My Past Life Regression Experiences — Part 2

Yesterday I wrote an article sharing several of my experiences with past life regression. In this article, I’m going to share the remaining experiences that I didn’t cover in my last article.

(You might like to read the first article to get the background and context to my past life exploration.)

Trigger Warning:

Just a little warning that this article contains material that some may find disturbing. This is because when you do a past life regression, you automatically go back to the most unresolved and traumatic lifetimes. You go back to whatever needs healing, and it’s usually the most disturbing stuff that you find out about, as a result.

So, if you’re easily upset or have PTSD, you may find the material in this article triggering.

The lifetime I’m going to go into now is one I found out about through a past life reading.

A lifetime as a governess in Tuscany

I remember the first ever psychic reading I had was in a new-age shop while visiting New Zealand when I was around 20 years of age, and studying at University. The woman in that reading told me that I was going to be teaching on a grand scale. I didn’t know at the time what that would look like…now I do! (online courses that have been taken by thousands of people!)

When I asked about my past lives, she said that she saw many past life characters standing behind me, all dressed in different outfits, from different periods, but the only specifics she could give me about my past lives was “Tuscany”.

I told my mother when I came out and she tutted and said the psychic probably saw Tuscany at the travel agent’s and made the whole thing up.

Anyway, a few years later, when I was teaching English in a language school in Spain, I got another reading, this time an Akashic Record Reading. I asked about my past lives (and without telling the psychic about what I had been told in the past.) She proceeded to tell me that I had had a past life as an English governess in the second half of the 18th century, and I was teaching the children of a wealthy family, in Tuscany.

She told me that during that life I had been having an affair with the father of the children, and that I also got a marriage proposal from his brother during my time in Italy, which I declined. I left the post and returned to England.

The Akashic Record reader ‘cleared’ the karma of that lifetime for me in my akashic soul record.

I believe that this lifetime came up for clearing for a few different reasons:

1. I was teaching English at the time I had this reading done, and I had an opportunity to get involved romantically with one of the parents of the kids I was teaching. I knew it would not be appropriate for a number of reasons, but hearing about this past life cemented that feeling for me, and helped me to avoid taking a path that I’m certain would have been painful, looking back.

2. The soul who asked for my hand in marriage in that lifetime was my ex-boyfriend, who had recently broken up with me just before the reading.

So, often lifetimes can come up for clearing and healing that have some link to our current lifetime — maybe similar circumstances, and involving the same souls. Perhaps there is an opportunity in this life to repeat the mistakes of the past, and having a past life healing/regression helps you to avoid that.

I’m not a huge fan of getting past life healings that are done in the Akashic Records. I used to do them myself but I stopped because I found past life regressions more effective.

Now I’m going to go into the next lifetime that has come up for me:

A lifetime in the Far East as a mother who murders her child

This is the only one I have not healed in a past life regression (note to self: I should probably get round to that at some point…) This is a lifetime that I have pieced together through dreams.

I had many nightmares growing up about a family member drowning in a lake. The nightmares were extremely distressing to me and they went on for years.

When I was in my late twenties, I had another revealing dream about a lifetime in a Far-Eastern country. I was a married woman who was pregnant. My husband went off to fight in a war and there was also a famine. There was no food, so when I gave birth alone to my (healthy) baby, I rowed out to the middle of a lake and dropped the baby in, and carried on my life as if nothing had happened. I did it because I believed I was going to die of starvation, and that I would never see my husband again, and I couldn’t bear to see my child waste away and die, too.

I told the other villagers the baby had died during the birth. However, things got better after that – I didn’t die in the famine, there was food to eat once again, my husband came back from the war and I lived my life with a deep sense of guilt about what I had done.

I was told that the baby in that lifetime was my mother in this lifetime. I am estranged from my mother and have been for years. Our relationship has been extremely challenging.

The witch-burning lifetime in Scotland

This is one that came up during a past life regression. I did not get many details of that life at all, what I did know was that the lifetime took place in Scotland. I was able to see the drab weather and the dark grey stone of the buildings.

It was probably some time during the 1500s. In that lifetime, a friend of mine was accused of being a witch and burned for it. I wasn’t entirely clear on the details but I was aware that there was a sense of betrayal that hung in the air between us in that life. I had said something about this friend that someone had passed on to the authorities. It was completely innocent, but it was used as evidence against her.

It felt like it was my fault that it happened.

In this lifetime, the soul of that friend betrayed me.

Various Native American lifetimes

I haven’t gone back to any of these during past life regressions, because I don’t think there’s anything to heal, but I have become aware of multiple past lives in North America as a Native American. During my Akashic Record reading I was told I had had many lifetimes as a Native American.

I cried when I flew over Wyoming, for no particular reason, except a longing to be on the ground.

I also became aware of a lifetime I had as a Native American man who spent a lot of time away hunting, and had a beautiful marriage with a woman from my tribe (I say ‘marriage’ but I don’t think they had marriages as such in the culture I lived in.) The woman from that lifetime is a dear friend in this one. I became aware of that previous incarnation shortly after we met in this life.

OK, now let’s look at another horrid lifetime that I have had.

A lifetime as an African slave brought to the Americas by the Portuguese

This one is a little hazy in my memory, so I’m not sure if I will remember every detail correctly, however I did a regression where I was a man in West Africa who was taken by the Portuguese as a slave. I was not a nice individual in that lifetime and had been a warrior who did the things that others did not want to do, like killing the women and children. I think I was captured as a slave during a battle of some sort and then sold to the Portuguese and taken to America.

In the regression, I saw some things that happened to me as a child in that life, that seemed quite abusive, and when I did some digging around and researching, I was shocked to find that they were common practices when bringing up children in some West African tribes. I believe that these events shaped my personality in that life.

After I had been taken as a slave, I worked as a jailer for the Portuguese, torturing and murdering my own people who had committed crimes.

As I said, it was a really horrible lifetime and one that affected me on a subtle level until I healed it via a regression.

The main way that it affected me was that I kept dreaming of finding bones hidden all over my house in various places, and feeling terribly guilty because I knew I had killed the people the bones belonged to, but I couldn’t remember who they were. This was a repetitive dream that I had on and off over a long period, and the guilt sort of hung around me after the dream had ended, although logically it made no sense to feel that way.

The dreams finally stopped after I healed that lifetime during a regression.

A lifetime as a Roman girl

The next lifetime I’m going to go into, is another unpleasant one that took place during Roman times, in Italy. It came up during a past life regression. In that lifetime I was an adolescent girl working on my father’s farm. There was some role I had involving horses — I think I looked after the horses. There was a man that came to stay at the farm. He also had a role in looking after the horses, or his purpose for being there was something to do with the horses.

He raped me, and I got pregnant. When I gave birth to the child, my father drowned it and I was so traumatised by the whole thing that I killed myself by throwing myself off a steep hill with rocks at the bottom.

Yikes. As I said, not a nice lifetime!

OK, it all goes downhill from here I’m afraid…

The Holocaust lifetime

In my twenties, I had a series of dreams that led me to conclude I had died in the Holocaust. The dreams involved being shot in the head unexpectedly, being locked up in a school for days with no food or water, and also a dream that I was in Greece, and speaking a strange dialect of Spanish.

I studied Spanish at University, and the Spanish that I heard in my dreams sounded a bit like Latin American Spanish but I also realised it had some differences from that.

When I woke up after hearing this language in my dreams, I would make a note of the pronunciations that I heard and the words, and then I went researching. After some research, I realised that the language that I had been hearing in my dreams was Ladino, a dialect spoken by Sephardic Jews in Greece, who had been expelled from Spain centuries earlier during the Inquisition.

When I did a regression, I found that I was among the Sephardic Jews who were transported to Auschwitz and experimented on (many of those who were experimented on were Sephardic Jews from Thessaloniki). This explained my lifelong fear and mistrust of doctors, and also my discomfort with military and police officers.

You can read the whole story of how I made this discovery here.

I feel I was learning the life lesson of power in that lifetime. When we explore a life lesson like power, we come at it from all angles. So, we may have lifetimes where we abuse our power, and then we also experience being a powerless victim.

The interesting thing I learned later is that many souls who were involved in the Inquisition also tend to be involved in the Holocaust, and that many of them are reincarnated and alive today. Lots of them are drawn to New-Age spirituality.

This is something Spirit actually told me, and a mentor of mine, Coletta Long (who was a past life regressionist for over 60 years) confirmed she had noticed the same pattern.

The lifetime in California 

Around the same time I made the discovery of the Holocaust lifetime, I did a between lives regression, where I discovered that after the Holocaust incarnation, I incarnated in California as a man in the 1950s, and became a truck driver.

So, this was my most recent lifetime before I was born into this life in 1984.

The aim of that lifetime was to explore the life lesson of moderation (this is something I am still exploring in this current lifetime). In the regression, I saw that I was addicted to processed food, and to sex. I used to pick up sex workers at truck stops (I am not based in the US and I didn’t know this was a ‘thing’ that certain people did, until my regression.)

I died at a young age in that life, due to my poor dietary choices (I was severely overweight and suffering from diabetes and heart disease.)

Side note: I find the idea of sex work (using a sex worker or being one) extremely grim and I feel a strong sense of resentment towards the men who exploit others in the sex industry. I am not sure if it is normal to feel quite strongly about it, or if it is a hangover from my misdeeds during that life.

This time around

I was born in 1984, into a very dysfunctional family with one very abusive parent, and with a heavy load of past life problems weighing me down. The Holocaust lifetime weighed very heavily on me (although consciously I didn’t know what it was that was weighing on me) and it exacerbated my fears and the feeling of victimhood that I felt throughout my life. The perpetrator lifetimes were also a burden on me, on an energetic level, and gave me a feeling of guilt that again, I felt but couldn’t explain.

I left home at age 17 to go to University, where I studied French and Spanish. I became a teacher overseas, first in France and then in Spain.

I was on a journey to gather as much self-knowledge and spiritual knowledge as I could, and in 2008 I left my teaching job to start this business.

The central challenge of my life has been to heal myself, not just from the events of this lifetime (and there has been so much childhood trauma to heal from) but also the events of previous lifetimes, and then to help others to heal, too.

I still feel that what I am doing in the here and now has some karmic connection to both the Inquisition and the Holocaust.

If you’re interested in past life healing, you might like to check out my article: How to Heal Your Past Lives.

If you’re interested in gaining more information about your past lives, my Akashic Record Reading Program also teaches people to gain basic past life information, for themselves and for others.

Update June 2024:

The no-mentoring version of this course is also available temporarily (for 10 days only). You can check it out and sign up here.

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  1. Honey

    Dear Anna, After one’s death in a life, where does one’s soul go, where does the soul remain till the next reincarnation and who decides the soul’s reincarnation in a particular family, country etc. ? Does he/she have to wait long to reincarnate or rebirth happens immediately? who evaluates soul’s past journey in physical body and who decides its next journey into next physical? is there a competition or ugly fights amongst wandering souls to reincarnate and enter a womb immediately? Please guide. Thanks

    • Anna Sayce

      Hi Honey, I wrote an article that may answer some of your questions:

      It’s usually the soul who chooses when and where they want to reincarnate, in consultation with some wise beings on the other side.

      There is no fighting or competition for reincarnation that I’m aware of.

      I recommend you read the book Journey of Souls by Michael Newton if you’re interested in delving into this further.

  2. Susan Anne

    Hi Anna, I hope you are well, thank you for another amazing Newsletter, they are always fabulous to read, I am also curious about the EMDR, could you recommend a therapist for this please? thank you.

  3. Thien Bui

    Hi Anna, I’m intrigued by how spiritually evolved you are in this lifetime and how aware you are of your spirituality vs all the lifetimes you’ve mentioned esp. your most recent ones. Is there a reason for this or do we all have lifetimes here and there where we choose to be more earthly/spiritual than others? Thanks

  4. Anna Sayce

    Hi Susan Anne, Glad you enjoyed the newsletter! I think EMDR is better in person. If you Google your location + EMDR, you should be able to find some options.

  5. Anna Sayce

    Hi Thien, we choose different roles for different lifetimes, however our preferences can and do come through across all lifetimes, including how spiritually connected we tend to be.

    It’s quite possible that I had a strong spiritual streak in my most recent lifetime, even if I was not very wise in my behaviour.

    Something else to bear in mind is that souls who are inclined towards spiritualism or spirituality may not have had the resources or the option to pursue their interests, because of the society they were born into.

    I’ll give you some other examples of how likes/dislikes/interests can persist across multiple lifetimes…

    In my most recent lifetime I loved food and also loved to drive. I still love to drive and I love food. If I hadn’t set up this website, it’s quite possible I would choose a job that had a lot of driving as part of it, or something that involved food.

    In my Holocaust lifetime, I was a cook for a Jewish family (I myself was Romany gypsy). This lifetime I love to cook and I also have spent time among Romany gypsies because my nieces are Romany gypsy. I feel very at home (and like I belong) in Romany gypsy gatherings in this life.

    So you’ll find that likes and dislikes that you have on the soul level, because of all your past earthly experiences, tend to persist.

    (Note that the exception to this is our perpetrator lifetimes when we choose to be disconnected on a spiritual level as part of the role we play)

  6. Rachael

    Anna, I am so thrilled you are doing EMDR! As a certified practitioner myself, it is an amazing modality to clear trauma and much more. I appreciate you sharing your past lives with us. I don’t recall any past lives connected to the Holocaust, but it is a topic that deeply saddens me, leaves me bereft and so very jaded. I had the opportunity to visit the Holocaust museum in Battery Park, NY and spent the entire time crying — but I needed to face all of it. I had a past life where I committed suicide while pregnant and another as a healer who was imprisoned. I saw another where my husband betrayed me and took my children from me and I was killed. In this life, I have chosen to not marry or have children and am wary of men. Humans really.

    Continue to do the healing work within and do continue the beautiful healing work you share with us!

  7. David West

    Anna, thank you for sharing the information about your past lives. What an amazing array of life threads they were through time. One would hope present society is an improvement over the previous versions, but there is obviously still much room for further development. It seems in this life you have expelled your sigh of healing and relief, and you are poised to enjoy a good and productive life experience. Bravo, take a bow, survivor! Much happiness to you.

  8. Anna Sayce

    David – thanks for your sweet comment!

  9. A

    Thank you, Anna for being so brave to share with us your experience with this side of knowledge that we have yet come to fully comprehend. I have a hard time with it, and by all means I am not challenging you. Please forgive my directness… It’s just that sometimes it doesn’t make any sense to choose these experiences where the main objective is pain and suffering. How many does it take? If the Spirit has all its experiences and adjacent energies all in one, mind me – this intelligence is capable of creating probabilities, then why sent us like little soldiers to live for it and with it or through it? This is OR if this is a higher intelligence composed of love then why the need for the ongoing masochism? Isn’t this a paradox? One lifetime of one person living in poverty should be enough, right? Why billions? It also seems like a sick game….

  10. Anna Sayce

    Hi A, that is a good question… I will write an article in response.


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