My Past Life Regression Experiences

As a client I’ve had many sessions of past life regression, and I’ve also had some past life readings, so I know a fair bit about my past lives.

In this article (and in another article that will be published tomorrow) I’m going to go over my soul’s path over the last 3000 years or so, in a lot of detail. I am sharing my past life regression experiences here partly because it is clear from my last article, that there is a lot of interest in past lives overall.

I thought it might be interesting to see where a soul has been and what it has done over the last 3000 years or so. Obviously 3000 years is quite a long time (!!), so I’m going to give the highlights only otherwise this will be an extremely long article.

Note: when you do past life regressions, it’s always the most traumatic lifetimes that come up to be resolved, simply because those impact on you the most. 

A little warning:

As a result, in this article I’m going to talk more about the more difficult experiences I’ve had in past lives, simply because those are the ones that come up most often in past life regressions. I have had happy lifetimes too, but those don’t come up often in a past life regression because there’s nothing to resolve or heal.

Some readers could find this article disturbing in places. I talk about things like loss and traumatic deaths. If you’re really easily upset, it’s probably best to skip this article. I do not carry these difficult experiences with me anymore — almost all of them have been healed through past life regression, though some definitely left some odd little quirks which I’ll talk more about.

A bit of background before I go into my past life regressions….

(Note: if you don’t want to read the background or intro, and just want to skip straight to the past life stuff, click here.)

OK, so the first thing to know before I go into my past lives, is what my soul’s strengths and weaknesses are. This will help to put my past lives (and what my soul has chosen to experience) into context.

We do not choose our lives at random. Each one has a purpose, based on what the soul wants to learn.

I believe that for most of us, our souls are here to evolve and learn. I explained how this works in a lot of detail in this article. Below I repeat what is in that article, rather than write it all out again. If you’re new to spirituality, I recommend you read the part below because it will put the soul’s path into context for you.

Why do souls incarnate here to evolve?

On the soul level, we always have strengths (look to your soul group of origin and your soul trainings for those) but there are definitely also energetic qualities that we lack in ourselves.

It isn’t correct to say we’re already “perfect” on the soul level. The only perfected being would be God/Source/Spirit. That is because Spirit or God contains every energetic quality out there. God is all of it. As souls, we’re fragments of these energetic qualities. We’re some of those energetic qualities, but we’re not all of them.

To give an example, a soul who is naturally a very compassionate, loving soul (who has also developed healing skills as a result over the course of many incarnations) may excel in love and healing, but may be so used to helping others, that she lacks the ability to receive help and love from other people. And so she, in this lifetime, may be learning balance, which through various experiences that she has here on earth, gets integrated more fully into her being, as she learns and progresses through the lifetime she’s in.

God contains all of those energetic qualities, but she doesn’t. She excels in one quality (generosity), and lacks in another quality (receiving or balance). That’s how soul gifts work — there’s always an upside and downside to them.

So, the purpose of learning/evolution, is to give our souls experiences that change us slightly on the soul level, so that we can integrate other energetic qualities into our soul, and reach a greater sense of wholeness on the soul level.

When we reach a greater place of wholeness in ourselves by integrating these energetic qualities through our life lessons, we also help to raise the vibration of the planet. So those in a learning lifetime are not only evolving their souls, they’re also evolving the planet.

So before I go into my past lives, I’m going to talk a bit about my strengths on the soul level and the qualities I’m lacking:

In terms of strengths, I’m a Sirian starseed soul, so this means I am good at being organised, achieving things, and improving things. Because I have the 3rd archangelic realm of training, I’m also a huge perfectionist. When you put these two together (the Sirian starseed origins and the 3rd realm of training) I can be pretty conscientious, perfectionist, and intense in my approach to life.

In terms of my weaknesses on the soul level, I’m too immoderate, and strong emotions and passions have led me astray in multiple lifetimes. I also give away my power too easily (the Sirians have a long backstory around power, which you can read more about in this article.)

My soul over the last 3000 years has been working on tempering the gung-ho approach to life. My current life lesson is moderation — taking the middle path — and I’ve been learning this for hundreds of years, although it has come into focus most in the last few lifetimes. I’ve been learning about power for millenia and this is something my soul is still learning in this lifetime (the way this most often manifests for me, is in learning not to take the many opportunities which come my way to give away my power.)

Over the last 3000 years, many of my lifetimes have also revolved around survival. I’ve learned resourcefulness, independence, and perseverance in order to survive (and those qualities serve me today — especially in business.)

Many of my lifetimes have been solitary ones where I’ve relied on myself. In this lifetime my soul is looking to move away from the solitary life.

In case you’re interested in evolutionary (i.e. past life) astrology, my south node is sagittarius and it’s in my 2nd house. And my moon is in Taurus.

OK, now let’s have a look at some of my past life regression experiences:

1. An Ancient Lycian Lifetime in Patara, Turkey

I believe I had a lifetime in the ancient Lycian city of Patara, which is now in Turkey.

I lived in a tribe or culture which was peaceful and defensive (we didn’t go out and conquer new territory, but our military existed only to defend us.) My only brother in that lifetime was a military man (and he was one of my brothers in this lifetime). So I saw the military uniform close up during the regression. There were lots of sand dunes around the place.

It was a pleasant lifetime, with a lot of farming duties and it was lived in the warm bosom of a loving family.

When I Googled Turkey, the sand dunes and the peaceful, defensive culture, I came upon the Ancient Lycians who had a city in Patara and this is where I believe I lived. The military uniform that I saw online for those people matched what I saw in my regression.

Side note: My childhood friend Jenny from this lifetime was my mother in that lifetime. We don’t talk often but when we do, it’s as if no time has passed at all.

I believe that lifetime was around 1800 BC.

2. A lifetime as an Oracle in Ancient Greece

In that lifetime, I worked as an oracle in a temple in Ancient Greece. My job was to keep the town safe from invaders by predicting the future. I was deeply spiritual and spent a lot of time communing with the deities and teaching others about them. I wasn’t that interested in doing the task I was employed to do.

To cut a long story short: invaders came, me and others failed to predict it, and I tried to kill myself by hanging. I botched the job and failed to hang myself but died of exposure after fleeing my home, soon after. After I did the regression I got a rash that came up round my neck. You can see the pic and the full story in this post. 

4 interesting side notes which I think arise from that lifetime: 

  • I hate having things round my neck. I can’t wear chokers or turtlenecks.
  • I LOVED Athens when I went to visit. I felt so at home in Greece (I have had other lifetimes in Greece, too.)
  • I love calling on Ariadne and feel a connection to her in this lifetime, and I wonder whether the temple I was involved in was actually a cult to Ariadne. I’m not interested in any of the Greek Gods or Goddesses apart from her.
  • I don’t much like giving predictions — I have not done it much for clients in the past.

3. A lifetime as a prostitute in Lebanon

I can still picture this lifetime in my mind. I lived in a community of prostitutes in the Middle East and I think it was around 1000 years ago. I purposely decided on that path for that lifetime because the only other option available to me in order to survive, was as a wife. I watched my mother be bullied by my father and she had no say over her life at all. I knew I did not want to be anyone’s wife. My parents died young and I had no-one to be ashamed of me, so I joined the community of prostitutes.

This community lived outside a large town, high up on a hill, I think. It wasn’t an unpleasant lifetime at all because we were our own bosses and there was no-one there to try to control us. I enjoyed some of the men, the freedom and the independence…until I got pregnant.

I died in childbirth the first time I got pregnant. The birth was so slow; an ordeal that lasted days. I had a child who would not fit through my pelvis and he had to be cut out of me in the end.

My final thought in that life was “damn this slow child”.

The child I was birthing in that lifetime was my youngest brother in this lifetime.

In this lifetime, when we were children, as one of the oldest (I was the second oldest of 5) I was often in charge of supervising him. We got lists of cleaning jobs to be done at the weekend and I remember getting angry because he was so slow at everything and spent most of the time daydreaming and vacuuming the same spot for 10 minutes. The “damn this slow child” made me laugh, in that context, because he was always so slow and it’s something I felt a lot when he was growing up.

4. A short lifetime in Central Asia which ended very badly

There was also a lifetime in Central Asia, I think it was probably during the Mongol raids (in the 13th century). I was a small child who lived in a village and we lived peacefully until we were set upon by invaders. In this regression, the invaders were extremely cruel and had a method of killing the women that was different than for the men. That was the detail that stands out the most from the regression.

I also saw the grim weather and the mud — so much mud. It must have been winter and rained a lot just before the invasion. I don’t think anyone was spared in our village. They wanted to destroy absolutely everything, including our property and crops. Hellbent on destruction and bloodlust are the phrases that come to mind.

5. A lifetime in Norway during the Middle Ages

This one came up during a regression because it was another tragic lifetime.

It took place in Norway and I was a married woman who lived in a woodland area in a wooden house. I think I baked various things, like bread to sell at the market. We didn’t have much money but we lived in a house that was owned by my husband’s parents.

At some point, a powerful man came to the house and said that he owned the land we were living on, and he demanded taxes from us for living on it. We had nothing to pay so he left.

After that, I had a baby boy (my first baby) after years of infertility. The powerful man came back later and took my baby as payment. I was tormented in that life by the loss of my baby and never had sex with my husband again, to avoid conceiving again in the future and potentially losing another child.

I spent my life trying to find out where my child went, wondering where he was and how he turned out, and when I met men of a certain hair and eye colour later, I wondered if he was my child. It was such a sad lifetime. And I made contact with the sadness when I met the soul of that baby again in this life. It was resolved through a regression.

6. A lifetime in Spain during the Inquisition

I had a role in the Spanish Inquisition during the 16th century. This was a perpetrator lifetime. I was high up in the Catholic Church. I was a bit of a fanatic in that lifetime because I believed in the one God and the one truth that I thought was within Catholicism. I also had no compassion for those who didn’t agree with this truth (i.e. heretics).

I wasn’t killing people directly, but I think I was involved in something bureaucratic; it could have been rubber stamping death warrants. I was being swept along by what the Church stood for and was involved in at the time, and I was learning ethics and compassion in that lifetime. I feel there is some karmic link to this lifetime that I am living now, but I’m not entirely sure.

7. A lifetime as a Russian aristocrat

This was a truly bizarre lifetime, that made me think someone should make a novel out of it. Basically, I was a young Russian woman who belonged to a wealthy family and I was married off at a young age. However, I couldn’t have children in that lifetime and my family knew it. But they married me off anyway pretending that I could because there was some financial benefit for our family to be linked to my husband’s. It didn’t end well for me. You can read the bizarre story of that lifetime here. In this lifetime, when I met the man who was my husband in that lifetime, it was also quite a strange experience.

8. A lifetime in Northern Germany as a criminal tearaway

I think this was quite a short lifetime and it took place around the early 1800s. I was from a rural village but I went to the city to find work. The thing I most remembered from my regression was the grinding poverty. It was almost impossible to survive, and I think there must have been some sort of larger event like a famine happening because I couldn’t get work and I couldn’t eat. I remember resorting to crime in order to survive and being homeless. I died from illness and starvation at a young age. I don’t know what the illness was. I couldn’t find anyone to help me or care about me in that lifetime, once I left my parents’ home.

9. The fishing accident in Scandinavia

This one is a bit reminiscent of the lifetime I mentioned above, which involved the loss of the baby (and it also took place in Scandinavia). In this lifetime I was an old woman who lost her three grown up sons in a fishing accident. They all drowned and were never found. I died of grief in that lifetime. I don’t know many details of the rest of that life, or even when it was. The other details didn’t seem important.

Geez. Are you feeling depressed yet? I am, after writing all that out!

(I’m going to continue writing about my past life regression experiences in another article which will be published tomorrow. There is only so much trauma one article can hold… ????)

In case you’re wondering if I’ve had any happy or uneventful lifetimes, the answer to that is yes. More lifetimes have been mundane and uneventful, than they have been horrific and tragic. I’ve had many lifetimes spent in spiritual and religious orders, in contemplation and prayer. I’ve also had a fair number of uneventful farming lifetimes where I was able to live off the land. Those lifetimes taught me about being resourceful and working with nature.

The takeaway from this article, is perhaps that many of us who are old souls carry the scars of multiple lifetimes with us. As a Sirian soul I have incarnated frequently here on Earth, and amassed over one hundred lifetimes. Many of the people I’ve read for have similar backgrounds on the soul level. You can see how the lifetimes I’ve described in this article may have been bringing old past life fears into my life, notably:

  • A fear of loss (I’ve lost many children)
  • A fear of getting pregnant or having children (I’ve died in childbirth a lot and frequently got pregnant in situations where it was disastrous to do so)
  • A fear that I won’t be able to survive (that one crept up on me a lot from the lifetime in Northern Germany)
  • A vague sense of guilt and responsibility that I couldn’t put my finger on (perhaps from the Inquisition lifetime in Spain)

If you’re interested in exploring your past through past life regression, check out this article which goes into how you can resolve traumatic past lives. 

If you’d like to read part 2 in this series, you can find it here:

My Past Life Regression Experiences — Part 2

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  1. Nikita Vout

    I absolutely love past life regression Anna, it was the trigger that launched my spiritual awakening in 2018.

    I’ve had three of them in the last few months (one was for a life between lives session) and they were all traumatic. An isolated young German male living in a house in the woods being abused by his employer. A wealthy soldier in the Middle Ages with a wife and two young boys being crushed by a horse in battle. And a Polynesian prepubescent child living as an outcast in the jungle before being chased out of it and left to die for eating a forbidden prayer fruit ????.

    I get tremors and shakes when I experience them so this must be my way (and for others from what I’ve read of Woolger’s work) of releasing that stored fear energy that you mentioned in ‘How to Heal Past Lives’.

    Do you notice big shifts in your life Anna once you’ve had a past life regression? I don’t know if I’ve seen you write or underscore this.

    For the first time in 14 years since I was encouraged to do this, I have commenced studying Grad Psychology. I’d like to take this foundation for behaviour into spiritual development and healing. But I doubt I could have done that if I hadn’t cleared the Polynesian lifetime where that mother is my current parent in this lifetime. This parent is emotionally abusive, manipulative and a graduate of psychology. Past life regression was my alternative to steering clear of all psychologists! So although I have had that negative cord cut from them, it seems when the regressionist removed the karmic connection between us there was this big shift. And so I am excited to heal and release the remaining past lives I’ve had (although in total I’ve only had 24 Earthly incarnations).

    That regressionist was Jay Linden btw and she is amazingly thorough =]

    Thank you so much for sharing Anna! I look forward to reading tomorrow’s article and I hope more people consider past life regression as a tool for deep healing work.

  2. Anna Sayce

    Hi Nikita, Thanks for sharing.

    I have had subtle shifts following past life regressions. I talk more about this in my next article that was just published. I was able to let go of feelings of guilt that I couldn’t put my finger on (from perpetrator lifetimes). And feelings of victimhood, too. Recurrent nightmares which I’d had throughout my life disappeared, too, as a result of the regressions.

    I’ve had some of my regressions with Jay Linden too, she is great. I had some with Patricia Walsh of – she is extremely good at what she does. And I had some with Dawn Grace Kelly, who was my trainer for the past life regression. I am trained in it but I do not practise.

  3. Nikita Vout

    I suppose they are subtle shifts because as you mentioned you have been learning about moderation for hundreds of years, and power for a millennia. So it seems like you’re a methodical soul but I could be wrong =]

    I did notice on the extreme end in one of Newton’s case studies that souls can choose to accelerate learning a life lesson over less than a few lifetimes (Destiny of Souls p.374) so clearing a past life in that situation could definitely create a big shift.

    Anyhoo thank you for taking the time to respond to my comment Anna, I really appreciate it!

    All the best =]

  4. Erin Harris

    I had a past life reading where I was in Medieval Times as a typesetter, book printer, or something. I loved getting books on alchemy and weird stuff.

    Present-day, I have love/hate relationships with copying machines. I love to smell and feel books and printed objects. I try not to be creepy about it but I notice that kind of thing.

    I like reading and learning about weird things.

  5. Jenny

    Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us. A lot of trauma to learn and handle. Meanwhile, I have a question: How do you know if someone in a past life is also in this lifetime and as who? For example, someone was a husband in a past life and in this lifetime, maybe a sister to us.

  6. Anna Sayce

    Erin – interesting – Thanks for sharing

  7. Anna Sayce

    Hi Jenny, if you can read the Akashic Records, you can get information about that. Sometimes the info just comes to me, but I tend to check it in the records, too. The Akashic Records are the energetic database where all of our past life info is found. You could also get this kind of info if you do a past life regression or get a past life reading.

  8. Allie

    Thank you so much for sharing! I’ve always wanted to have a regression but haven’t gone through that yet. I’m afraid of what I might find!

    I’ve had some dreams in childhood about being of different race and wearing different clothes and the ‘feeling’ of those dreams is similar to the stories you tell from your past lives.

    Also, relationships are mysterious to me because when I gave birth to our daughter instead of being joyful, I would cry a lot while looking at her (same with my husband). I would just cry without reason sometimes. There’s a big fear of losing them, somehow. Also, my daughter, when she was younger, would act like she hates me.

    Now we have a friend – sister relationship rather than mother – daughter and my husband would call us ‘ his kids’.

    Thank you for your blog – it’s my number one guide when it comes to spiritual topics and I love how you write! I love all your articles and I wondered if, at some time in the future, you could write what do you think of ET’s (aliens), especially after it has been ‘officially announced’ that they exist in this reality.

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