October Updates & Akashic Mini Reading FAQ’s

One place remaining for the Professional Intuitive Healing Program — is it yours?

Next February I am beginning a new program with 12 “apprentices”, who will be learning a series of techniques for soul healing, including cord cutting, releasing earthbound spirits and more. This is a unique opportunity to learn a variety of healing modalities which have formed a big part of both my business and my personal path. If you work as a professional intuitive, this is a fab set of tools to add to your “toolkit”.

As part of this program, there are two levels — the ‘Apprenticeship’, which is a version with plenty of mentoring and personal contact, and the ‘Independent Learner’ level, which is a DIY version of the program with limited contact & mentoring.

The ‘Independent Learner’ version of the program has unlimited places, whereas the Apprenticeship has only twelve places for 2021. 11 of these have now been filled, so there is only one more place remaining for the “Apprenticeship” level. Is it yours?

Find out more about the program here.

FAQ’s — Akashic mini readings

Things have been a bit quiet round here lately, partly because I’ve spent the last couple of months completing hundreds of Akashic mini readings.

Because I did so many readings, I have fielded a large number of questions about the Akashic Records information that I pass on to clients and I thought it might be interesting to answer them here.

Just for those who don’t know how I work, Mini Akashic readings are a ‘taster’ of a full Akashic Record reading. They go into the two main areas of a person’s soul purpose — the Archangelic realm of training (which is about the energies that we bring into this world) and the soul group of origin. These are the two most important aspects of your soul identity and purpose.

Here are some of the questions that have come up for clients over the last few months, relating to these readings:

1. “My husband and I have the same soul group of origination (Alpha Caeli). Will we have incarnated together in that place, and is that why we are drawn together in this lifetime?”

Not necessarily. Souls usually come together because their life lessons complement one another (either that, or they even have the same life lesson) and they can share a path of growth together.

Having said that, it’s quite possible that you have incarnated together in another place of incarnation, and you may also be drawn to one another because you are so similar on the soul level.

2. “I noticed similarities between my mini reading and my natal astrology chart. For example, I came up as a ‘Zophkielite’ in your reading, and your description of that sounds similar to my Libran sun in my astrological chart. What are your thoughts on this?”

I have often noticed that there are correlations between the natal chart in astrology, and the Akashic Records information that I pass on to clients. The reason for this is that soul identity and purpose are reflected in both the astrological natal chart and the info we can find in your akashic soul record. The energies that we associate with the soul groups of origin are also reflected in astrology. To give a couple of examples, Aquarius is one of the energies inherent in the Sirian soul group, and Taurean energy is associated with the Polareans.

So it may be interesting to compare your mini reading with your natal chart and see if there are similarities.

3. “Why do you need my date of birth and place of birth to access my akashic soul record?”

When I do a mini reading, I use a person’s date of birth, place of birth and name to access their akashic soul record. Having this information is like a ‘passcode’ which enables me to read for the client. I don’t need this information in every case — lately I have been finding that Spirit knows when a person has booked a reading and when I did these mini readings I found that I was often able to access peoples’ information before I had even passed on the details. The Akashic Record guides knew who I was going to be reading for, and they had the info ready for me.

4. “I’m a healer. I had a mini reading and was expecting healing to show up as a theme in either my Archangelic realm of training or my soul group. It didn’t. Does this mean that healing is not my soul purpose?”

The two aspects I told you about in the mini reading are the most important aspects of your soul’s purpose. However there are other influences relating to soul purpose in the akashic soul record, such as the archetypes and the soul trainings between lifetimes. If you feel that healing is a part of your soul’s purpose, it is likely you have had something relating to healing/helping in your archetypes.

The mini reading is not a complete overview of your soul purpose, which is made up of several aspects, it’s a look at the two main aspects. I’d say those two aspects together make up around 75% of your soul’s purpose.

For more information about your archetypes and your soul trainings between lifetimes (both of which can reflect a healing soul purpose), you’ll need to book a full Akashic Record Reading.

5. “I liked my mini reading and want to book one for a friend. When will the mini readings be offered again?”

I only open up for mini readings a couple of times per year however Shelly will soon be doing these mini readings all year round. Check back on this page in a few weeks for that.

Personal update

Over the last month I’ve been busy settling into my new home in Wellington. I signed a lease with the owner of an Airbnb that I stayed in back in February and I am very happy with my new home for the next year or so, an oasis of native trees and birdsong. Wellington has the dubious distinction of being the windiest city in the world… I’ve had many evenings feeling snug in my new home, while the wind howls and whips around the outside of the building.

Several years ago I wrote an article about a phenomenon (precognitive dreaming) that I’d seen many times in my life. In the past I have had so many vivid dreams of myself in a specific place, or a specific scene, where I am looking at something in particular in the dream that is very distinctive, such a particular landscape, or a landmark, shops, houses etc. There is usually a feeling, and sounds that accompany the scene in my dream. Later on in my life I will find myself in the exact scene from my dream, and it is accompanied by a sense of deja vu as I come full circle and the dream becomes reality.

That has happened to me as I moved into my place in the Southern suburbs of Wellington. About 7 years ago, I dreamt of a home perched on a windswept hill with the full moon looking down on me, and this week I found myself in that dream as it became reality, with all the sounds, feelings, and sights that were in the dream.

My new neighbourhood…

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