3 Signs of an Overactive Sacral Chakra (& How to Fix It)

In this article I am going to cover the 3 main signs of an overactive sacral chakra. I’m also going to go into how this sort of imbalance can be fixed.

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Before we get into the ‘meat’ of this article, let’s just recap on what the sacral chakra is and where it is located.

The sacral chakra is located just below the belly button, and on diagrams it is usually shown as the colour orange.

At the sacral chakra, we can find the energies of our creativity, sexuality, vitality, passion, desire, enjoyment and sensuality.

In my last 2 articles on the chakra system, I talked about the root chakra. The root chakra is the 1st chakra and the sacral chakra is the 2nd chakra. The root chakra is all about our basic needs, whereas the sacral chakra is about what we seek when our most basic needs are met.

The sacral chakra draws our attention to the opportunities for pleasure and enjoyment as we go through life. This chakra is about celebrations, good times, nice food, sexuality, cultural pursuits such as art and music, and appreciating beauty.

Now let’s have a look at the 3 signs of an overactive sacral chakra:

Sign #1: Hedonism, excess and too much focus on pleasure 

Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured. This is the truth that is represented in the sacral chakra. It is healthy and right that we experience pleasure. In fact, pleasure is a nervous system resource, in that feeling pleasure is good for us, and nourishes the nervous system so that we can rest and feel at ease, rather than feel stressed out, depleted, and frazzled.

A problem arises when we are pursuing pleasure above everything else and it becomes the absolute centre of our lives.

When we make pleasure the priority above all else, we may toss to one side our values, or violate our principles in order to get it. Or we may do things that hurt us in the long term, but feel good in the short term. We may also exploit others in the pursuit of pleasure, or use others for sexual gratification.

When the sacral chakra is overactive, we may get addicted to food, sex, shopping, video games, smoking, drinking or pornography.

When the sacral chakra is in balance, it means we can indulge in pleasure in moderation. We can eat one square of chocolate rather than having to eat the whole thing. We can have one or two drinks rather than drink the whole bottle.

Now let’s have a look at the second sign of an overactive sacral chakra:

Sign #2: Self-centredness 

The sacral chakra is the centre of our desires. We experience our desires here, and come up with creative schemes to get what we want at this chakra.

The sacral chakra is normally creative and resourceful in its pursuit of what it wants, and this is a healthy way to be.

In her book, True Balance, the spiritual teacher Sonia Choquette tells a story of a little girl who wanted sparkly shoes, but her family couldn’t afford them. So she covered her shoes in tin foil to get a similar sparkly effect. This is the sacral chakra in action. It wants something beautiful, and it will find a way to get it through creative ingenuity.

However, when the sacral chakra is overactive, desire becomes excessive, and can turn a person into a bit of a diva. In a situation like this, a person can be bad-tempered and irritable when their desires are not immediately met, and it becomes clear that the Universe doesn’t revolve around them.

Sign #3: Over-stimulation & overwhelm

The third sign that your sacral chakra is overactive is when you have too much energy running through your sacral, and it can create such a feeling of vitality and energy, that it leaves you feeling overwhelmed and overstimulated.

In this scenario, you will feel like an overloaded circuit. You will have too much passion, too much intensity, perhaps also too much anxiety, and not enough emotional stability.

This sort of disposition may create conflict if you are too intense and seek drama in your relationships.

Now let’s look at how you can bring an overactive sacral chakra back into balance:

Focusing on healthy creativity

A great way to bring your sacral chakra into balance is to find a creative hobby and practise this regularly. Learning a new dance is an especially good choice for those with an overactive sacral, because it provides a healthy outlet for the excessive energy running through this chakra, and over time will help to bring the excess into balance.

Other creative pursuits like art and music are also good for bringing the sacral back into balance.

Bring moderation to all your habits, and to your relationship with sex

If you have an unhealthy relationship with sex, food, or other substances, rein in your habits. If that is not possible for you, examine what is causing the compulsive/addictive behaviours. It may be necessary to join a 12 step program or go into therapy.

An imbalance in the root chakra can also impact on the sacral chakra. The type of experience that most upsets the root chakra is trauma, and so if you have addictive behaviours at the sacral, it is possible these are being caused by a trauma or an unresolved painful experience that you are carrying at the root chakra. That is something to consider if you cannot curb compulsive behaviours.

Practise Taichi or Qigong 

These practices are especially calming and balancing for the sacral chakra (and good for your overall health and chakra system.)

Simplify & bring quiet and calm to your surroundings as much as possible

If you live in a cluttered environment, de-clutter your space. Get rid of those things you do not use or do not like. Use Marie Kondo’s book ‘The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying up’ to declutter your home and get rid of anything you do not need.

Do what you can to lower the level of overwhelm in your life. Unsubscribe from newsletters or email lists you don’t want to be on. Let go of activities you don’t want to do. Start saying ‘no’ or ‘I’ll think about it’ to requests, rather than saying yes automatically.

Simplicity in all things can help to soothe an overactive sacral chakra.

Avoid stimulants like caffeine 

If you have a lot of energy running through your sacral chakra, stimulants will only make you feel more over-stimulated. Cut back on coffee, tea and chocolate, and drink herbal teas instead.

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