Soul contracts, vows, and past life bad habits! — A Q&A with an Akashic Record Reader

I recently had a mentoring session with one of my Akashic Record Reading Program students, who asked some interesting questions about past lives, soul contracts and vows (amongst other things). I thought I would share the answers here in case anyone is interested.

For anyone reading who doesn’t know, the Akashic Records are an esoteric repository of information. They contain information about all souls that exist (including animal souls), places, businesses and orgnisations. They’re a bit like the spiritual Google. You can find out so much interesting information in your records, but you have to know what to ask.

That is what I teach people to do — how to ask the right questions, and I pass on the body of work we do have on the various types of soul trainings, lessons, groups, archetypes and more, that we know about from the Akashic Records.

So, I hope that gives you a bit of background. Without further ado, here are the questions (and answers):

“What exactly is karma? Can we delete our karma?”

Here’s a bit of background information that will help to explain how I understand karma as an Akashic Record reader:

The Divine (all that is; God; Source; or whatever you want to call it) contains every energetic quality out there. It is everything.

We are Divinely made, but we are pieces of the Divine. We do not hold within us every energetic quality. (I believe that the Divine fragmented Itself into souls in order to experience Itself as all that it is. )

When we are new souls, we are like blank slates. We then choose an environment for our first several incarnations. In some cases, this may be Earth. In other cases, it could be another place of incarnation. The energies of that place become a part of who we are on the soul level, just like the earthly culture we grow up influences us.

And from that experience we come to hold certain energies as a result, but not others. If you’re Pleiadian, for example, you hold speedy, dynamic, quick-thinking, and visionary energies. You do not hold patient, cautious, or methodical energies.

On the soul level, we are all seeking the energetic wholeness that the Divine holds, and this occurs over many lifetime.

So, in our lives as souls, we go through many earthly incarnations in order to learn to embody and integrate the energetic qualities we lack. A Pleiadian soul may incarnate in order to learn patience, and the importance of not cutting corners. These are sometimes lessons that may be learned over a dozen or more lifetimes. We choose a curriculum of life lessons that help us to embody new energies that we lack, on the soul level, over time.

And we learn and embody these energies from every extreme and every angle. If we are rich in one lifetime, we will often choose to be poor in another. If we are unethical or abusive in one lifetime, we will choose to be very virtuous in another. The soul does tend to swing from one extreme to the next in its approach to learning life lessons and embodying Divine energies. We want to experience it all.

One way to look at karma is the drive the soul has to bring balance and wholeness to its experience, both by experiencing opposites and by experiencing cause and effect. So, karma is the soul’s will to follow one virtuous lifetime with another unethical one. It is the will to have one lifetime where we do someone a good deed, and then they do us a good deed in another lifetime. Karmic forces compel us to take actions in the physical, which can restore balance in this way, so that we may more fully integrate energies we lack.

This is just one way to look at karma. There are other facets to it, too.

“Can we research ‘bad habits’ that we have had in past lives, that may be affecting us now? (e.g. selfishness, stinginess, envy, addictions, abuse)?”

I do not recommend researching past life ‘bad habits’ in the Akashic Records.

Here’s why: if you have had over 70 lifetimes (many of us incarnated here have), it is almost certain that you will have had every bad habit out there in at least one previous incarnation.

Often we can be rather different from one lifetime to the next, in terms of what we consider acceptable for ourselves and for others. During a past life regression, I found that my most recent past life was as a truck driver in California during the 1960s and 70s, who was addicted to using prostitutes. This is not something I consider acceptable in this life (in fact, I personally find it abhorrent.) There you go — opposites at work again. We all become what we once hated.

“How many earthly lives do souls tend to have?”

Most souls who are currently incarnated have had between 20 and 200 lives. Some soul groups choose not to come here often; others keep coming back, and this explains the variety in the numbers. I have never come across a soul with more than 200 earthly lives. Shelly, who used to do Akashic readings via my website, would sometimes read for people with upwards of 200 earthly lives.

“Can we ‘delete’ or clear past life vows in the Akashic Records?”

Many of us have taken vows in past lives — vows of celibacy and poverty, for example, were common when joining a religious order. We can be affected by the energy of old vows when we reincarnate into a situation that has echoes of a past life one. For example, if we took a vow of poverty in a past life, and in this lifetime, we grew up in a family that has a negative view of having lots of money, the old past life vow can be triggered.

It is possible to clear vows in the Akashic Records, but it’s not my favourite method for doing so. Here’s why: many past life vows are made in traumatic situations or before death — vows often have a lot of negative emotion driving it.

My experience as a healer has taught me that past life trauma is best healed through a past life regression. I particularly like a type of past life regression called DMP (Deep Memory Process.) I prefer this type of past life regression because it works with the body (through psychodrama) to release frozen past life energies. Clearing a past life vow in the Akashic Records in my experience is not as healing as a past life regression. It may still help with some vows, however. But it’s not my favourite method.

“Can we clear old soul contracts that do not serve us in the Akashic Records?”

If you’ve read the work of Michael Newton (who wrote 2 very interesting books called ‘Journey of Souls’ and ‘Destiny of Souls’), you will have learned that all souls go through a process of choosing their life circumstances before they incarnate, including making contracts with other souls that they plan to encounter when they incarnate. These are called soul contracts. For a soul contract to be a healthy, positive one, we must be able to learn our life lessons through the relationship or encounter.

Sometimes we can enact old soul contracts, from previous lives, which no longer have any life lessons associated with them. These relationships may feel devoid of meaning or a bit hollow in some way that is hard to pinpoint.

To clear old contracts, again I either recommend past life regression, or cord cutting. I do not recommend clearing contracts in the Akashic Records. I have tried this but did not find it had the kind of results I was seeking.

I have been on a quest my entire adult life, exploring my own spirituality and looking for the most effective ways to help others. This has not been a conscious search; but rather a journey that Spirit took me on.

My professional-level programs: the Akashic Record Reading Program and the Professional Intuitive Healing Program were borne out of this searching process. Everything that I teach is carefully thought out and tested over a period of years. The opinions given above are based on what has and hasn’t worked for me and my clients over the last 14 years or so.

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