Top 6 Most Common Myths About Ghosts (aka Earthbound Spirits)

There’s loads of myths and misconceptions out there in the spiritual community about earthbound spirits (otherwise known as ghosts.) In this article, I’m going to look at the most common 6 myths that I’ve come across.

Myth #1: Earthbound spirits are negative, evil and scary

This is the most common misconception I have seen, even amongst professional psychics, mediums and healers.

But the fact is, earthbound spirits are not inherently negative.

To explain this one, I want you to imagine that you are in your local airport. You about to board your airplane to your chosen destination, but before you can do that, the plane leaves without you, and the airport closes its doors so you can’t leave. You are stuck in the airport. This goes on for a while. A variety of unknown people offer to take you out of the airport but you are not sure if they can really help you, so you stay put. Life in the airport is very boring and depressing.

This is exactly what it is to be an earthbound spirit. They are simply souls like you and me, who didn’t make the journey of crossing over fully after death. They got stuck and were too scared to move on to the other side, or too shocked about being dead, so they stayed put instead, and resisted any invitations from their angels to cross over.

They are dead and stuck, but not necessarily evil or malicious.

They are also low-vibrational. They resonate with energies like stuckness and fear, and this is why they haven’t crossed over. But just because they’re lo- vibrational right now, doesn’t mean they’re inherently negative on the soul level.

Let’s have a look at the second most common myth about earthbound spirits.

Myth #2: They’re OK to keep around in your home

Sometimes in my work I come across people who know they have a spirit in their home. They report paranormal phenomena such as being touched when no-one is there, or hearing footsteps or whispers when no-one is in the house.

However, sometimes these people are rather fond of their resident ghost and see no problems with co-habiting with the earthbound spirit.

This is not ideal.

Since ancient times, people have been taking measures to keep earthbound spirits out of their spaces. Did you know that the Celtic festival Halloween originated as a means of scaring away earthbound spirits? Ancient peoples were wise to the fact that we should not be living with earthbound spirits in our spaces.

Here are 4 reasons why:

Earthbound spirits can drain our energy. They attach both to places and people, and when they do, they act like energy parasites, sucking small amounts of energy from our energetic fields. One earthbound spirit probably won’t make you noticeably tired, but many of them can affect your energy levels.

Earthbound spirits also exacerbate our negative emotions. They are low-vibrational beings who are carrying a lot of unresolved negative emotions. They tend to be attracted to people who are carrying similar negative emotions. One earthbound spirit may be carrying a lot of fear and be most drawn to an anxious person. A sad earthbound spirit may be drawn to someone who is grieving.

They can also affect our intuitive accuracy. If you have an earthbound spirit attached to you, and you open up to channel, it’s quite possible you will hear from your resident attaching earthbound spirit when you think you’re channelling your Spirit Guide (because they are closer to the earth plane, earthbound spirits are often a bit easier to communicate with than Spirit Guides.)

They can also scare our kids. Children who have earthbound spirits attached to their home tend to have more nightmares than kids who don’t.

Now let’s have a look at the third most common myth about earthbound spirits:

Myth #3: Earthbound spirits are hard to get rid of

There are two types of earthbound spirits — the ordinary spirit and the enmeshed earthbound spirit.

If you have an ordinary earthbound spirit in your home or in your aura (and most earthbound spirits fall into this category), you do not need to complete involved rituals or go to any great lengths to clear them.

It’s actually pretty easy and simple to help ordinary earthbound spirits cross over into the light.

This is something I teach people how to do in all of my online courses, and in my book, The Empath’s Toolkit.

Enmeshed spirits are a lot rarer than ordinary spirits, and helping these types of spirit cross over into the light is a little bit more complicated. I train healers in this technique, in my Intuitive Healing Program.

Myth #4: Only low-vibrational people attract earthbound spirits

This is another common myth — the idea that if you have a high vibration, it is sufficient protection because you won’t attract earthbound spirits.

In myth #2, I mentioned that earthbound spirits are attracted to people who are carrying the same type of negative emotion as them. This is true, but it is also not the whole picture.

When they attach to someone, earthbound spirits are attracted to both dark and light. All humans have both positive and negative emotions. So earthbound spirits will usually attach to someone who ‘specialises’ in the same kind of negative emotion as them, but at the same time earthbound spirits can also be drawn to happy, vibrant people with open energy fields that have a lot of light. They also love high-vibrational Reiki energy. So, what I’m saying is that the presence of high-vibrational energy is not a protection in itself.

In my experience, the people who most attract earthbound spirits are:

  • Cannabis users
  • Reiki practitioners (unless they’re using some kind of spiritual protection)
  • Empaths
  • Spiritual workers
  • Psychic developers who don’t know anything about spiritual protection.

Myth #5: Earthbound spirits can affect your sanity

Some people think that having attaching earthbound spirits can cause mental illness, or that removing them can cure mental illness.

People with a mental illness are more likely to be carrying earthbound spirits with them, but clearing the spirits will not get to the root of a mental illness. Psychological issues require psychological or nutritional interventions. Spiritual solutions like earthbound spirit release will often also help with mental illness in other ways, but earthbound spirits don’t cause a mental illness and releasing them won’t cure it, either.

Myth #6: All earthbound spirits can be released in the same way

As mentioned earlier on in this article, there are two types of earthbound spirit: the ordinary spirit and the enmeshed spirit.

Ordinary earthbound spirits are very common and are attached to the outside of the person’s energy field.

Enmeshed earthbound spirits are rare and can be found on the inside of a person’s energy field. These 2 types of spirit need to be released in different ways. If you apply the method to help an ordinary spirit cross over into the light, to an enmeshed spirit, it will not work.

When a spirit is enmeshed, you also need to cut a cord of attachment between the spirit and the person, so helping this spirit involves a combination of earthbound spirit release AND cord cutting.

My Professional Intuitive Healing Program teaches you how to release both ordinary and enmeshed earthbound spirits for clients and my book The Empath’s Toolkit teaches you a DIY technique to release ordinary earthbound spirits from your aura.

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