What Have You Learned in Your Past Lives?

In my last article about the Akashic Records, I talked about finding out about our strengths, through research in the Akashic Records.

In this article, I want to talk about the opposite of our strengths — our life lessons — and how we can research these in the Akashic Records, to not only explain our experiences in this current lifetime but also to track the story of our soul in previous lifetimes up to this point.

According to the Akashic Records, here’s how we end up with certain strengths & weaknesses on the soul level…

When your soul is newly birthed from Source, it chooses to spend its first several incarnations in a particular environment (and that environment could be Earth, or it could be somewhere else.) The environment that your soul chooses influences who you are on the soul level, giving you both strengths and weaknesses.

Around this time, your soul also chooses to specialise in one Archangelic realm of training (otherwise known as energy centres of training.) These are eight realms of existence that are overseen by Archangels, and when you train in one, that means your work as a soul is to bring that energy forward into the physical plane. Each of these eight realms corresponds to one of the eight chakras. So, to give an example, if you’re trained in the fourth realm (corresponding to the heart chakra) you’re going to be someone who is very loving and empathic, and you may be drawn to working in the field of healing.

These areas that you train in, give you strengths but they also give you certain weaknesses. For every gift that exists, there is a downside to it.

(For example, having the 4th realm of training makes you very giving but it can also mean you’re not so good at receiving.)

God or the Divine Intelligence (or whatever you want to call it) contains every energetic quality that exists. Wholeness is what characterises the Divine, because the Divine is everything that is out there, the good and the bad, the hot and the cold, the giving and the receiving, the male and the female, the big and the small.

I believe we exist as souls because the Divine wanted to experience all of its qualities, and so splintered itself into individual souls to do that. This means that we’re just fragmented embodiments of that Divine energy. We embody certain qualities of the Divine (such as patience, kindness or dynamism) but we don’t embody others. And as souls, we’re on a path back to wholeness as souls, through our life lessons.

The purpose of life lessons is to change us slightly on the soul level, so that we can integrate into our soul energetic qualities that we lack, and reach a greater place of wholeness on the soul level.

Life lessons are energetic qualities, or themes, that you explore in any given lifetime. They are like the underlying thread of our life experiences, and we usually attract people, situations and events into our lives, which help us to explore these life lessons and incorporate new energies into our being.

So, let me spell out what this means for us in practical terms.

An example I sometimes give that often resonates with my clients and students, is a soul who is trained in the 4th realm of training (so a very loving soul, as mentioned above) who is also Mintakan (you can read more about Mintakans in my book, ‘The 22 Star Seed Groups‘), which is also a very giving, service-oriented, compassionate, positive (sometimes Pollyanna-ish) energy to embody.

If you’re a Mintakan with the 4th realm of training, you are very compassionate, positive, healing, and giving. These are your strengths, and the ones you should build your life around. But, you will also be evolving towards wholeness, which means that you’re also having experiences through your life lessons, which teach you how to make up for your weaknesses, so that you can integrate the energies you’re lacking.

If you’re a bit of a Pollyanna, you may be too innocent and naive. You may be attracting experiences in this lifetime which teach you to toughen up and be more streetwise. You could be learning to say ‘no’. You will be learning how to put yourself first, and even that this is necessary in the first place (you have to put on your own oxygen mask first otherwise you can’t help anyone else.) You may be learning how to receive, and say ‘yes’ when someone offers to help you.

So, the experiences that such a soul is attracting in this lifetime tend to have their origins in the soul’s strengths and weaknesses. Our experiences are designed to allow us to integrate energies that we are currently lacking in ourselves, and this is an ongoing process.

What are you choosing to explore in this lifetime?

If you look at the experiences you’ve had over your lifetime, you may be able to see a central theme that underlies all of these experiences, but sometimes you can’t pinpoint it until someone, like an Akashic Record reader, tells you.

By reading the Akashic Records, we can actually track not only what we’re learning now, but what we’ve been learning over our past lifetimes, and see the story of why we even chose those lessons in the first place.

(Just a note that often it takes 5-15 lifetimes to thoroughly explore one life lesson.)

Here are some examples of lessons that souls can choose to master:


Souls who have completed this theme tend to be people who have learned how to make things happen, and get what they want out of life. They have learned to turn interactions to their advantage, find win/win scenarios and be at cause in their life.

A soul who has reached this place of power in themselves has probably arrived there through many lifetimes where they held a position of power. Sometimes they wielded that power responsibly, and they have probably also had lifetimes where they abused their power, taking advantage of a skewed power imbalance that they had with someone else, and taking money, sex, or favours when they shouldn’t have. They have also had many lifetimes where they have felt powerless, and indeed were powerless to change their circumstances. The inherent lesson in this is that we always have the power to choose our response to situations, even if situations seem to be outside of our control.

Souls that choose this life lesson in the first place tend to be souls who are afraid of wielding their own power maybe because their soul group has a background of putting power or knowledge into the wrong peoples’ hands (such as the Sirians.)

Let’s have a look at another common life lesson:


Souls who have explored and completed this theme know deep in their bones that there is wisdom in taking the middle path. These are not the kinds of obsessive people who do everything at full steam ahead. They can make time for both rest and play. They know when to stop. They can say no to a third glass of wine, or another bar of chocolate.

Souls who get to this place may have had many lives where they have explored addictive behaviours. They ate too much, were sex addicts, alcoholics, or they were around people who were. They felt the pain of excessive behaviours and learned that what goes up, must come down. They will also have had ascetic (possibly religious or very poor) lives where life was lacking in joy and pleasure.

They will have learned through all of this that they don’t have to say no to all the pleasures in life — they can partake, but in moderation.


Souls who have explored this theme have learned to lighten up, have fun and not take life too seriously. This doesn’t mean they are irresponsible. It just means they have learned not to let life get them down too much.

Souls who integrate this life lesson have probably had many lifetimes of adversity, where they learn to cope through humour, and finding a light-hearted place within themselves, in spite of what is happening in reality. They may also have had many lives where they have taken things much too seriously, and caused themselves extra grief in the process. They have learned to let go and find a way back to joy even when things feel heavy.

This life lesson is usually chosen by the souls who tend towards being overly serious by nature.

The reason I have given these lessons as examples are because they are my current life lessons, that I am working on in this lifetime so I know a lot about them.

I can definitely see how these lessons have played out in my lifetime. As for the life lesson of moderation (which is my primary life lesson), I have spent time around people who have active addictions, due to the family I grew up in. And in the last year or so I’ve been struggling with an addiction that is quite embarrassing… I am addicted to dark chocolate (the 70% upwards kind.)

I can trace all of these life lessons back to the strengths I chose to embody when my soul was birthed. I’m a Sirian soul with the 3rd realm of training, which makes me a perfectionistic improver who takes things to extremes, and is a little bit afraid of my own power. (You can find out more about the Sirian souls’ backstory around avoiding their own power, in my book ‘The 22 Starseed Groups’.)

So my soul chose these life lessons for a reason, and your soul will have done the same… These things are no coincidence. And since our life lessons govern what and who we attract in our lives, your present life experiences can often be traced back to who you are on the soul level and what you have chosen to learn.

I’ve also been learning moderation and power in my previous lifetimes.

As a result, I’ve had:

  • A lifetime as an over-eater (my most recent past life) and an early death as a consequence of my extreme behaviours
  • A lifetime in a religious role in the Catholic Church during the inquisition (which gave me some degree of power, which I misused)
  • A lifetime as a prostitute in an attempt to keep some degree of financial power as a woman in Lebanon during the Middle Ages, and not depend directly on a man for my resources

In terms of the life lessons I’ve actually mastered (rather than the ones I’m still working on), many of the lives I’ve had have been about survival through resourcefulness. I’ve learned to be resourceful; to rely on myself and my skills. I’ve also learned determination and perseverance through difficult lifetimes; and that it usually pays not to quit.

I have learned about truth and spirituality through my many religious lifetimes; more specifically that truth is subjective and it can be found in all religions and spiritual paths. I have also learned to connect to Spirit and to nature, through a Pagan way of relating to the world.

(Current students, you can find the protocol for researching past life lessons in the Akashic Records course forum along with a description of the 88 odd life lessons.)

We can even find out how far along we are with any given life lesson — whether we’re at the start of a learning cycle, in the middle, or coming to the end of one. And in some lifetimes, we can have a bit of a rest from our life lessons and have what I call a ‘holiday lifetime’.

If you’re interested in learning this way of tracking the soul’s story over time, to find out your soul origins, your strengths and the life lessons that you (or another person) is learning currently (and past ones, too) then you may be interested in my Akashic Record Reading Program. (Update June 2024: The no-mentoring version of this course is also available temporarily, for 10 days only. You can check it out and sign up here.)

And if you’re interested in finding out more about your soul’s story across the centuries or millennia, then you may want to get an Akashic Record Reading.

I offer them here, and so does Kelli (who works via my site.)

Meet Anna

Hi, I’m Anna Sayce! My purpose here on this website is to provide practical techniques and information to help empaths to understand, and fix the root of their energetic overwhelm & also to help sensitives to embrace and develop their intuitive gifts. I believe that developing our spiritual & intuitive side is very powerful and allows us to improve our own lives, and if we wish, even make the world a better place for others. Discover more >


  1. Erin

    I also have a chocolate addiction, haha! I hear you about this one. Mine is to hot cocoa. I am not partial to coffee, alcohol, cigarettes or anything else, but you can tear my hot chocolate from my cold, stiff hands. Actually, in my case I think I may have a neurotransmitter imbalance, as tyrosine (dopamine precursor) seems to give me the same boost. And peanuts. Anyway.

    I enjoy reading along with your articles Anna, thanks. I suspect I am an Orion starseed and my area of concentration in this lifetime concerns power / the third chakra.

    All the best!

  2. Anna Sayce

    Hi Erin, glad to hear you enjoyed the article! & I think you’re right that it is a neurotransmitter imbalance at the root of a choc addiction.


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