Do You Have a Connection to a Past Life?

What do I mean by a connection to a past life? Let me explain…

When we’re incarnated here, we’re meant to be present and focused on THIS lifetime, rather than on previous lifetimes. For that reason, before we incarnate, the veil falls over us and we forget. We forget who we are, and where we came from (i.e. from Source), and we forget about all of the experiences and lifetimes that we have had in the past, in other times and places. We may be affected by those experiences when we’re incarnated, because they have shaped us for better and for worse. But we won’t necessarily know why we are the way we are.

And so most past lives are ‘dead and buried’, so to speak, in the psyche & soul. We’ve taken the positives from those lifetimes, processed the negatives, and moved on.

However, sometimes we can have a ‘portalway’ open in our subconscious mind, to a past life. This means that the events and echoes of that previous lifetime may leak into this one. Essentially, we have a connection to a past life that is still open, and we haven’t fully moved on that from lifetime. 

In this article, I’m going to talk about these portalways, and how to know if you have one open, and also if you might want to do something about it.

How portalways to past lives get opened

A portalway can get opened to a past life when we go through something traumatic that has parallels with a past life.

I’m going to give you an example of a scenario where this sort of thing happens… 

Let’s say that in this lifetime, you have a son who gets into a bad car accident, but survives.

Let’s also say that you and the soul that is your son in this lifetime have actually incarnated together 12 times in previous lives, and you’ve also been parent & child before several times.

In a previous incarnation, your son died in an accident.

In this lifetime, he survived his accident.

When you get the news in this lifetime that your son has been in an accident, it reminds you of the trauma you went through in the previous lifetime upon losing your son, and a portalway opens in your subconscious mind to that experience, simply because it is such a similar situation involving the same soul. Fears and trauma from that lifetime leak through into this one, creating extra anxiety for you. Your son is OK now, but you don’t want him driving anymore, you’re worried about accidents all the time and you have nightmares about it. If you use trauma therapies to heal the trauma from this lifetime of your son getting into an accident, it may help but it won’t fully resolve your anxieties.

So that is an example of how a negative portal way can impact us.

Portalways can also get opened in a positive way, when you meet someone with whom you had a special, positive bond in a previous lifetime. When you meet this soul again in this lifetime, the memories of the previous lifetime may come back to you and that can open a portalway, too. This tends to happen when the relationship had really strong, positive emotions around it. These positive portalways are not so troublesome.

So I hope that explains how and why these portalways can open up.

Next I’m going to go into some signs that you have a portalway open in your subconscious mind.

Signs that you have a negative portalway open in your subconscious mind:

1. You have had a particular repetitive nightmare throughout childhood and into adulthood. 

The nightmares we have which repeat, can give us clues as to the types of lifetime we’re still connected to. For example, when I was a child I had repetitive nightmares about my brother drowning in a lake. During a past life regression, I found that in a previous lifetime I caused a family member to drown in a lake. These nightmares only made sense once I made this discovery.

2. You have an unexplained fear or phobia

This is quite a big one. An example of this would be a soul who went through the Holocaust may fear the authorities, such as the police or the military, because in that previous lifetime those authority figures did not help her out and may have actively harmed her, too.

Or if you have a strong fear or an obsession with a particular scenario that hasn’t ever happened and is unlikely to happen in the future, this could also indicate a past life portal way that is open to a traumatic event.

3. You’re having a hard time leaving a toxic, unhealthy, abusive or on/off relationship. You want to, but you find yourself unable to do it.

Abusive and toxic relationships can be really difficult to leave. But if you have a past life entanglement with the other person in the relationship, it can make it even harder to step away. So if you feel powerless to leave a relationship, it’s possible you have a portalway open in your subconscious mind to a past life involving the other person. It doesn’t mean you can’t leave, it just makes it feel harder.

4. You take too much responsibility for other peoples’ problems. Or you feel responsible for something that happened to another person, even though it’s clearly not your fault.

Sometimes we have a past life complex around guilt and excessive responsibility in this lifetime because we feel like we need to atone for our actions in a previous life, particularly if we wronged another person in that incarnation. The atonement is not something that is imposed upon us, but rather something that a soul can impose on themselves, out of guilt. And so this also indicates a past life portalway that may be open to the events of a previous lifetime.

Now let’s have a look at signs that you have a positive portalway open in your subconscious mind, to a previous life:

1. You regularly dream (in a positive/neutral way) of a character or person that you’ve never met before in this lifetime and you assume doesn’t exist. But this person seems sort of real to you because of all the dreams you’ve had about them. 

2. You have (positive or neutral) daydreams where you are someone else and you’re in another time.

3. You write novels and your stories seem to revolve predominantly around one place or period in history. 

4. You’re curious about your past lives and you have a real fascination with the topic. 

How to close portalways

If you feel that you have a portal way open to a previous life, and it is bothering you, here are some suggestions as to what you can do about it:

1. Intend that it be closed 

You can intend and ask that a portal way to a previous life be closed. If you were wanting to do this, you’d need to call on a Divine being first and ask for their help, and you’d also need to have an idea as to which lifetime the portalway was connected with. (It’s possible to get info on your past lives when you develop your intuitive gifts.) So if you know a bit about the past life in question, and why it’s bothering you, you can ask for that portal way to be closed.

Bear in mind that in my experience, it’s not as effective to simply ask that all portalways be shut without knowing which ones, if any, were open in the first place.

2. Past life regression

The most effective way to close a negative portalway is through past life regression. (I wrote all about past life regression & healing here.) If you have a portal way open to a past life, it’s highly likely you’ll go into that lifetime when you do a past life regression, and this will give you an opportunity to close the portalway.

In order to close the portal way and put that lifetime to bed (so to speak), you’ll need to make sure you choose a form of past life regression that involves healing. Some past life regression techniques only involve exploration with no healing. This can actually open new portalways rather than close them. So if you’re going to do a past life regression always make sure that you’re seeing a practitioner who focuses on healing the past life and releasing the trauma.

My favourite past life regression technique is DMP (Deep Memory Process).

I hope you found this article interesting. Please leave a comment below if you have something to share about this topic!

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Hi, I’m Anna Sayce! My purpose here on this website is to provide practical techniques and information to help empaths to understand, and fix the root of their energetic overwhelm & also to help sensitives to embrace and develop their intuitive gifts. I believe that developing our spiritual & intuitive side is very powerful and allows us to improve our own lives, and if we wish, even make the world a better place for others. Discover more >

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  1. Catherine Motteler

    I do not detect any negative portals, but I may have several portals to places in nature, stone structures and ruins where I happily return in daydreams and dreams at night; these regularly come out in my illustration work as well. The most frequent architecture appearing in my dreams, visions and drawings is a form of Romanesque. Can a time portal be focused on place? I know in this life I am a vivid place Empath (among other sorts of empath). To be deep in nature is calming. In the British Isles I often found the old cathedrals hard to enter or stay in for long.

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