How I Manifested a New Home with the Law of Assumption (In the Exact Location I Wanted To Live In)

In this article, I have an interesting manifestation story to tell from my own life…

A few months ago, it became clear to me that I needed to move house.

I had been living in a rental property for around 3 years, with a landlady who I always had to walk on eggshells around. The landlady often used angry outbursts and manipulation in an attempt to wriggle out of her responsibilities to maintain the place. 

This was a property that I moved into when I first arrived in New Zealand after moving from the UK during the pandemic, and I never intended to stay very long. 

However, after I moved in I became ill and was unable to move for around 18 months. 

Once my health improved earlier this year, and the landlady’s bad behaviour had escalated I knew it was time to move, but I had a lot of resistance to the idea.

The main reason I was resistant to moving was that I believed I wasn’t going to find a home that was as peaceful as where I was living.

I was living in a location in Wellington, NZ that was very handy to the city centre but also set in a peaceful bush environment. It was like a little oasis close to the city — set far away from the road, surrounded by greenery and with really quiet neighbours. My cat loved it, too. 

It became clear to me that finding such a peaceful place close to the city was rare. In fact, looking at the listings over a period of about one month I could see that the place I was renting was quite unique and I probably wasn’t going to find something similar any time soon. My 3D reality was showing me that. I also knew that according to the Law of Assumption, my 3D reality was simply reflecting my beliefs back to me, and I needed to change them. 

So what I did next was, I had a think about the kind of street or location I wanted to live in. I decided I wanted to live in a quiet place close to a nature reserve or park, in a peaceful bush setting. I then went on Google Maps and found plenty of streets in the Wellington region that matched this description, even though I wasn’t seeing them coming up in the rental listings (after all, Wellington city is bordered by multiple regional parks made up of native bush, wetlands and forests.)

Next, I chose one of the streets at random, and looked at it in Google Street View. It was an ideal location for me. I chose a house on that street and started visualising myself living there. 

Note that this was not a strategy to try to manifest that house. It just naturally happened that I started visualising living there (the visualisation just came to me without me trying.) I didn’t expect to manifest this house – for a start the house had 5 bedrooms which is too big for my needs – instead I was just visualising it to give myself the idea that it was possible to find a location that was as ideal as my current home. I needed to let go of my limiting belief that what I wanted was not possible because it did not exist. 

After I visualised it for a few days, I let it go and stopped thinking about it. 

I kept looking at the rental listings in the mean time. Nothing suitable came up for 3 weeks or so. Then a lovely, well-kept house 2 doors away from the one I visualised on that quiet street in the ideal location came up in the listings for rent. And the size of it was much more suitable for me. 

When I saw it in the listings, I just knew it was my house. I went to view it (in a viewing that was packed with people who were expressing enthusiasm about living there to the property manager.)

My situation was less than ideal: I had no reference since the deteriorating relationship with my landlady meant she had refused to give me one, and I have a pet, but my application was still accepted out of all the applicants. I am now living in that house. 

What are the chances that a house would come up for rent 2 doors away from the one I visualised, and that I would be chosen to rent it with a pet in tow and no former landlord reference? In Wellington City there are almost 77,000 dwellings, and only several of them became available per day among the rental listings that allowed cats, so this was not a high likelihood that I would be able to manifest living in that street. 

This was the Law of Assumption at work! (In fact, the Law of Assumption is at work all the time, but in this case it was used consciously in my favour.) 

I’m very happy in my new home. I love the location. The neighbours are quiet. The property managers do not try to wriggle out of their responsibilities like my last landlady did. It’s sunny, reasonably priced, spacious, private and I have a vegetable garden, which I’ve wanted for a long time. 

If you are looking to manifest a new home using the Law of Assumption, below I’m going to give some instructions.

And if you are interested in using the Law of Assumption to manifest your desires but it is not a new home you are seeking, instead I recommend reading this article: How to Manifest Anything Using the Law of Assumption.

Now let’s look at what you can do to manifest a new home, if you are in that situation.

First of all, I recommend not doing what I did and only manifesting a new place once your current place becomes unbearable to live in. It’s best to manifest from a relaxed space, with minimal importance attached to it. 

1. Write a list of what you are looking for in a new home. 

Don’t limit yourself by what you think you can get for your budget. 

In Neville Goddard’s book ‘The Law and the Promise’ he tells the story of a woman who wants to manifest a new home for her family. This woman and her husband decided they wanted to move in with her aunt and mother and a whole menagerie of animals. They had a ridiculously long list of requirements, including the location, a wonderful view, complete privacy and other requirements such as a large fireplace and wood panelling all through the house. It also had to be a very large house that would give each member of the family privacy. When they told the real estate agents how much they were willing to pay for the house, they were laughed at and told they would need to pay 5 times more than they had to spend. 

Long story short, they got their house at the price they were willing to pay. Circumstances do not matter. 

(You can read more about this story here in The Law and the Promise.)

If I had to manifest my house again, I would have had a longer list of requirements, but I was so hung up on my limiting belief about the location that I didn’t think to do this. 

Don’t restrict yourself by what the market appears to be like or what current house prices or rental prices are. If you want to find a property that doesn’t cost much to live in or that you live in for free you can also achieve this. There are many stories online of people creating situations like these.

2. Set an intention

Next, set a clear intention as to what you want to create. 

3. Create a Visualisation

Once you have got your list of what you’re looking for in a home, create a visualisation that implies you have what you want. See yourself living in this home and visualise it often, at least once a day until you feel like you don’t need to visualise anymore. 

Your visualisation could be a friend or family member getting a house tour and congratulating you on your beautiful new home.

It could be you and a pet or your kids enjoying your outdoor space in the summer. 

When you have your scene, replay it from the first person perspective, feeling everything about it — touch, taste, smell, sight, hearing. In the beginning, write out your scene or describe it out loud so you can connect with all the details.

You might want to think about: what is the energy that the scene evokes in you?

In my scene, I felt a sense of safety (away from problematic landlords!) I gave that energy of safety and security a colour (red) and I gave it a colour and had it come into all my cells through the crown chakra. I said to myself, safety is now entering my head, my face, my shoulders, my chest etc., until my whole being was filled with safety. I breathed in safety and rejoiced in it for a few moments.

You can do this with any energy your scene evokes in you e.g. freedom, expansion, happiness.

4. Use Affirmations

You could also use an affirmation throughout the day such as:

I’m so lucky to be living in my dream home.


I’m so happy that I live in such a lovely place. 

Replace the word ‘lovely’ with anything you like, such as ‘sunny’, ‘beautiful’, ‘spacious’, ‘secluded’, ‘private’, ‘luxurious’ or ‘quiet’ and begin your statements with:

I love that…

I am so lucky that…

I am so happy that…

When you say these affirmations, say them like you’re celebrating the fact that you already live in this place. You can have anything you want in the 3D, as long as you give it to yourself in your mind first!

5. Act ‘as if’

Something else I did was I acted ‘as if’ — I started preparing for my move before I even found a new place. I decluttered and packed. I wrote out the email giving my landlady notice that I was leaving (obviously I didn’t send it until I was ready though.)

So ask yourself, what would you be doing if you already had what you wanted? Do that now, as much as possible.

6. Ignore the 3D and let go of the ‘how’

As I mentioned, after I had decided what I wanted in a new home, I looked at the listings for 3 weeks and nothing suitable came up. I did not take this as evidence that it was impossible to have what I want. I ignored what the listings were telling me. I knew I would eventually find my house. 

I recommend that once you have decided on what you want, you ignore what the 3D world is showing you and keep going within to your dream. Focus on that.

Also, don’t strategise on how you are going to find this new home. Instead, visualise and affirm, and if you need to take some action, you will be clearly called into action.  

7. Check your self-concept

When manifesting something favourable for yourself (such as a beautiful new home) you need to feel that you deserve it. 

It’s harder to manifest something favourable and keep it if you have a low opinion of yourself. 

I recommend saying affirmations like:

I deserve to live in a beautiful place

I deserve to receive so much from this life

I deserve to live in a comfortable home

I deserve the absolute best life has to offer

I shift realities easily and effortlessly

I am the place new opportunities come from

Do you have any manifestation stories to share around finding a new place to live? I would love to hear them!

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  1. Hilmar

    The way was built walking!

  2. Autumn

    Dear Anna, thank you for writing and sharing on this. I would like to ask: What if you don’t have the financial means to afford any at all currently, but could really need to manifest one? Also, when manifesting a home for our families, is it better to visualise our family members as well in the new place? Does the location have to be specific when visualising as well? Or is it a better idea to manifest the feeling of how we would like the house to be if we don’t have a specific location? Do the specifics matter when manifesting?

  3. Kay Marvis Black

    Dear Anna, I truly enjoyed the story you wrote about how you were able to live in that beautiful home. I am fully convinced that it is feasible to obtain anything one desires through manifesting your heart’s desire.

  4. Anna Sayce

    Hi Autumn,

    I have heard many stories of people manifesting places to live with no money. For example, a man who was homeless and jobless manifested a situation as a carer in someone else’s home. A woman who lived for free in someone else’s house long term as a house sitter. And another woman who was living in a horrible, mouldy property and when she told a customer at her work about her predicament, he offered to rent her his house at well below the market rate, so through manifesting she managed to manifest living in a beautiful home at a price she could afford (which was not much.) So, we can definitely manifest ideal situations even if we don’t have any money at all. Circumstances don’t matter. When you put your mind to it, the quantum field will rearrange itself to accommodate you.

    If it is a home that you would like to buy, use affirmations such as “I am now a home owner” or “I feel so settled in my new home that I own.” Visualise signing the documents to buy the home. Don’t manifest the money, instead manifest the situation.

    Yes, if you are manifesting a home for your family, see them living in the house.

    If you’d like to manifest something specific, such as a home with a beautiful kitchen or a particular location, visualise that. You could create a visualisation for every aspect of the home you’d like to manifest. In addition to visualising a home in a particular location, I imagined lots of sun coming in through the kitchen window and my cat being happy there. I now have both of those in my house.

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