10 Ideas to Develop Your Intuition and Access Spiritual Guidance

1. Know how you’re wired to receive guidance

There are four main gifts: clairvoyance, clairaudience, claircognizance and clairsentience.

So many of my students and clients have been claircognizant. If you suspect you have this gift, don’t be expecting to receive spiritual guidance in a dramatic way. You’ll be receiving information ‘in between the lines’, in a subtle way.

Most people can develop any of these gifts further if they apply themselves to it. Check out my Intuitive Awakening Course if you’re interested in doing that.

2. Have a go at one of my intuitive experiments

These are designed to help you to pick up information about other people. You can access previous experiments here.

3. Try binaural beats

Binaural beats are excellent for helping you to access an altered state of consciousness effortlessly – the kind of space you’re in when you meditate. They can be very effective for some people. I know of professionals who listen to binaural beats in the background when they do their readings.

4. Read books or watch TV shows about the paranormal

(I’m mostly serious about this one!) It’s not a very strategic step, but some people find that the material enters their subconscious mind and soon enough, they’re having precognitive dreams and intuition starts happening.

5. Call on the angels

A romantic sepia toned gothic angel image.

Everyone has two or three Guardian Angels around them, and these are the angels who will show up when you call. This technique for calling on the angels is so simple – no fancy words or supplications are needed; just say, “Angels, be with me”. Those of you who are already sensitive may notice a slight shift in your emotional state, tingling, or warmth around you. I often see angel lights after I call on the angels – this might happen for you, too.

6. Write down your dreams

Obviously, not all of our dreams are significant (some will obviously be your subconscious mind working things out, especially when you’re feeling stressed in your waking life). Other times, we will be receiving guidance or spiritual input from our dreams – that’s to say wisdom that comes from our Higher self or Spirit Guides. These dreams often occur just before waking.

Writing down your dreams means that you can unravel them more clearly and easily.

7. Meditate

This is something I have only just started to do regularly, and although I started doing it to help me to relax, it’s also given me a real boost in my daily life, in terms of the amount of intuition that is coming to me without me asking for it.

My favourite way to meditate is to put aside 30 minutes, and listen to my binaural beats on my MP3 player. Firstly, I do this breathing exercise for a few minutes, then once my mind has slowed down, I focus intently on my breath, repeatedly bringing my attention back to it when I go off on a thought tangent (which happens repeatedly.)

8. Dowse with a pendulum

Don’t try it when cats are around!

Don't try it when cats are around!


9. Use your intuition in everyday situations

Your intuition will often notify you in the important situations where a lot is at stake. But for those times when you want to save a bit of time, money or energy, you usually need to ask, and this is a great time to hone your intuition.

I use my intuition for grocery shopping. I live in a smallish town where there isn’t always as much choice as I’d like, and sometimes it can be hard to get produce unless it’s in season, so if in the past I’ve noticed they don’t always have capsicum or leeks, for example, at the local supermarkets, and I need to get some, I’ll ask where to go for some fresh red capsicums that day. If you are someone who shops for bargains, you might like to have a go at this and ask where the cheapest place for such-and-such is, before you go shopping.

Clear your mind with a short breathing exercise, then ask your Higher self or guides a specific question and listen to the first impression or thoughts that come into your mind.

10. Do an attunement or spiritual initiation of some kind

People often find their intuition sky rockets when they do a Reiki attunement and learn how to perform Reiki on others.

My Akashic Record Reading Program students often tell me that they find that the Akashic Records attunement they do as part of the course really opens them up spiritually, too.

Speaking of initiations, past clients and students have said to me that pregnancy opened them up intuitively and spiritually. Are there any mums out there who have also found this?

How do you access your spiritual guidance?

If you would like to be guided through all the steps to take you a place of being able to communicate with your Higher self and Spirit Guides on demand, you may be interested in my 13 week long Intuitive Awakening course. You can find out more about that here.

Meet Anna

Hi, I’m Anna Sayce! My purpose here on this website is to provide practical techniques and information to help empaths to understand, and fix the root of their energetic overwhelm & also to help sensitives to embrace and develop their intuitive gifts. I believe that developing our spiritual & intuitive side is very powerful and allows us to improve our own lives, and if we wish, even make the world a better place for others. Discover more >


  1. Alenka

    Hi Anna!

    Thanks for this blogpost! I love these tips!

    My son was born in 2009, and in March of 2011 I picked up a notebook (after not having written much since childhood) and wrote the words “I feel a spiritual awakening coming on”. Only two months later I lay awake in bed one night for about 3 hours while someone (one of my guides – I think the one I call the Crowman, from my childhood dreams) spoke to me. I was unsure at first, except for the constant, and unusual, flickering of all electrical devices which were plugged in, in the room. The main message was “Trust!!!” and although I was a little scared (I realised I had blocked my gifts all my life due to some strange childhood experiences) I knew this central, and the surrounding, message was delivered with great love and purpose.

    I know the birth of my son awakened this in me. Ideas for books and work started flowing in the year after his birth, and my spiritual journey over the past 3 years has been amazing…one of constant miracles and wonder. Like the time a voice told me to go outside (on the night of a perigee moon) and I was presented with two amazing cloud formations; an angel, and an Ascended Master with the moon forming his third eye.

    Or the night I woke up to feel myself floating away from my body (and gave myself a headache as I snapped back into myself in a bit of a fright – I guess since childhood I have not been aware of doing this).

    I already knew my mum had sent me two songs (one was Cyndi Lauper’s True Colours) the night she passed away in
    2005, and I know she guided me to leave my ex after that.

    All I am uncovering within myself these days is incredible…indeed many around me do not believe in my journey or my gifts, and I still struggle to trust.

    I am learning, though, that it is the little things which confirm the bigger picture and that everything in my life appears as an intricately woven tapestry of beauty and purpose (and that I contribute to the weaving). I am still not where I want to be life- purpose-wise, though.

    It is taking me a long time to “Trust” and believe. I am so conditioned from a lifetime of trying to be “normal” – whatever that might be – and being liked by those who weren’t too respectful of me!

    I do believe that I am firstly Claircognizant, then clairsentient, then clairaudient, and finally clairvoyant. It took me a while to realise my dreams were a form of clairvoyance.

    I need to meditate more, and I am really hoping to do your course sometime…but circumstances prevent me for now.
    I believe that your webpage and your knowledge of the psychic world is the most realistic and honest and “no-nonsense” I have seen in my 3-year awakening, so far.

    Thank you for all you do, and the information you share with your readers!

  2. mary

    Yep, interesting what you mentioned about pregnancy etc. A lot of mums sense the sex of the baby but then doubt it. A real eye opener for me was when my daughter was born. The very first time I held her right after she was born…she spoke to me. So of course I was shocked. She spoke as clear as day (telepathically). She simply said ‘hi,’ and told me her ‘name’. I was stunned by this and also a bit stumped as her name had already been chosen…and here she was giving me ‘her’ name.


    i notice that’ to dowse with a pendulum = But not when there is a cat around. im very interested to know as to why not when a cat is around?i ask this because, throughout my whole life, stray cats would just walk up to me for a pat on the head, being a person who respects all living things i always say hello. but then they would hang around me, my house and of course i would feed it and give it shelter….usually around the intense stages of my life they pop up out of no where, litterally….so as the intense stages start to settle down, the cats just vanish without a trace…..so im very interested to know why a pendulum should not be used around cats???? i love to learn, and to develope my spiritualality to the next level when the right teacher turns up…….love to hear from you soon, many thanx… bex.


    i so agree with pregnancy, during my pregnancy with all my boys they guided me to what names they wanted for themselves, they guided me to books, to movie charactors as to what there personalities would be like, aswell as guiding me to special people they wanted me to connect with and i later realise that these are people they have chosen as mentors for their life lessons and so forth……throughout the pregnancy with my daughter, i had so many names i wanted to name her with…but when i looked into her eyes after she was born, she also spoke to me telepathically….she didn’t want the names i thought would be nice for her….she told me she has a name already and told me what it is….i coudn’t belive how close i was to choosing her name, i got the feeling it had something to do with holy spirit but i thought maybe in a foreign translation would sound better….turns out, the name my daughter chose was english and suited her in every way. But before i knew or did any pregnancy test to confirm all my pregnancies, i had dreams of my babies, toddler size,talking to me… telling me im pregnant and they want me to be their mommy…..i so agree the unborn are so speacial and super connected to the universe in so many ways and so much more……im always excited and feel priveleged to be pregnant each time….bex

  5. Anna

    Hi Alenka,

    Thanks for sharing – so glad you enjoy my site!

  6. Anna

    Hi Mary,

    How interesting.

    Did that affect your choice of name?

    I believe that parents, if they are intuitive, do pick up on the soul’s preferred name. My parents almost got mine right, but not quite!

  7. Anna

    Hi Bex,

    Actually the part about the cat is a joke…I wanted an excuse to share a photo of what happens when I dowse around my cat 🙂

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