A Complete Guide to Neville Goddard’s SATS technique for manifesting

Neville Goddard (1905-1972) was a New Thought teacher who wrote many books about what he called the Law of Assumption. The Law of Assumption states that what we assume to be true, is what will manifest in our lives.

Neville Goddard’s methods for manifesting therefore revolve around impressing upon the subconscious mind that you are already are what you want to be, or that you already have what you want in life.

Neville Goddard taught a method for conscious manifestation, which he called SATS (State Akin To Sleep.) 

SATS involves getting into a very relaxed and drowsy state, and then using visualisation to manifest.

In this article I’m going to give you the steps for this process. Although Neville Goddard recommends doing it last thing at night as you are falling asleep, I prefer to do it during the day. I’ve given instructions for both below.

If you don’t want the introductory information about SATS and you just want to jump straight to the instructions, you will find the links below:

What I have manifested using SATS

I can attest to the power of this method. Using it, I have manifested my way out of a chronic health issue (seasonal affective disorder) that I had for 22 years. I also used this method to help me become asymptomatic in a very serious autoimmune disease, to the point where I’m no longer affected by it.

So, I highly recommend you give SATS a go if there is something you wish to manifest in your life. 

The SATS method is something that you will want to do every day, until you feel your subconscious mind is impressed.

Just a note that SATS is not for everyone. It’s just one method for manifesting and if you can’t make it work for you, there are many other methods to choose from (more on that at the end of article.)

Here is my Daytime SATS process:

  1. The first step is to choose your desire. As an example, let’s say that your desire is to start your own business and make a good, full time income that way.
  1. The second step is to work out what is the real energy or feeling behind your desire (this is important for the visualisation process!) What are you really searching for with this desire? Most people who want to start their own business and make a good income are after freedom. They want the feeling of freedom that having a business will give them. Or it could be abundance that they are after. 
  1. Next, come up with a scene that encapsulates what you would be experiencing if your desire came true. So, for the example of starting your own business that brings prosperity into your life, perhaps you would be sitting in your new home (bought with the profits of your business), and feeling abundant. Or feeling free, because you can go play golf in the afternoon rather than be at work. Choose a scene that embodies the feeling you would like to experience.

Make sure that it is a scene that shows the aftermath of you having achieved your desire, not a scene that shows you still in the process of achieving it.

When imagining, I also like to describe out loud what is happening in the scene, for example, if you are sitting in your new home, make sure you are describing yourself living in it, for example sitting by the fire and feeling the warmth of the fire, and satisfied that you have a beautiful home that is all yours. Or maybe you are working in the garden and planting your favourite flowers, thinking to yourself how happy you are to have a garden of your own. Describe what you can feel, what you can smell or taste, and what you can hear.

I like to do this process standing up, so that I can give the feeling (e.g. ‘freedom’ or ‘abundance’) a colour and see that energy entering the top of my head and coming into my body. I then see it enter all my body parts one by one, and meditate on that feeling. I breathe it in and get a bit high on it. 

Doing SATS before bed

Personally, I like to do this process of SATS during the day but Neville Goddard taught people do it at night, just before sleep. The reason for this is because your subconscious mind is easier to impress when you are close to sleep. I have had good results from visualising during the day, so I don’t think it 100% needs to be done before sleep.

You can experiment with the timing of it and see which one works for you.

Here’s the process of SATS as done just before sleep:

  1. Lie down and close your eyes
  2. Take several deep breaths and then quiet your mind by meditating, until you feel a state of deep relaxation. You may need to do this for several minutes or longer. SATS means ‘state akin to sleep’ so you MUST be relaxed for this method to work
  3. Next, create a scene of what you would be experiencing if your wish came true – the scene should last between 5-15 seconds. (There is instructions for coming up with a scene in the daytime instructions.) Remember to experience the scene as vividly as possible with your senses. (Important note: make sure that you are not trying too hard when you do this technique. If you find you’re ‘efforting’, you’re too alert and awake, and you need to relax further.)
  4. Replay this scene over and over until you fall asleep
  5. Repeat nightly until you feel you already possess your desire

So that’s all there is to doing SATS the Neville Goddard way.

Do you struggle with SATS and ‘feeling it real’? 

If so, I have an optional step for you — this is something I personally include whenever I am doing SATS during the day (it probably isn’t going to work for the night time method). 

If you struggle with visualisation (or ‘feeling it real’), I recommend finding a memory or time in your life when you felt the feeling you are wanting to experience in your life. In order to find a relevant memory, it might help to go over all the highlights of your life and your best memories. 

For example, when I want to feel the feeling of freedom, I remember a time back in secondary school, around the age of 8, when school broke up for summer and I realised that I had the whole summer ahead of me to explore the outdoors (including some time at my grandparents’ farm) and just be a kid, with no restrictions on me.

Once you have located a memory that can help you to anchor the feeling of freedom into your mind and energy, you will want to relive it.

I recommend reliving it by writing out in a lot of detail this experience of freedom. Once you’ve written out the details, describe the experience out loud while reliving the memory.

Make sure to remember what you saw, felt, heard and perceived at the time of this memory. For example, the afternoon when I was rejoicing in the freedom of school being broken up for summer, I remember feeling the sun on my skin and seeing a blue sky. I also remember the hum of a lawn mower in the background and smelling freshly cut grass. I remember loving the beautiful weather. It doesn’t matter if your memories are 100% accurate — it just matters that you can evoke the feeling of freedom (in this example), using your description. I find that the more vivid the details are that you put into it, the more the feeling or energy you’re seeking, is available to you. 

Once I’ve meditated on this feeling of freedom a little, I give it a colour, and I see it enter the crown of my head and come into all my body parts. I get high on this feeling of freedom. I breathe the freedom in. I continue to meditate on the feeling of freedom for at least a few minutes. 

So, if you struggle to feel the feeling of your wish fulfilled, I recommend starting with an actual experience you have had in the past that encapsulates the feeling you are after, and meditate on that several times in a row over a period of a few days. All you are doing with this step is anchoring the feeling into your body, so that it becomes easier to locate for future visualisations, and you can completely skip this step if you prefer. 

To give you another example of how your visualisation might work, if your desire is to meet a partner and be married, you will want to decide what is the feeling you would like to have in your life through this experience. Perhaps the feeling is belonging, and closeness/intimacy. Or being adored. First of all you will want to search for times in your life when you felt you belonged, or when someone adored you. Relive those moments in a lot of detail. 

Then come up with a scene that encapsulates that sense of belonging you are looking for. Don’t choose a scene where you are being married (that belongs to the process), instead choose a scene in the aftermath of being married. Maybe it is you lying in bed next to your spouse, while they are cuddling you, you are playing with your wedding ring and smiling to yourself about how you are married now. Maybe you feel the warm embrace of your partner and feel that sense of belonging. 

So, memories from the past can really help us to anchor in the feeling of the ‘wish fulfilled’ when we’re doing SATS the Neville Goddard way. 

As mentioned, I’ve had fantastic results using this method, so if you’re interested in testing out the Law of Assumption, I highly recommend giving it a go.

Here are those 2 methods again:

A Final (Important) Note on SATS

When people think of SATS, they think of visualising. However, that’s not what SATS is.

SATS is about the state you are in – remember it stands for States Akin To Sleep. It means being in a drowsy, deeply meditative state. It’s the state between sleeping and waking up.

So, this is not about perfecting a visualisation. Instead, it’s about getting in such a drowsy state that visualising feels effortless. It’s not about consciously daydreaming when you’re in bed at night. It’s about learning to get into a deeply relaxed state, and then using a technique such as visualisation. One way to elicit this relaxed state during the day is to have a big meal.

Bear in mind that there are other techniques you can use once you are in this very drowsy and deeply meditative state, such as affirmations. (I have a list of techniques for conscious creation here.)

Further Reading:

I offer a free online resource for manifesting your desired reality using the Law of Assumption — it’s a collection of online articles which are presented in the right order so that you can use them as a ‘how to’ guide. It’s quite a comprehensive resource and can help take you from A to B with almost any intention. You can find that here.

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  1. Monica

    In the previous article you mentioned we can have many things we want to manifest using the Law of Assumption and gave an example of an all-encompassing affirmation one can use. This SATS seems to allow for only one outcome per 15-30 minutes daily meditation. How do we work on many desires simultaneously using SATS?

  2. Selina

    Hi, just wondering if it’s okay/possible to manifest for other people, like family for example?

  3. Brooke Kelly

    Wow, all these articles could not have come at a better time. I recently started diving into Neville Goddard as Brain Scott has on his YouTube channel a reading of The Feeling is the Secret and I am currently reading Dr. Bruce Lipton’s Biology of Belief. I just ordered Neville Goddard’s Law of Assumption Workbook. What I wish I could ask you is what to manifest first…. I currently have a very low amount of money coming in (temp job that didn’t start yet) and I do have a family and a house and bills and we cannot afford one income. AND, I am working on bringing in the career of my dreams (not the one I had for the last 17 years that I walked away from)….I want be with a group of like minded people where we go and have land empowering ceremonies, or ceremonies for healing circles, using crystals and stones well magical tools… AND I am still developing my connection to the unseen realm to get direct revelation so I can be part of this group but I want it as a career so somehow this would be a paid position….so they are all pretty major things but this is what my heart wants…is this all too lofty? I mean if something seems like too magical and maybe not real, is that something we can still manifest? Am I allowed to work on all three at the same time, or security first and I should call in Wealth and Prosperity Consciousness? it is so confusing…and yet I know this will work given time and done properly. Well, that career may be a little lofty as there are absolutely no groups like that here at all where I live….but if I had WEALTH then I could start it!?? Well any insight would be much appreciated. But already your articles have been an angel send. Thank you for the time and energy and detail you put into these. So much gratitude.

  4. Anna Sayce

    Hi Brooke, No, your intentions are not too lofty!

    I encourage you to start out by working on one first https://annasayce.com/the-law-of-assumption-how-to-work-with-multiple-intentions/ and anchoring the energy of that intention into your subconscious mind for a couple of weeks at least before moving on to the next one.

    If your desired intentions seem lofty to you or a long way from your current life, just be prepared for a potentially lengthy bridge of incidents (https://annasayce.com/the-bridge-of-incidents-the-law-of-assumption/)

  5. Brooke

    Hi Anna,
    Thank you for taking the time to respond to me. I really can’t thank you enough for these articles and how amazingly simple yet powerfully you summed up the teachings for people to get started. Yup, I have decided to bring in Wealth, I will start this organization myself. I will find and bring in like minded people. I will have the capital to pay them as well. This feels right to me. I am not asking for money to be greedy. I will have my cup filled to where it is overflowing and it will overflow to other’s cups. Oh, and I LOVE the way you use tarot for divination, the way you word the questions really resonated with me. Again, ANGEL SEND YOU ARE!! Thank you<3

  6. Amy

    Hi Anna
    How did you find your way around getting rid of your seasonal affective disorder with the method? If someone is in a low mood and has that feeling of things feeling a little meaningless, what are you focusing on to remove those thoughts? I’m finding it more difficult to know what to do in that situation as opposed to manifesting a physical thing or situation.

    • Anna Sayce

      Hi Amy, when your mood is low, I think focusing on any positive scene/desire through SATS is useful and it doesn’t matter what it is, as long as it involves experiencing a desired future reality. See yourself enjoying life and feeling happy. If there are any circumstances that are affecting your mood, imagine that they are gone.


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