My Geeky Method for Reading the Chakra System in an Intuitive Healing Session

My Geeky Method for Reading the Chakra System in an Intuitive Healing Session

If you were a surgeon whose job it was to operate on a patient, you’d definitely need to know your way around the human body.

Similarly, intuitive healers must have an excellent understanding of energy anatomy, and more specifically, the chakra system, because it is the chakra system that gets “operated on” (to put it crudely) in an intuitive healing session.

My system of Intuitive healing involves cutting cords of attachment, releasing ordinary and enmeshed earthbound spirits, and removing astral-level clutter (such as emotional residues, negative thought forms, psychic ties and unwanted influencing energy) from a client’s energy field.

All of these negative energies affect clients on the level of their chakra system.

In this article, I’m going to explain how intuitive healers can read the chakra system and drill down into a higher level of specificity, by talking more about how to read the chakra databanks. Databanks are aspects of a chakra. The major chakras have at least a dozen databanks to them, and usually several dozen depending on the chakra.

In case you’re not familiar with the chakras:

Around the physical human body, there are layers of energy, known as the energy bodies. Together these layers (among them, the mental, emotional, etheric, and spiritual bodies) make up the aura. The energy in the aura is centred around seven main hubs, called ‘chakras’.

The chakra is an energy centre that receives life force energy from the Creator. Each chakra receives a different type of life force energy, which is needed for life here on earth. Then that energy is integrated and expressed in an individual’s life.

The ways in which each person integrates and expresses those energies become evident upon reading the chakras. They contain information about your life, soul, strengths, lessons, past, and present.

Not everyone receives and integrates energy through these chakras effectively. Cords, earthbound spirits and astral clutter can affect how we receive and integrate these chakra energies. And removing these negative blocks (as I will be teaching people how to do in my Professional Intuitive Healing Program) can release and unblock the chakra energies, so that people can feel more:

  • Grounded (root chakra)
  • Vital (sacral chakra)
  • Confident (solar plexus chakra)
  • Compassionate (heart chakra) towards the self and others
  • Expressive (throat chakra)
  • Perceptive (third eye chakra)
  • and spiritually connected (crown chakra.)

The chakra system is a perfect mirror of who we are, and what is going on for us.

Healthy chakras = happiness and balance

Happiness and balance = healthy chakras.

We can affect the health and balance of our chakras through the choices and decisions we make.

Likewise, our chakras affect our lives -– either, we feel free to be ourselves authentically, or the negative energy in our chakras can keep us stuck in our lives.  This is because we project whatever is in our chakras – whether it is negative energy or unencumbered soul gifts.

Basically, our chakras and the positive or negative energy in them can affect the quality of our lives.

Likewise, our lives can affect the health of our chakras.

You get the point!

The relationship works both ways.

In addition, when we make a change in our lives, it will show in our chakras.  And when we heal our chakras, it impacts on our human lives. That is why intuitive healing (which helps remove blocks in the chakras) can be helpful.

So that’s a bit of introductory information on the chakra system.

As intuitive healers, in order to bring about healing for clients in this area, we need to have a high level understanding of what the chakras are made up of. That’s what this article is all about.

In this post I am going to share all that I know about the aspects of one of the chakras (the heart chakra.) Then I am going to share how I teach people to use this information in my Professional Intuitive Training Program.

This is just so some of you can get a peek at my teaching materials, and how I will be using them.

The Heart Chakra Databanks

You can find out more about the heart chakra in general here.

In this article I’m drilling down into the heart chakra aspects or databanks. There are 27 altogether (at least for the sake of my purposes) and I have put them under 4 categories.

1. Emotional life

  • Emotional awareness
  • Emotional stability
  • Emotional courage
  • Emotional availability
  • Ability to let go

2. Relationship with the self

  • Self-worth/self-esteem
  • Feeling satisfied with one’s achievements
  • Embracing one’s uniqueness
  • Self-talk
  • Valuing one’s gifts
  • Valuing one’s finite resources
  • Self-acceptance

2. Relationships with others

  • Give & take in relationships
  • Emotional connection to loved ones
  • Empathising
  • Receiving love
  • Giving love
  • Accepting others/tolerance
  • Connection to humanity/oneness
  • Valuing others
  • Trusting others
  • Commitment in romantic relationships
  • How much of the self it is safe to reveal

4. Healing

  • Willingness to heal
  • Acceptance of life events
  • Forgiving the self
  • Forgiving others

In my course, I explain what all these databanks mean. To give a couple of examples:


In this databank, we can find out whether this person believes she is loveable.

Does this person give herself the same respect that she gives to others? Does she feel she matters?

Where does her self-worth come from? Is it based on who she is, her achievements, her looks, or how much money she has in the bank?

Let’s have a look at another heart chakra databank:

Valuing one’s finite resources, such as time, energy and money

Does this person understand that her time and energy are valuable resources?

Does she know and respect her own limits as a human being with finite resources?

In the course, we also go into which databanks tend to be most affected by which negative blocks.

As an example, here are the heart chakra databanks which are most affected by cords of attachment:

  • Balance of give & take in relationships – (some of my cord cutting clients have primary life lessons that are centred around caring for the self and valuing the self. They often grow up in families which teach them to put others first, or in scenarios where they have to parent themselves and parent their parent from an early age, rather than the other way round.They may then take these dynamics into their adult relationships and have trouble with people pleasing, overactive empathy and codependence. These clients often get a lot out of cord cutting.)
  • Self-worth/self-esteem
  • Receiving love
  • Self-acceptance

The negative energies which I pick up on most frequently during a cord cutting at the heart chakra include:

Shame – Shame is different from guilt – guilt is knowing a behaviour is wrong and it was not a good choice, and feeling bad about that, whereas shame is about feeling one is a bad person, as opposed to the behaviour being wrong. Usually when this energy is present, this is someone who has been shamed by another person or they’ve been made to feel there’s something wrong with them. This is very prevalent among those who have been in some kind of relationship with a narcissist.

Loss/grief/pain, or fear of loss – We eventually lose what we love, through death or some other circumstance. This is the central dilemma of the heart chakra. How to love with an open heart, knowing that you may lose what you love? This takes courage.

Avoidance – The medical doctor John Sarno, in his book about chronic pain and emotions The Mind Body Prescription, states that the human unconscious has evolved to repress many of the negative emotions that we feel, because historically it has not always been safe to express or act on them. Therefore as humans we are wired to defend ourselves from our own pain. Avoidance of emotional pain can result in addictions or chronic physical pain.

Abandonment – Some of the people who come for cord cutting sessions have been abandoned by a parental figure or a loved one and are still carrying pain around this.





So what is the use for the intuitive healer, of knowing all of this info and more specifically, about these databanks?

OK, so first of all, to understand how we use these databanks, you need to understand where we use our intuition in an ‘intuitive healing’ session.

There’s a few times in an intuitive healing session when we need to be able to read the chakra system for clients.

The first is when we are actually identifying what the client needs help with. Is she a good candidate for a cord cutting? Does she need to release earthbound spirits, if so, what kind? Or does she have a lot of astral clutter in her energy bodies?

The second is when we have decided what actually needs clearing, and we need to tell the client how the negative block is affecting her on the level of her chakra system. E.g. she has a cord of attachment and it’s affecting her at the heart chakra, specifically in the area of how worthy she feels. Or she has an enmeshed earthbound spirit and it’s affecting her in the area of ease of self-expression.

And the third is when we need to be able to describe to her the nature of the negative energies that the block (such as the cord) involves.

So how do we actually use all of this information so that we can intuit on behalf of clients?

The best way for absolute beginners to get started with intuiting this information for clients is with pendulum dowsing and charts.

Dowsing means using a pendulum, and a chart is something on a page with rows and columns. If you program your pendulum correctly, you can have a chart with 3 rows and 3 columns in it, with each of the seven chakras in it too. You ask your pendulum, which chakra is most affected for your client who has a particular block (e.g. an earthbound spirit), and the pendulum will find the right row and column. Then you know your cord is affecting your client in the area of their third eye chakra, for example. I also have charts for the chakra databanks, so you can get even more specific, and I have charts for negative energy, too, so you can find out what type of energy the negative block resonates with.

There are over 150 databanks and in my course I explain each one. I put these databanks together using 10 years of experience in intuitive healing, and years spent studying all the texts out there on the chakra system that I could find. It might well be the most detailed info out there on the chakra system.

Absolute beginners can get started with these charts, but the cool thing about using them is that once you are used to the different energies and you know a lot about the chakra system, and you have experience using it with clients, you tend not to need the charts so much anyway, or at all. They’re a bit like stabiliser wheels on a bike for the beginners, but you can carry on using them for as long as you like.

This info on the databanks that is included in my Intuitive Healing Program is designed to give students an intuitive framework that gets seeded in the brain and this allows us to intuit more effectively because our intuition can draw on this info that we’ve already absorbed.

If you’re a left-brained, analytical sort of person like me, I daresay you will like my structured approach to intuitive healing.

And if you already know how to read the energy body, or you prefer a more free-flowing method for reading the chakra system, that is also OK because I’ll be teaching more than one method in my course. This geeky system using charts and pendulum dowsing is something you can fall back on if you feel you’re not very intuitive, or you’re a beginner who needs that fool-proof method for intuiting in a session.

Just like a surgeon needs an intricate knowledge of anatomy, an intuitive healer needs an intricate knowledge of energy anatomy. I can give you that intricate knowledge and then show you how to use it.

You can find out more about all of this in my Professional Intuitive Healing Program

P.S. Here’s just a select few examples of databanks found in the other chakras:

Root Chakra

  • Connection to reality
  • Confidence in ability to provide for oneself
  • Sense of safety in the world
  • Survival instincts
  • Connection to family of origin

Sacral Chakra

  • Enjoyment of one’s human life
  • Awareness of desires
  • Vitality/energy levels
  • Resourcefulness/creativity

Solar Plexus Chakra

  • Sharing power in relationships
  • Dealing with conflict
  • The extent to which one feels in control of one’s life path
  • Taking action
  • Willingness to take risks & make mistakes

Heart Chakra

(See above)

Throat Chakra

  • Speaking one’s truth
  • Advocating for oneself 
  • Having difficult conversations
  • Asking for help
  • Expressing appreciation

Third Eye Chakra

  • Perception of the self & it’s alignment with reality
  • Trust in one’s perceptions
  • Trust in intuition
  • Perception of available choices

Crown Chakra

  • Faith in the Divine
  • Connection to the Divine realm

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