My Latest Insights on Manifesting Better Health

Below I have pasted a health update that I included in a recent newsletter. In this article, I’m also going to offer the most up-to-date insights I’ve had on manifesting better health specifically:

“I wanted to write a little update as I know some of my blog readers have been following my journey of manifesting over the last 2.5 years and something kind of extraordinary has happened for me, that I do feel demonstrates the power of using the Law of Assumption (LOA). The Law of Assumption is a manifesting philosophy that is similar to the Law of Attraction.

A bit of backstory in case anyone reading isn’t familiar with my story: I’ve been a ‘low energy’ person for decades. It has held me back in my work and I’ve only been able to work part time for many years. I’ve struggled with my health long term, collected a bunch of diagnoses, until 2.5 years ago it reached a crescendo and I had a collection of symptoms that conventional medicine calls lupus.

I was debilitated with that and I took a year off work for the most part (I worked a couple of hours per week). I knew this was not how I wanted to live my life and so I threw myself into manifesting teachings in an effort to change my future.

Things have come right again. Not only am I not troubled with lupus, I have energy. I have been working 7 hour days with no problems, some days with not much sleep. I’m not tired anymore. This is a big change, because I’ve been tired for a long time (years before I became ill) and haven’t been able to work full time consistently.

It took me 2.5 years to get there and I put a lot of effort into this endeavour.

If someone looked at my path of manifesting, they would point to the practical changes I made to bring about health. However, 2.5 years ago, I was depressed and defeated by what had happened to me. I had to dig myself out of the hole mentally, emotionally and spiritually, before I could make any changes. LOA practices enabled me to do this and fuelled the changes I managed to create later on. My life, inner and outer, has changed on so many levels. Any changes I made before I did that, felt like what Neville Goddard called a ‘futile readjustment of surfaces’.

I am very excited by the opportunities this newfound energy is going to open up for me in my life.


I do feel a bit sad that I had been low energy for years when it could have been different. I guess I am writing this to encourage anyone who has something they’re resigned to (like I was resigned to having low energy) to not accept it. Many undesirable situations can be changed by applying the power of your mind and doing inner work.

If there’s something in your life that you’d like to change, check out my free Law of Assumption guide. (The LOA technique that I think played the biggest role in my recovery was revision.)

Recovering my health has changed the course of my life and my work. I am now very interested in holistic health, manifesting and deeply interested in how past life karma affects us (I believe the autoimmune illness I had was karmic.)

Conventional medicine played no role in my recovery.

Other diagnoses I’ve released as part of this process include: lifelong C-PTSD, eczema, seasonal affective disorder (had that for 22 years) and depression. I also no longer get severe post-viral asthma, nor do I get the awful menstrual cycle issues I used to have.

Check out the LOA guide here. It’s free and always will be.”

In this article I’m going to go into more detail on how I created better health. I’ll talk about the manifesting aspect and the practical aspect.

I am providing this info not because I think that you should do what I did in order to manifest better health, but to be transparent about what my path looked like.

In terms of manifesting work, I did:

  • The DNRS program (this was a lifeline for me) — I did the techniques in that program for about 9 months on and off, and it helped to dig me out of the hole I was in, emotionally and psychologically when I was very ill
  • Joe Dispenza’s meditations for 2 years, on and off, but often daily for several months at a time (then I’d take a break)
  • Affirmations
  • SATs
  • Tons of self-love and inner child work
  • Lots of the free coherence healings offered by Dr Joe Dispenza’s students
  • I revised the first 17 years of my life (I grew up in a dysfunctional & abusive family and have an ACE score of 8, which I feel had a big impact on my health)

In terms of the interventions I used:

  • I changed my life quite drastically. My intuition guided me along the way and told me what to do. Sadly I had to cut off family members who were causing me a lot of stress. I moved house and away from a neighbour I’d had problems with on and off, and a landlady who was a bully. I let go of friendships that had run their course and a hobby community that was no longer right for me.
  • I came off an anti-depressant that I’d been on for 2 years and I decided not to take any meds for anything in the future
  • I was on the Gonzalez protocol for lupus for about 9 months — I’m no longer on the full protocol but I got a lot out of it
  • I used various methods of detox
  • I reduced my exposure to toxicants by filtering water, going organic and removing synthetic chemicals in various products in my home that were known to cause harm
  • Cut out refined sugar and ultra processed food
  • Did 3 long water fasts, of 7, 12 and 20 days over a period of 18 months with the wonderful Tallis Barker of
  • Working with the GNM Institute
  • Discovered a long-time nutritional deficiency (molybdenum) that had a big impact on me — my energy came back fully (enabling me to work full time) and eczema disappeared within 4 weeks of supplementation. This deficiency was causing sulphur toxicity and impaired detoxification. Molydenum is one of the co-factors for producing ATP in the body so this had a lot to do with my long-time problems with fatigue. I’d had this deficiency for a long time (a hair test I had done many years ago flagged it up but for some reason back then I ignored it.) Dr Chris Masterjohn’s work allowed me to finally connect those dots.
  • Used a PEMF mat daily
  • Did a past life regression for a recent lifetime, the story of which was very much intertwined with the illness
  • Used an EE system (although I don’t know how much of a role that played in my recovery)
  • Craniosacral therapy.

I’ve met people who were able to manifest better health within a couple of months through affirming. That wasn’t the case for me. It took 2-2.5 years and a phenomenal amount of effort to turn things around. The illnesses I had were deeply intertwined with the baggage from my childhood and my past lives, and it took time to unravel.

Below I answer some questions I’ve had about manifesting better health.

Does eating well and healthy lifestyle help with manifesting better health?

Yes, I think so.

Carolyn Myss talks a lot about creating “health miracles”. I’m going to share a metaphor I learned from her amazing work. She has witnessed miraculous, spontaneous healings over the years and she has some opinions and observations on why and how these healings come about (and why they don’t happen for some people.)

She compares manifesting a health miracle to ascending a 12 storey building (this building represents consciousness.) The upper storeys are where the miracles take place. People on the lower storeys can’t access the healing they need. She shared her experience of visiting a friend in New York City and that on the ground floor, the city seemed polluted, dirty and stank of garbage. When she got to her friend’s apartment on the upper storeys, there was a beautiful sunset and view, and no bad smells. Same place, but a different vantage point that completely changed the experience.

If you are very sick, eating well and having a healthy lifestyle will help to resource you to some extent so that you can ascend to the upper storeys and manifest that health miracle. But diet and lifestyle won’t necessarily be the health miracle you are seeking unless you’re dealing with a condition that is specifically dependent on diet and lifestyle (like type 2 diabetes).

Similarly, manifesting techniques will allow you to ascend the high rise building (they are like the elevator that will allow you to ascend the building) but they may not be the miracle you seek in themselves. They work because they are resourcing you spiritually and taking you to the upper storeys — that’s where the bridge of incidents unfolds, to bring you the miracle you are looking for.

So, the miracle is likely to arise in some form once you reach the upper storeys of the high rise building. It may be that the health issue disappears overnight but more likely, it will come in the form of something that appears on your path. To spot it, you also have to be paying attention and listening to intuition. You must also be willing to take action, and not living in victimhood or subscribing to the conventional medical view that your bad health is the result of faulty genes and impossible to change.

Am I still using manifesting techniques daily?

Not really at the moment. I am spending a lot of time working (mostly on updating my old articles and online courses). I am making up for lost time over the last several years. I am pretty happy and excited about life, and my experiences with manifesting have given me a renewed passion for my work. I still live a healthy lifestyle and will for the rest of my life. I do have a mental diet but it is easy. I make sure to cut off any thoughts which are not leading to a good place (it is easy to do since I revised and negative thoughts are fewer and far between), and I don’t have social media/the news in my life, or any other sources of mental garbage.

If you could choose the interventions which had the most impact which would they be?

  • Neville Goddard’s revision technique (my life, inner and outer, completely changed after revising 100 negative events from childhood and adolescence)
  • Long water fasting
  • Working with the folks at the GNM Institute
  • Discovering and fixing the nutrient deficiency I mentioned
  • The Gonzalez Protocol, especially the detox aspect of it
  • SATS, Joe Dispenza’s meditations and the DNRS program allowed me to ascend the 12 storey and manifest my miracles.

It’s been hard to narrow it down as I think many of the interventions have helped in some way.

Further Resources & Reading:

I offer a free online resource for manifesting your desired reality using the Law of Assumption — it’s a collection of online articles which are presented in the right order so that you can use them as a ‘how to’ guide. It’s quite a comprehensive resource and can help take you from A to B with almost any intention. You can find that here.

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