Does Taking Medication Harm Your Spiritual Connection?

A student of my Intuitive Awakening Course recently asked if taking medication can affect one’s ability to communicate with guides and angels.

This is a complicated question, with lots of different variables in the equation. Let’s have a look at them:

1. Substances affect us on multiple levels…

What we take in and consume (food, medications, herbs) does affect us holistically – having an impact that is seen not just in the body, but also in the mind and the spirit.

(To give one fairly recent example of this phenomenon in action – researchers now know that when you take painkillers, you’re not just dulling your physical pain, but also your emotional pain.)

2. Plus medications can affect different people in different ways…

One person may react well to one drug while another has a horrible experience with it.

And to make this question even harder for me to answer, of course not being a doctor, my knowledge of the impact of drugs on spiritual connection is only anecdotal and comes from speaking with my clients, students and my own experiences.

That said, here are a couple of ways I know that medications can and do improve our spiritual connection:

1. If you are very unwell with something, physically or mentally, and you find a medication that makes you feel a lot better, this will make it easier for you to connect with your guides (mostly because your vibrational state will increase, as a result.)

2. If you suffer from anxiety or any mental illness that makes it hard for you to focus or get still, and you find a medication that helps with that, this can also help your spiritual connection. This is because one of the conditions to a good spiritual connection is stillness.

The caveat here is that you would also have to find medications with few side effects (and of course, in some cases the side effects are worse than the original ailment.)

My Experiences with Medications & Intuition…

Personally, I have seen no side effects on my spiritual connection from everyday sorts of drugs such as antihistamines, Tylenol/Ibuprofen or the occasional sleeping pill.

As for another commonly used medication – anti-depressants: I have heard from a couple of people that the anti-depressants they were taking numbed them internally, making them feel cut off from themselves. I also know of gifted professional intuitives who take anti-depressants and don’t feel it is a hindrance.

My best guess is that if you feel OK and like ‘yourself’ on a medication (i.e. there are minimal side effects) it is probably not doing anything harmful for your spiritual connection.

Contraceptive Pills

I do want to mention another common drug taken by many women that can be harmful to a vibrant spiritual connection – the contraceptive pill. Personally, I would only take a contraceptive pill if I had a serious problem with my menstrual cycle that needed medicating. I would never choose it as a form of contraception.

Here’s why:

Some people are wired for an earth-based spirituality (meaning that one’s spiritual connection, experiences and insights will come through the lower chakras as well as the upper chakras.) You will know this is the case for you if you feel in tune with the natural world. Perhaps you are an animal lover who craves the peace and quiet of the countryside, and sees the Divine in all creatures. Maybe you are drawn to pagan spirituality. You have probably multiple past lives connecting with the land through work such as farming and cooking. You might also be clairsentient.

Women with an earth-based sense of spirituality can connect with the Divine through nature, and the physical world. We also have this reminder of the Divine, in all its mystery and miracle, every month with the menstrual cycle. This is a cycle that can allow us to live more in alignment with Spirit.

How the Menstrual Cycle Connects Us with Spirit

When we reach the pre-menstrual and menstrual phase of the cycle, we are prompted to slow down, and at this point we will introspect and ideally get guidance. During this time, we are also more likely to become aware of any imbalances in our lives, and anything that is ready to be healed or cleared out. As the body sheds the lining of the womb, it is a time for cleansing in all areas.

So, what happens to our spiritual connection when we take the contraceptive pill?

Essentially, it disconnects us from this part of the cycle where we are more likely to slow down and get guidance. As a result, we can fall out of sync, both with Spirit and with ourselves. Taking the contraceptive pill can also dull our clairsentience, and the feedback that our bodies wish to give us. This particularly affects those of us who are clairsentient and those who have a strong connection with the natural world.

Further Resources on Spirituality & the Menstrual Cycle:

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor. These are my personal insights, based on my own experiences and those of my clients and students. I do not recommend coming off medications without talking to your doctor first.

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  1. Tina

    Here are my candid experiences with both legal & illegal drugs….

    Pot completely numbs my ability to connect with what may be happening around my body- so any entity around me I won’t sense. But- I do have some amazingly clear intuitive flashes on pot, but only when I’m alone…it’s like a “close the doors and shutters and sit in one room staring at the fireplace” sort of a feeling. When I smoke pot, I always thank the pot plant and the pot spirit. It makes me feel relaxed and at peace inside when I am alone. When I smoke pot with friends the intuitive flashes I get are for them- responses to things they say- and many times I need to filter comments before saying them to friends so I don’t step on their toes or come across as being a know-it-all….I prefer to smoke alone, lol!

    If I take a Xanax then it’s total game over. All my spiritual sensors get completely turned off. It’s the absolute worst Ned for anything spiritual. I don’t know how people take this on a regular basis and still feel connected to themselves.

    If I take Vicodin…. ohhhhhh wowwww! This one lights up my spiritual receptors! (When taken ‘recreationally’, not for physical pain management) it’s because it makes me feel “happy” and everyone I encounter I see the good in them because I’m already feeling “happy” …my vibration is higher because everything I’m thinking about is positive. I believe this is one of those drugs that effects different people differently though, so I would be surprised to hear someone having the opposite experience! If I meditate while on this i find it extremely easy to “get there”…mind relaxes very easily and my vibration is already positive – so everything feels “in tune” and my intuitive abilities function extremely well! …the downside to this drug is that it’s addictive and you will crash very hard if you take it for any extended period of time…the crash can last for up to a week and during that time intuitive abilities are extremely dull….mood will be a roller coaster… but, it’s a drug- You pay for it in the end.

    LSD, mushrooms – those I did when I was younger and my comments are this: if you’ve done one hallucination, you’ve done them all. Your “trip” isn’t going to vary all that much in terms of what “cool things you’ll see and experiences you’ll have”…the only big difference is your body’s physical reaction (level of sickness!! Because one time I vomited within an inch of my life!..that was the last hallucinogen I ever consumed.)

    Cocaine (also speed) are the opposite of anything spiritual. That drug is for Ego and Ego alone. You will not experience anything spiritual on this.

    Molly – I did have some interesting spiritual insights the couple of times I tried this – but the hallucination factor turned me off…I think I tried this way too late…I’d tried too many other hallucinations in years prior. I was burnt out on “seeing sounds and watching things move ” – ug! Seen that movie before. But I can see people reporting that this drug does offer some spiritual insights – – –

    But the problem for me is how far removed you feel from your body and for such a long length of time….

    Call me old (I am getting old…and wise 😉 ) but I’ve done a lot of drugs and seen a lot of places and met so many different people of different points on their own paths and here is where I am now:

    I don’t need drugs to have a spiritual experience! !

    (You don’t need drugs to have a spiritual experience either!)

    I’ll take a tall glass of water, a tibetan singing bowl, a spot next to a clear stream, and 3 hours of uninterrupted time, over drugs anyday. Anyday.

    You don’t need anything to “get there” spiritually ——- you ARE there already.
    I’ve learned to follow my breath – I can go anywhere, across this world or into another…

    Drugs are never needed.

    …and there’s never a crash.

    By the way – I COMPLETELY agree with what you said about contraceptive pills!!

  2. Serena

    I find I am much less intuitive and psychic on anti-depressants. However I need to be on them, so have had to accept the effect they have. Makes life a bit dull though!
    Best wishes to all

  3. Michelle

    I have been antidepressants for over 10 years and a mood stabilizer for about 8 years. There have been periods of time, the most being about 2 weeks, where i have not taken my medications and have felt more sensitive and intuitive to others feelings. I’m not on very high doses of medication so I don’t feel completely numb, but I do think I feel slightly number than I do without the medication. In general I am a highly sensitive person and I find it very difficult to regulate my emotions or keep my emotions seperate from others when I am not on medication.
    As far as marijuana, I have found that in some ways I actually feel less numb and open up to feelings and events in my own past that I have repressed. While high on marijuana I have thought that I experienced both seeing the lights and shadows of spirits and angels, but I am not sure if this is just due to the hallucinative properties of marijuana.

  4. Stephanie Pullen

    I’ve been bipolar since I was around 19. Before then I always felt a connection to “something” out there and seemed to be a bit psychic but ever since I’ve been medicated for depression and bipolar disorder I have felt shut out. I’m 46 now and struggle to pick up anything regarding a spirit.
    The only time over the years I’ve felt like I was open to receiving messages is when I was prescribed Ambien for sleep. I had to get off of them because the doctor said I was hallucinating instead of sleeping. I disagree, I believe I was able to communicate and open up. One night I awakened suddenly to a man nose to nose with me and I felt like he needed my help, behind him were a line of people waiting for him to get done so they could see me. I kind of freaked out and they vanished. I still believe it was real though and feel cheated for having to take my meds to be “normal” and function in society.

  5. Kelly Borgen

    I suffered a mild TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) 3 years ago after I fainted and fell into a bathtub and hit my head really hard. I really shook my brain up and had every post-concussive symptom (short term memory problems, the wrong words coming out, writing and typing problems, vision changes, hyper sensitive to light/sound/stimulation, etc.) Worst of all, I had a chronic migraine for 18 months, and the headache was so bad I couldn’t sleep, couldn’t eat, couldn’t work, etc. I was very sick for almost two years from the injury.

    After I hit my head, the dr.s put me on all kinds of meds. Anti-depressants, pain pills, Topomax, Nuerontin, migraine rescue meds, on and on. I spent most of my time in quiet spaces, slept a LOT, and started meditating (all to try to manage the terrible chronic headache pain).

    I’ve always been intuitive, but I found during this time when my brain was healing, my abilities exploded! I was hearing/seeing/feeling and communicating with spirits. I had a deceased spirit who was lingering, enter me after I communicated with her. I won’t go further into those details here but it was a powerful experience I still don’t fully understand. (Have no fear, she’s not still in me. She was able to pass on.)

    I would also hear sounds of things that weren’t there (to my eyes). I had new experiences of taste and smell of things I would later experience for real (precognitions). I don’t recall having had those prior to my head injury, but maybe I just wasn’t paying attention.

    While I was healing (about 9 months after the fall), I focused on a missing person and had so much come to me via visions, knowledge, physical feelings, etc. Like nothing I’d experienced to that point or even since then. It was as though I could hear him “whispering in my ear”, telling me things, and tugging at me to report what I knew. I went to the police with many accurate details about him (where his missing body was) and other details about him and others related to his case.

    It’s been three years now since my injury and I’m off of all the medications they put me on. I get Botox injections for the migraines, which still occur off and on. I’m back to work (in a highly technical computer type job). Since going back to work I often feel that my newly found heightened abilities have now lessened. That doesn’t mean I’m no longer intuitive. Things happen every day which validate my “flashes”.

    I sometimes wonder if all the medications I was on could have caused false experiences. Yet, I don’t believe that what I experienced was a false reality because so much of my visions, and flashes of knowledge, etc. ended up being correct and true, though I didn’t know it at the moment I was having them.

    I also have wondered if my brain rewired itself while healing and opened up pathways that were blocked before. I don’t know if those pathways are as fully open as they were (I haven’t seen a spirit in over a year but I’ve felt them).

    My belly will pop out when energy is close (still does). This started happening while I was healing as well. There were times I looked 6 months pregnant when a spirit was connecting with me (I don’t understand this either!) Chakra maybe?

    It’s possible (I hope so anyway) that I still have the abilities that seemed to “open up” after my head injury. Maybe I’ve always had them but didn’t take the time to shut out the world and focus and use it…

    Now, I’m preoccupied by work, family, friends, busy life stuff again and so I don’t take the time to meditate as often and connect as I’d like to, or as much as I did while healing. I was literally wide open at first and it was quiet overwhelming.

    I believe we all have the ability to control our “gifts”. For example, I didn’t like audibly hearing things that I couldn’t see. It bothered me. I don’t hear things much anymore. I think I’ve chosen “to turn the dial down”, so to speak.

    I’d love to hear others’ thoughts on my experiences or if they have had similar ones.

  6. Marissa

    I agree that Xanax is terrible on psychic abilities. I have to take it for severe anxiety and ptsd. I do CBT and EMDR but my body is still overwhelmed by multiple traumas, so I have to keep to my meds.

    I was born very empathic, and have a family history of various forms of clairsentience. But since starting on Xanax, I find my ‘powers’ severely blunted. I can tune into my empathic gift when I’m still and calm but it’s feeble at best. In real life even, I can only sense the greatest of eminent dangers, like the most unstable guy on the subway or walking home at night in a darkened alley…like when it’s totally obvious someone sketchy is around.

    I’m kinda caught in a catch 22. Off the meds, I’m a wreck, unable to function, let alone reconnect with my gifts…and on the meds, my senses are so blunted as to be useless. So I take my meds. At least I can live a normal life, although disconnected from my true spirit gifts and disconnected from my family history of clairsentience.

  7. Shyann

    Hi Anna, I need to take some meds for various ailments, however, I have asked
    from my guides and angels, spirit, and God to help me overcome any
    obstacles. And they have everytime. I also told them to keep it on a
    Soul 2 Soul level. Not so much a physical one. As long as my Soul
    is pure as can be, from the heart,..then I am blessed 🙂 I have just
    asked for their help….for the highest good for myself & others before
    a reading, and we are all ready to work. Love & Light ~
    Ps. I have worked very hard to develop my abilities, with great teachers
    along the way…so one really has to know what they r doing.

  8. Karen Williams

    I agree with you, Anna, that all drugs affect each person differently. I have never gotten “high” on vicodin or norco or xanax or morphine or any other drug that I have ever taken except pot and that was a whole different thing. I never smoked it very often and when I did it really had an effect on me – but mostly the short term memory thing (and when I say short term, I mean what happened 2 or 3 seconds ago).

    About 10 years ago, I had an episode that I won’t go into that led me to a stay in the psych ward. They gave me all these anti-psychotic drugs (which I didn’t need) and some of those really affected me in a strange way – it was as if I could close my eyes and see my own neurons firing off in my head.

    Anyway, it was after that time that I started to “hear” things. I was long off those meds and on anti-depressants at the time (which, by the way, also effect different people in different ways b/c I had to try several – some of which made me feel zombie-like and numb while others did nothing – before I found one that actually made me feel better). Around the same time, I went to see a spirit medium for the first time and started to “explore” spirituality after having grown up with religion shoved down my throat. That medium told me that I was clairaudient. I had no idea what that was – but she told me that I heard certain things and I was like, no, I don’t – but just a couple of weeks later, I heard EXACTLY what she told me that I heard.

    At the time I was in an emotionally abusive relationship and I was drinking A LOT and taking anti-depressants and all of a sudden I was hearing things and having experiences on a regular basis. Did it have something to do with the drugs/alcohol? What I think is that spirit knew that I NEEDED help and so the veil became “thinner” at that point in my life and all the things I was hearing pushed me to pursue answers and to continue seeing the medium and to start researching and learning.

    Flash forward to present and I am still trying to learn. I don’t hear things ALL THE TIME like I used to, but I do on occasion. I think now, most of my meaningful communication comes in dreams. I take xanax almost every night before I go to bed (among other things b/c I have Lyme Disease) and it helps my mind to slow down enough to fall asleep (my mind doesn’t like to shut off!). I feel like I have communicative dreams whenever something big is going on and usually right before I wake in the morning…. I hear words and phrases in voices that are not my own in my head as I’m falling asleep. I don’t know what they mean, but I know they don’t come from me.

    Sorry, I know this is long – but one last thing concerning your opinion on contraceptives: what if you’ve had a hysterectomy? Do you think that would affect your connection? Would that throw your sacral chakra out of wack?

  9. Elle

    I don’t quite know the answer to this. I feel stuck, but I’m hoping for progress. I know myself to be an Empath, but I feel my gifts have been blunted through extreme fear relating to childhood trauma and a diagnosis of bipolar that I feel was in part caused by the trauma itself. I have to be on medication, but I feel as though I can’t reach a very pivotal, necessary spiritual part of myself; I just feel like there’s a huge wall. But I’ve been feeling so much better lately, and I’m slowly lowering my medication–so I’m excited to see what will happen when more and more chemicals leave my system. But there are worries there, you know? Like maybe I’ll be just as unperceptive as I was on the medication–and then I’ll be heartbroken, because I really want to offer the world something special as an Empath. But I will always have to be on some amount of medication–I don’t see any way around that. Can I find other ways to be a clear channel?

  10. Teresa Saunders

    I took “the pill” for about 20 years except for a 1 year before and during my pregnancy. Then I used an IUD for 7-8 years until menopause. I find the idea that contraceptives can interfere with a spiritual connection very interesting. There are at least a couple of books on the market about intuitive abilities / spiritual connection coming to the forefront in women in the second half of life. While we no longer menstruate, at least we no longer fear an unintended pregnancy. Fear of the rhythm of life has got to be a spiritual connection killer. My own interest in Spirit coincides with the post-pill part of my life. Ironically, I could have really used the guidance earlier!

  11. Anna Sayce

    Thank you so much everyone for taking the time to share your experiences – very interesting!

    Kelly Borgen – I am sorry you went through that – at the same time your experience made for fascinating reading. I have heard of other people having bumps to the head and coming to, with psychic abilities activated. I’d love to know what exactly is going on inside the brain when that occurs. So many questions!

  12. Anna Sayce

    Elle – I would try some intuitive development, if you have not already. You won’t know if you can access that side of you until you apply yourself. I know psychics who take medication so don’t lose hope.

  13. Anna Sayce

    Karen – Not sure what effect a hysterectomy would have on your spiritual connection. It may possibly reduce your clairsentience, but there are other gifts you can focus on.

  14. marion

    I’ve heard hysterectomies disturb the second chakra connections, etc. and its ability to function. I try to live a lifestyle where I remain “whole” throughout my life. I have some gall stones and would rather drink apple juice with apple cider vinegar and use milk thistle to do a liver cleanse than undergo surgery. My way of thinking is I was born with all those parts – they’re there for a reason. Also taking the birth control pill creates an “estrogen dominant” milieu in the body where PMS, cramping and monthly mayhem become the norm. We also ingest and are otherwise exposed to phyto estrogens which act as estrogens in the body. So increasing estrogen is not the solution. Rebalancing the endocrine system (the entire system) is. I’ve taken anti depressants for many years and am now going off them. I realize I suffer from chronic fatigue, not depression. The chronic fatigue causes the depression. What happened the first time I went off the meds was I started reading people’s minds loud and clear. I could hear what their thoughts were about me and also got the skinny on their lives when they sat down in the coffee shop near me! (Like whose uncle died in a war, and whose cat was dying!) When I’m on meds this doesn’t happen. My empathic abilities increase as well. Now that we are moving into the 4th dimension, I expect this has caused the increases I’m speaking of. I’m going off my meds again in the hopes of helping others and that is the purpose of this post as well. Please research before you take medications. There may be alternatives that are more easily tolerated than what the doctor gives you.

  15. Lisa Plasan

    I am not used to posting on the internet. But I feel the need to post the following information about my own personal experience with my antidepressant medicine. I recently asked my psychiatrist to cut my prescription down and have noticed that I have more of my intuitive nature and spiritual nature coming back to me. The name of the medication is Latuda. This medication in particular seem to make my senses unavailable. I just wanted to share this information was anybody else taking this certain medication. Peace be with you.


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