What kind of work did you do in your most recent past lives? Here are some clues…

I sometimes offer Akashic Record readings to the general public. I’ve done thousands of these readings over the last 17 years and one of the things I’ve noticed is that our past life professions really do have an impact on what we’re good at in this lifetime.

Most of us can look back over our childhoods and say, that made me who I am. If you grew up in a family of artists, you probably know something about art, and you may be an artist yourself, because it was usual in the household you grew up in to pick up a pencil or watercolours and create something.

Or if you grew up in a family of people who love to cook, chances are you know how to cook, too.  

Our past lives have an impact in the same way as our childhood influences — they are like a hundred (or more) forgotten ‘childhoods’ that have shaped who we are today. 

I have found that in particular, the most recent 2-3 lifetimes can often shed light on what we are good at and what kind of work we may choose in this lifetime. There may be some continuity between what you chose to do in your most recent past life and what you choose in this lifetime. If you did not choose a similar career to one you had in a recent past life, it will still be an area you are very confident in. 

When I read for my niece, I found that she was a high-ranking Austrian/Hungarian army officer in World War I. This made me laugh because the adults in the family often compared her to an army general because she used to yell orders at people. Plus, she loves horse riding and horses.

I, on the other hand, do not like to be around horses at all (I’m a bit scared of them), and when I did a past life regression I found that one of my more recent lives ended when I fell in front of a horse.

But I am a confident driver and I am a confident cook, and I started cooking fairly early on in life. Both of these are professions I have had in my most recent lifetimes.

My most recent lifetime was as a truck driver in California (that life ended in the 1970s). I love to drive (especially at night) and I’m really happy behind the wheel. I also love 60s and 70s music, and I sometimes wonder if that is why. 

The short lifetime before that was spent as a cook’s assistant in a kitchen in Kastoria, Greece, in a home that was owned by a Sephardic Jewish family. 

A little bit further back, I was a governess who taught the children of a wealthy British family in Italy. 

I did not choose driving or cooking in this lifetime as my profession, but I easily could have done as I enjoy both of these. I did, however, choose to teach. 

If you were to guess as to your most recent lifetimes and what kind of work, what would you guess?

You may find that the things that come to mind are spot on. 

Here are some clues as to your past life work:

Are you a natural-born mystic? Have you had a lot of spiritual experiences in your life, or times when you feel very connected to the Divine? If so, it’s likely you have had many religious lives (in various religions and spiritual traditions) spent in communion with the Divine. 

Do you love animals? Feel at one with nature? Enjoy the simple things in life? Enjoy cooking/gardening? You’ve probably had many farming lifetimes, living off the land and growing your own foods. 

Do you have a love of the outdoors and enjoy hunting & fishing? Are you a skilled hunter? If so, you’ve likely had lifetimes hunting to provide for your tribe or family.

If you love being on the water and took to it straight away, maybe you have been a mariner or seafarer in a previous life.

If you’re drawn to alternative ways to heal, such as Reiki or herbalism, it’s likely that you’ve studied alternative healing in a previous life, or been a wise woman or healer for your tribe. 

More clues as to your past life professions:

  • Ask yourself what would you be doing if you were not involved in your current profession? The answer to this is often something you have done in a recent past life
  • What did you play at when you were a child? (I often played teacher with imaginary students) 
  • Look at your south node in astrology. 

Note also that our past lives can give us strange or unexplainable quirks that carry over from one lifetime to the next. For example, I do not like having milk and meat in the same meal. I don’t like to fry a steak in ghee or butter, for example. 

I never actually knew why I felt this way until I did the past life regression that took me back to the lifetime where I was a cook’s assistant in a Jewish household. I definitely hadn’t come into contact with the custom in this lifetime, because I grew up in an area where there were no (or hardly any) Jewish people and the only Jews I have met, are clients I have worked with.

I have done 14 past life regressions as a client (so I know a lot about my past lives) and in addition, I’ve done research in the Akashic Records about my past lives. If you’re interested in learning how to read your own (and others’) past lives, you might be interested in my Akashic Record Reading Program.

The talents and skills that we have developed in our past lives are still with us. And sometimes finding out what we did in previous lives can validate our likes, dislikes, quirks, skills and more. We can even pinpoint the career paths that we would be good at, based on our past lives. 

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