Why I Love Being Able to Read the Akashic Records (and why I recommend others learn how to do it, too)

Almost 16 years ago, I learned to read the Akashic Records.

If you follow my work, you may have heard the story of how I got into the spiritual field… 

16 years ago, I was working as a teacher in a language school in Spain, but I was pretty dissatisfied with my life and my work. I felt that language teaching wasn’t for me. I was looking for something more in my life, although at this point I wasn’t quite sure what that was. 

At the same time I was feeling this way, I became very interested in my past lives. I read a book by Brian Weiss called Many Lives, Many Masters: The True Story of a Prominent Psychiatrist, His Young Patient and the Past Life Therapy that Changed Both Their Lives. 

This book about past life therapy got me very interested in past lives and I became so curious about my own. I wanted to know who I had been, and how this impacted who I was now. I had an inkling from deep within me that this information was somehow important, and I needed it!

And so I contacted a woman in Arizona who offered Akashic Record Readings, including information about past lives. She told me that people don’t become curious about their past lives for no reason and that there was undoubtedly something there for me to heal.

Boy was she right.

The Akashic Reading she gave me changed my life, and I signed up for her program to learn to read the Akashic Records. For 16 years since then I’ve been offering Akashic Record readings to the general public. These readings have formed the basis of my career and I am very blessed to be able to do them.

In this article I’m going to talk about what are the reasons I love being able to read the Akashic Records, and highly recommend this skill to others! Let’s dive into the first reason I value this skill highly.

1. I can find out who the people around me are on the soul level

If there is someone in our lives who is close to us, we have permission to find out who that person is on the soul level, because this helps us better relate to them and perhaps improve our relationship. Through reading the records, we can find out our loved ones’ soul gifts, why their soul chose to incarnate here on Earth, what they are learning (and even what they may be learning in their relationship with us!) We can also find out about their most recent incarnation prior to this one, or in fact any previous incarnation they have had. We can find out how many earthly incarnations they’ve had altogether, and even what their soul has been training in, between lifetimes. 

Basically, an Akashic Record reading can tell me what is really defining about someone’s soul — who are they? 

I know much of this information about my siblings, parents, nieces, some of my friends, and past romantic partners. 

It is fascinating and has helped me to understand the people from my past and present much better.

For example, one of my nieces has the exact same soul origins and soul trainings as me, which helps to explain why I feel a special affinity and kinship with this relative. 

2. I can find out all of this information about myself

Another benefit of being able to read the Akashic Records is that I can of course research this information about my own soul’s story. I know myself extremely well, as a result. I know a lot about my past lives. I know what I am good at and what I’m not so good at. I know all the in’s and out’s of what I’m learning in this lifetime. I know what I’ll be learning and exploring in future lifetimes. I know what I’ve done between earthly incarnations. I know why I am here. This is great information for me to have and has also helped me a lot in my work. It means I never try to be someone I’m not (especially in my work) and I capitalise on my strengths because I know exactly what they are.

The Akashic Records say I’m a Sirian soul who enjoys helping people to improve themselves, the world around them or any aspect of their performance in life. I’m obsessed with improvement. I also bring order and structure to any task or system I’m involved with. 

This has been helpful for me to know because it’s been clear since I’ve created my own business that what I am drawn to is systematising things — I create big programs which teach people how to do something that is normally considered abstract, such as how to develop your psychic abilities, how to read the Akashic Records, and how to do spiritual healings (including cord cutting) for oneself and for others. 

The feedback I’ve had from my students is that programs are very structured and they are like a roadmap to get you from A to B with a particular goal. Many people in the spiritual field do not create structured programs like this. 

If I didn’t know who I was on the soul level and what I am good at, maybe I’d be more inclined to try to copy other spiritual authors/teachers or compare myself to others.  

In addition to being able to find out all the details of my soul’s past and story, through reading the Akashic Records, I can also find out how many past lives I have shared with my loved ones. This can be interesting to know. (Often we have shared 10+ earthly lifetimes with the people close to us.) When I read for one of my grandparents, I found that I’d had 26 lives with them, which was around 20-25% of the earthly lives I’d had altogether. (No wonder I felt such a connection with this person!)

Now onto the third reason why I love being able to read the Akashic Records…

3. I can find out all of this information for my clients

I can’t tell you how cool it is to read for a client and see their soul’s story unfold in front of my eyes, right from the beginning of their birth as a soul.

As the information is revealed bit by bit, it’s like an amazing jigsaw puzzle that is being put together over the course of an hour or so.

I also love being able to create email readings for my clients (using my Akashic reading email templates) that they can refer back to in the future. 

4. Reading the records gives me a sense of oneness and spiritual connection that I highly value

Going into the Akashic Records (and reading for my client or for myself) is really incredible. First upon entering, I get to connect with my Akashic Record guides who have been with me since I started coming into the records 16 years or so ago. The energy I feel from my guides is open, friendly and loving. Before they give me access to my client’s soul record, they sometimes ‘take me aside’ and pass on messages that are useful for my life. 

Then when I start to pass on the information that a client has given me (such as their name and date of birth) and start the reading, the guides sometimes have the record ready and it often feels like it’s the case that they already knew who booked a reading, without me needing to pass on their info.

Then I get to read the person’s soul record, which I find amazing because when I’m doing it I’m sitting in my living room in New Zealand, and my client may physically be in the UK, the US or Australia, for example. It doesn’t matter – we are all connected. 

This process fills me with gratitude, oneness and a sense of spiritual connection, and it raises my vibration.

5. I can find out more about the bigger picture of what is going on here on Planet Earth

It is no secret that many lightworkers and star seeds are currently here on this planet.

Starseeds and light workers are responsible for the explosion in the New Thought and spiritual material that has come out in the last 50-100 years. All the prominent New Thought and spiritual teachers of the last 100 years have been starseeds, and it’s no coincidence that they are here. 

They are here to help us raise our vibration and help this planet evolve. 

There seems to be a sense of urgency around this starseed mission recent times, and there is a very specific reason for this. 

I am a fan of the spiritual teacher Caroline Myss, who writes about mysticism, health and healing. 

One of the things she often talks about in her workshops is that she believes that the reason there are so many light workers on the planet right now, is because of the atomic bomb and our nuclear weapon capabilities. 

Ever since the 1930s, we’ve had the capacity to completely destroy ourselves and the planet, and some believe we are inching closer to this eventuality. 

Only in the last 90 years this has been possible. Never in our history prior to this, has this been a possibility the way it is now.

Caroline Myss believes this is also why there is currently a greater availability of spiritual knowledge that was once unavailable to the masses — to try to stop this eventuality of mass destruction.

How can light workers help to prevent this?

When one person raises their vibration, heals themselves or manifests a beautiful life and a harmonious world, it affects the whole world. We are more powerful than we know. 

Given this backdrop of what is occurring right now, it is really fascinating to me to know all about the 22+ star seed groups who are present on our planet, along with what their purpose is here. 

It’s also interesting to see the groups that are coming in for readings. 

I feel like reading the Akashic Records helps to give me a ‘behind the scenes’ look at this mission, who is involved, and who is currently awakening. 

My primary goal in life has always been to obtain knowledge – deep knowledge of the why’s and how’s of everything that is occurring on Earth, on a spiritual level, and reading the Akashic Records gives me this knowledge.

So, those are the 5 reasons I love reading the records and highly recommend it.

If you’re interested in learning to read the Akashic Records, stay tuned for a very special offer…

My Akashic Record Reading Program teaches you how to do an amazing, once-in-a-lifetime type of reading about the soul’s gifts, past, life lessons, and life path — the Akashic Record Reading.

There are two versions of this program – the version that comes with mentoring and certification is $1099.

There is also a ‘no mentoring’ version of the program which I make available every 12-18 months. It is currently available for purchase, but only until 22nd June. Enroll now for $499.

This version of the program gives you all of the info you need to complete Akashic Record Readings (as the instructions given in the materials are very comprehensive), and it also gives you access to the forum where you can see other peoples’ questions and my answers, but this version does not include certification. (Note that you can still practise without certification.)

If you’re interested in learning to do readings professionally, this is a great opportunity for you to learn an amazing modality that you can use professionally with clients to do content-rich and accurate readings, and it’s only $499.

I use the framework I teach in this program to do my popular Akashic readings for clients – you can check out an example reading here.

You can read all about this version of the program here. 

You can also find a list of frequently asked questions about the no-mentoring version of the course here. 

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