Healing in the Akashic Records — Why I Don’t Practise or Teach It

Question from a reader:

“Hi Anna,

“I noticed, that you offer Akashic Record Readings which tell people about their soul’s purpose. Most other Akashic Record readers I’ve come across instead offer healing that resolves past life “blocks and restrictions” for their clients. Is there a reason you don’t cover past life healing or “clearing blocks and restrictions” in your Akashic Record Readings or in your online program?”

~ Polly

Thanks, Polly, for your question. This is one I’ve had on multiple occasions so I wanted to answer it on the blog.

(As an aside, in case there is anyone reading who does not know what the Akashic Records are, you can visit this page for more information.)

If you have a look around online you will see that lots of people offer Akashic Record healing sessions, and when I trained as an Akashic Record reader in 2007, this is also something I learned how to do.

In the course of this sort of healing session, I would go into the Akashic Records and from that place, clear earthbound spirits/entities, past life blocks, cords and negative thought forms, (amongst other things.)

I worked with hundreds of people doing this type of healing and I’m grateful for my training in this area. However, I stopped doing this type of healing about a decade ago. Here are the reasons why I stopped practising this type of healing, and why don’t teach it either:

It’s not the most effective of healing methods when it comes to past lives

In case you’re not familiar with this concept of past life clearing and how past lives can affect us, here’s an excerpt from a previous article I wrote on healing past lives:

“People often wonder how our past lives can actually impact on us – after all, when we get to the other side, doesn’t all the bad stuff fall away?

Yes, it does – up to a point.

Planet earth is, of course, a place of both light and darkness, and so while we can have beautiful experiences here, we can also experience traumas, wounds and all sorts of challenges while incarnated.

And when we get back to the other side after a lifetime is over, this heavy negative energy fades away, but our past life traumas can be re-triggered when we incarnate again into the dense physical plane and come across similar situations. We can be haunted by the echoes of past events, and these echoes can affect us in all kinds of ways. They can give us fears that we might not otherwise have. They can impact on our self-worth and they can also limit our sense of what is possible.”

And so something that we can do to free ourselves from dysfunctional patterns, is past life healing.

But feedback from clients over the years has taught me that having past life traumas cleared as part of an Akashic Record reading is not the best way to do this. Clearing in the Akashic Records is only suitable for clearing mildly unpleasant past lives… it’s not effective for significant past life trauma.

I’ll give you an example of what I mean with this:

Sometimes when I do an Akashic Record reading, I find that my client died in traumatic circumstances in a past life. It could have been in the Holocaust, or as a soldier on the front during WW1 or WW2 (to give a couple of examples.) These sorts of lifetimes can affect a person in a variety of ways. For example, if you died during the Holocaust, you may have an unexplained fear of authority figures such as the police or the military, because in your previous lifetime, they were complicit in your murder.

For significant past life trauma such as in the examples above, where the trauma is manifesting in your everyday life, it is best to guided through releasing that trauma by an experienced past life regressionist. That is because when we are traumatised by something, we store the energy of the trauma in our energy bodies (and our physical bodies.) This trapped energy can follow us from one lifetime to the next (and in some cases, it can even cause physical symptoms in the here and now.)

A large part of past life trauma healing is about releasing that stored energy from the body and because of this, working with the physical body (through methods such as psychodrama aka. acting out what happened in that previous life) is an effective gateway to healing. Past life regression gives you a chance to release that stored energy.

To give an example, if you were raped and murdered in a past life, in a past life regression session, you may get to do what you didn’t have a chance to in that previous life – defend yourself and fight back. This can be an effective catalyst for releasing that repressed past life energy. And this is why I recommend past life regressions for the more traumatic lifetimes, and not clearing in the Akashic Records.

Now onto the second reason I’m not a big fan of healing in the Akashic Records:

It’s superfluous

You don’t need be ‘in’ the Akashic Records to do healing work. These days, I don’t go into the Akashic Records to release earthbound spirits, clear a property, cut a cord or to do a past life regression. Going into the Akashic Records to do healing work is a step you can skip altogether.

On top of it being unnecessary, it’s a bit cumbersome and doesn’t allow for much interaction between the client and the healer…

When I used to do healing in the Akashic Records, I would get a person’s birth information, and then access their record, find a block/restriction and then clear it. Then I would come back and tell the person what I found. There would be little participation on the part of the client. It all felt a bit disconnected after a while. And it took ages.

These days, I prefer healing to be interactive so that the client can be involved in the process — it is much less cumbersome and more enjoyable. For example, if I’m going to cut a cord with a client, I go through about ten steps with that person over the phone. I like to have an extended discussion with the client and channel insights for them. When you are doing healing work in isolation, such as when you’re ‘in’ the Akashic Records, it’s harder for your client to have an interactive experience.

So to conclude, I personally feel the best use of the Akashic Records is not healing — it is to gain insight about the soul — life lessons, past lives, soul purpose & gifts. I respect that the people who do practise this sort of healing might not agree (each to their own) but these are my reasons for not practising or teaching it myself.

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