Discover The Science of the Soul Through the Akashic Records

discover the science of the soul through the akashic records

I wanted to write this article in response to a question I often receive from prospective students about my Akashic Record Reading Training.

There are other methods and modalities out there which work with the Akashic Records, so what is different about this one?

That is what this article is all about.

First of all, for anyone reading who is not familiar, my Akashic Record Reading Program is a professional-level program which teaches people how to read the Akashic Records and also how to do professional readings for clients.

Here’s the biggest differentiator of this program, as compared to many others:

In many other programs for reading the Akashic Records, what you get is one technique which allows you to access the records. Then you are taught to ask questions from there, and using your channelling ability, get them answered in the records.

This is not what my program will teach you. Instead, it teaches you all about the science of the soul, so that you have a framework to start from, and then it will teach you how to ascertain which parts of what I taught you, actually apply to you or a client.

What do I mean by the science of the soul?

(The soul is of course the part of us that is timeless. It will survive the ending of this incarnation and will carry on into future incarnations.)

Who you are on the soul level is composed of several aspects, and these aspects make you who you are, govern what you’re good at, and not so good at.

So, by reading the Akashic Records, we can actually break down your soul’s identity in several different areas, and then see how they fit together to make up who you are.

This is what I teach people to do.

One aspect of your soul is called your realm of training, which is about the energies you bring to Earth (there are 7 different types of energy, and all souls who incarnate here have trained in one of these realms.) This is an energy that you decided to embody and contribute very early in the life of your soul. And it becomes a big part of your soul’s purpose. For example, souls who are trained in the fifth realm have communication and teaching as a big part of their soul purpose.

Another important aspect of who you are (on the soul level) is your soul group of origin. Your soul group of origin is about the environment that you spent time in, when your soul was very new. Not all souls had their first incarnation here on Earth. Some souls come from elsewhere, and when this is the case, the environment a new soul spends time in, has an impact on their energetic make up. This is something that can be researched in the Akashic Records.

And another aspect of your soul is reflected in your archetypes & past life roles, which are the skills you’ve developed in past lives. These are also a part of who you are on the soul level, and your natural strengths.

All of these will survive when the lifetime you are currently in ends.

So…Who are you really, on the soul level?

My Akashic Record Reading Program is a training will allow you to answer this question for not only yourself, but also other people in a huge amount of detail. You can see an example of the kind of detail here.

My training also teaches you about the 80 odd life lessons that souls can be learning, and you get a description of each (current students — just a note that these descriptions can be found in the course forums.)

You could be in therapy for years and not come away with this level of insight about who you really are.

So, you can see why I say that my Akashic Records training teaches you about the science of the soul.

A very structured training

Something else that differentiates my training from some of the others out there, is that it is highly structured.

Many trainings will give you a technique for channelling in the Akashic Records and then say:

“Good luck, hopefully you manage to channel something using that.”

My program not only gives you a comprehensive overview of the info you can find in the Akashic Records, but it will also give you a proven and replicable technique for accessing it (using pendulum dowsing.) The pendulum dowsing aspect enables you to access information with a high degree of accuracy.

Here’s what a previous student of this program said about why she chose my training program above others:

“I’m someone who likes a clear system and approach to things. Your program provided that for me. If I was confident in doing readings for people, I would have done it 20 years ago. I needed to gain the confidence in my abilities and build a trusting relationship with source and my guides. I needed a program that would guide me every step of the way. I got that with yours.”

– Kelli Reese (

Let’s have a look at another differentiator with the Akashic Records training I offer:

Energetic hygiene is covered right at the beginning

One barrier to accuracy for new psychics is when they are carrying astral debris in their energy field that interferes with what they are picking up — astral debris such as earthbound spirits. At the start of this course you’ll get a session for clearing out this type of astral debris from your energy field, so that you maintain a high level of accuracy. You’ll also learn how to help earthbound spirits to cross over into the light, which is a bonus.

I have come across similar courses where this is not covered at all.

Mentoring available for one year following purchase

Unlike some other trainings out there, you also get unlimited access to my mentoring input for one whole year after purchase, in the course forums. We also do two sessions together.

I hope this answers the question, of what differentiates my Akashic records training from others that are out there, and if you have any other questions about this training which are not answered here, please leave a comment.

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  1. Catherine Motteler

    I am fascinated by the Akashic Records and have been delighted with your Intuitive Awakening Course! I am trying to figure out which direction to take next…

  2. Anna Sayce

    Hi Catherine, it is a fascinating topic! Glad to hear you’ve enjoyed the IA. course. Happy New Year!

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