These Are the Top 4 Limiting Beliefs that Keep Lightworkers Stuck…& How to Get Past Them

In this article, I’m going to talk about the top 4 limiting beliefs which often stop healers, intuitives & lightworkers from making a living from their gifts.

These beliefs can stop us in our tracks and keep us stuck, long term.

First, I want to give a bit of background about my own struggle with limiting beliefs in my career:

Back in 2007, I was working in a language school in Spain as an English teacher, and it wasn’t a career I particularly enjoyed. I always had the sense that I was destined for something more than language teaching – I knew I was a lightworker who was here to help others. That same year, I trained as an Akashic Record reader and intuitive, and I opened up a business and started offering sessions on the evenings and weekends.

This change in my career made me so happy. 

I still remember the intense high I felt after doing a session for a client. I felt so blessed to be doing this work, and I knew I had found my vocation in life. This was ‘it’ – I had arrived, in terms of my soul purpose. 

Over the 14 years that followed, up to today, I managed to create a prosperous, full-time business out of what started as a little side hustle, that has reached millions of people with my online content. I’ve worked with thousands of students, trained hundreds of professional practitioners, and read for over 5000 people. 

However, it hasn’t been 100% rainbows and unicorns along the way. When I started out, I had many struggles. I had quite a negative attitude about life and business. I was also surrounded by skeptics, naysayers, and people in my personal life who wanted to undermine my soul’s purpose and my new-found work. There have been struggles and many limiting beliefs that tripped me up along the way.

That is what this article is about. I’m going to talk about the 4 most common limiting beliefs that trip lightworkers up in following their purpose, and I’m going to talk about how to get past them.

You will benefit from this article if you’re in one of the following situations:

  • You want to pursue your soul’s purpose (which involves some kind of lightwork, and it could be as a coach, a psychic or a healer) but you lack the courage right now. You’re too afraid to take the first steps
  • You don’t know whether you’re ‘healed’ enough as a person, to be able to follow your soul’s purpose
  • You’re afraid of what your family, friends or community will think of your new career path if you make this change and step into your soul’s purpose
  • You’re not sure if you’re gifted enough to be able to step into your soul’s purpose as a lightworker. You look around and you see other people killing it and you’re just not sure if there is room for you in this field.  

Just a note that even if you do hold these limiting beliefs, there are ways to move forward in spite of them.

Let’s have a look at the first one:

“I have to be perfectly healed in order to step into my soul’s purpose as a lightworker”

OK, let’s unpack this one.

When I started my business as an Akashic Record reader and healer, I was not remotely “healed”. I was incredibly unhealed. I was carrying a lot of trauma from a dysfunctional and abusive childhood, and I had not been into therapy yet. My life was actually a bit of a mess. 

I was a work in progress, and I still am. I wouldn’t call myself unhealed now (I’ve done so much healing). But I’m glad I got into this field at age 23 when I was still such a work in progress, from a healing standpoint. I was able to work with lots of clients and I helped more people. I also had the fulfilment of being aligned with my soul’s purpose from age 23 onwards, which was more rewarding than what I was doing in my day job as a teacher.

(Just a note that there can be times when it’s OK not to move forwards with your soul’s purpose, because you need to focus on other things. For example, you’re grieving a loss. Or something seriously traumatic just happened to you that you haven’t integrated.) 

But apart from things like that, don’t wait to be “ready” because you will most likely not ever feel ready or perfect enough to move forwards. Women in particular hold themselves to such high standards in this regard. 

Something else I’ve learned is that there’s also a symbiotic relationship between healing your own issues and working with a healer. What I mean by this is that when I was practising as a healer, I would go through phases of attracting lots of clients who were struggling with a particular issue or type of relationship.

I’d work with those clients and then realise I needed to cut a cord to someone from my past that mirrored the issues that were coming up in my client work. 

Effectively, my client work would highlight for me what I needed to heal, at exactly the right time I needed to heal it. If you’re a healer already, you know what I mean. 

(I hold the archetype of the ‘wounded healer’; I’m sure some people reading this also hold this archetype.)

So it’s totally wrong that you have to be perfectly healed in order to be a spiritual worker. In fact, as you work with your clients, you’ll continue working on your healing, and your clients will show you what you still have to heal. This is how Spirit works with us. 

We are all works in progress. That’s just how it is. Even the most experienced healers are.

Let’s have a look at the next most common limiting belief about stepping into your purpose:

2. “It’s too scary to come out of the spiritual closet!”

Another common stumbling block for light workers who want to go into the spiritual industry is this belief:

“If I hang out my shingle as a spiritual worker, I’ll lose some of my friends, or it will create social awkwardness. People will think I’m weird.”

I have a lot of experience with this one; both worrying about it, but then ultimately coming out of the spiritual closet and seeing what happens after that.

Here’s what I have learned about this:

When people around you know that you do spiritual work, the decent, reasonable people in your circle will still respect you (even if they have no interest in what you do.) That is because decent people generally respect the beliefs of those around them. They do not belittle them or make others feel uncomfortable due to their religious or spiritual beliefs. 

So you will not lose anyone decent and respectful from your life over this. 

One good thing about coming out of the spiritual closet, is that you can identify the intolerant people in your social circle relatively quickly. The intolerant people may say something about you behind your back or badmouth you, or laugh at you.

I’ve only had this happen to me a couple of times. Once was when I was on a weekend break in France with some friends from University. We were in a restaurant and I went to use the bathroom. As I was coming back up the stairs, I heard my friends badmouthing me because of my spiritual beliefs. The next day when the holiday ended, I never spoke to those people again. 

One of my parents does not respect what I do. I cut them out of my life because their disrespect had so many other different facets to it and it was toxic.

The main reason why people are scared to come out of the spiritual closet is because deep down they know that they have a couple of these people around them (i.e. intolerant people) and they would rather not deal with the conflict it may bring up, and everything that ensues as a result. 

You do not have to cut people out, but you may have to set clear boundaries around what you are willing to discuss with certain people in your life.

So, is fear of what people will think a valid reason for not stepping into your purpose? No. The number of people who let the opinions of other people (especially people they don’t even care about) dictate their path, is too high. I often come across people like this. And do you know what these people will be thinking on their deathbed? They won’t be thinking, I wish I had taken other random peoples’ opinions into account more. Instead, they’ll be thinking, it’s a shame I never stepped into what my soul is here to do, because of what some people (I didn’t even care about) thought. 

Do not be one of these people who dies without doing what they came here to do. 

OK, let’s have a look at the third belief that trips healers and light workers up. 

And it is:

3. Putting your soul purpose or light work off for another day, because you’re not sure if you’re gifted enough, talented enough, spiritual enough or psychic enough to start. 

You’ll know you hold this belief if you get intimidated by other people in the field and you think: “I’m not as gifted as X person”. Or “so and so does it so much better than I ever could.”

It can also manifest as imposter syndrome, feeling like “who am I to do (insert whatever it is you’d like to do)” 

You’ll also know if this applies to you if you think that you can’t be a lightworker and actually do light work unless you’re having loads of mystical experiences and have heat coming out of your palms. You may feel you need to have had your own dramatic awakening experience, and if it wasn’t dramatic enough, you’re not ready. 

Here’s the thing though:

The overwhelming majority of well-known light workers weren’t gifted from birth in intuition, healing, coaching or anything else they do. Almost all of them learned their skills.

You will often read on peoples’ websites things like: I have a psychic grandmother or I’m naturally gifted. But what people often won’t tell you is that like any field where you become an expert, you have to put in the work to develop real skills. It doesn’t just happen overnight. You put in the hours.

And you don’t need a special level of intelligence to go ahead and develop skills. Anyone can do it with enthusiasm and a will to learn. 

I personally learned all the skills I have used with clients. I had some intuition but it needed a lot of developing, and I definitely wasn’t born knowing how to do readings, for example.

So many people think you need to be naturally gifted from birth to go into the spiritual field and be a successful lightworker.

Can you see how this becomes a catch-22 situation that keeps you stuck? 

And it can keep people stuck for years because they don’t feel worthy. But worthiness is not something that other people give you. Worthiness is something you decide for yourself. You take it from life — life doesn’t give this to you. You decide, I am worthy of developing skills that allow me to live my soul’s purpose, even if I don’t seem especially talented right now.

You see this kind of belief tripping people up in multiple fields. For example: I’m currently learning to dance the tango. I’ve been learning intensively for about 10 months, and even though I don’t think I have much natural talent for dance, I’ve stuck with it. And you know what? While I’m in the process of acquiring the skills, there is bits of what looks like talent, starting to show itself. I don’t really think it’s inherent, natural talent; it’s more like fragments of dormant potential, that when you work on it, develops into something bigger. 

And that’s how it works for all of us.

No one learns tango for a couple of months and then turns into a fabulous dancer. It takes much longer.

And it’s the same for lightworkers, whether they are intuitives, coaches, healers, speakers, writers or whatever. They have fragments of dormant talent, and when they work on their skills, this turns into something much bigger.

This is why you don’t allow yourself to be tripped up by not feeling good enough, gifted enough or whatever. Because if you do, you will never give yourself the opportunity to develop the skills that will awaken those dormant fragments of talent.

You’ll stay stuck in that catch-22 situation forever. 

OK, now let’s look at the fourth belief that I’ve seen often holds lightworkers and healers back from committing to living their soul’s purpose.

It is the belief that:

4. “There are so many gifted people in the spiritual industry, that there’s no room for me.”

You’ll know this applies to you if you are discouraged when you see other peoples’ spiritual work, especially that belonging to successful people. You’ll feel like because they are killing it, why should you bother? Everyone loves so-and-so, so there’s no room for you.

I remember feeling this way myself about 14 years ago around the time I was creating my first website. I had a vision for my website of how I wanted it to look, and what I wanted to offer. 

My web developer at the time was working on it, and I knew what he was going to come up with wasn’t exactly going to be the website of my dreams. And it totally wasn’t. It was so ugly. I had massive website shame. 

Anyway, around this time I came across the website belonging to a woman who’d been in the field a few years, and I felt so deflated, because there was my website. How I wanted it to look, what I wanted to offer (we had trained in the same modality), and what kind of content I wanted on it. She’d already made my website. 

I actually cried that day because I thought there was no room for me. Somebody had already done it.

She stopped offering sessions shortly after that and her website is no longer in existence, but that’s besides the point.

The point is that even if her website still existed, there would have been room for both of us in this industry.

Here’s why: 

When a client gets a session or takes a course with a particular lightworker, they are not just seeking to resolve the problem that caused them to buy the session or the course. They’re also looking for someone with a personality that they like; someone whose energy they want to come into contact with, because it gives them something they need. An example of this would be someone who is grieving and needs gentleness. That person is not going to choose a straight-talking, no-nonsense, abrasive person. That energy can be valuable, but not so much for a person who is hurting. 

So because you have a unique set of energies on the soul level, you’re going to attract the people who need to come into contact with those energies and approach, for their particular situation. That’s how it works with lots of relationships. We vibe with some people and not others. And it’s the same in the spiritual industry. So, there is always, always room for you. 

If you are a budding psychic, healer or coach who knows what your soul purpose is, but cannot take the steps to move forwards with it, I hope this article gives you some encouragement to move past these limiting beliefs.

Remember that:

  • You don’t have to be perfectly healed to start
  • You don’t have to be amazingly talented to start, either 
  • When you come out of the spiritual closet, if you have one or more jerks in your life, they will reveal themselves to you. Decent and reasonable people, on the other hand, will not shame you for your beliefs or disrespect you.
  • No-one on their death bed laments the fact that they didn’t take enough random peoples’ opinions to heart
  • There is always room for you in the spiritual industry, precisely because there is no-one quite like you. 

And if you’re at the stage where you’re interested in getting trained as an intuitive or a healer, check out my professional-level programs:

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