The Realist’s Guide to Lightwork and Your Life’s Work

Does a spiritual awakening have to mean a change of career?

In 2006, I read Doreen Virtue’s book The Lightworker’s Way.

I identified 100% as a lightworker at the time because I felt a strong pull towards work that made the world a better place.  I was in the midst of a spiritual awakening, devouring one book per week with new-age or spiritual material in it.

I was also working as an English teacher at a University in France.  I had such a tiny sense of what was possible in my life that I promised myself I would switch to a career that allowed me to express my ‘lightworker’ side, but I didn’t believe it was possible at all.  So it really blew my mind when it happened for me within the next couple of years.

I went around in a happy daze for about 12 months after that. But the happy daze was gradually replaced by realism. It was unavoidable, as there were the realities of running my own business to contend with.

Here’s what I’ve learned about lightwork in the last five years:

1. ‘Lightwork’ isn’t necessarily about career

I had an incredibly strong pull to transition to a career that was a better fit for my soul gifts and soul purpose.

I’ve also had clients who have had a spiritual awakening, and felt strongly drawn to ‘saving’ planet Earth in some way.

But I believe that when we’re in the midst of a spiritual awakening, it can blow open our upper chakras to such an extent that we get an inflated sense of what one person can do, and we believe we can save someone else or the world. We can’t. Many of us have but a small corner of the world to influence and contribute to.  And we do this by the way we are, the energies we emit and the way we interact.

This summer I taught a group of students how to read the Akashic Records as part of my Akashic Record Reading Program. They are learning all about the archetypes, soul gifts, trainings and soul groups that are present here on Planet Earth. The thing that really struck me while I was teaching this material was that every soul group fulfills its purpose by being here, and that’s all.

There is one soul group that understands suffering and has great compassion. Another soul group influences us to create more balance in our lives. Another soul group is here to help others to improve their performance in some aspect of their life. Some of the souls who belong to such soul groups may have a career based on who they are on the soul level, but not all of them will.

Every person has soul gifts that contribute to the betterment of life here. And those gifts are activated no matter what career we’re in. Some soul gifts are expressed in relationships, friendships, hobbies and family life.

I am not saying that there isn’t fulfillment to be had from switching to a career that is a better fit for who you are.  But I am also saying that your spiritual work/lightwork doesn’t have to be how you earn your money. You are a lightworker in spite of what you do.

2. God (or the Universe) doesn’t give any concessions to lightworkers

Lightworkers and those who do spiritual work have to work as hard as everyone else.  They need a proper plan of how they’re going to do their work and not starve. But when we’re inspired with an idea in our spiritual awakening, we can forget this. I’ve known people to quit their job with no plan and wait for God’s special net to appear – you know, the one for the Lightworkers and spiritual folk. I’ve also known people to quit their job with a plan of setting up a business and have to go back to their job within a few months because their business plans were too vague and they had not done enough market research to find out if their business was likely to be successful.

I am a proponent of transitioning gradually to something more fulfilling that pays the bills.

Three years ago, I quit my own job to pursue this business, which to me is my soul’s purpose.  It’s been a scary, uncomfortable and chaotic ride and if I could do it again, I would have transitioned gradually, instead of diving in head first right at the deep end.

3. Seemingly pointless jobs serve their purpose

I’ve worked as a cleaner in a hotel, a dish washer, an English teacher, a French teacher, a sandwich maker, a receptionist, a waitress and an office worker. A couple of them I was very bad at (being a waitress is hard when you’re clumsy).

But the role that was perhaps most frustrating for me was English teaching, because by that point I was more aware of what my soul gifts were and I knew I wasn’t using them.

I had a moment this week when I remembered my English teacher training in 2009.  I hated every moment of this training – while I was doing it, I knew I would not be teaching English and I felt I was wasting my time.  The only reason I did not quit was because the training was given to me, and paid for, as a gift. Only now that I am putting together my Akashic Record Reading Program do I understand the place and the value it had in my path. No matter how seemingly misaligned with my soul purpose it might have been at the time, it served a purpose. It has been very helpful for putting together my course and teaching people now – which is aligned with my soul purpose.

Might your path be the same?

Please leave a comment letting me know your thoughts on this.

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  1. Nathan

    To be honest, I rarely meet people who think that once they will start digging into that spiritual growth subject or psychic development, they will decide to become professional psychics or spiritual teachers. When I was starting out, I wanted to travel the world and research ancient mysteries, but it turned out that I feel much better when I just share my knowledge and help people through my intuition and psychic skills.

    I always say – psychic abilities doesn’t meant that you have to become professional psychic. Being able to “do things” only means that you can use these abilities in your normal job. In my eyes, it’s just awesome to be psychic archaeologist :).

    Same applies to spiritual growth – one on the “next level”, just do what you like, even things that have nothing in common with spirituality or psychic stuff. And as Anna says, be gentle in your career transition.

  2. Ferlin

    It’s what I needed to read. Thanks. 🙂

    I’m in the stage of life where I am more aware of what I’m great at, but I have no idea how to get there or use them. I am also stuck at a job that I’m meh at and want to get out of, so that I can do something I love and get paid better for it. I feel I’m different to most people on the street, and all the job vacancies I see; the lightworker syndrome, I guess.

    With regards to your first point, I entertained the idea, but strongly disagreed with it personally–I stress personally, because I spent 5 years of my life in Uni studying subjects I was stuck with and dreaded. I cannot imagine working 8 hours of my day all my life and not enjoy it. No. Done with it.

    I suppose I need to contend more with point #3. I am looking for something that screams I am your life purpose exhibited! “But the role that was perhaps most frustrating for me was English teaching, because by that point I was more aware of what my soul gifts were and I knew I wasn’t using them.” That’s what I need. Though I also don’t know where or what my next job I’m looking for. Stupid human life maze!!!

  3. Justin | Mazzastick

    We can touch and influence people’s lives regardless of what we do for a living.

    We can approach our careers with a spiritual lightworking mindset.

    I have to agree that we should gradually move into a new career path as opposed to head first. It lessens the “change shock’ in our lives.

  4. Eleanor

    Hi Anna, this was an interesting read for me, particularly relating to point no 3. I too feel that all the jobs I have had in the past have served a purpose at the time, each one bringing me to where I am now. I have also spent lots of money on courses which I felt I ‘needed’ and it turned out there were lessons in there too.
    By being true to ourselves and understanding our soul gifts and origins we can live our lives more in alignment with who we truly are.


  5. Sol

    You know, I’m a writer. I write about spiritual stuff and I’m often in La – La land. I don’t like that people seperate ‘airy’ psychics and ‘grounded’ psychics because I feel it’s the same as separating good and bad people.
    While I sometimes offer free intuitive readings, I do not charge for them because… well, it isn’t a career choice of mine.

    I’m a Lightworker, but at some point, I feel that this statement is more related to me not wantng to be stuck in a 9 to 5 job. Freedom, you know. So I’ve been looking to blend these two things, and as such, writing and expressing myself in creative ways seem to be the perfect match. Now let’s hope for the best.

  6. Lena

    Personally I think you can do whatever you want and make a living out of it. It’s just a matter of being prepared, having goals and following through. Of course, it takes some time, probably about the same amount that it would take to transition to a new but more conventional career. Perhaps, if your friend persisted with her reiki business or tried different ways to market herself,she would succeed. Having said that, I’m transitioning into doing energy work and intuitive readings as a business, so I’m at a optimistic stage 🙂 I’ll let you know how it goes, but I’m not that attached to the outcome. The reason is because I know that this is the work I’ll be doing my whole life, so how or where my income going to come in is going to have to be taken care of in one way or another.

  7. Joey

    This resonates with me in that after realizing my true gifts with your course I am indeed working on a gradual path change from a software programmer to a software consultant. I’m even doing research on this new career change and am planning on an active job search sometime next year. Right now my finances are too unstable for me to venture out. What good would it do me and others if I can’t afford my house and my car?

    You know what’s also interesting is there’s a site documenting psychics and scientists research into the afterlife, The site has this article in how it’s not just enough to do your job and mind your own business:

    Note this text

    “Some say, “We never hurt anyone when we were on earth”. One of the rules of the game of life is THAT’S NOT GOOD ENOUGH! These same people selfishly looked after themselves only – they wilfully and intentionally CHOSE TO IGNORE those who needed urgent help.”

    By realizing your true gifts you can at least really help others; you’re not doing anyone a favor by doing what you hate doing. I’ve never seen anyone experience long lasting success doing what they dread.

    And with the pointless jobs, it also helps you appreciate your true calling; sometimes you can only appreciate the finer things in life when they are taken away from you.

    Very good article!

  8. Julie

    Oh yes, I totally agree with you here. If you are lucky enough to have a job that pays the bills, you can always start a business or a blog on the side that speaks more to what you wish to be doing all day, every day. Eventually you can turn it into a full time business if you wish, or just do both at the same time. I was booted out of my exceptionally well paid job about a year after I started to get interested in spirituality in earnest, so I didn’t have the choice, but I would think it’s nuts to just quit on purpose for some vague plan. I’m an MBA AND a Michaelite, can you tell 🙂

  9. tam

    Thank you for this article. I have been mulling over a question about whether or not I need to move on in order to better fulfill what I need to do in life. My belief is that I need to stay where I am at for a bit longer, as there is still lots to learn there but I have been worried that because of fear I am not moving on when I should I’ve also worried that I’m filtering my intuition too much through what I want instead of what I need.

    This article gives me a bit more confidence that I am where I need to be and that I have been and will continue to work in the light. When it’s time for me to use my other talents in the open more, my current experiences will help me in being better prepared.

  10. Tim

    It’s a helpful topic and I love the freedom that says you don’t have to earn money from being a lightworker. What I find interesting is I’m a counsellor in drug & alcohol rehab which is an amazing job. I get to work with people daily and our program is both spiritually and psychologically based. I use a lot of psychic techniques (for want of a better word) with people but mask them as “good therapy” because I don’t think they would go down well with the establishment! All this to say… strangely enough my head tells me that I’m not fulfilling my purpose and I need to be working as a psychic healer or something because that’s the “real” work. Yet I have incredible opportunities on a daily basis to guide struggling souls into healing… funny the way a brain can work! It’s encouraging for me to be reminded a lightworker is who you are, not what you do.

  11. Lindsay

    This article had divine timing for me. Thank you, Anna.

    I’m gradually trying to work towards being a professional intuitive. Every day here at the office (even though I’m doing something that I enjoy doing – just not for someone else) feels like torture on the soul level. So, I certainly understand WHY people dive head-first into quitting their day jobs and pursuing the career they feel called to (or their soul purpose).

    It is oh-so-tempting to want to pack my bags in Cubicleville and leave for self-employed land. So very tempting. But I understand that the Universe doesn’t have a safety net for lightworkers just because we’re lightworkers.

    Thank you for reminding me that – for the time being – I’m right where I need to be.

  12. Annabeth

    I totally agree with you Anna. While we are very compelled to immediately contribute as a ‘light worker’ in any way, shape or form…we have to have the patience and inner foundation to let ourselves be guided in a direction that is for our highest good.
    I also am a light worker, but also have a day job. I have struggled with this dichotomy for quite some time. One one hand, I am ready to quit my job as a scientist so that I can fully embrace and concentrate on my energy work. Other the other hand, I realize that my day job is what is providing me with so much stability and foundation so that I can retain the passion for my energy work with out seeming or feeling desperate. The key is finding balance between being who you are, and fulfilling your life’s journey, all the while standing on a strong foundation. Ultimately, I do believe all my needs will be fulfilled if I am doing what I love and have patience for divine timing.

  13. Todd | Channelingmyself

    This is something I have been struggling with lately. I find absolutely no satisfaction with my current career and wish I could move into an area more aligned with my interests. However, I am starting to realize that where I am at has happened for a reason and I should look at it as a learning experience.

  14. Frances

    I was in the same place you described in the beginning, Anna, and now’s the time for me to get moving and finally spring into action.

    For years I didn’t know what my calling was b/c I thought that it had to be a flashy or grandiose thing, hence the many jobs I held and the setbacks in college. At that same time, my abilities were starting to open back fully (after being “dormant” for years) and it was something I couldn’t ignore. That’s when I started taking intuitive courses, reading books, etc.

    I also got to a point were I did get dissapointed and walked away from it all….until I would receive an email out of the blue from someone asking me for a reading.

    In my case, I tried to walk away from it and even thought about throwing all my oracle cards and books away b/c obviously this wasn’t my calling. I got nudges about coming back and doing readings (out of the blue e-mails from people I didn’t know) and ignored them.

    When I had my daughter and the experience that you already know, THAT’S when my life changed and in the midst of pain and confusion, doors started opening for me in the spiritual field. I told God, “If this is what you want me to do for real, open the doors for me and show me the way to them.” And it happened. I found a very open minded church, 6 months after that their energy healing group started accepting new members (something I always felt I wanted to do and never really got the opportunity before), etc. Bottom line, I got confirmation about this and that THIS IS INDEED what I’m supposed to do.

    I fought it like you wouldn’t believe, but at the end of the day, one can’t fight for too long.. 🙂

    So, that’s why I’m here, taking your course as a refresher, registered for another professional course in the fall, and wanting to do your other course in the summer. I need to be prepared, I know I have the skills…LET’S DO THIS! 😉

  15. Laura

    I cannot thank you enough for this article. It has brought me much comfort and I will probably re-read it several times, until I’m firmly living it.

    I have struggled so much in the past 4 years with the notion that I need to quit the 6 year office gig, in favor of my artistic passion (I’m a metal worker and make jewelry) … at the same time, a large part of me enjoys the stability of my office (family). Back and forth I would fight myself … like it was a black or white issue or something?!?

    Your words reached the part of me that needed to understand that it’s not either-or. Thank you!

    … I must also mention that I’m new to your blog and have really enjoyed your postings. I am beginning to think that I could perhaps be on the brink of an awakening, as you say. I am thankful that I found your blog to assist with this process, as it seems I’m the only one in my peer group to be testing these waters 🙂 … I’m off to order all the books I can find!!!

  16. Anna

    Hi Ferlin, I do tend to think that when an opportunity comes that is in alignment with your soul’s gifts and urges, it happens naturally. Like you don’t have to search too hard or agonize over it. I wonder if you are going through this time for a reason. And when you do find your ‘thing’ in the area of career, it will be even sweeter.

  17. Anna

    Hi Eleanor, Glad you related to this! I too have taken many courses and classes, spurred on by intuition, but now quite knowing what purpose they might serve at the time.

  18. Anna

    Hi Sol, interesting points…We’re focusing a lot on the intuitive and healer lightworkers but you can be a lightworker and work for charities and humanitarian organizations for the greater good.

  19. Anna

    Hi Lena, that’s a great mindset to have, especially for being self-employed! I wish you luck 🙂

  20. Anna

    Hi Julie – I’ve known quite a few intuitives who lost their jobs but prior to that started training as an intuitive, with no intention of doing it full time. But who then feel it’s a good time to be self-employed and make it work. Interesting how that happens….!

  21. Anna

    Tam – glad this was helpful for you!

  22. Anna

    Tim – what a fab example you are of someone who is using their healing and psychic gifts in a context that is not ‘obvious’! But still beneficial for those on the receiving end. And still fulfilling for you. In my readings I have come across many talented people who do not package their gifts in a ‘spiritual’ sense, but who use them furtively in their work.

  23. Anna

    Annabeth – True! Not to mention, a day job supplies grounding for those doing intuitive work! I didn’t realize that until I left mine, and missed that aspect sorely.

  24. Anna

    Hi Frances, Yay! I can’t wait to teach you, and I love how doors started to open for you after that experience you had.

  25. Anna

    Hi Laura, oh that’s great, very glad this article was helpful for you!

  26. Anna

    Hi Lindsay, excellent, glad this was helpful for you! I remember quitting my job to pursue readings as a career, and at first there was a feeling of freedom and it was wonderful. That lasted maybe a few weeks. Then it was followed by a couple of YEARS of panic and scary-ness. I’m sure you can bypass much of what I went through by making your transition less abrupt!

  27. Anna Barlowe

    Hmm, I have mixed feelings about this. I used to have a little teacup or something that read “Bloom Where You’re Planted,” and I think there is value in that idea. We can certainly do good wherever we are, and really rash decisions are rarely helpful to anyone.

    But as someone who did recently quit her job to try and find a more authentic path, I find it incredibly rewarding to actually be pursuing the things I always said I would pursue if I had the time and opportunity to do so. I just didn’t want to wake up at 65, still in my office, and realize that I had never even TRIED. I would rather take the chance and possibly fail, than never to know.

    And I’m not convinced that we don’t have a cosmic safety net – it may be a matter of believing that it’s there before we leap. I don’t think we get miracles if we’re not routinely requesting them.

    I can visually see my safety net in action around me every day, in the form of my spirit companion, and that has led me to trust it more than I otherwise might have. Whatever we want to accomplish, our spiritual helpers are there to guide and support us, as long as it’s truly in our highest interests.

    Very thought-provoking post, thank you!

  28. Frances

    I really believe that the reason(s) why the “spiritual doors” started opening for me was because I surrendered and accepted my calling. I thought I was fighting something outside of my self, but I was actually fighting MY OWN SELF. So, once I realized that, things started moving pretty quickly. It’s pretty amazing what we can go through to get the message! 🙂

  29. Dusty

    I can’t wait to see the exciting places my future dull jobs will take me. 😉

  30. Todd | Channelingmyself

    Well I am certainly hoping this job of mine leads to something that is more in line with my soul purpose. If not, I may go crazy soon 🙂


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