What Happens in a Spirit Guide Reading

Often as part of an Akashic Record Reading, someone will ask me about their Spirit Guides. As part of this, we have a look into who the person’s Spirit Guides are, what they look like, what their names are, and what they help the client with.

In this article, I am going to go into some depth around Spirit Guides and the other beings that pop up when we do this type of reading, for those of you who are curious.

All About Spirit Guides

Spirit Guides are helpful beings that hold a spiritual, expanded perspective of our lives. Even before we incarnate, we will choose the right guides to help us on our path for this lifetime.

Our Spirit Guides know our soul’s characteristics, path, and challenges. They know what we are here to learn in this lifetime, and their job is to help us to stay on track with the paths which align with our soul and life lessons. So they give us advice and assistance to that end.

Spirit Guides have a high vantage point on your life. If you are ‘down on the ground’ navigating the maze of your life, your Spirit Guides are looking down on that maze, knowing where it might ultimately lead you.

Spirit Guides help us to stay ‘on track’ by communicating with us through claircognizance (putting ideas or thoughts into our minds), clairsentience (through gut instincts, tingling/crawling sensations, and amplified emotions), clairaudience (our ‘inner voice’) and clairvoyance (symbols, images, and visions). We can also receive messages from our guides through dreams.

What Happens in a Spirit Guide Reading?

When I tune into someone, I usually find between 4 and 8 Spirit Guides.

One of these guides will have been with you from birth – this is the primary guide (the primary guide is one that speaks on behalf of the group and also the guide whose ‘voice’ will be most familiar to you.) The rest of the guides will join your group of spirit helpers at various times throughout your life and all the guides will be in place by the time a person is in their mid- to late-twenties.

The guides will have a variety of names and appearances. The guides I pick up on tend to present in human form, and the way they appear is always a reflection of their energy.

There are all different kinds of energies represented in clients’ Spirit Guide groups: healing, talkative, kind, empowering, nurturing, cheeky, no-nonsense, calm, animated, and funny, to give some examples.

We will always have the guides that we need. Sometimes we can have a guide that is similar to us, or we might have a guide who brings an energy that we are lacking in. Often star traveler clients will have a guide which has the same soul group of origin as them.

Some guides are very high-level guides who appear to me like floaty wisps of energy. Then there are others who are closer to the human plane of existence and are more tuned in with the realities of life here. They may appear as more ‘solid’ looking spirits.

They also give names that are a reflection of who they are (although not every guide will volunteer a name.) I get a lot of Western, ‘normal’ names from guides but sometimes I will get names that I’ve never heard before, and one time a guide even gave an unusual surname that was the client’s password (I think this guide was wanting to provide some kind of proof or confirmation for the client.)

Other Types of Guide

Sometimes I will pick up on temporary guides or animal guides.

Temporary guides are ones who come in to help a person with something in particular. You might have a healing guide come in if you are going through a painful break-up or divorce. Or if you are writing a book, you could find yourself with an extra guide who specializes in this area.

If a person has a great number of guides in their group, it will usually be because they have a few temporary guides who are helping with something specific and who will bow out at some point in the future.

Animal Guides

I sometimes pick up on the presence of an animal guide and I love to come across these types of energy. Animals in spirit bring different energetic qualities to us (just like our pets do) and we often end up with an animal spirit around us when we need that particular energy. Recently I’ve seen a dolphin (playful energy), a dog (loyal) and even a worker ant. The person with the worker ant around them needed to get stuck into a big project that they were putting off and dolphin energy can come up when a person does not make time for fun and recreation.

Other Beings

Once you’re tuned in, it’s not unusual to pick up on the presence of other beings, such as Guardian Angels or even deceased loved ones (although this doesn’t happen all that often for me.)

We usually have at least a couple of Guardian Angels with us and these often present as tall, sometimes intimidating beings of light. These Angels look out for our physical and emotional/spiritual safety. Guardian Angels keep us away from those dangers and things that can harm us physically or emotionally, which are not meant to be a part of our path here. Obviously not every danger will be avoidable, and sometimes our souls choose to get into sticky situations to learn something in particular. Our Guardian Angel might for example, help us to avoid a car accident that will be occurring by giving us the urge to take a different route or stop off on the way.

Some souls who have chosen challenging life paths and life lessons (the kind where they will be getting into sticky situations) have extra Guardian Angels around them. These challenging life paths/lessons could involve abusive relationships, an abusive or neglectful upbringing, a lifelong serious illness or being born into a war zone or a dangerous place.

Do Our Deceased Loved Ones Become Honorary Guides?

Our deceased loved ones and deceased animal companions look like they’re part of our Spirit Guide group when you tune in, but they are more like our non-physical ‘champions’ from the other side. Guides are human (or animal) souls who are on a path of evolution through being there for and guiding other souls. Our deceased loved ones are not usually on that path – instead they tend to be on a path of evolving through multiple incarnations. This does not mean however that they are not looking out for you from the other side. I’ve seen deceased loved ones who are still keeping watch over someone decades after they were separated by death.

Further reading/training in this area:

Meet Anna

Hi, I’m Anna Sayce! My purpose here on this website is to provide practical techniques and information to help empaths to understand, and fix the root of their energetic overwhelm & also to help sensitives to embrace and develop their intuitive gifts. I believe that developing our spiritual & intuitive side is very powerful and allows us to improve our own lives, and if we wish, even make the world a better place for others. Discover more >


  1. Leslie

    Hi Anna,
    I enjoyed reading this post, especially about the animals guides. I think mine might be a lion since I dreamt of one a long time ago and his energy really resonated with me.

    I had a question, you say the guides you’ve encountered have “a lot of Western, ‘normal’ names.” Why do you think that is?

  2. SusanK

    @ Leslie, my two cents is that often times there may not be an english equivalent for the guides name, or it may
    be unpronouncable, so a similar name of the same frequency as the guide’s name is given.

    Anna, I enjoyed this article very much!
    It gave validation to my own experiences with my guides.
    –I tend to doubt myself. :-/

  3. David


    I’ve felt for several days a newsletter would be forthcoming soon, and indeed, this
    edition arrived during the night! I located your website in late 2014 while scouring the Internet for information regarding pendulum use. Impressed with your comprehensive explanations, I followed that reference back to its source and promptly subscribed to your newsletter. Every newsletter has been an individual treasure trove of information that leads to further investigation. Kudos for your work. Your effort is very much appreciated. I hope to enroll in your basic course later in the year!

    I find the notion of animal guides compelling as I’ve noted from my many pet cats over the years many life lessons for us, their alleged masters. They are not burdened with emotive overload, restrained by dubious social expectations, or long to be something they are not – how refreshing. They always seem to be pleased being feline!

  4. Sophia

    Enjoy this! Thanks!

  5. Sarah

    Leslie my guess would be that because she works with a lot of Western clients, their guides choose names that are part of that person’s “culture” so to speak. If she did readings for people in Africa or the Middle East I’m sure the names that come through would be different 🙂

  6. Anna

    Hi Leslie,

    That’s a good question actually. I wonder if it’s because so many of my clients are Westerners. A tiny proportion of my clients come from the Far East and I have received Japanese named guides for those clients, spelled out phonetically, and I usually have no idea what the words or names are.

    Thanks to everyone for your comments!

    David, SusanK, Sophia – glad you enjoyed this article!

  7. Shannan

    Hi Ana!
    I’ve been working toward connecting with my Guides for several months and also learning more about the Akashic Records. In other posts you mention the difference between intuition and psychic abilities but you seem to use the terms interchangeable in your 9 steps report. Does accessing the Akashic Records and Connecting with Guides require developing psychic abilities or is intuition enough?
    Thanks so much!

  8. Anna

    Hi Shannan,

    It really depends on your gifts in this area – I tend to use the 2 terms interchangeably but to get more specific, the intuitive gifts are claircognizance and clairsentience and the psychic ones are clairvoyance and clairaudience.

  9. Marian Bayer

    Thank you Anna, this is a great article!!! What you share about the guides is very similar to my experiences working with them. Over the past few years my work with spirit has evolved into a unique focus of working with spirit guides. Thank you for encouraging people to know and connect with their guides. I especially like what you say about our loved ones. Yes, they may give us love, guidance and support, but they aren’t necessarily one of our ‘guides’. Warm regards, Marian


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