Interpreting Clairvoyant Images

I get a lot of questions from my Intuitive Awakening students which relate to interpreting clairvoyant images.

Clairvoyance is when you receive intuitive information visually.  It can be in your mind’s eye (the ‘movie screen’ in your mind that you see when you close your eyes) or it can be with your bare eyes.

A clairvoyant image could be a metaphor or scene that you see playing out, a symbol of some sort or colours and shapes.

The Problem with Clairvoyance

Obviously clairvoyance can’t be used on its own.  It needs to be used with clairaudience (where you hear a message), clairsentience (where you feel something) or claircognizance (where you get a spontaneous ‘download’ of information or ‘just know’ something.)

Ideally, when you see an image clairvoyantly, it is accompanied by a message through one of the other clairs. Usually you will hear/feel/know something that tells you what the image means.

If you received a clairvoyant image but it wasn’t accompanied by an interpretation, there are two possible reasons why:

1. It doesn’t mean anything that’s relevant to your life

2. You need to do a bit of searching

In my experience as an intuitive and a teacher of psychic development, the most common scenario is the first one.

But Why Do We See Things if They Mean Nothing for Us?

Bear in mind that sometimes when you see images clairvoyantly, it may not mean anything for you, it may simply mean that your third eye chakra is very active or overactive.  Perhaps you have done some work on opening up your clairvoyance or you have worked on seeing auras.  When you do work like this, it opens up your third eye and you might start seeing things move in the corner of your eye.  Sometimes people start seeing colours, around people or just in front of them.  This is a by-product of working on your clairvoyance – it gets switched on.  But not everything you see is meaningful.

Just like your dreams – not all of those are meaningful either.

When It Does Mean Something

If you feel that the image you saw is meaningful, but you’ve still no idea what it means, try the following exercise:

1. Say out loud: ‘my Higher self’

2. Take four deep, long breaths

3. Using your inner voice (the voice inside your mind), ask what the image meant

4. If nothing comes to you straight away, meditate for one minute, keeping the question in mind

Information can come as a feeling, a spontaneous ‘download’ of information into your mind, a word that comes into your head or a string of words spoken.

If you still get nothing, leave the question with your Higher self for a while and trust that if there is some information you’re meant to have, it’ll come to you in some other way.

If we spend too much time obsessing over meaning, it can keep us stuck.  Not everything in dreams has a meaning and not everything in life has a meaning!

If you still don’t know what your clairvoyant image means upon meditating on it, you could consult a dream dictionary for clues regarding the symbolism.  In my opinion, this is less meaningful, since everyone has their own inner symbolism.  For example, if you look at the two images below, you will have an internal response to them that is uniquely yours, depending on your background, culture, values, belief system, personal likes and dislikes and past experiences.

For example, the cross may be a symbol of redemption. It may be a much loved symbol for you if you are a Christian. But if you have had bad experiences with religion, it may be a negative symbol that has nothing to do with redemption.

If you are a cat lover or if you have a black cat, you may have a positive response to the picture of the cat above. If you are superstitious, you may not.

There is no universal symbolism for the whole of humanity – your clairvoyant images have to be interpreted using your own inner symbolism that has been created through your own experiences in your life.

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  1. Lindsay

    When I ‘see’ images for clients, I often tell them what I’ve seen, but leave the interpretation up to them. It often makes more sense to them than it does me.

    For example, once during a reading I kept seeing 4-leaf clovers. Now, to me, that means luck. But to the woman I did the reading for the meaning was different. The day after her reading, she heard from a long-lost friend who happened to be living in Ireland!

    So yes you’re absolutely right: symbolism is up for interpretation and I think our guides/angels will show us symbols that speak to us in the most clear way they can.

  2. Tim

    About a year ago I dreamt very briefly that Merlin showed me a round wheel like symbol divided into sections. I had no idea what it meant. A short time later I was at a rites of passage retreat for men. When I arrived tne symbol was laid out in sticks in the meeting area. I thought this was interesting but was unsure of the connection, as the symbol was simply a decorative arrangement. Months later as I led a group of men through a discussion of male archetypes I found myself unconsciously and spontaneously drawing the symbol on the board as a model to house the masculine archetypes. It wasn’t until I stepped back that the penny dropped. All this to say that sometimes revelation may take time. And it’s worth the wait!

  3. Nathan

    Indeed, personal symbolism – every symbol, image, color etc. we can perceive through our psychic senses should be interpreted according to our own life experiences and knowledge :).

  4. Joey

    That’s an interesting technique in asking your higher self what that symbol means. I will have to try that if I get stumped with a symbol!

    When I started practicing dreaming and clairvoyance I got quite a bit of unclear symbols. Just as an example, before going to bed I asked my spirit guides what advice could they give me on my estranged friend who is going through a multitude of problems (addicted to drugs, marital problems, laid off from his job, might lose his house)

    And I got a vision of a large gray triangle with a smaller red triangle enclosed in it. And the red triangle was rotating and banging into the gray triangle’s walls.

    As for my personal interpretation it’s safe to say I was stumped. What the heck does two triangles have to do with this friend? So I looked in a dream dictionary and got the following symbols:

    Gray: depression, sadness
    Red: Anger, rage
    Rotation, spinning: Neverending cycle
    Wall: Feeling trapped

    So at least from this I got the interpretation that my friend is trapped in depression and will never improve.

  5. Anna

    For those who are seeing coloured lights around others (white, pink or blue, for example), yes you may be seeing aura colours. However, often these must be interpreted according to your own personal symbolism. You must ask yourself what these colours mean rather than search online.

    You may also want to read this article, which refers to ‘angel lights’:

    Often when you see flashes of colour or white light around people, you’re seeing angel lights, not aura colours.

  6. Julie

    I was just working out this exact problem! I have found when doing readings for others, it can be difficult to know if I need to filter it through the lens of my experience first or to pass on the message exactly as received. I always just pass it along verbatim but sometimes it means nothing to them and then I know I have to interpret it.

  7. Anna Barlowe

    I see people’s aura colors, but clairvoyantly, I suppose. I often have to look AWAY from people to see them, in fact. And the colors tend to correspond to those in Kirlian aura photography, which is the only reason I believe that there might be something to it. I also have synesthesia, which is a bit of neurological cross-wiring, and that may contribute to it as well.

    I had my own aura photographed recently for the first time, which was a very illuminating experience. I posted the photo on my blog below, if anyone is interested in such things

  8. Todd | ChannelingMyself

    I often get these kinds of messages right as I am drifting off to sleep. Sometimes I wake back up and can remember the image or what the voice said, however, most of the time I wake up and don’t remember.

  9. Anna

    Thanks everyone for your comments.

    Hi Lindsay, that’s a point – when we get the clairvoyant images for other people, we can’t necessarily interpret it for them! I tend not to get clairvoyant images in readings these days – I forgot about that.

    Tim – Oh that’s interesting. you’re right, sometimes you can only interpret things in hindsight. I have had quite a few dreams that have made no sense until several months later.

    Hi Joey, sounds like you’ve found the dream interpretations quite helpful!…shows it can be useful sometimes.

    Anna – I guess some people might see aura colours as others do, and some people see aura colours and interpret them differently from others. If your interpretations match those of the Kirlian photographs, that’s great! I would love to get one done like you did.

  10. Peter

    Lots of people believe that it’s really cool to have clairvoyance, and that it is the “best” gift you could have.

    I do have some clairvoyance, but you’re right that it’s sometimes really not so useful on its own. It can almost confuse you if you don’t have another channel that you can add to gather more information.

    It’s great to get an overview, though. 🙂

    I think all the famouse psychics out there who use clairvoyance a lot always use it with another gift they have.

  11. Janet Thomas | Intuition & Answers

    I’ve found that I get more clairvoyant images when reading for others bur rarely for myself. In 99% of my readings, though, I get input in a variety of ways – clairvoyant, -audient, -cognizant, and -sentient. I usually get input using at least two and frequently three of them.

    In the few instances where I have gotten just clairvoyant images (for myself) it came with clarification via another clair-.) Reading for others, I always just pass along what I see and don’t try and filter it through my interpretation. If I get more info through other clairs, I pass that along as well.

    It’s really interesting to see what other people have to say about their own experiences on this subject.

  12. charlene

    i need help? i dont understand my dream at all. i was standing on a road, and upon looking up to the shky i noticed a red glowing triangle spinning like crazy towards me. i woke just as it came to hit me. i also remeber it circled me twice or four times, then i woke.

    another dream i had, same thing in the middle of a road. out of town i suppose, oak trees lined on either side of the road. here i am, looking up and gazing up at the full moon, then i began running so fast til i stretched out my arms and i was flying, i landed in a cemetery, walking past the garden maintance shed quietly, i made my way towards the tombstones, i tried reading the names but i couldnt for some odd reason… then i woke up.

    ive been having weird dreams, a few in particular that related to two-three real life deaths. and these sorts of dreams when become reality, makes me sick and afraid at the same time. i just want to know why i would have dreams like these?? specifically the triangle one 🙁 please help/explain

  13. Shayne King

    Please help! I have been well aware of my ability for many years. Scared me as a child and still does. Don’t know where to turn to?? At first I thought it was the house I grew up in was haunted until I noticed it wasnt just at that house. Things for me have gotten deeper and DARKER. Went to a psy. Doctor needles to say nothing changed. The things I feel and sometimes hear leave me feeling, well more feelings than I can describe, but it’s feelings of great darkness and I would explain it as evil. I try my best not to be alone cause in those moments it’s no so bad. Like all the other people’s presents kinda fog out these others. PLEASE HELP… any info will be greatly appreciated. Even as I write this to you I feel a presents. How can I pretend that I don’t just to keep it at bay??

  14. Ann

    Can any one tell me what this means i went to confront a neighbour about some cat issues i wasn’t aggressive or rude but when she opened the door black flashes came out at me and didn’t stop until she closed the door. Creepy

  15. Cina

    I can see symbols in my meditation state.
    these symbols are personal and the events related to them will occur some days later.
    symbols like knife – rope – drug -… and it is also include some numbers related to stock market prediction like gold price or ,,,,
    these symbols come in my meditation after 11 years meditation practice. I could not able to see them before.
    symbols are without any sensation and all of them appear with a black background behind them in a 3D space.
    I do not understand their meaning at first but a few days later their meaning and their related event appear.

  16. Confused Newbie

    I have desperately been trying. I have been getting images when I attempt to access the akashic records, but they are made of morphing light and confusing… I have asked my higher self AND the AR what they could mean, still, I only get symbols, shapes…

  17. Toni

    Hello my name is Toni and i see spirits in photos, houses, around people, when i see some photos i see black blop looking thing moving.

  18. Wes Bell

    My clairvoyant gf sees what she describes as fireballs or “tiny universes with exploding stars” in my eyes. Do you have any idea what that could mean?

  19. WinterNicole

    I have searched and searched regarding my issues with no clarity as of yet…I have always seen spirits…shadow men etc..even precognitive dreams that just felt different involving my miscarriage.. a baby’s crib death …I also assume out of body experience where I watched myself shot trying to jump in front of ex and our daughter then to return to my body and feel every detail..I’ve been other people running for my life and watching just above others I have no idea who they are..seen flashes of people and images unknown to me…was so scared at one point I believe I corked my abilities..until recently after 7 yrs with a narcissist I was informed of being an empath.. which led to my awakening or vice versa…now to the confusing things… started with photo of my daughter leaving a red shadow on wall well after leaving area…retaking to see what went wrong. ..only to discover she has multiple guides…spirits…and even my miscarried child helping her on her way…even caught her astral projecting while walking..(had noticed she would get really dazed for awhile) contributed this to my and her fathers break…she’s only 4 and loves that man…then I noticed faces in every pic I took…then full-body apparitions…then noticed energy through camera…then noticed other dimensional creatures on film…then could see all thus with camera..I was also seeing these images move ..change expressions and images all together..I would notice pics I took in winter with flowers in them…then started seeing numbers…letters…and objects would appear in old pics like one was a decaying dress other was a ice cream type van…oh and animals big black cats..gorillas…even one looks like where the wild things are..etc…spirits jump from one area I took pic of to a whole other pic and area…things I’d capture from far away would appear in my selfies …in the mirrors behind me especially. ..then one distorted pic of my face and weird eyes had me looking closer because I was in a church after all..and that’s when I discovered I saw images in peoples eyes faces around them…and they told a story …well when I could discern if it was their story or residual from another person or even me. I know this is long but please bear with me…I started seeing these scenes and images in trees clouds fires and any reflective surface… Here’s what I need help with…I cannot find out what these images I see are …they appear to be latched on around the body..also the words I see on peoples faces why can’t I make it out enough…and why after a good reading of someone’s eyes and face it starts to show the bad things…which eye is past which is future…why can’t I find anything representing some of the symbols I see…and are the things I see in backgrounds about subject or area pic was taken in…I don’t hear anything when I see these things and I guess I don’t trust my gut any info on what to research I would appreciate it because I don’t want to shut my gifts out again…I want to help everyone I can..I have a purpose but I think I get so overwhelmed..I lose sight. Thank you lovely souls for allowing me to grow with any insight u have…??

  20. Lisa

    Hello, in the past couple of years, my “Clair’s” have come to me and have increased over time especially with feeling. I am also a Reiki practitioner so I work with energy every day and meditate on a daily basis. Yes, my dreams can be vivid. However, I often wake up in the middle of the night seeing visions. It began with sacred geometry and then animals. Now, I always see eyes watching me. Sometimes I believe it is my spirit animals. There is also a beautiful blue human eye. It is always there. I can almost count on it. Two times I have seen the vision of a woman with this eye…her face. I’m not sure what the connection of the eyes mean. I just feel that I am being watched and guided by the universe. I welcome these experiences and feel comfort. Does anyone have any thoughts regarding seeing eyes? Thank you

  21. Dude 13

    I’ve often thought clairvoyant was a type of Psychic. I’ve been looking at this a little wrong I see.
    I have “seen some colors, sensed things.”
    For instance I have sensed black and felt a little of trouble, danger, or death was coming.
    I have felt that before, and later couldn’t get patsy cline out my thoughts her music. I sensed my grandma was in jeopardy. Some short time later she died.
    I have seen or sensed Red like blood and shortly after within weeks I’ve been hurt.
    It’s like a broken bulb that works at times but I don’t get everything, sometimes things happen I have no notice of. And sometimes it’s mostly those close to me or my wife. I’m a Christian and accept it as God’s warning sign to me, to prepare me. I haven’t shied away from telling my wife who wants more information I can’t give. But I’ve told her some things about people I think could have a problem or die and in months it’s happened and she still ain’t ready. . It’s not a curse but I wish I had more, more information and it was more frequent. I’ve dreamed of places I’ve been before I have, situations that I’ve avoided. One time I avoided hitting a deer because of it but it’s not perfect, I have been in accidents I haven’t seen. Sometimes it’s strange how I get colors sometimes a color seems more vivid, I see red for instance more during a week and it seems brighter. Sometimes it’s in my “minds eye”, or I get a type of sense or feeling of color. And sometimes I get a “sign” like the music with a color as a result to someone. Not many people really Know, It’s not Perfect and I don’t know exact times alot.
    I do know I have a General Gift. It’s Real, I have Something that can’t be explained.
    I just wish it was better..

  22. Tamara Jennette

    I get this a lot…i begin looking at the photograph and many times i see something that (in the end) doesn’t resemble anything about that picture…or symbolize it. Its like it takes me from the choo choo train ride… to the roller coaster…to the bungee jump and i end up in a totally different place with them. Its relevant to their life but nothing about the picture is really that relevant. Does that ever come up with you or anyone else you know of?

  23. Tamara Jennette

    omg…this is just exciting to me to read all this and realize so many people actually think like i do…have the same issues…and can be so totally honest and open about it. My husband does not like it when I read someones eyes. He didn’t like when i read his because he didn’t want me to know how he’s felt or how he feels about certain things. and he can’t really deny it. when he looks at me he KNOWS i saw. He was so afraid i’d pity him or think him weak (which was quite the opposite but he continues to believe that….so…) So i don’t utilize as much as I’d like to. But tonight its just nice to feel like somebody shares my mind 😉

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