Why I Think Giving Future Predictions Is Not a Good Use of Psychic Abilities

As a psychic, I almost never give predictions and in this article, I’m going to explain why.

How predictions work

I believe that maybe between 5 and 25% of our life is planned out before we get here (although the number of pre-planned events varies from person to person).

Often we decide before we incarnate whether we will have children, and how many. Sometimes we have a soul contract to get into a relationship with another soul. Other times, we will make a contribution to a field or industry. Or it may be that we are meant to live in a certain country.

So, some of our life may be set in stone (although the timing of these things often won’t be fixed.)

The remaining 75-95% in terms of what we choose in our lives are probabilities, not certainties.

We do come into this life with certain probabilities, and these are based on our past lives.

Our past life karma is reflected largely in the childhood and family that we choose, and then our formative experiences condition us to make certain choices later in life.

For example, if you have spent many lifetimes being the ‘other woman’ or ‘other man’ in an affair, you will come into this life with the likelihood that you’ll do this again. You may be unmarried but in a longtime affair with someone. You’ll have a childhood that teaches you that you are ‘second best’ and don’t deserve a partner of your own.

Another example is if you grow up around addicts and you’re abused, neglected and traumatised. There are certain probabilities that arise from that.

You’re less likely to go on to lead a successful, content life. Maybe it’s 70% probable that you will become an addict, and it’s 30% likely that you will recover from those early childhood experiences and heal yourself.

Or in the example of the person who keeps getting into affairs, maybe they are 80% likely to be an affair partner and 20% likely to leave that kind of relationship behind for good.

When psychics are giving you a prediction, they can only predict with some degree of certainty the 5-25% that is set in stone (and even then, they can get it wrong because no intuitive is ever 100% accurate.)

When psychics are making a prediction based on the other 75-95% of your life (that depends on your free will), they are going off probabilities. And those change based on what you’re doing and what kind of attitude you have.

That is why predictions are sometimes wrong.

I also think that getting predictions based off probabilities can sometimes be harmful and mess with peoples’ heads (and their free will).

For example, let’s say that a young woman in her twenties is told by a psychic that she won’t meet her future husband until she’s 37 and she takes this on board. Perhaps she has opportunities to go on dates, but she declines and puts her focus elsewhere, because she thinks she isn’t going to meet the right person until later.

It’s possible that this psychic was correct and she isn’t going to meet her person until she’s 37.

It’s also possible that the psychic was basing their prediction on probabilities, or that they were just wrong.

Maybe this young woman missed her opportunity to meet the right partner when she was in her twenties because she took this prediction on board, As a result, she finds a partner later and ends up having one child when she actually would have preferred more than one.

This is why I believe predictions are in some cases harmful.

Even if she is going to meet her husband aged 37, the prediction isn’t going to change that, so why tell her?

And then you have the people I’ve come across who were in abusive relationships and one of the reasons they can’t let go is because a psychic 10 years ago told them this person will be the love of their life. So, they stick around waiting for the relationship to turn into the fairytale they were told it would be, when it never will.

I’ve also come across people who did a University degree or chose a career they hate because a psychic predicted they would, and their parents took that prediction and ran with it. When people are young and unsure of what is right for them, they can easily be influenced to do something they wouldn’t otherwise do, based on a prediction.

So, for all these reasons, predicting the future is often one of the less helpful ways to use psychic abilities.

The only times I would give a prediction is:

1. When I felt someone was heading for a bad outcome but it could be changed (but in my experience, many people who are heading for a bad outcome are learning something in particular and not interested in course correcting)

2. When I felt certain that someone had a beautiful, bright future ahead of them and I knew telling them would make them happier

I have been given future information in the past about my own life but I don’t like it. I have an agreement with Spirit that I want to know as little as possible and that they are only to tell me if it is something really necessary.

A better use of psychic abilities

Personally, I find it more helpful to look at questions like:

  • What is your purpose in this life & what are you learning?
  • Did you bring any negative karmic patterns into this life?
  • How have they manifested for you?
  • What can you do to change them?

This is the sort of thing that can shift outcomes for people and where I’m headed in my work.

As I said, this is my opinion, based on my experiences. I realise that others may disagree.

PS. If you want to shift the probabilities of your life, shed past life patterns that are keeping you stuck, and get on your highest timeline (even if the odds appear to be stacked against you), check out my free Law of Assumption guide. In this article, I describe how I did this for myself.

And if you’re interested in learning how to use your intuitive abilities in the most practical way, check out my Intuitive Awakening Course.

Meet Anna

Hi, I’m Anna Sayce! My purpose here on this website is to provide practical techniques and information to help empaths to understand, and fix the root of their energetic overwhelm & also to help sensitives to embrace and develop their intuitive gifts. I believe that developing our spiritual & intuitive side is very powerful and allows us to improve our own lives, and if we wish, even make the world a better place for others. Discover more >


  1. A

    Hi Anna,

    I had several readings over the course of a decade. One of them told me that my life will change in 8-10 years and I will be in a much better place. I had no idea what that meant. And luckily the lady didn’t give me details. Maybe I was meant not to know as I had to go through it? Probably, as my life partner and I did share a past life. Well, my life partner and I broke up after 8 years of marriage. And in another two years I moved from that continent I lived in with him.

    Two other readings told me that I am here to learn and to love, and to love my teachers. I assume a teacher is anyone that you had a significant relationship with or just gave you a life lesson of some sort. My most significant relationships were pretty traumatizing. Like really bad. I am just feeling sad over this aspect. What was the lesson? Pain? Getting out from something bad faster? Or did I had to learn different forms of abuse? Or learn how evil works? I am puzzled, Anna. So if I was told to love my teachers/abusers could that mean that I intentionally accepted to go through these experiments ? Maybe I don’t need to know but I still wonder.

  2. Anna Sayce

    Hi A, Thanks for sharing your experiences with predictions.

    Loving your “teachers” if they have hurt or mistreated you, sounds a bit like forgiveness.

    I believe that we plan our lessons in advance and unconsciously choose experiences to learn those lessons (but that is my opinion…I know not everyone agrees with this idea!) Much love to you, Anna


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