Can Anna Predict My Future?

This is something I get asked often by clients and the answer is maybe. Here’s why:

Whether or not I can predict your future depends on what you’re asking me to predict.

In this article, I explain why psychics can predict some things but not others.

How Predictions Work

To make a prediction, a psychic will consciously (or not so consciously) tune into your ‘chart’ for this lifetime. Your ‘chart’ looks like a massive web of pathways that are available to you. You literally spend your life journeying through this web of possibilities, taking pathway after pathway. There are two types of ‘intersection’ on this web, as one pathway ends and a new one begins – these are called choice points and destiny points.

Choice Points

There are thousands of choice points in your ‘web’ of possibilities. When we’re at a choice point intersection, in the physical we have to make a decision about something which will impact on our future. At first glance, it may not seem like a choice that will make a difference. It may simply be whether or not to buy a certain book, or whether to go on a workshop, or whether to say yes to someone’s invitation. On this energetic ‘web’ of possibilities, there are five pathways of possibility leading towards the choice point and five pathways of possibility leading away from a choice point. We can take whichever path we want. The path we choose will lead us to another choice point, and when we take one of those paths, it will lead us to another choice point and so it goes on. The series of pathways that we take collectively make up the unique path that we choose for our life. But there are different pathways available to us as well, if we want them.

Destiny Points

The other kind of intersection to be found on this web of possibilities is the destiny point. You usually have between 10 and 30 destiny points on your web of possibilities. These are the major, predestined events of your life; the events you chose to experience before you even incarnate. Not all of these events are 100% predestined, however – there is an element of flexibility involved. For example, you could choose to have a relationship with a particular soul during your lifetime, but it may not be predestined how long the relationship lasts or when you will meet.

The first destiny point on your web of possibilities is always your birth and the last destiny point will always be your death. The others may relate to certain relationships you will have in your lifetime (as the example above) they could relate to work that you will do, the conception and birth of children (this is usually predestined for women), health challenges you experience, chance meetings you will have, etc.

What Can Psychics Accurately Predict?

With this in mind, most psychics can accurately predict the following:

  • What your destiny points are in your life – i.e. the major events and relationships
  • If a client is currently at a choice point, a good psychic can usually tell what the outcome will be if they take such-and-such a path. This is useful because if you’re going down a dead end (ie. a pathway that does not align with your desired outcome or your highest path and purpose) a psychic can let you know and save you time and energy.

What I Cannot Predict

  • If you’re asking me to predict a major life event and there’s no destiny point present for it, then I can’t make an accurate prediction. There are so many choice point paths for you to take along the way – and your future shifts and changes with each path you take
  • It’s also challenging to be able to predict exact details of destiny points – like timings, since these are often not set in stone.

When Predictions Are Unhelpful

I personally shy away from making predictions about future events, because often it’s not in our best interests to receive a prediction. There are a few reasons for this:

1. Predictions spoil the surprise

I am constantly amazed by the unpredictable and exciting ways in which life plays out. On the few occasions that a psychic has given me information about how things are going to play out, instead of it being exciting, it has felt like an anti-climax – a bit like ‘game over’ on a computer game. Or knowing what your Christmas presents are before you’ve unwrapped them – makes the unwrapping process less exciting, doesn’t it?

2. Predictions can encourage us to give away our power

The desire for predictions and the reassurance that predictions bring, is based on a worldview (one which I do not ascribe to) which says ‘We’re not in control of our future, therefore we need to know what’s coming up’.

Sometimes a psychic with this worldview can, in good faith, give someone a prediction, believing it’s 100% certain and it turns out it’s just one of the many pathways available to them on their ‘chart’. But that prediction has already narrowed down their view of the choices before them.

And once the client has taken that prediction to heart (maybe because they like the way it sounds), that person can hand themselves over to ‘fate’ and begin to manifest according to the prediction. It can be a self-fulfilling prophecy. That may be all right if it’s something they want to experience, but what if energetically it’s a dead end for them or something they don’t want to experience? It may be a dead end with a lesson contained within it, but it’s still a dead end, which leads me to my next point…

3. Sometimes our Higher self/Guides might give us false information about the future

‘What?’ I hear you cry! ‘My Higher self would NEVER give me false information!’

That’s what I thought too. I am going to tell you an embarrassing story which illustrates that intuitive information can at times be purposely false.

Late last year, I was in the final phase of my professional intuitive training and learning all about destiny points and choice points. I was also in a relationship with a man who lived in London. (I was living in Spain at the time.) This guy was doing the same spiritual healing training as me and we were both fascinated with the idea of destiny points – a little too fascinated for our own good.

One day, we did a bit of research together into our respective destiny points – we wanted to know which destiny points were in the life area of relationships, health, work, finances, etc. And in the process my ex-boyfriend discovered some information about a destiny point that we shared – he found that one of my destiny points was to have a child. With him. Oh, yes! The timing wasn’t predetermined, but we were to have a child together. Our relationship fell apart soon after that because we believed in the information available in the Akashic Records (we’d seen real-world evidence of it). But our relationship only fell apart after I had left my job in Spain and set up my new healing business, because I thought my future was in London with this guy. Was it in my highest path and purpose to have a baby with this guy? No!

But it WAS in my highest path and purpose to leave Spain, move to London and start my own business. So you can see the motive behind the false prediction. It caused me to leave my teaching job (which I was tired of) and take some big, scary steps towards a new career, which I may not have taken otherwise. That false prediction gave me the illusion of safety which I needed in order to change my life.

In fact, we later found out that the ‘destiny point’ did not exist – he asked our teacher to check it and she found no such destiny point. He hadn’t made the whole thing up, but rather he had been given misinformation about it. The destiny point mysteriously disappeared from our soul records once it had served its purpose.

The moral of this story is: don’t go looking for information about your future unless you can handle it or you’re OK with receiving misinformation if your Higher self happens to see an opportunity to get you back on track to take the paths which ARE in alignment with your highest path and purpose.

Further Reading:

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  1. Yang

    Hey Anna another great post.

    How can you know if something is your highest path? Can you have more than one ‘highest paths’?

  2. PeaceLoveJoyBliss

    Hi Anna, I feel that you’ve given us lots of tasty food for thought here. I especially like your distinction between choice points and destiny points. From my own (admittedly limited) experience with dowsing for answers, I’ve learned that an internally consistent line of questioning can lead to an apparent inconsistency in the answers, but if I pull back mentally and take a broader perspective on the questions being asked, the answers provided can either begin to make sense or serve as a basis for getting impulsed to ask a clarifying question that clears up the apparent inconsistency.


  3. Akemi - Yes to Me

    Love this post. I think the topic of choice points and destiny points is so fascinating that we often get mixed results when we first start checking them. Especially when we check our own points. I had that happen myself.

  4. Anna

    Hi Yang – your highest path and purpose just means the path that brings you the most learning. It may not necessarily be the nicest or easiest path. Spiritually, you’re often most drawn to what’s in your highest path and purpose but the ego may not allow you to pursue it. Inspiration and excitement is also a good indicator that whatever you’re considering is in your hp&p.

    So, when you’re at a choice point and trying to work out which of the options are in your highest path and purpose, if a psychic were to measure the alignment with your highest path and purpose, she may find that one is 100% aligned, maybe another is 80% and another is 50% or something like that. Or there could be two different options which are both 100% aligned, but that’s less common I think.

    Christopher – Yes, it sounds like you’re a pretty advanced dowser – I only understood what you say here much later on in my spiritual healing training.

    Akemi – It’s funny that you had that happen too. I’d be interested to hear how & why that happened in your case.

  5. Elizabeth

    I have experienced being guided to places and people with certain possible outcomes anticipated only to realize retrospectively that this was what coddled me and gave me strength to get to those places and people for much more powerful, healing and transformational experiences than I could have imagined. It is wonderful how you explain purpose and future so clearly Anna. Thank you.

  6. Anna

    Hi Elizabeth, thanks for your comments! It is great how we often get something much better than what we bargained for 🙂

  7. Abood

    What an informative article! I quite enjoyed it 🙂 I am 15, and I am a psychic..I have the gift of both Clairsentience and Claircognizance, and they are pretty much active, ofcourse along with Precognition (part of Clairvoyance) but not so much active…I was wondering on how do I “view” such charts? I do it subconsciously when I get predictions flying into my head, of course…But It would be very useful to know how I can do this consciously when using one or both of my gifts.

  8. Abood

    Okay, totally understandable 🙂

  9. Anna

    Hi Abood. Thanks for your comment. I view these charts when I access a client’s Akashic Record. I was trained to do that, but I’m sure you can get info on these charts spontaneously too. I couldn’t tell you how though…

  10. shannon

    Hi I would really like to know when I will have my next child?

    • Anna

      Shannon, if you read the article you’d see that I don’t predict things like that.

      To everyone else reading this who is looking for a prediction – I welcome comments from readers. But please don’t leave comments asking me to predict things. In future those requests will not be enabled. Thanks.


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