How to Connect with Your Higher Self

Your Higher self is the spirit part of you that is said to ‘reside’ in the Ether (the non-physical realm). It’s your Divine spark. This part of you helps you to keep on track with your life purpose, and in touch with your passion and joy.

Is my Higher self the same as my Soul?

Yes. It’s the part of you that has access to all the wisdom amassed over the course of the many lifetimes you’ve lived, past, present and future.

What does my Higher self do?

Your Higher self is like a pure background consciousness that offers forth its wisdom and directions about where to go now. Sometimes these directions can take a while to come through into your mind consciousness. However, there are ways to access the wisdom of your Higher self directly by bypassing the mind.

Your Higher self is not ‘out there’ in the Ether. I want to put forward the idea that your Higher self is you, your consciousness, in your body.

It’s you who set the course of your life and the things you came here to learn about before you even got here. It’s you who is whispering guidance to yourself about your highest path and purpose. It’s you who set that up as a mechanism by which you could use those as spiritual feedback about where you’re headed in your life.

Am I ever separate from my Higher self? I don’t feel connected to my Spirit

You can sometimes be alienated from your Higher self when you have limiting beliefs which block you from the truth of who you are as a spirit.

Have you ever caught a glimpse of all the possibilities that exist for you? Have you ever had a feeling that you’re here to contribute something unique? Those are background input from your Higher self. We mostly drown out such input with our thoughts and fears, and when we listen to our fear, we feel disconnected from our spirit.

How can I be more connected to my Higher self?

Connecting to your Higher self means living your Spirit. It involves three things.

1. Empowerment – remembering that you are a child of the Universe, with the power to create your world

You came here to be incarnated in the physical and to keep a connection to your Spirit intact. You want to keep a connection to your Higher self because that’s the part of you which knows where to go, what to take on the journey, and also what to do to get there. Many souls who are incarnated here already do not have that connection anymore. They’ve lost it because they see themselves as separate from God or from the Divine energy that is the Creator of all things. People often treat themselves as if they’re at the mercy of an outside force that controls the course of our lives. This is the ‘normal’ way to be and behave.

Living your Spirit means remembering that you are God energy or Source energy in a physical body, and you are also the co-creator of your world. The power inside you to create your world is the same power that creates worlds. You can utilize that power to create the world you want.

2. Intuition – talking to yourself

You don’t need to contact your Higher self as an entity outside of you – it is you! And you don’t need to get an intuitive reading in order to contact your Higher self (although you can if you’re particularly alienated and don’t know where you’re headed or what you want). The wisdom is inside of you, if you will access it.

Listen to your desires

Above all, pay attention to your desires. Your truest, heartfelt desires are feedback from your Higher self about what you want to do now.

Living from your Higher self means not sacrificing or ignoring those desires. It also means listening to those desires on a daily basis.

I manage my day by asking myself ‘what do I really want to do now?’

You might think that asking myself that means that the stuff I don’t want to do never gets done but it’s not the case. I actually regularly become inspired to overcome the challenges and the difficult tasks also, when the time is right, or I bring in someone to help me. I take my desires as feedback about the direction I want to go in. And when I remember to do it, it allows me to live in an inspired way.

Meditate and quiet your mind

The quickest way to practise accessing your truest self is meditation. It quietens the mind and the chatter which tells you who you are and what you can and can’t do and be and takes you straight to the quiet and calm which is your Higher self. Start meditating by just focusing on your breath or the tip of your nose. Every time your attention wanders, just bring it back to your breath (or the tip of your nose, depending on what you’re focusing on.)

Let’s have a look at the third and final step to help you connect with your Higher self:

3. Healing – letting go of the clutter which stands between you and your truest self

Most people who need healing don’t necessarily know what they need – they just know that they feel bad. So what can you do if you mostly feel bad? What if you don’t know what to do to heal that? You can just put out the intention to be as aligned as possible with your Higher self. Putting out that intention will put you on a healing journey back towards who you are.

If you have the energy to be proactive, make it your work to clear away anything which is not aligned with who you really are.

Here are some articles & resources for healing that you might find helpful:

Meet Anna

Hi, I’m Anna Sayce! My purpose here on this website is to provide practical techniques and information to help empaths to understand, and fix the root of their energetic overwhelm & also to help sensitives to embrace and develop their intuitive gifts. I believe that developing our spiritual & intuitive side is very powerful and allows us to improve our own lives, and if we wish, even make the world a better place for others. Discover more >


  1. Jeanne

    Anna, beautifully said! What a great reminder for me, that my feelings are telling me so much, and I’m at my best when I listen to them. Puts a whole new meaning into the oft-maligned phrase ‘if it feels good, do it.’

    Many years ago, before I was consciously aware of my Higher Self, I wrote a poem of sorts that said ‘I am my own best friend.’ Gee, my Higher Self spoke to me even when I didn’t know it. Gotta love it —thanks for speaking so clearly to me today.

    • Anna

      Hi Jeanne – ‘I am my own best friend’ – I like that. Poetry and creativity is a good way for your Higher self to speak to you!

  2. Rosh

    Hi Anna,

    I was wondering if you could clarify what you mean by the difference between one’s unconscious mind and one’s higher self?

    Love, Rosh.

    • Anna

      Hi Rosh,

      The unconscious mind is the means through which your higher self can talk to you – it’s not your higher self. Your higher self will often place intuition into your unconscious mind first and it’ll filter gradually into your consciousness over time (your unconscious mind is much more receptive to intuitive messages than your conscious mind.) Messages from your higher self can often sit in your unconscious mind for a while before filtering through into your conscious mind. For example, you don’t realize you want to leave your job until it hits you one day. That realization will have been in your unconscious mind before it came through to you consciously. But it will have come from your spirit.

      I guess the unconscious mind is also the label we give to the part of you that processes all the things that happen during the day; all the thoughts and emotions you have and your desires that don’t rise to the surface – the conscious mind cannot possibly hold and process everything that goes on in your life and day. The unconscious is for that – and if it needs you to become conscious of something after it has sorted through all that data, it’ll put it into your consciousness.

      That’s the difference – hope that makes sense.

  3. Roshni

    It makes sense. Thanks, Anna, feels a lot clearer now. 🙂

  4. Rene

    AWSOME totally agree with you here!!!!!:-)))

  5. Ryanne

    A few days ago I was meditating, but it was different from other times when I’ve meditated before. It felt sort of dream like. Anyway, this particular time I was finding it really difficult to quieten my thoughts. Eventually my mind started following pictures and thoughts that seemingly came out of no where. And then, I *think* I spoke to my higher self. I’m not sure though. The voice sounded a little like mine, but it sounded more clear and it sounded concerned for me. The voice asked me questions, like why I didn’t want to be a Vet anymore, and why I wanted to be an author. And then the voice started asking me about my intentions. It sounded as if the voice was trying to make sure I was doing things for the right reasons, and not for selfish ones, and more importantly, making sure I was doing the things I truly wanted to do. Does this sound like my higher self? The voice and I also spoke a little about psychic development and how I could improve in certain areas. Was this my higher self I was speaking to? The first time I heard this voice was in 2008, and I was in a bad relationship. Me and this guy were splitting up, and I didn’t know what to do and where to turn. The voice came along when I was half asleep, and it gave me advise.

  6. Jon Godfrey

    Hi Anna, thanks for the article. I especially like the point about listening to our desires. So many times I have a desire to do something, but my logical mind can’t figure out how it can work out. Usually the barrier is money. Stepping forward into the unknown will show my higher self that I am starting to trust it more. So, more action, less paying attention to the blocks that I put in place.

  7. Toonts

    I wanted an answer so I was guided to this page by something inside me that wanted to connect with me. Now I know that it was my Higher self. LOL Thanks for this

  8. Chris

    Good to know. I’ve been going through a rough period in my life, and I haven’t known what to do. It’s comforting to know that I’ve been connected to my true self all along, with my listening to my desires thing. Thanks.

  9. Michael

    What does it mean if have seen God? What if he spoke to you? Is there any particular meaning in this? Also, when I meet people often times can a great deal about the person and their circumstances. I have foretold a few marriages and have been attuned to hardship in people to name a few things. Is this an ability?

  10. Eliza

    When I’m speaking to myself, when I don’t understand things, I always get a reply. It’s in my own voice but a little deeper. Is that my higher self? Mostly I get a gut feeling out of nowhere, is that also my higher self?

  11. Michelle

    Everything you said is completely accurate well said beautifully written very inspiring I love your mindset.

  12. papillon bleu

    I have been on a journey for years searching for something that belongs
    to me, I know now I am in search of my authentic self and by reading your insightful page it occurred to me I have heard it several time but I mistook it for something alien. I was guided to your page because I am a bit of a st Thomas. My higher self has talked to me many times , taught me in between sleeping and awakening, such a kind and sensible voice and that is me! I seem to be very unconsistent in the way I relate to this inner voice, I guess I behave in a very heratic way because of fear and past trauma. But guess what? I am coming out better I have came out of the egocentric me and my love and desire to be of service has emerged loud and clear. I need clarity on how to be permanently acquainted to my higher self. I am a trained nurse of 34 years. I am finishing a Diploma in counselling by July , all that difficult path because I am looking on the outside for meaning in my life whilst I should probably listened to my inner self. It is elusive is my higher self , I have no doubt that it has been buried in my unconsciousness for years ! I am 58 now and it’s happening very slowly. I feel I am running out of time.

  13. papillon bleu

    Dear Anna Sayce
    You are most certainly very gifted and in tune with your higher self. I can sense a generous , selfless and giving soul. I have been attracted to this site even though I was browsing on my phone as well on my IPad,but yours appeared and was read by first. Finding your blog first had its meaning. Things do happen for a reason. I am still on my Diploma course but I will finish end of July. Should I need any new learning, I will remember your website. Thanks for your insightful comments on the higher self.


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