5 Ways to Ground Yourself to Be More Effective & Present in Your Life

  • Do you sometimes find it hard to concentrate and focus?
  • Have you been told you “think too much”?
  • Are you accident prone and clumsy?
  • Are you usually lightheaded, spacey or scatter brained?

These are all symptoms of a lack of grounding.

In this article, I will share tips on how to ground yourself.

What Does it Mean to Be Grounded?

Being grounded means being fully present in your body. On a deeper level, it is when your soul is fully integrated into your body; you are accepting of your human limitations and path, and committed to being here.

The Benefits of Being Grounded Include:

Being able to focus; being more inclined to look after yourself well in the physical sense; functioning well in your day-to-day life; and having a greater enjoyment of/interest in the sacral chakra energies and activities (fun, good food, sex.)

My Lack of Grounding

I had a reading several years ago where the reader told me that I was “flying as high as a kite” (she meant that I was ‘off the planet’). She said that my Spirit Guides were desperately trying to keep me tethered here, but obviously, I was the only one who could bring more balance into my life in that regard. It took me several years to work out why I was ungrounded, and what to do about it.

Here are my tips to bring more grounding into your life:

1. Practise Mindfulness Meditation

I was taught that meditation activates the upper chakras and tends to unground, but in my experience, it actually benefits all chakras and reins in an overactive third eye chakra. This is particularly useful if you are someone with a very active mind and a lot of creative energy.

Mindfulness meditation involves sitting in a comfortable position and focusing on your breath for a set amount of time. You don’t need to think about your breathing or beat yourself up for not being able to focus for long – just keep bringing your attention back to your breathing every time you notice that you’ve wandered away. I listen to Binaural Beats while I meditate, as this helps me to go deeper and relax more fully.

2. Heal Trauma

People who are chronically ungrounded are almost always carrying trauma that is affecting them adversely – it doesn’t have to be full blown PTSD to affect you adversely.

The mechanism behind this is that when you undergo trauma or a shock, the psyche takes itself outside of the body as a way of protecting you. Over time this can become a way of dealing with pain – your centre is no longer inside the body, but outside of it.

Carrying trauma is bad for your health – it can make you more reactive emotionally, more prone to depression, more anxious, and socially withdrawn/isolated. Trauma lowers your quality of life. It’s common for people with trauma to feel bad a lot of the time (anxious, hyper vigilant or possibly depressed), but without knowing what is actually at the root of their symptoms.

My Recommendations for Healing Trauma:

  • EMDR
  • Cord-cutting
  • Past life regression (past life wounds in the area of survival and safety are also common for those who struggle with grounding.)
  • Matrix Reimprinting

The first modality I used to heal my present-life trauma was cord-cutting – when I cut the cord with my father several years ago, it put me back into my body permanently and there was so much pain waiting for me there which I had to process. The more pain and trauma you shed, the more you can come back into your body and find your centre there.

3. Know Your Ayurvedic Type

You can find out your Ayurvedic type here.

Those who have Vata constitutions are more prone to ungroundedness.

Here are some ways you can bring more balance and grounding from an Ayurvedic point of view:

  • Keep warm in the winter
  • Have a routine with set times for eating and sleeping
  • Avoid stressful, over-stimulating environments
  • If you work on a computer all day, this can aggravate Vata too – you may need to balance that with grounding activities
  • Eat heavy, warm food (by heavy, I mean food with a good balance of fat, protein and carbohydrate, and substantial portions too)
  • Don’t skip meals.

I am too ungrounded to eat fruit for breakfast, for example, or to ever consider a raw food diet or a vegan diet. I need something substantial to make me feel in my body.

4. Get Your Hands in the Earth or Your Bare Feet on the Grass

Gardening is one of my favourite ways to ground myself after a busy week, when I’m in my head a lot. There’s something about handling soil that brings me back into my body.

5. Use a Centering Visualization

Sit in a comfortable position, take three deep breaths, then in your mind’s eye visualize a cord coming out of your root chakra, and see it wrapping itself around the earth’s core and coming back to you. Some people find that grounding.

What do you do to bring more balance and grounding into your life?

Meet Anna

Hi, I’m Anna Sayce! My purpose here on this website is to provide practical techniques and information to help empaths to understand, and fix the root of their energetic overwhelm & also to help sensitives to embrace and develop their intuitive gifts. I believe that developing our spiritual & intuitive side is very powerful and allows us to improve our own lives, and if we wish, even make the world a better place for others. Discover more >


  1. Dawn Marie

    Thank you for this great blog post. The Ayurvedic test was excellent and on target.

    I used to be somewhat well grounded until my life seemed to be turned upside down some years ago. And the past couple of years I had a big change in my life that I reacted to by becoming almost completely “unglued”. Since then, my once fantastic focus and determination has gone out of the window. This post was timely and enlightening as to what I can do to get back on track.

    In the past, my favorite way to ground myself was to listen to music such as Deva Premal, Enya, Reiki inspired music, etc.

    I’m really lazy to put in the effort to meditate as it seems so boring. I’m kind of embarrassed admitting that. I have tried some binaural beats for a while to help, but I ended up feeling more agitated afterwards. I’ll try to give it another go, though.

    Blessings to all!

  2. anna

    Hi Dawn,

    You’re not the only one who finds meditation boring. Students often tell me that, and I confess to finding it tedious for the first several minutes, too.

    Did you purchase the binaural beats through the Unexplainable store?

    If so, and you find they don’t have the effect you hoped for, the good thing is you can get a refund. The binaural beats work well for lots of people but they’re not for everyone.

  3. Nela

    Your course really helped me realize how being grounded was so important. I recognized myself in so many of your descriptions, and naturally, I’m a Vata too.

    The trauma point is particularly interesting. I tend to be detached from my body as well, probably as a way to avoid pain, and being with my body often brings up uncomfortable emotions.

  4. Maxi

    Crystals such as dalmation jasper are great for grounding your energy.

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