Connecting with the Dead Through Dreams, Synchronicities & Mediumship

Nine months ago, my beloved cat, Big Boy, passed away. I had never lost anyone so close to me (at least not through death) and I was devastated. Fellow pet owners will know what I’m talking about – the bond between a person and their companion animal can be a very strong one. (I am also a huge, crazy cat lover on the scale of the woman in this YouTube video, which made us even more bonded… 🙂 )

Since then, I have had a lot of interesting experiences connecting with Big Boy from the other side, and his death deepened my connection to Spirit. I wanted to share these experiences here, but before I do, a bit of backstory.

I posted this on Facebook shortly after he passed away:

“Sorry folks the intuitive experiment results are not going to come out today. My beloved cat unexpectedly passed away today.

This was my Big Boy.


I loved him so very much.

I got him from the SPCA almost 3.5 years ago. I saw him and knew straight away he was the right cat for me.

He was so nervous and frightened of everyone except me. But he was also so affectionate and loving, and we had the strongest bond. It was clear he had been someone’s beloved cat before.

I got Big Boy at a time in my life when I felt very alone, but he was my constant companion, and he was on my lap at every opportunity, getting into bed with me at night to snuggle and always trying to get into the room during my client sessions. Sometimes I felt like a stay at home cat mama with my baby following me everywhere.

Soon after he came to live with me he left me a headless rabbit next to the bed, And I felt it was his rather gruesome way of thanking me for rescuing him. He didn’t catch anything again after that.

I always wondered how he ended up so nervous with everyone else except me. I got a reading from an animal intuitive who told me that he had lived with a lady who loved him but she had a boyfriend who didn’t, and eventually the boyfriend dropped him off at the SPCA and told the lady he ran away. That made sense because he was found wandering right by the SPCA.

Big Boy told the intuitive we rescued each other. He opened up my heart.

Goodbye, my dearest, dearest Big boy. I’m so glad we spent that time together and I’m so glad I told you I loved you every day and cuddled you so much when I felt I should have been doing other things instead. I did often think, “I really should be doing something else right now, but I won’t be able to cuddle him when he’s gone.”

I’m so glad I had my priorities straight, my love.”

How the Bond Between Us Lives On

I found that pretty soon after he passed away, I was not alone in my grief – I felt him around me a lot. I also heard his ‘voice’ clearly.

He also came through to a medium I visited the week after he passed. She thought that I had lost my infant son, and that I had a pond in my garden, with fish in it, that my ‘son’ loved to be close to.

Obviously Big Boy was not my human child, but was possibly the closest thing I’ll experience to having a child. He also loved the pond in my garden and indeed loved to watch the fish.

I received other signs from Big Boy, too.

Signs from Nature

I had Big Boy cremated and decided that I would scatter his ashes at Monkey Bay which is near my home.

The week before his ashes came back, I told Spirit I wanted to throw a Calla lily into the sea with the ashes. I wasn’t sure if this would be possible, as none of the Calla lilies which grew in my backyard were in flower yet.

The ashes came back on a Friday and I had one perfect, first-of-the-season lily to throw alongside them into the water.

As I was setting off for Monkey Bay, I asked the Universe for some light rain to improve the likelihood of me being alone in the bay as I scattered the ashes (enough rain to keep people away, but not enough to soak me.) On my way there, it started to rain lightly and I had the bay to myself when saying goodbye to Big Boy.

I also stood at the top of the hill on my way to the bay and looked down on the beach below:

I told Big Boy that if he was still with me, to make one of the seagulls on the beach below fly up towards me, and this happened in an instant after I asked it. One of the seagulls soared up into the air and flew right past where I was standing.


Big Boy has also shown up a few times in my dreams. When he does, the ‘atmosphere’ of the dream changes and his spirit fills the dream completely. I’ve also had times in the state between sleep and wakefulness when I swear I feel him getting into bed with me (which he used to do when he was alive).

Are we just replaying old memories when we are seeing/feeling/hearing our deceased loved ones? I don’t think so. The few times I’ve acted as a medium for someone else, passing on information I did not know, have taught me that the dead live on, visit us, and those of us who are tuned into that will notice it.

Some of my most unbelievable spiritual experiences have involved mediumship.

Last year I was lying on a massage table when my massage therapist’s grandmother came through to me, and wanted to pass on a message to her. I did not want to bothered by Spirit when I was relaxing so I ignored her. She bothered me for about 15 minutes. I told the spirit, if I really need to pass on this message, show me a sign involving my therapist’s cat (she had a cat that occasionally came into the treatment room at the end of a session.) That very moment, the cat piped up, meowing outside the window relentlessly. I passed on the message.

I believe that the dead never leave us, in spirit, and that they often keep one eye on their incarnated loved ones, from the other side, even as they continue on their soul’s journey.


Please share your comments and experiences with connecting with the deceased below.

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  1. Mali

    This touched me in a very deep place. I’m filled with feelings of warmth and peace knowing that our loved ones are never far.

    I have a strong connection to my grandma, who passed away 2 years ago. Every night, she’s in my dreams. Sometimes it’s to bring a message and sometimes she alleviates my boredom. I still feel her love even beyond the grave.

    Thank you 🙂

  2. Lauren Katz

    Sheesh, both my parents and lots of their friends, our extended family have too. They are all in my dreams regs, and they are so real…. I am always alRmed when they show as if I am running around to every one seeking their acknowledgement that yes, they are in fact DEAD so I get perturbed trying to figure out how the hell they are still completely alive, and still opinionated

  3. Anna

    Beautiful <3

    I have 2 cats, and also often feel the presence of 2 deceased cats who I was incredibly close to.

    I love knowing they are still hanging out with us 🙂

  4. SallyG

    Thank you for sharing your story and love about Big Boy. My mother had to put her old black Lab down this week. His name was Wally because he was found abandoned in a Walmart parking lot. This was the most gentle, loyal and loving creature I have ever been in contact with. I stayed at my mom’s for 3 months after she broke her leg (she’s healed up well now, thankfully) and Wally and I had a special bond. When mom was asleep, Wally would follow me from room to room and outside to the backyard. He always kept guard over us and lay at our feet. Wally was the only dog I have ever known who would wait to eat his dinner. He would actually look up as if to ask, “Is it ok to eat now?” Needless to say, I know how much a pet can be a part of the family. I pray that one day I will be able to have a dog of my own but my apartment won’t allow it. Often we are hurt and sad when we lose our loved ones, but it is worth it having the honor and joy to have them in our lives. Peace and love to you.

  5. Mary

    I have dream and sleep/wake visits too and I know they’re real. You can just tell when it’s “just a dream” or when it’s a visit. During a visit I know I am sleeping, but that we are still interacting in another place. I can feel the hug, my dog’s fur, the weight of his familiar body….same for people. It is such a blessing. I’ve had the feeling of my cat or dog on the bed too, even when I’m wide awake. I’ve also felt the covers tucked around me and my face stroked gently.

  6. Kalith

    Thank you for sharing, Anna. I’m sorry for your loss, but so happy to know Big Boy has visited you in dreams and through signs and messages. It’s comforting to know our loved ones, including our beloved pets, are still with us after their transition to Spirit.

    I have “lost” many beloved friends and family members, including many dogs (14 of them) in my lifetime. I feel their presence (I’m an Empath), and I have received many messages, dream, synchronicity, and signs from them. Some come through more often and easier than others.

    One of the first experiences I recognized as coming from spirit happened when my dad passed away 15 yrs ago. He sent a message through an acquaintance of mine on the Internet. The message was unmistakeably from my dad. I printed it and took a copy to show my loved ones when we gathered before Dad’s funeral. There are many, many times Dad has communicated with me. Way too much to write about here.

    But the loved one who visits me most often is my son. He passed away four years ago at the young age of 31. I have received probably close to 100 messages or more since his passing, as have others who knew him.

    I will tell you about a couple of the first signs he sent to me. I had receive two messages the day before I learned of his passing. These two message came the day I believe he actually transitioned. In one of those communications, he came to say goodbye to me and my best friend of fifty years. My friend had been at his birth as a support and coach for me during the labor and birth. I was attending a party given for my friend’s daughter on the eve of her wedding. At the end of the party, which had been joyful and lively, my friend and I hugged goodbye. As we hugged we both felt a rush of air flow over us, like a waterfall. The emotion we both felt as this happened brought both of us to tears. We were confused until we learned the next day of my son’s passing. It was then we knew his Spirit had come to us.

    I learned of my son’s passing the afternoon of the following day. When my kids were young we liked to play a game. We would point out the numerals 333 whenever we saw them, like on a clock or license plate or billboard, etc. We called “333” our “family number”. I managed to fall asleep the night I learned my son was gone. I always sleep through the night, but on this night I awoke at 3:33 am. I knew he was contacting me.

    Since his passing, I talk about my son and think about him every single day. I talk to everyone, even strangers, to tell them that there is definitely life after death.

    So the week after my son’s passing, I was driving down a road, when I felt him nudge me to stop in a health food store I was about to pass. I did. I went inside and without thinking I blurted out to a man who was heading out the door, “I feel like I know you”. He said I seemed familiar to him too. We exchanged names and realized we hadn’t met before. Soon we were talking. One of the first things I said was, “I just lost my son, but I know he is with me because he’s come to me.” I told him about some of the ways I have heard from my son; I told him that I had woken at 3:33am and the significance of 333. The man was quiet for a few minutes. Then he said he had lost his daughter six months previously. He said, “I always carry a pocket notebook to jot down stuff during the day.” He reached into his pocket and pulled out the notebook, opened it and said, “Look was I wrote today. I don’t know why I wrote it, but I do now.” He had written on the page, in large numerals: 333. That was all that was on the paper. I said, I think our children orchestrated our meeting. We stood there, chills running through both of us.

    It would take a book to write about every single time I have heard from my son. I am sharing with you only the first times he made me aware that he is with me always. There are many other ways he has communicated with me. It’s important to be open to the ways Spirit communicates, because they communicate with us all the time. I am convinced of this, maybe because I am very sensitive.

    Love and light forever.

  7. Lisa

    I’m sorry to hear about your Big Boy. Sending love to you both.

  8. Mary Jane Allen

    Anna, I’m so, so sorry for your tremendous loss of your beautiful Big Boy. I, too am the mother of cats and they are so dear to me.

    I also read the Akashic Records and in a reading about 2 years ago a man asked me to try to connect with his father. This was my first time doing this, so I said I would try but interestingly he came through really clearly in appearance, age and answered the questions the client was looking for. This led me to realize that I could probably connect with my beloved grandfather who died when I was 5.

    My grand parents lived 3 houses away from us when I was a baby and small child and I always wanted to be with him because he was such a loving and beautiful person and he made me feel so special. He was my person in this lifetime. Anyway after he died I was lost. I think it took me years to actually accept he had “died” because I knew that he would never leave and I could always feel his energy around me protecting me. I was a very sensitive and unhappy child and teenager and I always called on my grandpa to be with me and I missed him desperately.

    About a 1.5 years ago I began connecting with him and seeing him in the Records and finally I could hear his answers. What a blessing. Then one day I was over visiting his grave where I often went when I was sad or upset. The next morning I awoke to a vision that he was showing me that while I was sitting by his grave sobbing and talking to him he was sitting in my car waiting patiently to go back to my house with me! 🙂 Later on that day I was walking into the living room and he was lying on my sofa.!:) I made such a loud noise – combo of scream of joy and cry I’m sure the neighbours heard it. I’ve never been so happy in my life. He made a joke to lighten the mood – he said “Don’t come over too close to the sofa little girl, my glasses are on the floor”. He was referring to an old family joke where he broke my granny’s glasses while she was napping on the sofa in their den. Anyway, I see him anytime I want to, in the car, at my work if I’m stressed, in the house. It absolutely such a joyful thing. Impossible to put into words. Much love Mary Jane and Grandpa Captain Bobby Allen 🙂 xoxo

  9. David

    I occasionally catch glimpses of some of my departed cats. My beloved male Ragdoll cat, Adam, can be seen in some of the places in the house he frequented when alive. Yoda, a Calico, and RT, a ferile short hair that was domesticated, can be seen chasing one another just as they did when they were alive. They were both astute and able rivals who often pursued one another through the crown of an adjacent oak tree.
    Rocky, a male cat I found wandering alone and ill, came to me in a dream after he passed on to thank me for his rescue. Indeed, they seem very much alive, though not in our physical existence.

  10. Patty

    Thank you for sharing. My beautiful dog Sophie left me last July. I don’t dream about her, but I still feel her jump on the bed. . . Interestingly, it’s usually during a time I need comfort. 🙂

  11. Rebecca

    Hi Anna
    It is very interesting that you sent this article in an email this morning as last night I dreamt I was walking along with my dog Sweep who passed away 8 years ago and I was so happy to see him again. I also work as an animal intuitive and heal and release past lives for animals and their owners, and I wanted to let you know that despite popular belief animals do not always reincarnate as animals. In the healings that I have done the animals have shown me past lives where they were human, often the owners child, so that would explain why you felt like a stay at home mum with your cat, and why the medium thought you had lost your son. He was probably a son in your previous life 🙂 Thank you for this lovely story, it brought tears to my eyes x

  12. Deb

    November 12, 2012 I helped Lilith, my 14-year-old calico, to crossover. We were so connected in life that I felt what she felt when she died. I watched a shimmering motion rise from her body and I immediately felt the most intense love and peace overwhelm me and then the most complete relief you could ever imagine course through me as she no longer felt the pain of her physical body. Every night as I lie in bed, I feel as though she is walking up alongside of me and stopping at the head of my pillow. I reach out to see if it is her sister Lizzie, but there never is any physical presence. I miss her daily, but I know that if we all go to the awesome place she did, we have nothing to fear and only look forward to!

  13. Lisa

    Hi Anna,
    Thank you for sharing such a touching story. I just lost my 17 1/2 year old Shihtzu named “Mr.Miyagi.” He was a beautiful black dog with a white beard and white hair on his chest. He was dog but as you said he was more like a son to me who looked like a little man. I do not have children so I guess in many ways I treated him more like my child. I loved him dearly and miss him so much. He was a huge part of my life and I have him home now with me. I am having a special urn made just for him to look like him as if he is sleeping with angel wings which I will place outside in our backyard under a tree in the sun. He loved to sun bathe. I dream about him so I do believe he comes to visit me. There are times I will see a black shadow in the corner of my eye and think of him. My husband even believed he felt him one night tugging on his leg.
    Thank you for sharing your story and letting me share my story with you. I just want to add one more note. I do believe in the poem about the “The Rainbow Bridge” poem which is about a place in heaven where our animals go to while they wait for us to get to heaven. When we get to heaven we get to be together again. Our animals that we so loved and cherished will come running over the bridge to greet us into heaven. I picture this in my mind and it makes so happy knowing he will be there to greet me.
    I love this poem and read it just to remind me that I will see my mister again.
    I wish you many blessings

  14. Sandra

    On one hand, I am so sorry for your loss. On the other, I am so very happy to hear that you still have a connection with your Big Boy. Thank you for sharing your experience, albeit painful; I’ve learned so very much. Thank you. I send many blessings your way.

  15. Jasmine

    Hi Anna
    So sorry for your loss. It brought a lump to my throat as I remembered my own loss of a much loved puss. I felt your sadness and your tears. Big Boy lives on, in all our hearts.

  16. Shannon

    I started this journey after I had a number of interactions with people who passed. It started with my grandfather who when I thought of him after he passed I got such an intense of feeling of love, which was gorgeous but then I felt the love leave my body & sat feeling quite empty. This was how I knew this feeling of love did not come through me. On 3 occasions, I have felt people as they pass. The first was this very faint thought entered my head ‘I will not see my son get married’. I hesitated as this was a thought that had never entered my mind before especially as I have 2 children, a boy & a girl. My daughter is in fact younger than my son. I almost felt like I moved all the other thoughts out of my head, to these words clearer. That night I worried that something was truly going to happen to me & had such a sense of doom. The next day we learnt our delivery man for our restaurant passed away leaving his 9yo son.
    The second time I was lying in bed about to go to sleep & felt as though I was almost fishing what was out there. Then as clear as a bell I heard the words “I should not have said anything” it sounded like such a young girl. I wondered if it was related to parent or what? The next day, we learnt our dear friends new girlfriend had been murdered by her ex partner.
    The last time, I was having a shower & got this distinct sense of what it would be like if I was neither male or female, just existed & a sense of contentment. 2 hours later we learnt a family members autistic two year old boy who had disappeared, his body had been found in a lake.
    I wonder if these passing people who I did not know personally, if they knew I could hear/feel them. For a long time I wondered if it was though strange coincendences, but aaaah we would not all be here if that was what we really thought. So I embark on this journey to hear more, somehow help make sense of it all…..

  17. Valda Anderson from Picton

    My heart and eyes filled as I read about your Big Boy and I looked at my own three cats and golden retriever…and had a moment remembering, with love, all the pets we have had who have gone on to cross the rainbow bridge before us. Our pets ashes are being kept so that once Pete and I have passed as well then the family will take the wheelbarrow!!! And scatter them all together. I cannot imagine my life without my pets…they are as much family as the human beings.
    Lovelightandlaughter, Valda

  18. Tereza

    Ever since my mums passing the trust and faith I have that she has never left me is so ever strong especially in times of sadness , grief and loneliness I feel her presence.
    Unbelievable sign or messages that pop up after I ask a question .
    Is it my imagination or am I delusional.
    I don’t think so..its her all the way next to me guiding me and watching over my household. Its this experience and trust that gives me comfort.
    If we all pay close attention you will see for yourself only if you just try to communicate.
    Its beyond me how people think it’s not true because science can’t prove it.
    For me, I don’t need science to just my experiences…it is what it is.

  19. Maureen

    This is a beautiful story , and it touched me deeply (tears). Thank you. I too just lost my cat. The knowledge that our pets that have transitioned are with us helps us get through the grief. We are so blessed by our animal teachers and friends. They show us so much if we are willing to pay attention. Thank you Anna for your teachings.

  20. Jeanne Miller

    Hi Anna,

    This was a beautiful article. I too, have felt my former kitty Jessie, walking on the bed to settle next to me at night. Experiences like those bring so much comfort. Big Boy was a special guy and he was so lucky to have such a loving pet mom.

  21. Evelyn

    Anna, I related so much to your post. I lost my beloved cat, Sweetie on May 12, 2015. I have lost multiple human relatives and have not grieved as hard when I lost Sweetie. Two days before he died a beautiful hummingbird hovered over him for several seconds on our outdoors patio. The look on Sweetie
    s face was pure bliss. Then the hummingbird flew to the patio door where I was standing ….eye level….and hovered there for several seconds as if he were trying to tell me something. Then he flew away. I have always had the ability to see …sense …and communicate with spirits. I was afraid of that and closed down to it Since Sweetie’s death I am willing to open up to that to help others. Mostly to communicate with Sweetie. He has not visited yest. However, our bond was so strong that I know he will. It’s only been a few weeks.

  22. Giamarie

    Thank you for sharing such a beautiful story! May you always have peace, love and light in your life!

  23. Katrina

    A few years ago my 20 year old cat Poppy came back to visit me a couple of weeks after she passed. I was in a sleep/wake state, I could see the time on my radio alarm clock next to the bed and I knew it was about 3am. I heard her run up the stairs, felt her jump up onto the foot of my bed and run up the length of my body to land on the pillow by my head.
    I reached out and touched her fur which felt beautifully soft and I could actually breathe in her lovely fresh smell. I said ‘Poppy, you’ve come back!’ and suddenly it was as if she evaporated into the air. When I woke I knew it was not a dream, I have never experienced anything like it and still remember it vividly.

  24. Kelly Borgen

    I agree with you 100%! Animals do have spirits! I don’t know if every species on earth does (ants, etc), but I do know that cats and dogs, horses, and may others do.

    I have felt/sensed my beloved dog at times as well. She passed away in 2010. Once, while she was alive, I had an out of body experience. That wasn’t the first time I’ve had one, but the first time I’d purposely tried to get out and fully succeeded. I was out for 7 minutes and experienced much. After I had gained control of myself (sounds funny, but it can be disorientating at first being out of body!), I saw my dog crawling towards me.

    It was night, so it was dark in my bedroom, and my dog normally slept by the side of my bed. As I hovered in spirit, belly down, near the floor (when I first got out, I’d spun around uncontrollably many times before calming my consciousness and gently floating down to the floor). I looked up and my dog was crawling towards me. She was so bright! She looked like she was glowing (but she didn’t emit light). Her fur was vivid and bright in it’s colors. She stood out compared to the rest of the room, which appeared dark and dull to me. It was if she was a cartoon character come to life, bright and crisp, in a bedroom of dark, drab, muted colored objects.

    At that moment, I thought my dog was in her body and she was seeing my spirit. As she inched closer to me, I reached my hand out towards her and she followed my hand, wanting me to pet her head. I then was suddenly was afraid of touching her! I worried I’d scare her, so I withdrew my hand. (I wish I had touched her!)

    I lifted my head and raised myself upright. I was in full control. At that point I moved about my room/house and tried to call a friend who’d passed on. A young boy appeared in my room who was as bright as my dog and we had an interaction.

    When I jumped/snapped back to my body, and gained physical control, I checked the time (7 minutes had passed from the time I’d closed my eyes and tried to get out). I quickly looked over the side of my bed. My dog lie on her side, still sound asleep. A moment later she woke. She lifted her head and looked directly at me.

    I will never forget what passed between us when our eyes met. We both realized what had happened… She hadn’t been in her body when she saw me. She’d had an out of body experience too!

    When she was 14 years old, she was dying of congestive heart failure and it got to the point where her suffering could not continue. Our eyes were locked as she slipped away to sleep, and we both knew…

    I believe she’d never forgotten our special experience while she was alive. As I spoke gentle words of comfort to her, I reassured her that everything would be okay. Because it would be. Because she would continue to exist, just no longer confined in a physical body. It wasn’t “the end”, it was just a transition, on to the next level of existence.

    My dog and I will see each other again. When we do, I definately won’t hesitate to pet her!

  25. Valda

    Anna, you and Big Boy were in my thoughts all night and had my brain racing over all my own cat memories, complete with all the heartache and joy attached. I even google earth searched Monkey Bay! Beautiful spot.
    I was a at a writers retreat some years ago and on arising I went down to breakfast. When asked if I slept well I replied “Yes. And I was delighted when your cat jumped on the bed and spent the night with me.” (I definitely felt the ‘jump’ but didn’t touch it in case It was alarmed by a stranger in the bed.)
    The folk at the table looked at each other and asked about the colour of the cat. I just said I couldn’t see it in the dark but thought it was black.
    They then told me their black cat loved to sleep up stairs on that particular bed…but had passed away some time ago.
    Your BigBoy looks very like my late sister’s Mr T…a big tabby boy. Some gang members went to a cat show in Blenheim many years ago, saw Mr T, and said Hey! Now that’s what we call a real mans cat! Memories can be lovely and comforting.

  26. Marianne

    my son passed away two years ago. this was the most devastating situation that could have happened. constantly feeling his presence is what enables me to continue living life with joy. I have no doubt he is always with me. when I feel the need to spend time with him and see his physical body he always comes into my dreams… I know he is happy and enjoys the freedom of being able to access both sides. I truly believe they are the lucky ones we are the ones that feel the pain..

  27. David O'Neil

    I am sorry for your loss Anna. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful story.

  28. Anna

    Thank you everyone for sharing your experiences and kind words, I enjoyed reading them all!

  29. Anna

    SallyG – Wally sounded like a wonderful companion. & I agree – grief is the price we pay for love.

  30. Anna

    Kalith – those are some amazing experiences..thanks for sharing them here.

  31. Anna

    Deb – exactly, it is a comfort to know our pets are in a wonderful place after they pass. I had an astral projection experience and a life between lives session both of which gave me a glimpse of what it feels like on the other side – blissful.

  32. Anna

    Lisa – so sorry for your loss. I too believe that we are greeted by loved ones when we die, including our pets.

  33. Anna

    Maureen – I am so sorry for your loss

  34. Anna

    Jeanne – Thank you for your kind words!

  35. Anna

    Evelyn – So sorry for your loss. I am sure Sweetie is still with you and I bet you will see evidence of that in the coming weeks and months.

  36. Anna

    Katrina – what a sweet experience!

  37. Anna

    Kelly Borgen – that is such an amazing story. Thanks for sharing. I think unlike some humans, our pets go to the other side without fear. They are more open to the spirit realm and have not been taught that there’s a hell. I wouldnt be surprised if they were astral projecting & doing all sorts of interesting things on the other side during their sleeping hours.

  38. Anna

    Valda – how funny about the black cat. Big Boy was a bit of a macho ‘man’s cat’… defending his territory fiercely and often coming home with wounds and cuts. But he was a mama’s boy too. Thanks for your comments.

  39. Anna

    Marianne – I am sorry for your loss but so glad you are still able to connect with your son.

  40. Anna

    Mali – glad this spoke to you…sounds like she is your non-physical ‘champion’, keeping tabs on you from the other side!

  41. Anna

    Mary – how lovely to feel that.

  42. Anna

    Mary Jane – that’s wonderful that he let you know he is still with you. Someone told me grieving is a process of taking someone who was once in your external reality and integrating them into your heart so you carry them with you.

  43. Anna

    David – that conjures up a lovely image of them playing in the trees!

  44. Anna

    Rebecca – I am familiar with the idea of inter-species incarnation as Jay has mentioned it to me. I have wondered about that as it relates to Big Boy. Thanks for commenting!

  45. Anna

    Jasmine – thank you!

  46. Anna

    Shannon – interesting experiences! That intense and gorgeous feeling of love coming from a deceased loved one for me is the energetic hallmark of a deceased person who loved the sitter/client.

  47. Helen Hageman

    Hi Anna
    I am so very sorry you have lost your best friend, animals do have a way of stealing our hearts. I would like to send you a very big hug filled with healing thoughts xx
    When my dog Bingo passed i thought my heart was breaking and i never thought i
    would ever be able to give my heart to another dog. After seven months of pining for
    him i finally felt it was time to give another dog the special life that Bingo had lived.
    Spike has been with me for four years now and he is my world. Bingo visits us often
    and was always by Spikes side when i was training Spike. I am very fortunate to have the ability to see Spirit and as much as i will always miss Bingo he shows me he still walks with us.
    Sending love and light always
    Helen xx

  48. Jessica-Lynn Sage

    Beautiful cat, Anna! Thank you for sharing your loss and story with us. It’s very touching. Maybe you’ll get a new cat soon?

  49. anita

    I too never experienced death of a loved one, until one of cats passed on.
    I was engulfed in grief.

    Our beloved Zeus right after his passing, showed himself to us in the form of a dog, who was tied to a back rack outside a store. My husband & i both saw this.

    My husband came across a cat rescue website, & found a cat that looked exactly like our beloved Zeus. He had to be adopted together with his brother.
    They were adopted, & i was crying over my beloved Zeus, when the new kitten came up to me & said, “i am here, don’t cry”. I couldn’t believe what i heard, so i stopped sobbing for a minute & he stated again matter of factly: “i am here”. Not only does he look the same, he has all the same habits of our beloved. How wonderful.

    Then another cat of ours passed, Samantha, within a few months of Zeus’s passing.
    Again engulfed in more grief.
    I felt her all around me though, on the bed- indents.
    Her water glass – the water was moving, but no one was there.
    I could smell her.
    I was determined to find Samantha again, as now i see how reincarnation works!
    I searched through hundreds of ads for a cat that looked like her. Found plenty, but i didn’t get the feeling until i found Fayte. I had to adopt her, but she was about 8hrs away at a shelter. I didn’t know how i was going to make that long drive, but i was driven. The day before i was to pick her up, the SPCA called & said that they have a vet friend who is driving down to my town & would bring her. Fate definitely.
    Upon bringing her home, she went to all of Samantha’s spots. She even slept in the same spot on my bed. She also sat & stared everyday at her photo.
    Pet reincarnation is a wonderful discovery.
    Our pets (animal spirit guides) are always with us. They want to come back in physical form – for us. They make a soul agreement with the other pet, it could be full time or part time.
    I hope you decide to adopt again Anna.
    Peace & LOve!

  50. Lizz

    For years after my first cat passed away my mom and I would feel her get in bed with us at night. We had another cat, we would assume it was her, but after the cat would walk around and settle down next to me, I’d go to pet her and there would be nothing there, except I’d still feel her weight against me. Animals are such beautiful friends. Sorry you lost your boy.

  51. sangeeta

    So lovely that the bond between you and your Big Boy is still strong. It is so nice that you always knew to love him a lot so that you wouldnt regret not loving him as much as you could when he was with you in physical form.
    My mother passed away this february. Why it happened that she died in my arms – I may never understand because it is my brother she loved the most of all four of her children. Perhaps she wanted to save him from the pain of seeing her slip away.

    One thing that keeps bothering me is that she appears in the dreams of others in my family, they see her talking and laughing as usual. I have seen her in my dreams only once or twice and then too with an expressionless face. Almost displeased. Just like she was with me all her life. I am struggling to understand whether my subconscious mind is recreating her feelings for me and that is why I see her expressionless face, or whether she is still displeased with me.
    I am having a difficult time forgiving her for treating me badly all my life. I was never good enough, she never had anything good to say about me right upto her last breath.
    She even wrote in her will that I shouldnt be given a share when her property is sold because she already spent too much on me.
    While I dont really care about the money, it hurts me no end to see her handwritten note that is proof of a mother keeping account of the expenses incurred on one of her four children.
    are my unresolved issues and resentment the reason I see her rarely in my dreams? When I do,she looks far from loving.

    If I ask for a sign and there is none does it mean she still is least bothered about me? Its confusing to me whether souls hold on to resentment and grudges or see the bigger picture and become forgiving?

  52. Justin Davenport

    Hi Anna,

    Very sorry for your loss Big Boy is still as close to you now as when he passed away. As they say Anna our loved ones just change address and they are always around us.
    I once read that a ladies cat passed away and they had an incredible bond just like you and Big Boy. When she would sleep she could feel him in the room and little noises that he would make when rubbing his nose on the corner of things in her room. When she was out of the room she would pop back in and see a mark on the bed that would be the perfect marking that her cat was on the bed. So when she put her hand on that spot that section was warm? So, when she was asleep at night she would feel the weight at the end of the bed and a sudden movement that he was jumping up on her bed. I think this was a lovely story and one I just want to share with you.

    Thankyou for sharing your lovely story and Big Boy is beautiful.

    Warm regards,

    Justin Davenport

  53. Bobbie Boulton

    So sorry you lost your Big Boy Anna, even though you know life goes on after we die the eomotional grief is huge and the pain unbearable. Time really is a great healer so give yourself the gift of time and one day you’ll be able to look at his photo and smile instead of cry. I had to have my beautiful dog put to sleep a year ago today and the pain is still so raw and I still can’t look at his photo without bursting into floods of tears and I know that until the pain subsides I won’t be able to see him, the emotional block is too thick so I’m trying hard. He sent me a cat though and I know it was from him and he’s a great comfort.

    Warmest wishes


  54. charlotte

    When I read your blogpost I knew I wanted to share my experiences with transitions.
    My cat Alfi – a devon rex – came to me as a “shadow cat” ONE YEAR before he was born and I hadn´t even thought about having a cat at that time…Most of the time I saw him almost out of my view, as a shadow, and as soon as I turned my head around, the shadow was gone. But one evening I saw it/him again, and when I turned my head towards the shadow HE TOOK THE SHAPE OF A GROWN CAT…I could se his body form and I thought to myself “goodness, it´s a pure breed cat of some sort”.
    The way he ended up into our home is another story, and today we´re celebrating 15 years together! I know he will be around me after he´s gone too..
    Which leads me to my next story. My mom passed away 2012 and we were very close. Before she died I made her promise to come and visit me from the other side, and to make clear signs, not just “fluffy” stuff.
    And she came. First she gave me small signs, moving stuff around. Then one night she woke me up by throwing my glasses on the floor. I picked them up and put them back beside my bed. And I asked her to do it again… after a few minutes, they flew off the table again, with me jumping up high in bed! In total, she threw them 4 times on the floor while I was watching. And I laughted! Even though I have been a “believer” since childhood, it is easy to stay that way – to be the Beliver. What she did for me was a gift of love, of restoring my deep knowing that it is True – life goes on. Love neved dies. And Life is so important! Out time here and what we do with our lives matters – it takes a lot of courage to act upon our intuitive messages, but in doing so, we will live aligned with our hearts…
    Thanks for listening Anna. Keep up your awesome work!
    Love from Sweden.

  55. Wendy

    Dear Anna,
    After I lost my kitty, while sitting in my chair in my living room I would sometimes hear his little bell (attached to his collar) coming down my hallway. Sometimes I would feel him jump on my bed as well. After seeing my favorite psychic who asked me if I had once had a black cat it was definitely a confirmation of his afterlife and visitations to me in spirit. She said to acknowledge him and pet him (in spirit) when he jumped on the bed. I would tell him that I loved him and knew that he was there.
    It was such a comforting feeling to know that he was happy in his new place, and that I KNEW he was at peace.
    Big Boy was your baby and I understand that connection. Not having any children myself I can relate to your loving him so much. They teach us so much about unconditional love.
    Love and Peace to you both.

  56. Annette Hartt

    Sorry to read about the loss of Big Boy. Unfortunately, I know this all to well. My Yogi passed on 8/1/14. On our way to the Vet to set him free from lymphoma, Guns and Roses version of Bob Dylan’s “Knocking on Heavens Door” came on the radio. It was still playing as we entered the parking lot. I knew that it was a sign from the Universe that my baby was okay with making his transition.
    One of the many things he did while alive, was to tangle up my vertical blinds that cover the patio doors. Not long after he passed, I was missing him as I thought of him on my way home from work. When I arrived, the blinds that had hung straight all those weeks since his passing, were tangled. I knew that he had done that to let me know he is still with me.

  57. rhonda joy :)

    I had the best tabby Baudelaire. He was about to die and waited for my father to come home before he passed away. We had the whole family around him, stroking and talking to him and he passed away gracefully. Every so often Baudelaire pops up in my dreams just to say “hi”-meow-meow as he was a chatting one. And sometimes, I feel him and swear he has jumped on my bed as he used to. I hear him meow and my dog every so often looks on the bed as if someone else has popped in too 🙂 I know that Baudelaire is there with me and that his love and personality has not diminished at all 🙂

  58. Linda

    Ahhh love the pics of Big Boy! When I lost my Labrador Alfie I thought I heard him all the time. One day my daughter and I both heard him – it sounded just the same noise as his collar made when he shook his head. It was outside our sitting room door and we both looked at each other and said, that sounds like Alfie! So much that we got up, opened the door and said ‘hello boy, in you come.’ I also had him cremated and I don’t know why but I thought I would plant a cherry tree in the part of the garden where he liked to bark at foxes through the fence. When his ashes came back to me, the name of the animal crematorium was called ‘The Cherry Tree’ . Maybe just coincidence but I don’t really believe in coincidences, so to me it was a sign that Alfie approved! Recently, I have lost my father after a massive stroke that he survived for four months, I however, knew that I was going to lose him from the day it happened. I was asleep and in my dream I was trying to get to a hospital but kept being delayed, in the background I saw my grandfather (my fathers dad) who died many years ago, he was half smiling at me and in the dream I thought, there’s grandad over there but I haven’t time to talk now. I woke up to my phone and it was my mother telling me that my father had had a stroke, and could I go to the hospital. From then I guess I knew in my heart that he wasn’t going to survive but I also knew my grandfather was waiting for him. Soon after my father passed away, I saw him in a dream as well, first he was ill but suddenly, he was on his feet and smiling at me, and back in his prime. I didn’t recognise any of the nursing staff as those I had seen in his long period of time at the hospital or subsequently, at the nursing home where he spent two weeks before passing away. That puzzles me a bit. That dream however, gives me enormous comfort that my amazing father was happy again. Thanks for your stories everyone and for taking the time to read mine.

  59. Julia

    My Bear, a Himalayan Persian I’d had for 18 years, kept running away, which he had never done before. The second time I brought him home he had a seizure. Right before he ran away the third and final time, he came to me and loved on me and purred so hard that he squeaked like he was thanking me and saying goodbye. That night when I let the dogs out he must have slipped out. The next morning when I fed everyone I couldn’t find him in the house and I never found him again, though I had everyone in my community looking for him and checked the pound several times. It killed me not knowing what happened to my sweet Bear. About six months later I dreamt about him. In my dream, he climbed up on my chest purring his little heart out as he had done so many times throughout his life. He sat on me for a long while making biscuits while I loved on him until he climbed down and went away. I woke up crying my eyes out. I knew he had passed away and he wanted to let me know he was ok. I miss him something fierce, but what an amazing gift my sweet Bear gave me to say goodbye not once, but twice.

  60. Santie

    Hi Anna, I have lost a few animal companions and a few humans through death too. Included among them was Xork, also a tabby , in 2008 – as close to my heart as any human could come. He came to kiss me on the cheek the morning after his death while I was wide awake and boiling a kettle of water. I just felt the kiss so vividly -there was no mistake about who it was from -no one else was around. A year after his death I was thinking: it would be so nice if he could send me a little gift, just to say that he’s thinking of me too – and at the place where I worked one of the cleaners picked up a little black & white toy cat in the yard and brought it straight to me on the same day. It is a treasure and kept on top of the dressing table of which Xork loved to dig for toys in the drawers.

  61. Raquel Nayor

    Anna, thank you for the beautiful article about your precious cat, Big Boy! I lost my beloved and spirited parrot, ‘Sarge’ last week. i had affectionately nicknamed Sarge, ‘Big Bird’. I had adopted my special friend 7 and a half years ago. We definitely developed a strong connection. The last few years have been extremely rough for me and Sarge has been the one stable part of my life. He colored my world and provided much levity. At the end, he could not squawk or make vocalizations, but we had learned how to communicate through our strong connection. I still feel his presence and feel like my sweet angel parrot is going to be a guiding light for me. Much gratitude!

  62. Joan

    I have spent the whole day reading each and every one of your suggested reads. I would just like to say….THANK YOU… have answered a lot of my `unanswered
    happenings and feelings that have happened to me` I do feel now that I am GIFTED to be able to help, hear and see what is sent to me from living people close by and people that have passed`and hopefully being able to handle and understand the unrest people have. It always does feel good to know I can make someone feel good. Thank you Anna again.

  63. Coral

    I am currently grieving the loss of my beautiful boy cat who’s life was cut short in April. He was such a big, gentle thing. The pain I’m feeling at his loss makes me not want to be here at times, it really is almost unbearable. I miss him terribly. I live alone and don’t socialise really, so he really was my companion. He was there when I awoke and there when I went to sleep. I do hope this pain eases soon.. It is strange that a couple of days after he died, when I got out of my car I heard a meoow just like he used to do when I got home from work. I definitely heard a meow but there was no cat that I could see anywhere around. Around the same time, I looked out of my window and saw a black cat (which I could easily have mistaken for him) pop its head over the wall in my garden. It was a cat I’d never seen before and haven’t seen since, so maybe it was him? Who knows. I just hope one day he’ll come back to see me, my sweet, gentle boy.

  64. Phillip

    My beloved cat, Mr. Bean, crossed over yesterday due to a heart attack.
    Days before his death I had begun seeing synchronicities of the number 2222. It made enough of an impression on me that I emailed my twin brother about it.
    I don’t know if there is a connection….if the numbers were some kind of sign from the other side.
    It’s hard to let go of my grief because I had such a strong bond with Mr. Bean.

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