Are You A Sirian Starseed? – 15 Signs You Belong to this Group

In this article, I’m going to cover a pretty well-known starseed group – the Sirian Starseed group. More specifically, this article covers:

  • The 15 signs you are a Sirian starseed
  • The most defining traits of the Sirians
  • What are the origins of the Sirian starseeds?
  • What is the soul purpose of the Sirians
  • What kind of personalities do they have?

Here are 15 Signs You Are a Sirian Starseed:

  • You’re always looking for ways to improve your performance
  • You’re a huge perfectionist
  • You’re a very improvement and growth-oriented person, in general. You always see what can be improved about a service, a product, or in a person’s life, in order to get better results
  • You like making projects of other people, even though you know it is unhealthy to do so
  • You adore planning ahead and you’re really good at making detailed plans
  • If you’re going to procrastinate, you usually do it through planning – working on your plans to the point where you are actually putting off starting the project or endeavour in question
  • You’re good at organising. You enjoy making lists.
  • You often expect the worst and prepare for it
  • You don’t like to attract attention and you generally avoid the limelight
  • You dislike taking risks and you’re a pretty cautious person
  • You have a deep desire to be of service to others
  • You love to share your knowledge with those who need it
  • You have a special fondness for technology and spiritual tools
  • You love to help others to improve their performance
  • You’re very future oriented and you’re often thinking about the future

If you said ‘yes’ to many of the statements above, it’s likely you belong to this group or have some sort of affiliation with them.

Just a Little Introductory Note about the info I’m About to Pass on to You:

Please note, the information below about the Sirian starseeds is unlike anything else out there on the internet about this group.

Here’s why:

A lot of the channelled information on the internet has never been tested with clients.

Anyone on the internet can post anything they like about the soul groups, but whether the information is accurate or not is another question.

Before taking on board someone’s channelled information about the soul groups, you need to know whether the information been tested on the general public, and if so, with how many clients, and over how many years.

The information presented in this article has been in existence for a few decades and has been tested with tens of thousands of people. I’ve been doing Akashic Record Readings for 13 years and have been teaching others to read the Akashic Records for almost a decade, which has given me a lot of time to test the information we have about this starseed group.

OK, preamble over, let’s get into it…

What is a Sirian Starseed?

Those who are Sirian have spent their formative incarnations in the Sirius star system.

Here’s what we know about the Sirian starseed group:

This is a group that has been incarnating here for a very long time, having been present on earth for around 170,000 years.

The most defining trait of the Sirians is that they are always looking for ways to improve themselves. They are very interested in personal development and self-improvement.

Not only are they interested in self-improvement, but they are also interested in improving the world around them. This includes their work, the systems that they work within, and they also enjoy helping others to improve an aspect of their performance.

Sirians are very good at taking a system which is functioning poorly or adequately and finding ways to make it function exceptionally well. If this soul group had a motto, it would be “let’s find a better way”.

I’ve found that the Sirians I’ve come across are always looking to apply this motto to their own lives. As a group, they are very willing to examine what they see as their own faults and shortcomings, in the spirit of improving themselves.

This constant desire and openness to improve and grow is the unique gift that the Sirians bring to this world.

The Purpose of the Sirians

Sirians have always been interested in spiritual growth and improvement, right from the very beginning. Their purpose as a group is to bring in the energies of spiritual advancement into this world. They always seek to be on the cutting edge of evolution, both technologically and spiritually.

As a result, Sirians often choose to incarnate at times of great change – what we call ‘heightened times of civilisation’, when technological progress and/or spiritual evolution are accelerating here on Planet Earth. Ancient Greece and Ancient Egypt were examples of periods in history when there was a high concentration of Sirian souls.

Sirians are incarnating frequently at the moment, due to recent technological progress, societal changes and spiritual advances that we have been making – so now is a very ‘Sirian’ time, too.

Technological Advancements

The Sirians have developed highly advanced technologies in their home world. Some of these Sirian technologies have inspired inventions here on earth too – particularly in the area of computing, telecommunications, lasers and nuclear technology.

Sirians have a special fondness and affinity for technology and tools, and they are always looking for technological tools and spiritual techniques which can improve our quality of life.

There is an interesting history to the Sirians’ love of technological progress, which affects many Sirians on a subconscious level:

As mentioned, Sirians really love to help others to evolve and improve. In the past, they have become a little carried away, and have shared their knowledge inappropriately in a desire to be of service. Sometimes this has meant giving their valuable knowledge and wisdom to just about anyone who is willing to take it, without considering who the person on the receiving end actually is, and what their intentions might be.

In the Akashic Records, it says that Sirian technologies and knowledge, shared inappropriately, have indirectly brought about the destruction of civilisations and worlds. As a group, Sirians feel responsible for (and have also been blamed for) some of the conflicts and warfare that have occurred in our solar system, and in other star systems too, due to their over-enthusiastic sharing of knowledge.

As an example, Albert Einstein was a Sirian soul. Einstein was of course famous for his theory of relativity, which laid the basis for the atomic bomb and nuclear technology. It was perhaps not Einstein’s intention (or directly his fault) that this technology was used to blow up a city, yet it is a good example of what can happen when the Sirians bring through their advanced knowledge and it ends up in the wrong hands.

All these past catastrophic events exist in the Sirian collective consciousness, and consequently, Sirians seem to be subconsciously aware of them. On an individual level, this subconscious knowledge often manifests with the Sirian experiencing an inhibitive sense of caution and experiencing a fear of coming forward with their knowledge and power, without exactly knowing why.

Sirians often fear the consequences of their actions and they fear taking risks. They often expect that things will ‘blow up in their face’, simply because, for them, ‘things’ literally have blown up.

As a result, a common Sirian behaviour is to avoid stepping into their power.  They ‘hide their light under a bushel’ and avoid the limelight. Most Sirians certainly do not like to attract attention through their achievements.  

However, for the most part as a group, Sirians have already learned the consequences of getting carried away with sharing their technological knowledge with anyone who will take it (including those whose intentions are not good). This means that the remnants of these past events are more of a ‘hangover’ to Sirians, rather than something that they are still actively grappling with.

Let’s take a look at a strength that we associate with the Sirian Starseeds as a group:

Organisation, Planning and Structure

Sirians love organisation and structure. They bring a sense of structure and logic to any project or task that they’re involved with. They are usually very organised in their own lives too. Many of them love to make lists, spreadsheets and use their calendars. Sirians are rather logical too. They love clear methods and processes. They also like to plan ahead and they often make back-up plans in case plan A fails.

Sirians can love planning so much that they can sometimes get stuck in the planning stage. Some Sirians may even use planning as a way of procrastinating and delaying taking action. Others can become so attached to the beauty or efficiency of their plans that they may find it difficult to shed the plan later on, even when it is no longer useful or needed.

Because of their organised and motivated natures (and strategic skills), Sirians often do really well in fields such as accounting, project management and finance – many of the Sirians I have read for work in these fields. Even Sirians who work in a more creative field still bring a strong sense of structure and organisation to whatever it is that they do.

I’m not sure if this is representative of Sirians as a group (or just the Sirians I read for), but when I’ve read for Sirians who are working in areas such as project management or accounting, they usually tell me that they wish to shift to something more aligned with the totality of their soul gifts – namely, the part of their soul purpose which is about helping others to improve an aspect of their lives or performance.

Next, I am going to cover one more challenge for the Sirians as a group:

Making ‘Projects’ of People

Sirians are extremely growth-oriented and improvement-oriented souls, and they love to be of service. One of the downsides of being this way is that they often expect others to be as interested in evolution and improvement as they are. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, because Sirians tend to grow really quickly, whereas some other soul groups present here on earth prefer to grow at a more leisurely pace. This means that Sirians can fall into the trap of wanting others ‘get on track’ in their lives. Put simply, they like to make ‘projects’ of people, and they often think they know exactly what is best for other people, which can lead to a lot of frustration. Other souls may be happy to grow at a slower pace, and Sirians need to remember that everyone is in the right place on their path!

To sum up the Sirian Starseeds…

Sirians as a group are highly motivated, organised and goal-oriented. As a result, they are often found to be vigorously pursuing their goals and experiencing some degree of success in both their personal development and career.

I was taught that the Sirians who are incarnated at the moment are working very hard on repairing their relationship with their own power, and as a group they are evolving rapidly at this time. I have read for hundreds of Sirians in the last 13 years and many of my Sirian clients report feeling a great urgency to step into their potential, finally, and reach their goals.

The average number of earthly lifetimes for Sirians incarnated now is around 120. And this soul group makes up around 0.5% of the world’s population.

Historical and public figures belonging to this soul group: Joan of Arc, Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, Eleanor Roosevelt, Steven Spielberg.

This is actually the soul group I belong to, so I’m excited to share this information with you.

Further Reading:

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