4 (Kind of Embarrassing) Mistakes I Used to Make as an Intuitive Healer

One of the most disheartening experiences I have ever had in my spiritual career was this:

When I first trained as an intuitive healer 13 years ago, clients sometimes got in touch to say that the healing session they had just had with me, brought them zero results. They didn’t feel different & it didn’t impact on their life in any way.

This used to happen to me when I learned a particular spiritual healing modality (the first one I ever trained in) and put it into practice with my clients.

This was a modality that taught me how to do Akashic Record Readings and healings. I loved the reading part of the modality (and my clients loved it too), but from the feedback I was getting, I also saw that the healing part of the modality was ‘hit and miss’.

As a perfectionist who so wanted to help people, this was discouraging feedback to get repeatedly.

And although I kept the Akashic reading part of my training, I stopped using the healing aspect of the modality I trained in, and went on a 7 year mission to find out what was wrong. And I wanted to know what to do instead.

In this article, I am going to share what I have discovered about why many healing methods out there (including the one I was taught 13 years ago) sometimes do not work, and what we can do instead. I hope it raises awareness about how to make intuitive healing more effective.

Let’s have a look at the first mistake I used to make as a healer (and which I see many other intuitive healers making…)

1. I used to clear earthbound spirits/negative entities for people, but I didn’t show my clients how to stop attracting these spirits, and so the effects of my work were not long lasting

Oh, and I sometimes used saging and sound to clear spirits from spaces. 

Read on to find out why these approaches are not very effective.

So, as mentioned, one of the things I was taught to do as a healer 13 years ago, was that I learned to clear earthbound spirits (otherwise known as negative entities) from peoples’ auric fields.

Here’s a bit of introductory info about earthbound spirits in case you’re not familiar with this term:

Earthbound spirits are dead people who haven’t fully crossed over to the light after death. They’ve left a part of themselves (their mental or emotional bodies) on the earth plane because they’re too scared to cross over, or they have unfinished business. They’re essentially stuck spirits.

Then they can attach to both people and places. When they attach to people, they (1) drain energy, (2) amplify negative emotions and (3) feed us bogus intuitive guidance (because the guidance we can accidentally channel from them, isn’t coming from a high vibrational place.)

Healers have all kinds of ways to clear earthbound spirits, some of these methods (such as saging and using singing bowls or gongs) make spirits flee, but they often come back later, because such healers are scaring the bejesus out of the spirits, rather than actually helping them to cross over into the light.

The only way we can clear an earthbound spirit permanently from a person’s auric field, is by having the spirit cross over into the light and make their way to the other side. We don’t clear a spirit by making a noise that scares it away, or by wafting sage smoke (they hate sage smoke.) This just makes them leave but they can easily come back later, and they often do.

We also don’t clear earthbound spirits by banishing them with fearful energies. The earthbound spirit release process needs to be done with love and light (and with the help of some Divine beings) otherwise earthbound spirits will dig their heels in further and refuse to cross over.

The other problem with many earthbound spirit release processes is that they don’t have a lasting effect. 

If you’re going to clear these spirits for people, you need to be able to teach the client how to stop attracting earthbound spirits in the first place.

There is a reason the client attracts these spirits, and there’s also a way to make it stop, permanently. My method of helping clients in this way with no longer attracting spirits involves the client doing a 21-day process where they talk to their subconscious mind every day for 21 days, and ask the subconscious to stop engaging with lower vibrational spirits.

The repetition over the 21 days is really important. By the time the client has gone through this process, they no longer even notice the low-vibrational spirits or engage with them. They are able to tune them out permanently and focus only on the high-vibrational spirits, like guides and angels.

If you do not teach your clients how to do this for themselves, your healing session to help them remove spirits (especially if that healing involves sound or saging) is putting a sticking plaster over something that is a bigger problem. That client can take on another earthbound spirit within minutes or hours of your session. This is because certain people do attract these spirits a lot – namely Reiki practitioners, empaths, spiritualists, cannabis users and psychic developers.

In my Intuitive Healing Program, I teach people not only how to clear earthbound spirits for their clients, but also how to show their clients how to never have this problem of an earthbound spirit attachment, ever again.

Let’s have a look at the second common reason intuitive healing can fail:

2. Healers think they’re cutting cords for people, but they’re often not actually doing this — they’re usually cutting the more minor psychic ties instead

When I started out as a healer 13 years ago, one of the types of healing that I learned to do for people was cord cutting. I would ask an Archangel to go ahead and cut all my client’s cords. This was the type of healing session that had the poorest results, and here’s why:

We cannot cut a cord of attachment in a two minute ceremony by asking Archangel Michael to do it for us.

If we do this, we are cutting psychic ties, not cords.

Here’s the difference between cords and psychic ties:

A cord of attachment (and this is the one I was trying to cut back then) is a significant structure between two people, which contains all the negative dynamics of the relationship or encounter. The energies within that cord circulate back and forth between the two people. These cords can be cut, but if you want results, you need to do it properly. This means that you cut the cord in a 45-60 minute session, dedicated to that relationship ONLY. This is because you need to extract the life lessons contained within the cord. You cannot cut these in 2 minutes.

A psychic tie (and this is what I was actually cutting, without realising) is a superficial energetic structure that we form to people we encounter or interact with. These look like thin, gossamer, ‘spider web’ type energetic attachments. We can form them to anyone – our loved ones, strangers on the street, people we hear about in the news, and random people we come across on social media.

Psychic ties CAN be cut in a two minute process that calls on an Archangel. And psychic ties can be cut daily.

Cords of attachments on the other hand, only need to be cut once. Plus these cords of attachment can really affect us negatively, whereas psychic ties are more minor attachments that don’t have a big impact. A major cord of attachment is going to affect you much more adversely than all of your psychic ties put together.

So therefore, if you’re cutting a cord in a 2 minute process, and you have to keep on doing it, you’re not cutting a cord. 

You are cutting a much more minor structure called a psychic tie.

And no one should be paying a healer to get their psychic ties cut. It’s so simple & quick you can do it yourself.

So that’s what I was actually doing for people when I was trained as a healer 13 years ago. I was charging people good money to cut their psychic ties because that was what I was taught to do.

Don’t make the same mistake I did and be that healer who charges a client good money for something that you need no skills to do. Clients can do it themselves in 2 minutes! It’s such a waste of time and money (your client’s time and money, to be more precise) to be doing this. If you’re going to cut your clients’ psychic ties for them, it should only be a quick add on to a session, NOT the centrepiece of a session.

Instead, get some real skills and learn to cut a cord for your clients, which is where the real magic happens. Cord cutting creates real energetic shifts — permanently. And cord cutting is worth charging good money for.

Here is some feedback from a client who worked with Shelly, who is a healer I trained in this method of cord cutting. (She often gets rave reviews…you can find more of them here.)

“Shelly’s cord cutting work is deep and effective. I was seeking some guidance with supporting my 13-year-old daughter. As most people know, the teenage years are challenging for parents. Ever since doing the cord cutting session with Shelly there have been huge shifts that have happened in our family. Shifts that I was hoping would happen but were not because of stuck patterns and resistance. Since the session the stuck patterns now have movement and light is shining into some of the shadow places. It was not immediate or shocking, instead it has been a gradual shift but nonetheless huge. I am very thankful for having found Shelly through a dear friend. The message I received at the end of our session was profound and very helpful.”

– Beth B, DiscoverEaseInWellness.com

You don’t get those kinds of results when you’re cutting psychic ties. But you can get those results when you do a true cord cutting.

Cord cutting is something I teach in my upcoming Intuitive Healing Program, and I teach people how to do it properly.

Now let’s have a look at the third common mistake many intuitive healers make:

3. They are often taught to involve their guides in the healing process.

(13 years ago, I was taught to do this, too. Oops!)

Here’s the problem with calling on our guides to help us in a healing session:

Healing can happen with the help of a Divine being, which is God (or the Divine intelligence — use your own preferred term), an Archangel, or an Ascended Master.

Guides are NOT divine beings. They are astral beings. Astral beings cannot move or clear energy. Astral beings are great for guidance, and bad for energy healing or clearing.

If you involve them in your healing process (by calling on them in any way & at any point during any kind of healing session), they will oblige by helping you out with the healing but they will use YOUR energy for the clearing or healing and you will feel tired afterwards.

Don’t waste your time on this. Instead, enlist the help of the Divine beings (like Archangels and Ascended Masters) for your healing sessions.

That way, you don’t end up exhausted, and you do a better job for your client, too.

Let’s now have a look at the fourth reason intuitive healers’ work can have a limited impact on their clients:

4. Many intuitive healers don’t understand the difference between ordinary and enmeshed earthbound spirits, and if they do, they don’t know that you need to use two different processes to clear them

Earlier in this article, I talked about earthbound spirits and explained what we have to do to clear them for clients (i.e. help them to cross over into the light.)

Those spirits that I referred to previously in this article, are ordinary earthbound spirits. That means that those spirits are attached to the outside of a client’s auric field. They’re fairly easy to clear from a person’s aura when you know how.

There is another type of earthbound spirit, which is the enmeshed earthbound spirit. These attachments are not as common, but I see them on occasion. An enmeshed earthbound spirit is one that is attached to the INSIDE of your client’s auric field, and occupying a small portion of her life force energy.

(You can read all about enmeshed earthbound spirits here.)

These spirits are deeply attached to clients, and you cannot release them using the same technique you’d use to clear an ordinary earthbound spirit.

In order for the clearing to happen, you also need to release the deep attachment between the client and the enmeshed spirit. You can do this by combining an ordinary earthbound spirit release, with a cord cutting process between the client and the spirit. And you also need to do some work to ensure that any information and memories the spirit has gathered during the time spent with the client, are also released.

If you do not do this properly, or if you treat an enmeshed spirit like an ordinary one (and many healers cannot tell the difference between the two types of earthbound spirit), you either fail to release the spirit, or you release the spirit but it migrates over to your own energy field.

The technique that I learned 13 years ago to release enmeshed spirits, fell well short of these requirements and I kept ending up with clients’ enmeshed spirits migrating over to my energy field, instead of crossing over to the light. As a result, I was having to release these spirits from my own energy field after a session, and they were highly reluctant to cross over. The technique I was taught to release these spirits was a complete mess in that regard, and it got tiring very fast.

To avoid botching the process, or to avoid failing to recognise which spirit we’re dealing with, healers need to learn an earthbound spirit release technique that differentiates between the two types of spirit, and uses an appropriate technique for releasing each.

I can teach you how to do both of these things.

I hope this article helps to raise awareness of what does and doesn’t work in the realm of intuitive healing.

And if you’d like to take advantage of my years of experience working out what does and doesn’t work, and get trained properly (rather than using hit and miss techniques that don’t create any permanent results), check out my Professional Intuitive Healing Program.

Trust me when I say that I’ve done all the botching of the intuitive healing processes over the last 13 years (and learned from them!) so you don’t have to.

In an upcoming article, I’m going to go into a lot more detail on my cord cutting process, and explain what does and doesn’t need to be included in a cord cutting session, in order for it to work. So stay tuned for that.

Meet Anna

Hi, I’m Anna Sayce! My purpose here on this website is to provide practical techniques and information to help empaths to understand, and fix the root of their energetic overwhelm & also to help sensitives to embrace and develop their intuitive gifts. I believe that developing our spiritual & intuitive side is very powerful and allows us to improve our own lives, and if we wish, even make the world a better place for others. Discover more >


  1. RIch Hamm

    Hi Anna,

    The description in your article is very similar to my experience! (I probably should have known), but it’s nice to know that you are also doing this type of work! Thank you for sharing! Peace, Love & Light

  2. Paul Schofield

    Hello Anna,

    May I say beautifully and honestly explained, and very similar to my experiences.

    I have occasionally assisted a medium friend in helping earthbound spirits.
    He usually “talks” to them and helps them to understand where and what they are.
    Then in association with his guide from the higher realms (who was a lama on earth hundreds of years ago) they help the spirit to cross over, which they willingly and happily do.

    While earthbound, many spirits were confused about their situation and the passage of time etc., and most seemed to mean no harm. Occasionally there was a harmful one, but these were readily identifiable, and situations like that showed the need for training and for spiritual connection to the higher realms of spirit.

    I remember one case of an enmeshed earthbound spirit, an unfortunate suicide who had attached himself to a person we came across. When asked about it, this person said the spirit had been with him for over 10 years. We offered to help him be free of it, but to my surprise the person didn’t want to lose the connection and just carried on as was. The influence of the enmeshed spirit could clearly be seen leading the person astray now and then, and was holding up his spiritual progress, but the spirit was welcome within the person’s life and, sadly, at that time, there was no helping him, and he subsequently moved house and we never saw him again.

    On the healing methods and invoking help from Divine beings, by trial and error I eventually found this to be very true. Nowadays I always sincerely ask within, for Jesus or God to help, for us to work together to help someone, we are all a part of Divinity, and so we have access to the power of creation and healing in abundance, it is just a matter of realising that, and who and what we truly are.

    Thank you so much for your article Anna,


  3. Hansa Rover

    Hi, Thanks for your honesty. My question is in such cases, where the client claims that he/she didn’t get a single benefit from your readings or they didn’t feel different & it didn’t impact on their life in any way, shouldn’t the AR reader/healer refund the money to clients in such cases because firstly the reader/healer himself/herself is not aware of insufficiencies/shortcomings/incorrectness of their practiced methods on the clients? Like in your case, you realized your mistakes after 3 years of practicing on clients. Many other healers or AR readers don’t even acknowledge that after receiving feedbacks from clients. Since normally AR readings are quite high-priced, how did you compensate your clients who were not satisfied with your readings?

  4. Anna Sayce

    I offered refunds on the healing sessions in some cases back then when the results were poor. Please note that I am talking about healing sessions, not readings. There has never been a time when I have felt unsatisfied with my readings. The healing sessions that I did back in 2007-2010 were usually combined with a reading, and people found the reading part valuable but often not the healing part. So there was usually a sense of the client having got something out of their session even in ones where there was a healing. 

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