My Cord Cutting Ceremony — A Process for Cutting Cords So They NEVER Come Back!

I’ve been cutting negative energetic cords successfully for clients and for myself for around 10 years now.

In this article, I’m going to give my cord cutting ceremony. This is for cutting a negative energetic cord for yourself or for someone else.

Note: many cord cutting processes and ceremonies given on the internet, in guided meditations and in written form, are not sufficient to cut a cord, despite what they may tell you. Here’s why: they are designed to cut psychic ties NOT energetic cords.

Psychic ties…

…are tiny energetic connections that we form with anyone and everyone we interact with. They don’t affect us too much unless we have loads of them. When we cut them, they can come back. We can cut these simply and easily by asking an Archangel to do it for us. It usually takes a few minutes.

Negative energetic cords

(These are obviously the topic of this article.)

Negative cords are significant energetic structures that require several steps to be completed, in order for them to be successfully cut. If you cut them properly, they don’t come back. We only form cords with people we are interested in, or have some sort of meaningful relationship or encounter with.

The ceremony I am going to give in this article focuses on cutting energetic cords, NOT on cutting psychic ties.

If you’re looking for a process to cut psychic ties instead, please see this article, or check out most of the other articles and guided meditations on the net for cord cutting.

So, here’s my ceremony for cord cutting. Note that it does require some basic intuition, but I recommend that you have a go at it even if you’re unsure if you’re intuitive enough.

Before you begin, I also recommend you take my Intuitive Gifts Quiz to find out what your strongest intuitive gifts are and then come back to this article, because that quiz will give you a good idea of HOW you’re likely to receive your intuitive information during this ceremony.

Step One: Prepare Yourself for the Cord Cutting Ceremony

  • Get a pen & a blank piece of paper and have them in front of you so you can make notes
  • Sit somewhere comfortable
  • Turn off your cell phone ringer
  • Make sure you won’t be interrupted for at least half an hour, at a minimum.

At this point, you may like to light a candle and do 5 minutes mindfulness meditation to get yourself in the right mental space for doing this cord cutting ritual.

To meditate, close your eyes and breathe normally. Then just focus your attention on the tip of your nose.

Just observe it. That’s all there is to it.

Step Two: Choose a Divine being to bring in for your cord cutting ceremony

A Divine being is either an Ascended Master or an Archangel. You can find my List of Ascended Masters & Archangels here.

Divine beings can bring us healing energy from Source, which is why we include them in the cord cutting ceremony. Make sure not to bring in your guides or any other astral beings. You can only bring in Divine beings for this step.

Once you have chosen your Divine being, write their name at the top of your piece of paper.

Step Three: Ask the Divine being to be with you

Take 3 deep breaths, say the name of the Divine being that you chose, and ask him/her to be with you for this cord cutting ceremony. This is simple, but effective. The Divine beings will assist you with this process – all you have to do is ask.

Step Four: Choose the person you’d like to cut a cord with

For this step, you may already know who you want to cut a cord to, or if you’re not sure, you could make a list of several possible cords to cut. Note that you can only cut one cord per session. This is because you need time to integrate the healing from one cord cutting. If you do two, it’s much harder to integrate, and in my experience, the Divine being will only cut one at a time.

(I recommend leaving at least 2 weeks between cord cutting sessions for best results.)

Once you’ve chosen who you are going to cut with, write their name down at the top of the piece of paper.

Step Five: Ask the Divine being for permission to cut the cord

For this step simply ask:

“Do I have permission to go ahead and cut this cord today?”

How you get your answer will depend on your intuitive gifts.

(If you’d like to know what your intuitive gifts are, take my quiz here.)

If you’re claircognizant, you will just ‘know’ whether or not it is OK to proceed. Clairsentients will either get a negative or a positive feeling upon asking this question. A negative feeling is a ‘no’ and a positive feeling is a ‘yes’. Clairaudients may hear ‘yes’ or ‘no’ and clairvoyants may see the words ‘yes’ or ‘no’.

Step Six: Come up with an intention for the cord cutting ceremony

At this stage, have a think about what would be your best outcome for this healing session. Write that down. Make sure that your intention is not about trying to change someone else’s behaviour, for example: “I want my boyfriend to treat me better.”

Intentions need to be about us, not someone else, simply because we cannot control anyone else’s behaviour.

Write your intention down on the piece of paper.

Step Seven: See if you can work out where the cord is located

This is an optional step. It can be interesting to do, but it isn’t essential.

For this one, ask out loud:

“Where is this cord located on my body?”

And then see what comes to you. You might suddenly ‘feel’ something which reveals the location of the cord, such as a tugging sensation, tension or pain.

If you are clairaudient, you might hear the location. Clairvoyants can scan the energy field and see if they can ‘see’ the location. Claircognizants will just ‘know’ where the location is.

Here’s an interesting question to ask yourself for this step, if you’re not an experienced intuitive:

“If you were to guess where the cord is located on your body, where would you guess it is?”

The answer to this question is often correct because when we bring the energy of play into it, it loosens our defences and we tend to be more accurate.

Step Eight: Work out how the cord is impacting you

For this question, ask out loud:

“Please show me how this cord is impacting me.”

Then wait for a response. See if you feel something, or know something about how this cord is impacting you.

Write down any impressions you get.

Step Nine: Get permission

Say the following out loud:

“(Your first name): Are you ready to let this go for good?”

So, if your name is Denise, say: “Denise, are you ready to let this go for good?”

Make sure that there is a clear yes from within you, in order to continue. If there isn’t a clear yes, you’re not ready. If you’re not ready to cut the cord, don’t go ahead.

Instead, go back to the beginning of this process and choose another cord to cut.

Step Ten: Read the following cord cutting statement:

“Archangel Michael (or whoever you chose to cut this cord), please cut this energetic cord so that what belongs to (say the name of the person you’re cutting the cord with) is returned to (name of that person.) 

Free me from this person and this experience, so I can be free, so that we can all be free from the ties and energy attachments of the past. I’m grateful for what I have learned, and I ask that this cord be cut, removed and dissolved now (pause). May this experience always be a reminder of the gifts & lessons given.”

(The cord will now be cut, but you must also complete the steps below, to make it stick.)

Step Eleven: Find out what kind of energy the negative cord contained

Cords contain negative energies that run back and forth between two people. Some of those energies are from you, and some are from the other person.

Often those energies are in the form of negative emotions, negative thoughts, negative words that have been said, or even negative events & behaviours.

So, the aim of this step is to find out what kind of energies this cord contained.

To get some insight into this, ask the following question:

“What was in this negative cord, coming from me?”

Upon asking this question, you should get as quiet as possible within yourself, and see what comes to you in the form of a feeling, an impression, a sensation, or a sense of knowing. You may also ‘see’ something in your mind’s eye, or hear something in response to this question.

Next ask:

“What was in this negative cord, coming from the other person?”

And then see what comes to you through your clair gifts.

Step twelve: Now, do some journalling

Write something about the following questions or alternatively, record yourself talking in response to the following questions (and then listen back to it):

  • How was the cord with this person affecting me?
  • How did this relationship/experience affect me? (if different from the question above)
  • Have the dynamics of this cord/relationship been present in any other relationships?
  • What did I learn from this experience or this relationship?
  • Is there a gift from this experience or relationship, or anything I’m grateful for about this relationship?
  • Was there any payoff for engaging in this relationship?
  • Is there anything you’d like to say to this person?
  • What is/was your role in this experience/relationship and what responsibility do you take?
  • Is there anything you would have done differently?

Make sure that you either read what you wrote in response to the above questions, or listen back to your recording (if you recorded some audio about it.)

The purpose of this is to reflect on the relationship and integrate any lessons. A cord cutting cannot happen unless you thoroughly examine what your role is within the relationship and what you learned.

So that is my cord cutting method.

Just a reminder that cord cutting is usually lengthy and involved, and it can take up an hour to do. If you’re doing it in a couple of minutes, you’re not cutting a cord. Instead you’re cutting psychic ties.

To cut a cord successfully, at a minimum the following out of the 12 steps above MUST be present:

  1. Bringing in a Divine being (step 3)
  2. Choose who to cut with (step 4)
  3. Getting permission from the Divine being to cut the cord (step 5)
  4. Reading the permission statement (step 10)
  5. Finding out what kind of energies are contained in the cord (step 11)
  6. Journalling and reflecting on the relationship (step 12)

If you want to know if a cord cutting method works, check that it contains the steps above, at a minimum. If it does, you’re good to go. If it doesn’t, the method is flawed and the cord won’t be cut properly.

If you’d like to be guided through my fool-proof technique for cutting cords for other people or yourself, check out my Professional Intuitive Training Program. In that program, I go into the steps above in a lot more detail and also coach you through any sticking points. In addition, I teach an intuitive process you can use to easily gain the information you need for the above-mentioned steps 7, 8 and 11. The program is closed at the moment but it’s possible to get on the wait list for when it re-opens again later this year.

Here’s a testimonial from a recent student about this course:

“In my work, I help clients free themselves from the chronic self-worth issues holding them back. I use a number of different tools and modalities. Because my work goes into childhood trauma – this can include relationships of all kinds – the cord cutting work I was offering (that utilised a different technique from the one Anna teaches) wasn’t having the impact my clients needed.

I knew there was something missing. As soon as Anna offered this healing course, I signed up without hesitation. It was exactly what I was looking for, and in it, Anna addressed WHY the typical cord cutting processes people often use are insufficient. I’ve also completed so many of Anna’s programs that I know what she offers WORKS and I can put it to immediate use.

Now that I’m using Anna’s cord cutting technique, every single cord cutting client feels the shift. I get comments like, “I feel lighter,” “A weight has lifted,” and “I feel free”. Among clients who were still involved with the person they cut the cord with – each one was surprised that the relationship had surprisingly improved or shifted peacefully.

To someone who is considering Anna’s Intuitive Healing Program but is unsure, I would say: don’t hesitate. Anna’s course walks you through every step needed to confidently offer cord cutting (that works!) in your practice. Every cord cutting session I do is incredibly impactful for the client. I love utilizing cord cutting in my work.”

Kelli Reese,

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