7 Surprising Signs You Have the Psychic Gift of Dreaming 

I’ve written extensively in the past on my blog about the various clair gifts that a person can have, which can be used to communicate with Spirit. However, there is another psychic gift that I haven’t written too much about — the gift of dreaming.

Dreaming is another very powerful way to connect with Spirit and get guidance about your life. And in this article I’m going to go over 7 clear signs that you have this gift.

But first, let’s have a look at why dreaming is such an effective way for Spirit to give you guidance.

Why Dreaming is such a great way for spirit to get messages to you

When you go to sleep at night, your soul leaves your body (although it also remains tethered to the physical body), and it goes off exploring in the astral planes.

What are the astral planes?

Have you ever felt like in your dreams, that you are visiting a ‘place’ or you recognise some mysterious landscape in your dream, that you’ve been to before? It isn’t just in your mind! You feel like you’re visiting a familiar place because you are “visiting” the same places in your sleep — but they’re in the astrals.

There are believed to be seven positive and seven negative astral planes around our planet, and most people visit the positive astrals in their dreams.

Note that the astral planes are not the same as the ‘other side’. They are located halfway between heaven (AKA the other side) and Earth.

So how does this make for easy spirit communication?

Well, usually when you communicate with Spirit, you have to meet Spirit halfway and Spirit has to meet you halfway, in order for that communication to happen. This is because the spirit realm is far removed from the earthly realm. And the astral realm is halfway between the two.

So, when you go to sleep at night, you’re in the astral realm, which is halfway between the two realms. And so you’re already in a convenient “location” in which to communicate with Spirit.

Spirit may be trying to communicate with you during the day, but perhaps you are too busy or you don’t notice because your clair gifts are not yet honed and so you’re not able to build your half of the “bridge” to contact Spirit. For that reason, it’s much easier for Spirit to come to you in the astrals when you’re asleep. And some people are very good at receiving messages this way. Let’s find out if you’re one of them.

So here are some signs you have this psychic skill of dreaming. Let’s have a look at the first one:

1. You have a very active dream life

You know you have an active dream life if you have interesting, eventful, symbolic or meaningful dreams at least once or twice a week. This is probably the biggest sign that you’re a strong dreamer — you dream a lot. This shows that you’re already in a position where you will easily receive guidance from Spirit in a dream.

Personally I’ve always been someone who regales those close to me with the stories of all the crazy things I got up to last night in my dreams! If you often find yourself doing this, you’ve clearly got an active dream life and this is one of the big signs you’re a strong dreamer.

Let’s have a look at the second sign:

2. Your sleep is a bit weird!

I’m not sure why this is, but I’ve noticed that those with a strong dreaming gift often have something a bit unusual going on with their sleep. Sometimes they have a sleep disorder, they often need a lot more sleep (or a lot less) than the average person. They often have had experiences of sleep paralysis, and they may sleepwalk or talk a lot in their sleep.

This doesn’t apply to everyone who is a strong dreamer, but it is something I’ve often heard about among strong dreamers.

3. You find it easy to remember your dreams

This one is pretty obvious, but some people don’t remember their dreams. And so of course, if you don’t remember your dreams, you’re not going to be able to receive guidance this way — messages from the spiritual realm are simply not going to be able to reach your conscious mind.

So in order to be a strong dreamer, you have to be one of those people who remembers your dreams.

4. You feel you have had dreams with spiritual beings in them and you tend to have these dreams just before waking

If you have had an experience before where you sensed the presence of an otherworldly being in your dream, this is another strong sign you have the psychic gift of dreaming.

The being you met could have been an angel or it could have been your Spirit Guide or maybe it was your Higher self. It doesn’t really matter which being it is, but for this one to apply, you have to have had an experience where you felt Spirit came to you and gave you a message in a dream that was helpful for your life.

How will you know if the being you met in your dream was a real spiritual being, or if it was just a regular dream?

I would say, you’ll just know (or at least you’ll have a pretty strong inkling). You’ll wake up from that dream feeling touched by a positive energy, or with a lovely feeling when you wake. And you may have received helpful guidance for your life, too, during the dream.

In this article: Angels Defined & How They Can Help You, I detail an encounter with an angel that took place in the astral planes while I was asleep:

I dreamed that I was waiting in line to buy a ticket at the local coach station. There was a woman right in front of me, with her back to me. In the dream, she turned around and looked me in the eye and said ‘you go in front of me’ and smiled. Looking into her eyes, it was clear that she was an Angel. A wave of emotion swept me and I felt very nurtured and loved. The eyes of the Angel were kind and gentle but also the kind of gaze that burns when you look at it. I woke up moved from my dream and that feeling lasted for hours.

I hope that gives you an idea of how these dream encounters often feel.

Let’s have a look at the next sign:

5. You have dreamt of a deceased loved one in the past…

…and you felt that it was a real visitation from your loved one.

Perhaps your dream had a certain ‘feeling’ or atmosphere to it that felt magical, otherworldly, or just different from usual. Or perhaps the dream from your loved one came at an opportune moment (such as an anniversary or birthday) which felt meaningful to you. This can be another sign you’re a strong dreamer.

When a loved one dies, those who are strong dreamers do often get visited — perhaps not always straight away — but usually at some point after the death. In some cases, you may be visited by someone who is long dead.

Now let’s look at the sixth sign you have the dreaming gift:

6. You have dreamt of something which later came true

This is another experience that is common among strong dreamers — they tend to dream of the future. This is because dreams do sometimes allow us to see into a possible or likely future scenario, and know how things will likely play out. Sometimes these glimpses into the future can be warnings (i.e. what will happen if we or someone else continues on a particular path.)

Personally I have dreamt of the future many times before and I detailed some of my experiences in this article: Precognitive Dreaming — Are You Dreaming of the Future?

Now let’s look at the final sign you have this gift:

7. You have had a lucid dream or an astral projection experience before

A lucid dream is a dream where you become aware, within the dream, that you’re dreaming. (Our guest writer/intuitive healer Debra Reeves wrote about lucid dreams here.) So, if you have had a lucid dream before, that’s another sign that you are a strong dreamer.

And if you’ve had an astral projection experience, you get extra points for this, too. An astral projection experience is an out of body experience that you can have intentionally or unintentionally (i.e. it just happens.) The only time I had what I believe to be an astral projection experience was several years ago while I was napping and I described the experience in this article. I’ll quote it below, as well:

A few years ago, on an afternoon in January, I had an amazing spiritual experience that I still think about on a regular basis.

That afternoon, I lay down on my bed for a nap with my cat. I went to sleep and had an ‘astral projection’ experience. I dreamt that I asked a higher being what it felt like to die, and I was granted permission to experience it.

Here was my experience:

First of all, my soul shot out of my body through my heart chakra and it felt amazing – I felt immense joy and bliss. It was as if my body was like a heavy, old coat that I had been wearing for a while and was quite happy to take off. I slipped out of it joyfully and left it discarded on the floor.

And there was an invisible trajectory above me in the sky – I couldn’t see it but I knew it was there. I was flying. I was above my house and I wanted to continue on because it felt so good. But I knew I shouldn’t. I saw my cat sleeping on the bed and thought about what I wanted to achieve in this lifetime and I knew I had to stop. And straight away I was back in my body and I woke up. It was exhilarating, but scary too – it felt like flying too close to the wind.

Other signs of an astral projection experience include: feeling a vibration sensation in your whole body just before the experience, hearing a buzzing noise, or seeing things that are not there.

So if you’ve had an astral projection experience, too, this means you are likely to have the dreaming gift.

How many of the above signs did you relate to?

If you related to 5 or more, it’s likely that you have the dreaming gift. If you related to all of them, you almost certainly do.

I’m going to end this article with a quote from the spiritual writer Robert Moss:

You are born to fly, and in dreams you remember the soul has wings.

― Robert Moss, The Secret History of Dreaming

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  1. Manasi Anand

    I can most certainly relate to all of them. But sleep paralysis is kind of crazy for me. The feeling of being aware and yet not being able to wake up. Probably a glimpse of how it feels like after death though. 🙂 Thanks for writing this. It reassures me that I do have some dreaming abilities. I have had previously visitations from loved ones & ascended masters too. 🙂

  2. Anna Sayce

    Hi Manasi, Sleep paralysis is indeed a crazy (and scary) experience! Thanks for sharing!

  3. EvenTuelle

    This was primarily my strongest intuitive gift, dreaming. Sometimes they were wonderful ( seeing beautiful colorful lights, being given “codes”, hearing the sounds of angels or music from heaven). Sometimes they were scary – earthbound spirits sometimes contacted me and I believe because they wanted me to help them. It was because of these experiences and the fact that I really need to have a proper night’s sleep that I have told them not to contact me anymore while I am sleeping. But I really miss the more positive experiences. Is there anyway to request I only receive the more positive experiences?

  4. Anna Sayce

    Hi Eventuelle, There are ways to keep earthbound spirits away from you that don’t involve cutting yourself off from your dream life. I go into a method to clear earthbound spirits and keep them away from you long term in my empath book: https://annasayce.com/the-empaths-toolkit/

  5. Adriana

    I feel that this post was written specifically for me! I related to every single one! The spiritual being sign really resonated with me. I had an incredible dream of Jesus almost 6 years ago. It was an indescribable feeling being in His presence. However, what started out as an incredible dream, ended as a warning from Jesus, and his warning came to fruition the very next day. It was a very emotional event and scared me quite a bit. I have had many psychic or prophetic dreams in my life. The thing I’ve noticed that they all have in common, is that they come to manifest by the next day. I’m guessing that’s my pattern? Thank you so much for this very informative article! You are a light!

  6. Anna Sayce

    Hi Adriana, I’m glad you found this article relevant to you! Thanks for sharing your experiences 🙂

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