4 Signs of an Underactive Sacral Chakra (& How to Fix This Issue)

In this article I’m going to cover the 4 major signs of an underactive sacral chakra. I’m also going to look at the causes of this issue, and how it can be resolved.

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But first, let’s have a quick look at what the sacral chakra is:

underactive sacral chakra

The sacral chakra is located just below the belly button, and it’s connected with the health of our bladder, the lower part of the spine, the gut and the reproductive organs.

The sacral chakra holds our creative and sexual energy. It also governs our enjoyment of life, in general.

If you have an underactive sacral chakra, your enjoyment of life is going to be quite compromised in a variety of ways. In this article I am going to go into detail on what this looks like.

Let’s have a look at the first sign of an underactive sacral:

Sign #1: Self-denial

The truth that is at the heart of the sacral chakra energies, is this: life is meant to be enjoyed, not just endured.

Life can sometimes feel stressful or harsh at times, but it can of course also be beautiful and fun. In order to exist in a stressful world, we have to take our pleasures where we can. Ideally, that means making enjoyment and small pleasures a non-negotiable feature of our lives.

If a person does not allow themselves any kind of enjoyment, this is a sign of an underactive sacral chakra.

Sometimes this can manifest as too much focus on work at the expense of rest & recreation.

This self-denial may also manifest as a kind of austerity and frugality, where it may not be necessary. Such a person may live in a home devoid of any comfort, and refuse to buy small items that would bring comfort and pleasure.

Sign #2: Pushing the body way beyond its limits

Another sign of a weak sacral chakra is when a person neglects their body and exhausts it, to the point of illness. Such a person may not believe in going to see the doctor when something is wrong. They may also deprive themselves of rest, food, and bring themselves to the limits of their endurance in a variety of ways. They may wear their exhaustion as a badge of honour; a sign that they are super productive (and therefore worthy.) This can be a form of self-abuse that arises from a weak sacral chakra.

With a weak sacral chakra, there may also be a disconnection with the body, and the part of us that delights in sights, sounds, taste, touch and smell.

Sign #3: A lack of energy and vitality

A person with a healthy sacral chakra will have enough energy and vigour to carry them through life and the tasks that need to be completed. They know how to re-fuel themselves with rest, leisure activities and pleasure.

A person with an underactive sacral chakra will suffer from a lack of energy and vitality, and this often manifests as depression.

Sign #4: Rigidness & a lack of spontaneity and play

The sacral chakra is all about our inner child. It knows how to play. It goes with the flow and delights in spontaneity.

When the sacral is underactive, it can manifest as rigidity, where everything in a person’s life is planned and organised down to the minutest detail, and there is no time or appetite for spontaneity.

Such a person may come across as humourless, dour and lacking in enjoyment, and that’s because their approach to life has in fact squeezed all of the joy out of it.

Now let’s look at some of the common causes for underactivity in the sacral:

The most common reason for an underactive sacral chakra is a compromised root chakra.

The root chakra is our energetic foundation, and it corresponds to the bottom layer in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. It’s concerned with meeting our most basic needs, such as food, shelter, safety and warmth. Once these are met, we can then enjoy life (and enjoyment is the theme of the sacral chakra). If the root chakra is upset, we cannot enjoy life. This is why a sacral chakra imbalance often has its origins in the root chakra.

So, to heal a sacral imbalance, work on balancing your root chakra. Read these articles and assess whether there is an underactivity or over-activity in the root chakra, and if so, take the advice given in one or both of those articles.

Another possible reason for an underactive sacral chakra is sexual trauma. If a person has opened themselves up sexually to a person who wasn’t safe or respectful (or if sexual boundaries were violated), this can adversely impact on the sacral chakra energies. The sacral chakra can shut down and become inhibited following a traumatic experience in this area.

Another common reason for an underactive sacral chakra is being raised in a family where there was no value placed on fun, play, spontaneity. You will know this is the case for you if your childhood was devoid of joy, you weren’t able to play, and you were forced to grow up very quickly for some reason or other.

Now let’s look at what you can do to fix an underactive sacral chakra.

Because an underactive sacral chakra so often has its origins in the root chakra, the solution also often lies in the root chakra. The root chakra, as mentioned, is concerned with safety, material comfort, basic needs and survival.

If you haven’t already, read those two articles mentioned above, to see if your root chakra may be causing an imbalance in the sacral:

If you resonated with one of those articles, follow the advice given to bring your root chakra back into balance.

Finding opportunities for fun and pleasure is also a wonderful way to heal the sacral chakra. Taking up some sort of creative hobby (or re-finding an old one) can provide the sort of fun and pleasure that is so necessary for the sacral chakra.

If you’re interested in learning to cleanse and balance your chakra system, including the sacral chakra, check out my Chakra Meditation Kit.

chakra meditation

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  1. Stefan

    Really good article, Anna. The sacral chakra gathers, in my humble opinion, some of our emotional memories related to sex, life dramas and negative traumas. I am sure that “Chakra Meditation Kit” will help many people.

  2. Anna Sayce

    Hi Stefan, thank you! A lot of people read the emotions at the sacral chakra. I tend to read many of the emotional experiences at the heart chakra, especially as they relate to love and attachment.

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