Does Giving up Caffeine, Alcohol or Sugar Improve Your Psychic Abilities?

Several weeks ago, I caught a cold.

For most people a cold is no big deal, but I have severe post-viral asthma and the asthma attack that happens after a cold can be so bad that I sometimes end up in the ER. I usually have to take oral steroids, which I hate because the side effects take me on a rollercoaster that lasts a few weeks.

The cold and the ensuing asthma was particularly bad this time and I decided, it’s time to cut out all foods that cause inflammation (and reflux…which is an asthma trigger.)

My problem is dark chocolate. For several years, I have been addicted to this:

I could easily polish off half a bar in one sitting (or if I had had a very stressful day, maybe even the whole thing.)

Not good.

In addition, I couldn’t get the day started without a pot of strong, black tea and I had noticed I had become dependent on this for my energy.

I decided to cut it all out. And alcohol, which I don’t drink that often anyway.

It’s now been about 5 weeks since cutting out all added sugars, sugar-free chocolate, caffeine and alcohol.

I thought it would be interesting to assess whether it had any effect on how I was functioning as an intuitive. I have heard it said by multiple people who work in the spiritual industry that removing substances from your diet, such as alcohol and caffeine, improves your channelling ability, and I wondered whether I would find the same.

To cut to the chase, here are the results for me:

  • I think cutting out sugar and caffeine has left me feeling more grounded.
  • My daily meditation feels a little bit easier.
  • My readings tend to be a bit quicker to complete (I do email readings) and I do feel slightly more focused when doing them.
  • I have also noticed that my dreams are more vivid, which means I’m getting more guidance through dreams, and remembering it. (But that could be due to something other than giving up caffeine, sugar and alcohol.)

That’s about it. The effects so far haven’t been too amazing, in terms of focus, channelling or intuition. I would say the biggest change is that I feel more grounded.

I haven’t noticed improved clarity or fluency in my channelling, when I’m channelling for myself. It seems pretty much the same as before.

I suspect that substances like sugar, caffeine and alcohol may not harm your psychic development.

Alcohol puts you in the alpha state, which is an essential part of psychic development. I don’t advocate using alcohol to put you in the alpha state (instead I recommend binaural beats or meditation), but I’ve heard from many readers and students that they’ve received guidance or information while drinking that later turned out to be accurate.

Caffeine may be ungrounding for some who are sensitive to it (like me — I get a bit jittery if I have more than a couple of cups of black tea) and I think that it takes you out of your body a little bit which may make you feel more attuned to the energetic realm. Loading up on coffee probably won’t help you if you have underactive lower chakras.

But apart from that, I don’t think that consuming sugar, alcohol or caffeine will hinder your psychic development.

(* I still eat naturally-occurring sugars such as beetroot and bananas.)

Have you noticed that substances help or harm your intuitive abilities?

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  1. Jody

    I beg to differ. But, of course, it depends on the AMOUNT of those substances you’re ingesting. You were clear that drinking alcohol wasn’t a major issue in your life, but if it had been, as it was for me, you would notice not merely that your psychic development and skills were improved, but that your LIFE was improved. Essentially, I believe that five weeks isn’t nearly long enough to assess what it has or hasn’t done for you. The body’s cells take far longer than that to regrow — for example, some causes of coughing/asthma can occur from drinking a lot (not being an alcoholic, necessarily, but drinking more than 1 drink per day if you’re a woman or 2 drinks daily if you’re a man) can be from the alcohol. It takes SIX MONTHS just for the cells lining your stomach to regrow. My prediction is that if you continue to cut out those substances, you will see a gentle growth in yourself, psychically, physically, emotionally, mentally. We really shouldn’t poison ourselves.

  2. Anna Sayce

    Hi Jody, thanks for your comment however there’s a mistake in it…the lining of both the stomach and gut regenerates within just a few days.

  3. Friend

    Hi Anna, I used to have post-viral asthma as well. It was completely cured when I started getting allergy shots. It’s been over 10 years now and I’ve never had post-viral asthma again. My son also had the exact same experience, he had really bad asthma attacks and now after getting allergy shots his asthma is gone. If you are not into allergy shots or you can’t get them, I also think I’ve cured our cat of asthma. Yes even our cat is/was asthmatic haha. I started giving him 3 grains of pollen crushed up, mixed with water and added to his food every day. He used to have really bad asthma attacks all the time and I often needed to take him to the animal hospital (with all the ensuing inconvenience, because I don’t have a car and it’s a long way to walk, and costs). Since I started giving him pollen he hasn’t had a single asthma attack. It hasn’t been a year yet, I think I started last spring (when he was getting really bad attacks because spring is pollen season) and now it’s fall. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  4. Anna Sayce

    Hi there, What’s an allergy shot? Is that immunotherapy? I do get allergies in certain areas of the country here in NZ but not where I live or anywhere nearby, so I didn’t think it was worth it seeing as I don’t travel around much anymore. I might give local raw honey a go though. So pleased to hear you enjoy my website! Anna

  5. Josephine Carr

    Hi Anna,

    Well, interesting about what you understand about the lining of the stomach. My daughter is a physician, degrees from Yale, Harvard and Stanford, and an addiction specialist. She says the stomach lining takes a full 6 months to regrow. At any rate, I do believe the clarity one achieves by limiting poisons of any sort grows slowly and beautifully. I am continually amazed by the sense of power and strength that happens when you stop drinking. As I mentioned originally, however, I don’t think this applies to people who drink in a reasonable way! All best.

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