How Can I Develop Telepathy?

Years ago, I used to play a game with my grandmother, where we would ‘send’ each other mental images and the other would try to pick up on what was ‘sent’. To be honest, we weren’t that good at it. Sometimes it took many tries before we could pick up the right image, but other times we would be scarily accurate in what we picked from one another. In doing this, we possibly strengthened our telepathic connection to one another and as a result, she often seemed to know when I was having a bad day, even though we were hundreds of miles apart.

Why Empaths Are Natural Telepaths

The word telepathy comes from the Greek ‘tele’ – meaning far away and the word ‘patheia’ which means feeling. It literally means feeling or sensing from a distance. This is one of the gifts that empaths naturally have. Emotional empaths pick up feelings from other people (and this can be at close range or at a distance) and psychological empaths are more likely to pick up on thoughts from those around them. (The mechanism through which we receive and transmit thought energy is through our psychic ties to people.)

Both my grandmother and I are empaths so it makes sense that we would pick up on these feelings and thoughts.

Telepathy is also more likely to occur in people who have the gifts of clairaudience and claircognizance. Developing your clairaudience and claircognizance can make you a better telepath, and likewise, developing your telepathy can strengthen your clairaudience and/or claircognizance.

How to Develop Telepathy

It is possible to develop your telepathic skills, if you wish, however there are a few considerations to bear in mind.

If you are going to develop telepathy, do it with the aim of picking up on feelings or thoughts of your loved ones, or those who are closest to you, and who are in agreement with you doing this. For example, couples who are very close and who share everything with one another might be open to developing a telepathic connection. As for other people in your life, they may not be open to you picking up on their private thoughts and feelings.

So for this to work, you should ask to be given access to the information that is useful or relevant to you, but nothing else.  So perhaps you pick up when your loved one is having a bad day or upset, so you can give them a call or text.

Or perhaps you pick up on the thoughts of strangers if you can help them in some way. I remember reading in a book about a psychic man who ‘overheard’ thoughts from an employee of his who was planning on committing suicide that evening. He was able to help prevent this from happening by talking to the man about it. So that’s an example of when telepathy might be useful.

Here are some steps to help you develop your telepathy:

1. Set an intention to develop it

“Spirit, please help me to develop the gift of telepathy in ways that are useful and supportive to the people close to me. I ask not to be granted access to the private thoughts and feelings that those close to me would not want to share.”

2. Transmitting mental images

Play this game with a loved one (ideally someone you have a strong and close emotional connection with):

Close your eyes and visualise an object. To make this easier, make it something uncomplicated. For example, a bicycle, a washing line or a teapot.

Focus strongly on this image for a while. See the colours of it and try to make it as vivid as possible. Visualize sending it to your loved one. Take turns in sending images. You may find that one of you is better at transmitting images and the other is better at picking them up.

Once you start to get better at this, you can make your images more complex, with movement or multiple elements to them. Send images like a train coming out of a tunnel, in a mountainous place. Children playing on a beach. Clothes on a clothesline blowing in the breeze.

You may also wish to conjure up a memory and send this to your loved one – memories with strong emotions attached to them work particularly well.

Most people have to practise this exercise many times over in order to have any success at it – most of us get it wrong repeatedly at first.

3. Intend for someone to call you

Think of someone you have not heard from in a while – somebody you have a strong emotional connection with and whom you know would like to hear from you or speak to you.

Focus on the image of you speaking to this person over the phone. Feel how great it would be to hear from them. Hear yourself saying hello to them. Telepathically ask them to call you.

If you give these exercises a go, post your experiences below in the comments!

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  1. Mon

    Hi Anna and Readers,

    I have a fabulous story about telepathy.

    Years ago when my son, was about 4 years old, we used to live in big two-storey house with 5 bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms. I was studying my Masters back then, so I turned on a DVD for my son in the lounge room upstairs, while I was downstairs in the study finishing an assignment.

    After studying for a while, I started to wonder what my son was doing, and whether he was still watching the DVD. After thinking about him ever so briefly, about 1 minute later, my son walked into the study and said “Mum, did you call me?” Surprised, I replied “Yes and I was also wondering if you’re still watching that DVD?”

    After a quick chat and a big hug, I walked my son back upstairs, and I settled him again in front of the TV watching his favourite DVD.

    Still in shock, I went back down to the study, gobsmacked at the coincidence that he came downstairs to see me directly after I had been thinking about him.

    I planned to test this coincidence and so set the timer on my phone. For the next 30 minutes I concentrated only on my assignment, no parenting thoughts whatsoever. When the timer went off, I THOUGHT about my son again. Thoughts only, and not out aloud, wishing him to come downstairs and see me again.

    A few minutes later, his cheeky little face was grinning at me in the doorway of the study.

    “Muuuum did you call me againnnnnnn?”

    And of course I said, “Yes”!

    (Wow twice in a row!)

    Again we traipsed back upstairs, plonked him on the couch and I returned to my study downstairs. After another 30 minute timed interval, I thought about my son coming downstairs again to see me. But this time, I thought I’d be tricky and I tiptoed along the corridor, and hid behind the door in the laundry room. One minute later I heard the pitter-patter of tiny footsteps, and bypassing the study, my son walked directly to the laundry.

    “Muuummmeeee are you trying to hide from me now?”

    I replied, “Yes – I was just checking to see how good you are at finding me – and you’re amazing!”

    Ever since this day, I paid more attention to my son’s gifts, which besides telepathy, he was also either claircognizant or remote viewing. If I told my son, “Daddy’s not home yet because of ABC…”, my son would reply, “No Mummy, Daddy is not ABC, he’s doing XYZ”. When hubby (now ex) got home, I’d enquire about XYZ. And hubby would look at me strangely asking, “How did you know about that?”

    I nurtured my son’s gifts for a while, because let’s be honest, his gifts were kinda useful! But as my son grew older, it became too uncool for him to discuss such matters. My son is now 16, 6’3” tall, and sometimes I remind him of his ‘super-powers’. These days, instead of a cheeky grin the response is usually a typical teenage eye-roll.

    Telepathy definitely does work and my home tests between my son and I prove its existence. Only trouble was that after this major revelation, I had to be super careful and monitor my thoughts since my son could read my mind!

  2. Mon

    ……I forgot to mention that I also talk to my French Bulldog using mental telepathy!

  3. Anna

    Hi Mon,

    Thanks for sharing x

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