Premonitions of Death – Are They Real?

A question from a reader:

Hi Anna,

“Since we’ve been together, my husband has spoken of dying early (not often, but on a few notable occasions).

Recently, he has said that he is trying very hard (i.e. through taking care of himself physically) to stick around as long as possible for our son and family. I too have had a sort of knowing that he had a “contract” about dying early — do you think these premonitions are real?”

~ Fiona

Hi Fiona,

This is an interesting question.

I know several people (myself included) who have had premonitions about themselves or a loved one dying on a specific date or at a certain age. None of the people who had these premonitions actually did die when they thought they would.

So, in my experience, it’s best not to take this kind of premonition literally.

Here are some more likely scenarios when you have this kind of premonition:

A Symbolic Death

Spirit sometimes talks to us in metaphors, and like the “death” card in Tarot, these kinds of premonition do not usually mean a literal death. They can mean an ending of some kind or a dying of a part of oneself. Personally, I find that I often have dreams featuring death symbolism when something in my life is coming to an end.

A Reminder that Life is Short

Sometimes when we have a sense that our time might soon be up, it can simply be our soul reminding us that our time here is limited. Of course, all of us will eventually depart this life and sometimes we lose sight of this larger perspective and stay stuck in situations and relationships which are making us unhappy, when we do in fact have other options. Think of this as your soul asking you to make your decisions bearing in mind that your time here is finite.

Not quite a death premonition

This kind of premonition can also mean a brush with death (or something that feels like that.)

I know someone who was absolutely convinced that she was going to pass away of a heart attack at age 37. She didn’t, but she did get cancer that year which she survived and has been in remission for over 25 years.

Health Concerns

The only person I know of who had a correct premonition in this area was a great–great aunt of mine who was convinced she would get throat cancer and pass away from it, and she eventually did, many years ago. But she was also a heavy smoker and apparently had an unhealthy obsession with her own upcoming demise, which was possibly not so good for her health in general.

Could her premonition have been a warning of what would happen if she continued in her current habits? Who knows.

Past Life Bleed Through

I spent my twenties packing as much in as possible partly because I had the nagging sense I would be dead by age 26. It’s been five years since then, but this sense was perhaps explained by the fact that I did not make it past my late twenties in my two most recent past lives and have had a lot of short past incarnations.

A Natural Part of Grief or a Fear of Losing Loved Ones

Something I have noticed is that it’s very common to have these premonitions. It can constitute a ‘freak out’ about our mortality or the mortality of loved ones, which can be pretty hard to come to terms with.

Premonitions of death are also a natural part of grief, so if you have experienced a loss in recent times, this may also be your unconscious mind coming to terms with that.

I don’t think Spirit tells us exactly how much time we have left — that would be a bit mean, in my opinion, unless there is a very specific reason for you needing that information. The golden rule of guidance from Spirit is that it does not cause us anguish. Being here can, at times, be tough enough without that.

So my interpretation of this would be that this is about a very natural fear of losing your husband or about something coming to an end in his life or yours, or both.

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  1. David


    A somewhat more somber topic than has been my experience with your blog, but nonetheless, necessary, engaging, and thought provoking!

    I’ve not had a death premonition, but rather, thoughts and feelings of out living many of those around me, and then making my own exit quickly while no one was present. Curious, to be sure! These thoughts could be fantasy, wishful thinking, or vanity! Many of my friends have passed in the last six years. They did not appear to be ready for their demise. It arrived without their consent. A lesson perhaps to give our best to our life sojourn and experience. All we really have is time in this existence, and from that all else arises.

  2. Heather

    Hi Anna,
    I’m currently 60 and have had a strong premonition That I’ll die instantly of a stroke when I’m 68. This despite the fact there’s no family history, my parents are 91 and 85, and I’m in crazy good health.
    Surprisingly, this doesn’t scare me. I’m taking it as a sign that I’d better get done the stuff I want to, cause time is running short.

  3. Alexis

    I had one of a little girl dying, that scared me so bad I stopped sleeping in the bed it occurred in. I have pretty good control of my dreams and this one was like none I’d ever had- not past life, no one I knew, not my subconscious working something out, etc.
    It was fairly traumatizing to me. I pray that it never comes true and that I never have another dream like that again.

  4. Stephanie

    I’ve always not been able to “see” past 31. But then I’m 29 and having a horrific return of Saturn. Maybe that’s it.

  5. Joan

    Hello every one, there a healing about death clock reset, the spirit gives us a chance to reset our death time in order to stay a little longer to balance & work on our finished business, there many holistic healers out there who can do that, one can google my favorite one is Nicole lanning, she is a sweetheart.

  6. Sabby

    I have had lot of premonitions before my husband died in a car accident but i could not figure it out till his death..first one was i was fully awake putting my son to sleep and heard like lot of people crying after bringing a dead body…i went and checked out of the house n there was pin drop silence.this happened twice and second time i even told my hubby ,”dont u here voices of ppl crying hystericaly..”he said no…
    he himself said a couple of days before his death that if he dies i need not worry and take care of children single handedly and not to remarry… and many more..
    thats y i feel guilty for not understanding these signs and taking action…

  7. Susan

    I had a premonition that the son of a dear friend would die in his teens. He didn’t literally die but he became agoraphobic, dropped out of collage and refused to,leave the house. He couldn’t even eat in front of people. To me, that was his “death”. He was no longer living. Thankfully, after many years, he is slowly getting better.

  8. Belinda

    Hey Anna! I’m glad that you were asked this question. It’s interesting to see the perspectives and experiences of others.

    I’ve had multiple premonitions of death throughout my life, and they have all come true. My premonitions were usually about close loved ones, though.

    The first was my father when I was five years old. I cannot remember this one much, but I do remember that I just “knew,” and I wasn’t really that concerned with it…as if I knew that it had to happen for some reason.

    The second did not happen until almost two decades later (last year) with the death of my grandfather. It was very symbolic. At the time, I did not know it was speaking about him until he died. I saw two dogs, one killing the other mercilessly. There was blood everywhere, and it was just a traumatizing scene to watch. The other dog in my dream represented my aunt whom has always caused my grandfather harm.

    Two months after that, I had a VERY REALISTIC premonition. I dreamt that my husband was suffocating my son (on purpose) in the same way that Homer Simpson chokes his son Bart Simpson when he’s upset. I tried to stop my husband, calling his name, telling him to stop, threw something at him. Nothing worked, and by the time I finally caught up to them running in slow motion (they were at a distance), I was too late. I literally felt my son’s body go limp, and his soul leave his body – like his life soul sucked had been sucked out of him. I woke up freaking out because again, the feeling of my son dying was SO real. My brother whom normally lived with us decided to move out over internal problems he was having with my husband; the house we had just moved into – we had only been there for a month – had really bad, low vibrating spirits all around. I could literally FEEL unwanted there, and I chalked my dream up to that. I told my husband. He chalked it up to my grandpa’s recent death.

    Well, a week and a half later, my husband passes away due to an “accidental overdose” (kidney stone pain killers mixed with his seizure medication) after being sober for a year and 7 months.

    Just recently, I’ve managed to predict the death of another family member in Mexico (a distant family member this time, which makes me think that my abilities are becoming more sensitive) a week or two before it happened through a Tarot card reading.

    It freaks some of my friends out, and they’ve specifically requested for me NOT to read for them.

    And I always half-jokingly tell my friends that ‘as long as they aren’t dying soon’ that we will be okay.

    I do appreciate my ability, but it is difficult to manage, sometimes. You feel like you’re going crazy ha…

    These have been my only and strongest clairvoyant premonitions. I’m predominantly claircognizant and clairsentient.

  9. karen barreau

    Dear Anna,

    I read your blog regularly and always find very interesting not only the topics you chose to adress, but especially the approach you have. You are one of the very few people who feels ‘real’, it is both very instructive and enjoyable. Again, a topic of great interest and a fantastic approach to the questions it raises!

    On a separate note, not exactly to the point of the post but somewhat related and I would really like to hear any thought on this:

    For many, many, many years as a child, I felt I ‘did not want to be back here’; no memories of past life as such, but a feeling of dread and dispair at the thought of having to ‘go through it all again’, and the sensation that I was repeating the exact same life, with the exact same family, as I had before.

    As a toddler, I used to bang my head on doors and walls as hard as I could (I actually remember doing this and why I was doing it!!! it was a childish desire/attempt to ‘end it’) and only stopped because of the despair on my parents’ face.

    I am not a ‘depressed’ person at all, despite this, although my life has been a long series of rather harsh experiences – well it depends who you compare yourself to obviously, but definitely a lot of hardships.

    When my mother died in 1997, unexpectedly of a heart attack in the middle of the night, although I lived in a different country, I was woken by the sound of someone banging the metal door knocker at my door very loudly. Weird thing is, I’m on a first floor flat, and only have a doorbell, but my parents’ house has one of the very old heavy metal circle on a wood door (I now assume the sound I heard was the doctor knocking at the door of my parents). Next thing I knew, my father called in the morning to announce my mother’s passing at the very time I woke up.

    During the next three or four months, I had many dreams of my mother asking me to come join her, that it was ‘better on the other side’, that she’d ‘be there for me’…. This has had me a little disturbed and frightened, as I have a feeling (just a personal feeling) that I may have been ‘sent back’ here to finish the very life I cut short in a past life…. and as I really would prefer not to have to be back (at least not repeating the same experiences/same life!) deciding to end my life is definitely not on the cards!

    I would be very curious to hear your views on this, and if anyone has any insight or similar experience?

    thank you for your blog!

  10. Louise

    Dear Anna,
    Thank you for the topic of your post. I can relate to a couple of response. A few weeks, 3 to be exact, I started to feel an overwhelming sense of anxiety when my 21 year old son would go out…I’d hear an emergency vehicle and I would immediately try to phone him and check on him. My husband said it was because he had recently moved back in and I saw him coming and going. About 2 weeks before his accident, I was putting his little bro and sis to sleep, we said our prayers and I laid with them for a little bit. My eyes were closed, but I was not asleep, just relaxed and I saw on the back of my eyes what appeared to be a movie of my son sinking into the river, very peaceful fully clothed…I had no idea what that was until he was in a fatal boating accident. Sometimes it is very much spirit trying to enlighten us. It’s been 3 years and I am just learning to forgive myself for not knowing and trying to prevent it. I believe that it was more for preparation because there was no additional information given. Peace

  11. Stephanie

    Yes I have have many of these. I have had dreams and visions of death of others and they have actually passed away. Everybody that has passed away in my family I had visioned it first and they actually died, I had a boyfriend I was with for 2 years and I kept getting visions of him dying at a party with his friends and one night he went out to a friend’s birthday party and he died that night, it was one of the hardest of the deaths I had to deal with. I had 3 male cousins who passed away and I visioned them too and my grandmothers death both of them, also my boyfriend that passed away I visioned his grandmother’s death too. Its an amazing thing to have these visions but what really gets me is the visions that I have about the USA alot of them have came true I just hope the visions I have been having about the USA lately dont come true ever.

  12. Anne

    I am curious about the spiritual consequences of suicide. I was told once that there is a 60 year respite in between lives and then we can choose to reincarnate However, this person also said that if you suicide that you must return quickly to the same family or a similar family with similar circumstances. Is this all correct?
    Life has been difficult for me emotionally and I don’t want to reincarnate again. Do I have to? If suicide means that I would have to return here again quickly, I would not suicide. Can you tell us about reincarnation, and suicide. I also think people with loved ones that have suicided may find some comfort in knowing that their loved one will return to the family, if in fact that is true.

  13. Monica

    The feeling of passing away can also come or can be a sign of rebirth,more and more Christed people are awakening and coming back to the path that leads us back to our Creator.
    When spirit talks to us in methaforic terms for example you understand that you are going to die it can also mean that your ego is dieing in order to find back to your spiritual path remember your true self,realign with your soul,not necessarily a phisical death.

  14. Ervina D

    I just recently learned about Anna and I am amazed by her website and all of it.

  15. m.nella

    one month before my mun passed away, and actually the same day that she fell ill and confined to intensive care unit until she passed away, she told her sister that she’s going to rest and that she’s ready to go resting. two months before, she kept on telling me that her days are numbered. when i knew i was going to study abroad and i told her, she said that she’ll be coming with me. exactly one day before i was to fly, mum passed away right there before my eyes in the hospital

  16. Jennifer

    I’ve had a few, but I learned that they are warnings…change something or take action or this will happen. The first one was when I was 12. I dreamt I was standing on a hill, and I saw a plane go down in flames. Although, I never actually saw the crash. The plane went behind another hill. At the time we were planning to move from Hawaii to California and were set to fly in about a week. I told my mom about the dream, and her eyes got wide. She had the same dream. Then my Grandma called us to tell us about her dream…the same one. We still went on that flight (being a kid, I had no choice). 3 of the 4 engines caught fire! My dad talked to the pilot afterward, and he wasn’t supposed to take that flight. He was going to retire, but something told him to take one last flight. HE SAVED OUR LIVES!!! The landing gear wouldn’t go down and he shoved his knee into the panel. The copilot was yelling at him, wondering what he was doing. But his actions got the landing gear to go down.

    In another dream, I saw my husband and son driving on the freeway, lose control and flip the car. In that dream, they both died. I woke up a wreak. My husband, knowing that sometimes I get prediction dreams, demanded that the car goes to the shop first thing that morning. I didn’t tell the mechanic anything about the dream. He came back amazed that we could drive the car in. The axle was cracked pretty severely. I asked if that would cause the car to flip if we were on the freeway. He said absolutely! Especially at higher speeds! That is when I learned that the dreams are simply warnings to take action, and that the future can be changed.

  17. Cindy

    Hi Anna,
    I wanted to share with you that my husband used to say at least once a month( over a 5 year period) that “I am not going to live to be old” a matter of fact tone of voice, I often asked him why when he said that and he said that none of the men in his family ever lived to be old. I did remind him that he is programming his mind to die young. Than I received a message via clairaudience and I was told that “You can go to Alaska after Tom dies” two days later I received it again the exact same words. 2 wks later he passed of a sudden heart attack. I believe the message was sent to me for me to realize that it was just his time and I couldn’t of done anything to of changed that(I am an R.N.)as the spirits know I would of blamed myself.

  18. Shyann

    Hi Anna ~ This was a good article to read. It’s been
    a while since I’ve thought about the subject.
    But I have had many premonition dreams come
    true. One dream saved my life but I didn’t
    realize it till a couple yrs after the dream.
    The dream was so vivid, I still remember it.
    You know, of those dreams. Many times
    my dreams can be symbolic…I am given info
    and it will make sense after the event. Thankx
    for sharing this. It helped re-direct my
    priorities 🙂 Blessings ~

  19. Avrill

    I also had a dream of my neighbour’s passing and she passed away 2 weeks after. She was in her early 30’s and she just got ill and died. January this year my sister and I had the same dream of my baby dying….and we did not take it serious. I lost my baby on the 14 Feb her heart was enlarged she was in ICU for a week and died while doctors were trying to save her. I feel guilty and angry at myself for not taking the dream seriously.

  20. Anna

    Hi all,
    There has been some happenings in my life too. Premonitions or not, I leave that to anyone else to tell. The first time I really got the feeling that someone would die was when I did a tarot reading for a friend of mine who wanted to try and see what it was like. I didn’t tell him what I really felt was in those cards, just that there would be something about a relationship with a close male person that would cause problems or something in that way. Just months later his grandfather died unexpectedly. This has to be 15-20 years ago by now, but the latest is starting to be four years ago. My dad died suddenly last of March 2011, and that caused a lot of stress and grief in our family. We also knew that sometime during that year my daughter would have open heart surgery so when the summer approached I had that really uncomfortable feeling that something was going to go very wrong. I tried to just tell myself that I was afraid something would go wrong with the surgery and just put it aside and calm down. But it wasn’t my daughter that this was all about, it was my husband and her dad. He got an infection that got to his heart and then a massive stroke on top of that in the middle of August that same year. And when that was all over I noticed that my fears was gone even if daughter had her date late November, also that same year. Of course me and my mum was nervous, but I hadn’t that feeling of dread any longer. Since then I haven’t had any real encounters with “knowing”. There has been times when I have wondered if it would be another of those times, but luckily for me and the people involved it has turned out ok.

  21. Sarah

    As I was driving up a hill on a country road, I had a vision that I missed the bend at the top and drove off the cliff with my family in the car. It happened in slow motion. As the car was falling I felt the adrenaline, fear, acceptance of death, excitement and then great sadness that my children wouldn’t grow up as I turned to look at them. I still remember it so vividly! The vision happened in a second but it felt like a long time. It has scared me so much I fear it was a premonition. I’ve only driven on that road once since and those feelings came rushing back. Would that be a premonition or a warning?

  22. Ellen

    A month ago, a friend of ours died suddenly at age 48. Since high school he had been telling friends and family that he knew would die at a relatively young age. It motivated him to achieve a lot early in his career and he even enjoyed a sort of partial retirement before he passed away. His father died at age 53, so maybe it was partially due to genetics. In any event, he always had a sense it would happen and lived his life accordingly. Personally, I’ve always liked the idea that we give ourselves several possible “exit points” throughout our life and that maybe we choose to use them or not based on where we are in our “plan.”

  23. Anna

    Thanks to everyone for sharing your thoughts & experiences. Condolences to those who have lost a loved ones.

    Sabby – I’m so sorry for your loss. It sounds like there was not much you could have done to prevent his death?

  24. Anna

    Susan – that’s a good example of the symbolic ‘death’…glad your friend is doing better now.

  25. Anna

    Belinda – I’m so sorry to hear that… I wonder if there was a specific reason for receiving this info.

  26. Anna

    Maria – This article has been read by thousands of people, so judging from the number of comments here, I still think that death premonitions which come true are the exception, rather than the rule.

  27. Rhonda


    At the age of 20 and under the influence of plant medicine, I predicted my first husband’s death. I knew that he would make it to the age of 39 (13 years in the future). It was a terrifying experience and I actually ran out of his family’s home upon speaking that prediction.

    He passed away in late 2011, at the age of 39 from an enlarged heart. We were separated and it was quite a shock, as I had forgotten what I had told him and his family all those years ago.

    The latest prediction I made under plant medicine was much happier. I was able to predict the birth of my best friend’s first and only child this past October. She insisted that he was due a week later and I assured her that he would be right on time on Oct. 3, 2014.

  28. Ervina D

    Hi Rhonda. I am new to all of this and hope you can tell me what is the plant medicine? Where did you get it? I never heard of it. =)

  29. Helen

    Hi everyone. I always had the age 31 in my head, and along with it a feeling that I’d die young. I used to scare myself with it as it kept coming up, but I’d push it to the back of my mind. When I was 31 I had a spiritual awakening, and I feel in a sense that part of myself did die. It was a very important year for me, and one which I’m very grateful for. I suppose there are some circumstances when you can misinterpret the messages that are coming through. I try as much as possible to be in the moment now, and not to worry about the future- which is easier said than done sometimes 🙂

  30. Maggie

    My son just turned 6 a couple of weeks ago. Ever since he was 3, he has mentioned not wanting to grow up or just stating that he wasn’t going to grow up. About 3 weeks ago (before his birthday) and again today he specifically said that he was going to stay 6, that he was not going to be 7. This scares me so much. When he said it three weeks ago and I asked for clarification, he expressed that he could have fun and have everything taken care of as a kid. But that he is repeating the concept again just scares me so much. Even if he is right, it doesn’t feel like there is anything I could do with that information except just stand in the sidelines waiting for life to do what it will.

  31. Danni

    I had my first “voice” at the age of 15 telling me about the death of a friends grandfather. I had never meet him before but saw him in the supermarket where I worked and as clear as day I heard a voice that said “he’s gone. Not long now” He passed away two weeks later from an undiagnosed illness.

    Since then I have heard this voice more than a dozen times over the last 17 years. Mostly it occurs when I meet someone for the first time, and as clear as day the message is “I am so glad I meet you before you died.”

    Because I have experienced this so many times now, in recent years the voice normally says something simple like “yes” and a very intense feeling washes over me. I know exactly what it is because of my past experiences.

    This doesn’t just happen for people I see in person, I have had this experience with a high profile person I saw on television, (it was announced a month later that he had been diagnosed with terminal cancer,) and then need to say “goodbye” a friends unborn baby.

    This year I saw a family friend for the first time in months and upon sitting next to him I felt a blinding pain in his head and the strongest feeling of grief that he too would soon die. I wrestled with this in my mind while sitting there but could not fight it. Two months ago he passed away from a bleed on the brain.

    Your website has been such a comfort to me to know that I’m not going crazy! I find so much comfort in the experience of others.

  32. vivian

    I want to know if premonition is true or not…. I saw some films like final destination, this film is based on premonition that’s why I am asking if it is or not… I am confused….. Pls answer me…

  33. Jessica Kelly

    Just read the article and for the most part I agree, most people’s premonitions are about changes needed in life. But I also believe there is that small percentage that can actually sense bad things coming, including death. My daughter and I are part of that small percentage.
    Just at the end of last year, my kids and I had moved to a new home. In December of 2016 I started having these visions of my son being killed. I tried to ignore them at first but they kept coming. Finally I let them fully play out. I had visioned my son being shot, then later talking to police about his death, I then experienced myself speaking at his funeral. I had told my son about my visions, but I’m not sure if he blew it off to me being crazy or just chose not to believe.
    I lost my son a month later on January 15th 2017.
    I’m haunted by this because I knew in my heart it was going to happen and I could of done more to save him.
    I later found out my daughter was having the same premonitions.
    It hasn’t ended there for us, although it doesn’t come in as strong and clear as my son’s death, we both sense the bad feelings we get when something wrong is going to happen. And usually the nature of those feelings are death.

    I feel like this gift, if you can call it that, was given to us for reason. Is there any advice you can give to tune into these feelings more? I couldn’t save my son but maybe I can help others…or maybe I meant to help others to cope….I’m still trying to figure this all out.

  34. Latoya

    Hello. I have on several occasions had my premonitions happen as I saw them. I had dreams and daydreams for months about my father passing away in his sleep while all of our family was here from out of town. We had a family reunion on my dad’s side at the house on a Friday night. That night I cried out of the blue before I went to sleep. I woke up to a lot to running and feet shuffling up stairs. I got up to make my way to the commotion and feeling came over my body and I literally whispered to myself “he’s gone” as I get to the top of the stairs I hear my mom say “but he’s not breathing” and I froze. My cousin who was a nurse had done I Trac in his neck. I went to my room and I sat there because I already knew he was gone. I couldn’t even cry. The ambulance came and took him to the hospital and my mom and older brother followed. Not to long later the phone rang and I answered the phone and my brother said “he’s gone”. I had had several conversations with family about those premonitions even my mom when I was having them before he passed and i couldn’t understand why I was having them. So when it happened everyone was trying to figure how did I Know.. i still can’t explain it. My dad passed July 26th 2003 I had just turned 18 on the 25th of June. Now fast forward to 2010, my now husband and i had a shared fork truck. Everytime I got to a certain area on the expressway while I was driving I would have a full on vision of me getting in traffic and getting hit from behind fairly hard by a black car. I would talk to my now husband about it and my friends and family and theu would always respond “dont say stuff like that”. I would try to explain it’s not like I want it to happen but I can see it clear as day, the color car, what I’m wearing everything. Fast forward a few months coming home from work on the expressway (close to that same spot)creeping theu traffic on my Bluetooth talking to my cousin I got a bad feeling in my body, something made me look up in my rear view mirror and i see I black car speeding up behind me. I couldn’t go anywhere because their was a car on both sides of me. I braced myself and yelled “oh shit” and that car smacked the back of my truck so hard my cousin heard it thru the Bluetooth. She screamed “oh my God what did you just hit”. I scream to her “he just hit the back of me”. And she freaked out before she remembered all of those conversations of me telling her I was gonna get hit from behind. Sorry for the long post but I have a hard time trying to understand this and so does my friends and family. Some people have said that some people are sensitive to spirits and things like that and that’s what it might be. I have seen other things over the years and they have also come into play. They’re small things compared the 2 I described in this message but they have played out nonetheless.

  35. Liz

    My husband has always talked about how he always knew he was going to die right before he turned 25. The week before his 25 th birthday we found out I was pregnant. So it was more of a rebirth/ new life than a death!

  36. Tusharika

    I had had a vision of getting a call from my native place and being informed that my dad had passed away. Immediately, I started booking the flight tickets and made preparations for travelling back to my hometown.

    within about 2 months of this vision, I lost my dad and got the phone call, booked the tickets and travelled back to my home town.

  37. Laniece

    For about the past 2 weeks, I kept having premonitions of my 27-year-old brother’s death. Not dreams while asleep, but wide awake, while doing regular, everyday things. Visions of him dead, in a casket and at his funeral. I also think I kept hearing a voice. Like an authority figure, or law enforcement, informing us of his death. I told myself I was tripping. I kept trying to shake it off. I kept asking myself why I was constantly thinking of his death. I even asked God to remove the thoughts and visions from my head. Some really crazy stuff. Weird feelings inside. I never shared with my brother or my sisters, because I believe you don’t speak those kind of things into existence. I wish I would’ve warned him or said something, although I’m unsure of how much that would’ve done. My brother was shot and killed less than 48 hours ago. 7 days before his 27th birthday, and 9-12 days after I started having these premonitions!! I was reading an article that said that if you have these premonitions, they can mean new life, change, the ending of a relationship, etc…. But it also said that if the visions are persistent and keep coming, then that usually means death. I am beginning to believe that, because of the way it felt when I was having the premonitions, deep down in the pit of my stomach, and because they just wouldn’t go away. It says premonitions are a sign or warning to complete whatever you had with the person, to prepare you to cope and deal with the loss and grief that is ahead, and most importantly to help your loved one’s soul transition. I wish I would’ve paid attention to the signs. Please pay attention to the signs, visions, and voices that we receive from a higher authority. Don’t take them lightly!

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