Past lives and Mastered Life Lessons — How My Akashic Record Readings Have Evolved Over Time

When I started out giving Akashic Record readings 16-17 years ago, I did the readings exactly as I’d been taught.

Over the years, I’ve altered the protocol I use in quite significant ways, discovering new pieces of information that are available in the Akashic Records to add to a client’s reading.

I’d say I only use about 30-40% of what I was originally taught, and the rest is my own original channelled information.

In this article, I want to highlight some new sections I have recently added to my readings, which provide additional value to my clients.

More information on past lives

My Akashic Record Readings now include details on 4 past lives my client has lived. Sometimes these past lives are described in a lot of detail in a paragraph or two, other times it’s just a few sentences (it depends on how much information I am given on the past life.)

Sometimes what I see with the 4 past lives that the Akashic Record Spirit Guides tell me about, is that there is a common theme or karmic “complex” that you are still living out in this lifetime that is reflected in those past lives. But something I do ask of the guides is not to give me anything too traumatic, that requires resolution in a past life regression or something of that nature — I don’t want to open any doorways in your subconscious mind to a traumatic past life that could bleed through into this lifetime and make your life worse in some way.

So, the past lives that come up in this section of the reading are going to be ones that may reflect on the themes and life lessons you are working out in this lifetime, but they aren’t going to cover significant, unresolved past life traumas. Sometimes they don’t reflect a current theme or life lesson, and are just “out of interest”.

For example, I may tell you about a shared past life with a family member as part of the 4 past lives (I have had some really interesting past life situations come up for my clients in that regard!)

If you are an Akashic Record Reading Program student and you’d like to add this detailed section on past lives to your reading, a module on getting more details on clients’ past lives is included in my Intuitive Reading Program.

Mastered Life Lessons

Something else I am sometimes doing for some of my clients now is telling them which life lesson they have recently mastered.

Life lessons are ‘themes’ that our souls plan to explore when we’re incarnated. Virtually every soul who incarnates here on planet Earth comes in with a curriculum of lessons they are exploring (although something to be aware of is that not all souls learn at the same pace.)

Normally in an Akashic Record reading, I provide details on 3 life lessons that the client is exploring in this lifetime. These are 3 energies of the Divine that the client is lacking in their soul. They are incarnating to explore those energies and integrate them into their soul.

It tends to take between 5 and 13 earthly lifetimes to thoroughly explore one theme or life lesson.

For some clients, I look at which life lesson have they recently mastered, to the point that it is a strength for them now.

For example, one of my own mastered life lessons is resourcefulness I know how to resource myself, and I know the importance of being resourced. When I am facing a problem I don’t know how to solve, I will explore all avenues and resources until I’ve found a solution or solutions. I learned to do this over many lifetimes of solitude and not having access to the resources I needed. I learned to find resources within myself and be inventive. (This resourcefulness is reflected not only in my Akashic soul record but also in my astrological chart.)

So, if I find that a client has recently mastered a life lesson that is a strength for them, I’ll include it in the reading. I can’t guarantee that everyone gets this added to their reading. I only add it in maybe 1 in 3 readings, where the info seems the most relevant to the overall story of your soul over time. (I don’t include it if it doesn’t seem as relevant as the rest of the info in the reading.)

If you have a burning desire to find out more about the anatomy of the soul, I recommend my Akashic Record Reading Program. Within this program you will learn about the 88 life lessons a soul can be exploring here.

When I learned to read the Akashic Records, I was given several dozen life lessons but no information on any of them. Over the last 16 years I’ve painstakingly put together 13,000-14,000 words on the 88 life lessons and what I’ve learned from my clients about how these 88 life lessons manifest in their lives.

Here is what is on offer in this program:

  • 25 star seed groups (including information on all 8 Parallel sub-groups) — find out which one(s) apply to your client or yourself
  • Learn about the soul gifts your client has, including ones that come from life between lifetimes
  • Learn to find out what you or your client is learning in this lifetime — you can look up the primary life lesson or a full curriculum of life lessons (primary and secondary)
  • Learn about the various reasons souls incarnate here (learning/contribution/support/holiday) and which one applies primarily to your client or yourself
  • Learn how many earthly lifetimes you or your client has had and the percentage of male to female incarnations
  • Find out information on your or your client’s past lives, including the roles that they have gone back to again and again
  • Find out about your archetypes that apply to your life or your client’s life
  • Find out about your intuitive/empath gifts
  • Find out about the Divine beings around you and how many guides/angels are around you.

There are also email templates available that make giving Akashic Record Readings a breeze.

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