Are You an Arcturian Starseed? 13 Signs You Belong to This Group

Arcturian starseeds are those who have spent their first several incarnations in Arcturus. (Arcturus is a star in the Boötes constellation.)

Here are some signs you are an Arcturian Starseed:

  • You know you’re an ‘old soul’
  • You don’t enjoy being incarnated here on Earth that much
  • You think the idea of being someone’s spirit guide sounds way cooler than being incarnated on Earth
  • You’re a very spiritual person
  • You’re highly intelligent
  • You were considered ‘gifted and talented’ at school
  • You often wish you could do away with mundane tasks such as eating and washing
  • You have an affinity for computers & I.T.
  • You have a strong desire to help others in a spiritual context, as a spiritual teacher, guide, healer or reader
  • You’re interested in training in a healing modality, or you have already trained in one
  • Staying grounded can be a challenge for you
  • You’re overweight or you have trouble remaining at a healthy weight
  • You’re a good leader, if you can be bothered to take on that role!

Before we get into the ‘meat’ of this article, just a little note about the information I am about to pass on to you…

I believe the info below about Arcturian starseeds is the most reliable information on the internet.

Here’s why:

This channelled information has been in existence for a few decades. It has been refined and tested by Akashic Record readers during those decades. I have been using it with over 10,000 clients for 14 years. Therefore I have had a lot of time to test this information. Most information abut the Arcturians that you can find on the internet is either freshly channelled or hearsay based on what someone else says. Put simply, it’s never been tested with actual clients. Mine is thoroughly tested and the process goes like this:

Client signs up for an Akashic Record reading, client comes up as belonging to one of the starseed groups, I pass the starseed info on to the client, they tell me what resonates, I look at the patterns over time in terms of client feedback. This has happened with over 10,000 clients. That is why I know this information about the Arcturians is accurate and reliable. 

OK, preamble over. Let’s get into it:

The most important thing to know about Arcturian starseeds is that they are extremely wise and advanced souls who generally don’t incarnate very often.

Their soul purpose is to bring through high-level wisdom and ways of being, from their home planet, in order to advance our planet.

(The average number of earthly lifetimes for an Arcturian is around 25).

Here is why Arcturian starseeds incarnate so infrequently:

Arcturus, as a place of incarnation, resonates in the seventh dimension. By contrast, Planet Earth resonates between the third and the fifth dimension (which are of course further removed from the seventh dimension). As a result, the Arcturian starseed does not usually like being in a physical form. For this reason, they do not choose to incarnate here very often.

They are more often found on Spirit Guide teams and as non-physical teachers, and they are more comfortable with this role.

When they do incarnate, they tend to be very interested in spirituality and metaphysics, which is probably why I read for a fair number of them, despite the fact that they are relatively rare here. Arcturian starseeds are highly spiritual, intuitive and intelligent souls. Even when they are incarnated, they often end up in the role of spiritual teacher or guide, often choosing a career (or a side job) in the area of metaphysics or healing. As a soul group, they are deeply respected, and they also have a reputation for being highly-evolved healers. This is a soul group that has a strong desire for spiritual service.

I have also seen that they have an affinity with advanced technologies when they are incarnated, probably as a result of the advancements they have made in their own home world. If they are not working in areas such as healing or metaphysics, they are often drawn to I.T. and computing.

Staying Grounded

Because Arcturians are more comfortable in the higher dimensions, staying grounded can be a challenge for them while they are incarnated. They often have difficulties with the practical aspects of life, and many of them wish they could eliminate certain ‘tedious’ physical tasks altogether (such as washing or eating). In addition, Arcturians often have too much energy in the upper chakras at the expense of the lower ones, which often manifests as a lack of grounding. As a result, many Arcturians gain weight as a way to ground themselves in the physical.

The Arcturian Starseeds’ History

The Arcturians have been incarnating (very intermittently) on earth for around 40,000 years. The period and place in history with the highest concentration of Arcturian souls was Ancient Babylon. The preponderance of the highly evolved Arcturians who were present during that period was the driving force behind that civilisation making many key advances in astronomy, mathematics, geometry, architecture and more. The Arcturians are particularly drawn to astrology, astronomy and the night sky. They sense intuitively that they are not from planet Earth and they are very interested in the idea of exploring space and everything it holds. They are often drawn in particular to the Bootes constellation.

The Arcturians’ home (Arcturus) is a massive, red star that is 36.7 light years away from Earth. It’s around 25 times larger than our sun and shines much brighter (115 x brighter.)

The Arcturians make up just under 0.2% of the world’s population, so as you can see these souls are not commonly found. I think that this can add to their sense of isolation here on Earth.

What Kind of Careers Are the Arcturian Starseeds Drawn to?

I feel the Arcturians’ ultimate purpose is to bring an expanded sense of who we can be as spiritual beings – to help us to see that we are more than just physical beings and to bring in spiritual values, such as compassion, wisdom and possibility.

Arcturians are very spiritual and most of the clients who have come into my practice are also either doing spiritual work on the side or have expressed a strong interest in this. They excel in the spiritual field (that is, if they can manage the self-employed aspect that often comes with spiritual work — as they are not as practical as some other soul groups.) They make good healers, channellers, intuitives, spiritual teachers and coaches. Arcturians will particularly enjoy leveraging technology in order to make an impact in their chosen field.

Arcturians are almost always very clever people who tend to gravitate towards work that is highly skilled and well paid, and again, often with an element of technology — I have come across Arcturians who work in areas like IT, writing, marketing, or communications. I feel they have an affinity with computers and they will often choose work where they get to be in an office (as opposed to outside or working with their hands.)

If they can combine spiritual work with technology (such as being a spiritual blogger, or using technological tools for healing), that makes them very happy.

Are you an Arcturian starseed? Please leave a comment if you have something to share about this topic.

If you’re interested to find out about the other 21 starseed groups and the bigger picture of how the Arcturians fit in here on Earth, you may be interested in my book The 22 Starseed Groups.

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