Love, Money & Lessons – 4 Reasons Empaths Should Learn to Cut Energetic Cords

In a few weeks, my new Professional Intuitive Healing Program begins. This is a program that trains healers to cut cords (amongst other things) for clients, but it isn’t just for professionals.

It’s also for empaths & sensitives who want to learn a powerful technique that can help them to navigate existing relationships more effectively, align with their soul’s purpose, and let go of whatever does not serve them from the past.

In this post, I’m going to talk about the personal benefits I’ve had from cord cutting as an empath.

(In case you’re not familiar with the concept, cord cutting is a modality that cuts the energetic cords between two people. Did you know that whenever you become interested in another person in any capacity, two energetic attachments form? The first one is a soul tie, which is a positive bond between two people that contains any positive energies of the relationship. This positive attachment cannot be cut, even if you tried. The second one is a negative cord, that can be cut. This is the one that contains all of the negative, shadow dynamics of a relationship.)

So, here are the top 4 personal benefits I’ve had from cord cutting:

1. More easily let go of exes or previous sexual partners

Cord cutting has been my number one tool for letting go of the past when dating. It won’t necessarily help you find you Mr/Ms Right (I believe that is more of a result of the right timing) but it can help you to stay sane on the journey.

What I mean by that, is that most people who have dated are going to have situations that don’t work out. Heartbreaks, tricky situations, and even encounters with shady characters and weirdos. When we have a bad experience, talking about it or thinking about it more isn’t necessarily going to help. What can often help is cutting the cord to the other person who was involved. This moves the energy around the situation to free you from the negative energy.

Something else to bear in mind is that we form cords to all our sexual partners.

Casual sex is normalised in our culture, but it is actually something that can be quite detrimental for empaths, if it isn’t about love making (i.e. an exchange of love between two people) and you don’t know the person well enough to say that yes, you definitely want to mingle your energy with theirs.

S.e.x. = sacred energy exchange.

What happens when we have sex is that we exchange personal energy. Your energy remains with the other person for a while and theirs stays with you.

That can be a great way to stay bonded if you’re in a relationship with someone awesome who has your best interests at heart.

It’s not so great if you find out that person you had sex with was actually not such a good person, didn’t care about you or they just weren’t who you thought they were. If that happens, you can end up with an energetic STD, aka low-vibrational energies that aren’t even yours, that can stay with you for weeks or months, and have someone who isn’t right for you occupying your headspace.

Note that this is not something that non-empaths are necessarily going to be so impacted by when they have casual sex. Empaths are the ones who are most sensitive to the effects of casual sex.

After all, sex is a way to create. It’s a primal force, like fire. You can either use it to warm your hearth, or you can use it to burn the house down in a destructive way. If you’ve been burned by a sexual encounter with someone, then cord cutting is one way to un-do the energy that has stuck to you from another person, and flush their energy out of your system — for good.

Let’s have a look at the second potential benefit of learning to cut cords for yourself as an empath:

2. Potentially save thousands or tens of thousands of dollars

I’ve cut over 50 of my own cords over the last 10 years. That’s 5 cords per year, and around 50 hours of healing I was able to do for myself. This has saved me an awful lot of money.

*Over $10,000 to be precise.

Personally, I’ve cut the cord to every member of my family (I grew up in a totally dysfunctional family), although some of these cords I did not cut myself — I had some cut by other people.

I’ve also cut the cord to all exes/sexual partners, and cords to bullies I’ve had to deal with in the past, past spiritual teachers who had massive ego’s and traumatic experiences. I was able to work these situations out in therapy, but for shifting the energetic side of the relationship and actually letting go, cord cutting works a treat.

(*The resident intuitive healer who works via my site (Shelly Ebeling) charges $205 USD per cord cutting session. Charged at the same rate, that’s over $10,000 of sessions I was able to do for myself, because I had the skills to do it.)

So that is something to consider if you’d like to cut a lot of your own cords.

My Intuitive healing program is $700 if purchased before 15th Feb, so if you’re someone who needs a lot of healing like I did, this can be a cost-effective way to get it done.

3. Stop rumination in its tracks

I’m a world class obsessor and ruminator. When something bad happens, I tend not to let go until I’ve analysed it to death, and if something doesn’t make sense? That can really bug me. I analyse and look to find the sense in a situation that makes no sense, until my brain is really fried.

I find one way to help with this tendency of mine to hold onto things, is to cut a cord. Either I cut the cord to the person who was involved in the situation I can’t let go of, or I cut the cord to the situation itself. Both can be beneficial.

Now let’s have a look at my #1 favourite benefit of cord cutting for empaths:

4. Get the lessons from your experiences and evolve more quickly

True cord cutting isn’t about asking for your cords to be cut and be done with it in 2 minutes. Instead, it’s a 60-minute process. There’s a part to the cord cutting process which is about channelling insights that are within the cord, and gaining insight into what the soul lesson(s) was/were from the experience or the relationship.

This is possibly the most important part of the session.

Often, souls don’t actually receive these soul lessons until they have passed away and are having a life review on the ‘other side’. A life review happens after we die, and it’s where we look at our life and choices, and come away with some profound insights into how we impacted others and were impacted upon during our time on earth. This allows us to move forwards on our soul’s journey and integrate the learnings of our most previous life.

I believe that cord cutting allows us to do a ‘lite’ version of this when we’re incarnated now. We can receive the insights from previous experiences and relationships, and evolve to a higher place, freer from past energies and freer to make the choices that truly benefit us.

I love this about cord cutting!

I hope that gives you an idea of why I am passionate about this modality on both a personal and a professional level. And if you are interested in learning this technique for yourself or helping others in this way, why not join me at the end of February for the Intuitive Healing Program.

Meet Anna

Hi, I’m Anna Sayce! My purpose here on this website is to provide practical techniques and information to help empaths to understand, and fix the root of their energetic overwhelm & also to help sensitives to embrace and develop their intuitive gifts. I believe that developing our spiritual & intuitive side is very powerful and allows us to improve our own lives, and if we wish, even make the world a better place for others. Discover more >


  1. Monique

    I don’t see the point of cutting a cord if you don’t consciously experience any negative affects from casual sexual encounters.
    I mean, what if u were having casual sex with people that respected you, yet you wouldn’t necessarily date them, and u don’t think of them afterwards.
    Are there only negative consequences if one perceived there to be?

  2. Anna Sayce

    Hi Monique, you should only cut a cord if you feel like you need to. In the situation you mention, it sounds like there would be no need. The situations where you’d want to cut a cord after casual sex would be if you’re an empath who feels side effects from it. Things like, feeling a bit empty or sad if he doesn’t call back (even if you didn’t necessarily want him to), finding out that you didn’t like the person as much as you thought and wishing you hadn’t had sex. Having a bad encounter where you felt disrespected or used. Like the other person is only interested in what they’re getting out of it. Those situations sometimes come up for people who have casual sex with people they don’t know well.

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