How to Attract the People You’re Meant to Work with As a Spiritual Worker

This blog post is all about how you can stand out from the crowd in the spiritual marketplace and attract the clients you are meant to work with.

I wrote it because I got an interesting question from a reader & student who is a spiritual worker. He read my last article about why you should offer multiple modalities as a spiritual service provider. He asked:

“I read your latest article about offering more than one modality. In it you also write about tough love vs. gentleness.

I’m working on some material for my website, and it seems I’m the gentle and sensitive guy where people could find some solace etc. I’m not a tough love kind of person. 

Any help or thoughts on how I could position myself would be appreciated–because we talked quite a lot and I think you know me a bit.”

So how do you position yourself and attract the people who are right for you, as a spiritual service provider? Maybe like the person who wrote in, you’re not a tough love kind of person — you’re a healer and more gentle.

My advice is the same, regardless of who you are on the soul level and what your energy is like. 3 tips:

1.Give people a chance to hear your voice. Get visible.

Start a YouTube channel and make a video about your services. In the video, cover what people can expect in a session with you. Post it on YouTube and put it on your services page on your website.

Smile and be yourself in the video.

You don’t even have to post regularly to your YouTube channel, but just having one video on there gives people a chance to get to know you and who you are.

This will help to attract the right clients to you because your energy talks before you even open your mouth.

I have a YouTube channel and I have only uploaded a few videos to it but those videos give people a chance to get to see who I really am.

(You can subscribe to my channel here to hear about it when I make more videos.)

Here are more ways to attract the people you are meant to work with:

2. Tend towards transparency

Share yourself and your spiritual path with your audience and potential clients.

Write a series of blog posts about your journey and how you arrived at offering spiritual services. What was your spiritual awakening or spiritual journey like?

You can read my story here, to see one way you could do it.

You don’t have to share everything online. You can keep some aspects private, too. But if you are comfortable sharing about yourself and your path, this is a massive help in online business and will really attract the right clients to you because they will probably relate to something about your path. As a result, you’ll find yourself working with people you have things in common with. Those are the people you are really meant to serve.

3.  Infuse your personality into what you do

People who come from the corporate world where your personality needs to take a backseat to everything else (and no-one really cares who you are, only that you can deliver the project on time and you’re good at your job), can struggle with this at times.

But unlike your boss in the corporate world, your potential customers care about who you are. Even if they don’t consciously care, they care unconsciously. They’re seeking out someone with your approach and your energy to work with. So you should be yourself and show your personality.

4. Collect testimonials from previous clients

Your previous clients are best placed to comment on how their experience was of working with you, and people pay attention to feedback that other customers have given. So, testimonials will also transmit something about who you are. Don’t tell people who you are. Let the testimonials do the talking.

What doesn’t matter when thinking about how to position yourself in the marketplace:

Branding. You will do a better job of transmitting who you are in a video or a podcast than you would by hiring a very skilled person to find out what your personal brand is. I did the latter and it cost a lot of money and although I love my website and my brand, it doesn’t really make a whole lot of difference in the scheme of things. Making a video is much cheaper than hiring a branding person, and if you’re starting out in business, how can you possibly know what your brand is yet? That’s impossible. You should be branding yourself only once some time has passed and you have a clearer idea of who you are and what you offer.

Here’s another thing that doesn’t matter: a pretty website. No-one cares too much if your website doesn’t look pretty, as long as people can see who you are, that’s the main thing.

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