwhelming

  107. R

    How does one get rid of these “gifts”??
    Specifically the one you call claircognizance. I need a serious dose of anti-cognizance, stat! Any suggestions very welcome 🙂

  108. Arron Hall

    Hey, I said yes to most things in all categories. What does that mean?


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