How I Waved Goodbye to Depression & S.A.D. Using the Law of Assumption

This post is a summary of what I’ve learned about metaphysics & the nature of reality in the last year.

Some of my regular readers may know that over the last 12 months or so, I withdrew much of my energy from this website and business, not because I wanted to, but because of various conditions in my life. One of those conditions included seasonal affective disorder (aka seasonal depression) that had been going on for around 22 years. It was leaking into the rest of the year (i.e. it was not just seasonal anymore – I was having an issue with depression all year round).

I spent the first few months or so of my time off, working on trying to solve the “problems” I had, but I found that after an initial period of improvement, my progress stalled and the more I focused on solving my problems, the worse they got.

In the last 9 months or so, I started to explore the idea that the problems I was dealing with were actually the result of a state in consciousness that I was embodying — the result of my assumptions and beliefs about myself and about life, along with my mental pictures, feelings and conditioned responses.

This was a huge shift for me.

I’ve spent the last several months reading extensively on this idea. The authors who’ve influenced my thinking around this the most are: Joe Dispenza, Vadim Zeland, Neville Goddard and Joseph Murphy.

At first I had a lot of resistance to the idea that I had created the problems I was dealing with, through my own consciousness.

The reason for the resistance was mainly because I dabbled in the Law of Attraction around 15 years ago, with no success. I was heavily into Abraham-Hicks material, and although it was appealing on the surface of things, it didn’t do anything for me, with its focus on feeling good all the time, which quite frankly was unsustainable. I also noticed that the Law of Attraction was definitely not working for anyone I knew who was using it. Indeed, the people I knew who used the Law of Attraction stayed stuck in undesirable situations long term.

Over time, something about the Law of Attraction as taught by Abraham-Hicks felt ‘off’ to me and I suspected it worked well for naturally happy people, but not for people like me who had tended towards pessimism in the past. I also disliked what I saw as the ‘toxic positivity’ it espoused.

And so for the next 15 years, I gave away my power…

…simply because I couldn’t make the techniques work for me and they didn’t make my life any better.

Then in the last 6 months, I found Neville Goddard’s books, which are about the Law of Assumption (not the Law of Attraction.) Neville Goddard (1905-1972) was one of the most famous New Thought philosophers and mystics, and his teachings correspond beautifully to modern experiments in Quantum Physics.

The Law of Assumption (Neville Goddard coined this term) states that you create in life what you assume and expect. By simply assuming that your wish has been fulfilled, and living from that state of fulfilment (using your imagination), you move yourself to a lifeline where that desire has materialised.

What do I mean by a lifeline?

I learned about lifelines from the book ‘Reality Transurfing’ by the Russian quantum physicist & mystic Vadim Zeland. In it, he teaches that all of time is happening at once. All possibilities that could ever be, already exist and are happening all at once. As the Bible states, creation is finished. We don’t create possibilities in our lives, instead we choose the ones we want, and we travel along ‘lifelines’ to the realities we choose. Absolutely every possible scenario that you could encounter in your life, already exists as a possibility for you to choose, in the quantum field. (Most people are not choosing consciously). We spend our lives travelling along various lifelines, until we reach the end of our lives. There are countless favourable lifelines and unfavourable lifelines running parallel to one another.

Vadim Zeland says you can induce a shift to a more favourable lifeline, by simply choosing and intending to, and by changing your story about yourself and life, and changing your feelings and reactions to life, to something more positive. You choose what you experience next, by using your imagination to create. Have you ever noticed yourself having arguments with someone in your mind? Or plotting how you will respond and what you will do, if such-and-such a negative eventuality comes about? This is what I mean by using imagination to create, although in these two examples you are creating what you don’t want.

The spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle, in his book ‘The Power of Now’ also teaches that the future doesn’t exist – there is only the now. The future is just a perception. The only place we have access to what we desire, is now. This means that if you are living in poverty, but you wish to be wealthy, you embody the consciousness of someone who has wealth NOW. You place yourself into states of freedom, security and abundance, and live FROM that place. By embodying this level of consciousness, you collapse time and space and move yourself to a lifeline where it exists for you. If you persist, over time this state will reflect itself in your 3D world in the form of wealth.

If you wish to be healthy but you suffer from a disease, you embody the consciousness of someone who has perfect health, by putting yourself into that state throughout the day. How I have done this is by imagining the states of perfect health, vitality, wholeness and peace, and seeing them as colours above my head that come into my energy field through the top of my head. I see those energies permeating all my cells, and I feel this as a reality. I live my life from this place, despite what current 3D reality tells me.

But there is of course, a delay.

Vadim Zeland teaches that the third dimension of matter is like a mirror that reflects your consciousness (your assumptions, feelings and beliefs) back to you. But it’s delayed. It’s as if you’re smiling into the mirror and it takes a while (sometimes even weeks or months) for that smile to be reflected back to you.

In addition, there is also sometimes what Neville Goddard called a ‘Bridge of Incidents’ that needs to occur in your life, in order to transport you to the lifeline where you have your desire. And often this bridge of incidents can look like a negative development. Have you heard of the saying, “If you pray for patience, what you get is a line at the bank?” That about sums it up. There is often a process of ‘becoming’ that needs to happen in order to bring about your desire, and this can in some cases take some time.

This is the biggest stumbling block for people who use the Law – they freak out about the bridge of incidents or they don’t have the patience or persistence to wait for reality to change, and they often give up and return to their old state of consciousness.

It took me months of practising the techniques that changed my life, before they had any effect. There was an uncomfortable ‘bridge of incidents’ and things got worse before they got better.

On the topic of favourable and unfavourable lifelines, you will know if you’re on an unfavourable lifeline if bad stuff happens TO you a lot — you might even feel like you’re cursed. I remember back when I was on a very bad lifeline (around the time my health conditions were escalating), I had 3 car accidents in the space of 15 months. 2 were serious accidents where my car was totalled, and 2 were not my fault. The one that was technically my fault was because a driver waved me through traffic at an intersection with limited visibility, indicating that it was safe to go, and I chose to go, but it actually wasn’t safe to go. People kept driving into me. Prior to this time I had 17 years of accident-free driving. It’s funny how things come in threes, isn’t it?

Through the Law of Assumption, I learned that I can intend something, accept that the desire is on its way to me, and live in that acceptance. Keeping my emotions and inner talk aligned with that wish fulfilled, and watching the world shift over time (and sometimes very quickly) to bring about my desires. Unlike the Law of Attraction, the Law of Assumption does not require you to feel good all the time. The Law of Assumption is about using techniques to impress upon your subconscious mind, the idea that you already possess or are whatever it is that you desire. It’s about working on a daily basis with the subconscious mind (often in the period of time just before sleep) and it takes discipline and persistence.

After witnessing changes in my own life, I now believe that we are the operant powers in our reality, and that whatever you tell your subconscious, with your words, imaginings and feelings, is what manifests in your world.

Sounds too simplistic to be true?

I didn’t believe it either…until I reflected with total honesty on what I’ve experienced over the last 15 years. A lot of it was an uncanny reflection of what was going on in my head. There were so many situations where I thought “I hope I don’t experience X” and ruminated on it repeatedly, and that is exactly what happened, down to the details I had most feared. My subconscious was a hotbed of limitation. I experienced a lot of stuff I didn’t want, and I struggled with negative feelings, assumptions and beliefs, which I believed had their roots in an unhappy childhood.

But looking back further, when I did past life regressions I found that almost all of my recent past lives have been quite painful and difficult ones. If life is but a dream, then my soul has been stuck in something of an earthly nightmare for the last few centuries. My past life regression teacher, the late great Coletta Long told me:

“A painful and fearful childhood is an indication of an even more painful and fearful past life. The roots of the present painful experiences are in a past life. Your childhood experiences are like the strings that lead to the ball of yarn.”

Pondering this over the last several months, I was reminded of a past life astrology report that the astrologer Jay Linden did for me several years ago. In it, she wrote:

“Your soul’s main intention in this lifetime is to heal the relationship you have with yourself. To transform how you value yourself, think about yourself, talk to yourself – changing the bedrock beliefs you have about yourself.

The journey is to allow all that is old and outworn and no longer necessary to die and then to move through forgiveness to deep wisdom; to make the leap from ego consciousness to soul consciousness.

I believe this current incarnation is a turning point for my soul, to transcend a centuries old pattern, release old karma and move into a higher level of awareness. And I also believe I have achieved this in the last 6 months.

My soul’s story and path is one that is in no way unique.

It is a story that is experienced by many who had a difficult upbringing and are now going through a personal crisis.

By applying the Law of Assumption and the power of visualisation, I have moved into a different reality. I lost depression and gained daily joy. I have lost fatigue and gained vitality. I have lost pessimism and gained optimism. I’ve put myself on a mental diet and cleaned up my self-talk and inner life to reflect possibility and hope, instead of fear and lack. 

The biggest win I have seen in this process…

…is the release of the seasonal depression that had been going on for 22 years or so. This winter (I’m in New Zealand where it is currently winter) has been the first winter in 22 years that I have not been affected by seasonal depression. I used to do light therapy and this winter I’ve had hardly any light. I gave away my light therapy boxes without looking back. I am no longer affected by any kind of depression. 

And the biggest lesson I’ve learned over the last year is that our focus is everything. That which we focus on and think about with any kind of emotion attached to it, will create itself in our world. We can experience more of what we want, by changing our focus. If you don’t like your reality, you have to stop paying attention to the aspects you dislike and giving them any significance or power over you. Our 3D world is a reflection of our consciousness, and the result of your past imaginings and assumptions. You created your reality, and you can change it, too.

Vadim Zeland says that our human reality is composed of 2 layers – the layer that we can touch and experience with our senses (aka the third dimension) and the corresponding metaphysical layer, which some refer to as the quantum field, or the ‘alternatives space’. The energy that we receive from Source is processed through our energy body and chakra system, and we condition this energy with our thoughts, feelings and consciousness, and it goes out into the quantum field (like radio waves), and activates a section of the alternatives space, putting us on a certain lifeline, that corresponds to the qualities of our thoughts, feelings and imaginings.

I believe that your personal karma and past life patterns will dictate the kind of lifeline you start out life on. Your family of origin will be on a similar lifeline and will keep you in that lifeline by feeding you certain beliefs that correspond to that lifeline.

I realise this is a hard truth to swallow for some. When someone sent me an email suggesting I had created health problems with my own consciousness, I was offended. I felt like I was being told it was all my fault. I was also offended on behalf of all kinds of victims in the world – victims of natural disasters, abuse, violence, famine and war. Did they create those conditions also? But I had to get past these questions and my concerns about whether or not the Law was fair, because I was in a tight spot and I needed to end my own suffering.

I don’t know about victims of abuse, war or famine, but I do know I have tested out the Law of Assumption for myself and it works on the level of the individual. If I hadn’t found myself in a situation where I had my back against the wall and no other way out (apart from suffering that I refused to accept), I wouldn’t have bothered to explore it out of prejudice.

I no longer see myself as a person who needs healing. I re-aligned with a version of myself (in my inner world) that was whole, and after a while my objective reality reflected this back to me.

I wanted to share my experiences over the last 6 months because I’ve been on a profound journey of rebirth that it is going to show itself in the content I will be creating going forwards.

Testing out the Law of Assumption

I know that many of my readers will already know about the Law (although perhaps by a different name – many refer to it as the Law of Attraction, although it is not quite the same as the Law of Attraction.)

The Law of Assumption differs from the Law of Attraction in that it involves assuming that you already have what it is you desire, and experiencing it repeatedly in imagination, to the point where you feel you already have it. It’s less about “getting” in the 3D and more about experiencing in the 4D (aka imagination) and psychologically becoming the kind of person who has or is what you desire. In order for something to “manifest” in 3D reality, it must be accepted as fact by the subconscious mind and be impressed upon the subconscious mind as a current reality.

To give an example, if you desire to be a mother, you are going to go through life expecting that you will become a mother and not doubting it. You will look at the world and make decisions through this lens. You will in your imagination see scenes that indicate you are a mother. In this process, you become a mother psychologically and the subconscious mind accepts this as a fact. The 3D will reflect this back to you in time and bring you the opportunities you need to make this a reality.

If you’re interested in testing out the Law of Assumption, here is an exercise that Neville Goddard gave to people to allow them to test it out – it’s the ‘I will not climb a ladder’ exercise. 

I would love to hear your experiences with creating your own reality, in the comments section below.

Further Reading:

I offer a free online resource for manifesting your desired reality using the Law of Assumption — it’s a collection of online articles which are presented in the right order so that you can use them as a ‘how to’ guide. It’s quite a comprehensive resource and can help take you from A to B with almost any intention. You can find that here.

Meet Anna

Hi, I’m Anna Sayce! My purpose here on this website is to provide practical techniques and information to help empaths to understand, and fix the root of their energetic overwhelm & also to help sensitives to embrace and develop their intuitive gifts. I believe that developing our spiritual & intuitive side is very powerful and allows us to improve our own lives, and if we wish, even make the world a better place for others. Discover more >


  1. norelle cheung

    Hello Anna,

    Thank you so much for sharing this, your experience really resonated with me and together with many of your other blog posts it inspired me a lot. I am so glad that you’re feeling better now. Thank you for sharing your journey with us!

    Loads of love x

    • Anna Sayce

      Thank you Norelle, for your sweet comment!

  2. Nikita

    This is the first time I’ve heard of the Law of Assumption after 7.5 years of being familiar with LOA.

    That must explain why I manifest possessions and courses quickly and easily (but not other things) because of the feeling it is inevitable (i.e. expecting) I will get them. Then the money shows up or a discount happens.

    So good to hear you’re doing well after reaching a turning point Anna.

    Many blessings 💖

    • Anna Sayce

      Thank you, Nikita! Blessings to you too x

  3. Editha

    Hello Anna, thank you for sharing your story and this exciting content. I became a mother after using this exact method without knowing it. I have been told, it would not be possible for me to get pregnant.
    So good to hear you are better! You are needed! I wish the best for you!

  4. Anne

    “I believe this current incarnation is a turning point for my soul, to transcend a centuries old pattern, release old karma and move into a higher level of awareness.”

    Right there with you—this is global! 🙂

  5. David

    Yesterday I spent some time culling emails and disposing of the Trash and Junk file content on my iPhone.

    I read through your previous Newsletter post and wondered what became of you. I hoped you would be well and continue with your work.

    This morning your subsequent email arrived in my iPhone Inbox, and I was enormously pleased to learn of your positive turnabout. Bravo! As has been your frequent practice, your Newsletter is chock full of excellent and timely resources. I will maintain both mailings, past and present, for their value, resources, and guidance.

    I have no doubt your life has turned a corner and is off in a new and productive direction ( I can feel the high voltage energy of this change ).
    Thank you for taking your subscribers and others along. Best wishes always and forever more.

  6. Catherine

    I’m a terrible worrier. It’s debilitating at times. Usually the stuff I worry about doesn’t happen even though I’ve spent a tremendous amount of time worrying and coming up with backup plans. So, how is that different? Also, when I was growing up, I just assumed I would be a mother and expected that type of life. Sadly, it ended up not happening. So, I’m not sure why mine is happening differently.

    I’ve read Zeland. Not an easy book to work through. The pendulums weren’t easy to grasp. Did you read other books to explain Zeland too?

    Anyway, just wondering how to adjust this for myself. I’m wondering if I’m missing something important that would then make it all click for me.

    Thanks for sharing this. It’s fascinating stuff.

  7. Namaste


    When I first heard about manifesting, I dismissed it out of hand as impossible. Then, like you, I later found myself backed into a corner regarding a desire I had. With nowhere else to turn, I decided to try it out. Shockingly, it worked! Since it worked, I kept doing it, and over the years I’ve enjoyed lots of great results. Really cool to read about your successes. It never occurred to me that you could use the law of assumption to release depression regarding S.A.D.. Thanks for sharing that =)

  8. Kay Black

    Anna, I am so glad to hear that you have turned a corner. I always read your emails because you give such wonderful advice and information plus the books you have explored I will look at. I did wonder why you had originally moved to Sheffield in the UK which is always cold and chilly when your from such a wonderful place like New Zealand – no comparison really between the two (smile).

    Thanks for sharing your journey, I enjoyed reading it.

    Kay Black

  9. Alina

    Hi Anna! I responded to your newsletter and now I am doing it here too. Your newsletter touched me deeply. I was having such a bad morning then you showed around the corner with a tool. I also have to say that last night I dreamed I shot a bear (would not do that in real life) but the meaning of the dream can be about overcoming an obstacle. Coincidentally, yesterday I started taking some supplements that will help me heal more. Last couple of years have had several challenges including health and separation. Growing up my imagination was a great asset. Watching movies helped with enriching it. I dreamed of travel, or study abroad, of romance with someone from a different culture, of entering a PhD and of loving abroad. I did all those things. Imagination is a gift and a great tool if used properly. This Sunday I will be 40 and I have reached a point (in many ways like you) were my old beliefs stopped working for me but against me. These two years were about deep realizations about my contact with the world. Very painful. This is a turning point and if approached carefully I am/will love myself more. Not from ego (although we need that a bit too to protect us on some level, like a boundary) but from deep soul level. I am worthy, valuable to myself and will love myself unconditionally. Here come the tears….. thank you, Anna.

  10. Jessica

    Anna, thank you so much for sharing your experience. I am so glad to hear that you are doing better.

    I had never heard of the Law of Assumption, though I realize I used to use it all the time! Then I got wrapped up in others’ agendae and sort of “forgot” my own. Thanks for reminding me to get myself back on track!

    Blessings to you.

  11. Tee

    Hello Anna,
    What a fantastic elucidation of the “mystery” of manifestation. It ties in to so many other declarations, like, “you are that which you seek”, or like what my spouse stated when I read this blog out loud, “stop with the story…just stop”. It so clearly ties into quantum mechanics and what is described as the manifestation of potential (i.e. the wave), into 3D reality (the particle) by the sheer presence of an observer to witness the manifestation. The observer changes the potential outcome by observing, so their observation of and thought about a subject, by extension, will change the outcome and collapse infinite potential realities into a reality in keeping with what they think (Schroedinger’s cat, so to speak). The book Love without End, by Glenda Green, where she writes about several conversations with the Jesus consciousness, describes it as “compression”…and so on, and so on. I could name numerous instances when this proof showed up over the years…so many things are coming together! This Law of Assumption, although somewhat different from the Law of Attraction, does hold certain similar points of view, in the sense that the thoughts you hold about yourself and the world around you will shape your experience. The problem that I have had with the Law of Attraction is that I was becoming fearful of thinking the wrong thought, which generated anxious thoughts — not a great way to bring about what you desire, to say the least. Along with DNRS, which works to rewire the limbic system out of that negative loop which can make one sick (thank you, Anna, for turning me on to it), this approach is sure to shift EVERYTHING!

    I don’t even need proof! I have experienced it.

  12. Anna Sayce

    Editha – Thank you for your kind words! It’s great to hear that you were able to make your dream come true!

    Anne – yes it is!!

    David – Thanks so much for your kind words and wishes! I’m pleased to hear that you still find the newsletter helpful

    Catherine – Only that which impresses your subconscious mind will manifest. Not everything you worry about will do that. It can take an awful lot of repetition for something to get through to the subconscious which is why not everything we think and worry about will show itself in 3D. Those things that manifest quickly tend to be the things that our subconscious already supports.

    I will write more about pendulums some time as it is a very interesting topic and I had many insights of my own while reading.

    Namaste – Thanks for sharing! I checked out your website and love your manifesting checklist

    Kay – Thank you!! I’m actually from NW England (not NZ)

    Alina – I’m so pleased to hear you found the newsletter helpful. Happy birthday for next week! May this be your best decade yet!!

    To answer the question you sent by email, I use affirmations, SATs & revision daily.

    Jessica – I love that you used LOA instinctively. I believe many of us do before we are conditioned into stopping. Thanks for commenting!

    Tee – Thank you! I’m so pleased you found DNRS through my website. It is a great program and the perfect start to working with the LOA. I think it would have been too challenging for me to use the Law of Assumption if I hadn’t first had the structure of DNRS rounds to work with.

  13. Eleana

    Hi Anna,

    Your updates always seem to resonate with your readers, almost like they are on the same kind of trajectory as you and it is wonderful that you can share this. For me it was this that resonated with me:

    “Your soul’s main intention in this lifetime is to heal the relationship you have with yourself. To transform how you value yourself, think about yourself, talk to yourself – changing the bedrock beliefs you have about yourself.”

    I was fortunate enough to have been able to have some help from one of your students Kelli Reese in changing some of my core beliefs and patterns. I also couple this with some meditations (also at night before sleeping) to lay down new neural pathways (also a bit like new lifelines or law of assumption). I have really felt a real shift over the last few months.

    We’re on this journey with you!

  14. Anna Sayce

    Hi Eleana,

    Thank you for sharing this! I’m pleased to hear the article resonated with you and that you have found working with Kelli transformative! 🙂

  15. Ronald Boltz

    Interesting, the arc of your life. Thanks for sharing. I never thought of paths as being parallel with many choices. It was always the “fork in the road” model for me. You’ve given me much to think (imagine) about! Be well.

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