Why You Don’t Have to Be Intuitive to Learn to Read the Akashic Records 

When you think of someone who reads the Akashic Records professionally, you may imagine that such a person has always been psychic — perhaps someone who had impressive psychic skills in childhood, and retained their abilities into adulthood.

Those people certainly exist.

But what if I told you that some of the people who take my Akashic Record Reading Program, and graduate from it, and work with clients, did not have evidence of their intuitive abilities when they started learning to read the Akashic Records. 

Perhaps this would surprise you.

But it actually isn’t surprising at all, when you consider what reading the Akashic Records (as I teach it) involves.

Let’s first of all look at how most methods of reading the Akashic Records work…

Many programs & books which teach you how to read the Akashic Records involve using a prayer which allows you to access the records, then you are expected to channel on a bunch of open-ended questions (about a client’s life or your own life.)

For such a process, you do need some channelling abilities to deliver an accurate reading. Typically there’s an apprenticeship period where you work intensively to develop your skills, make mistakes, get feedback, and find out more how your channelling abilities work. And when you’re a beginner using your channelling abilities, it can be notoriously hit and miss.

The method I teach for reading the Akashic Records doesn’t involve channelling and is much simpler to learn. It also doesn’t involve making mistakes, either. 

Anyone (including a total beginner) who follows this method, can do an accurate Akashic Record reading from the get go. The apprenticeship period is not usually longer than a few months. And once you’ve mastered the process and have a bit of experience under your belt, doing an Akashic record reading is not hard work. 

Here’s how the method works:

1. First of all, you learn about the many aspects of the soul’s path and past that may apply to your client. I have listed them below. 

  • The 8 energy centres of training

The energy centre of training is about the realm your soul has trained in, in the past. Many people have a vague awareness of the 8 major chakras that exist in our bodies, but what most people don’t know is that there are 8 realms in the Universe which correspond to these 8 major chakras. These realms hold the energies that we associate with each chakra, and every soul has chosen one realm to ‘train in’. When we do this, we embody the energy of that realm and bring it into the physical when we incarnate. For example, if your soul has chosen to train in the 4th realm (which corresponds to the heart chakra), it means you are a healer (on the soul level) and you’ll likely be bringing this healing soul purpose into the physical realm, too. Note that this realm of training does not change from one earthly incarnation to the next — it stays the same across all lifetimes.

Knowing which realm your soul has trained in can help to validate you in your desires and soul’s path. In my Akashic Records course, you learn about all 8 realms of training and how they tend to manifest for people.

  • The 22 + soul groups of origin

Your soul group of origin is the environment that your soul chose during its formative incarnations. When a soul is new and lacks experience, it will deliberately select a place of incarnation in the Universe that will complement its own soul and its plans for evolution. There are many places in the Universe where a soul can grow and evolve. The place that the soul chooses for its first several incarnations becomes imprinted on the fabric of the soul and a part of who the soul is. This is why it is such an important part of the soul’s identity in subsequent incarnations and the soul’s purpose. 

  • The 4 primary life focuses that a soul can choose

Not all souls are here for the same reasons. Some souls have a particular focus on learning during their lifetime, while others are here to support other souls, contribute to the greater good, or just have a good time. To some extent, we can do all 4, but there’s usually one life focus that our soul has chosen predominantly for this lifetime. It can be very interesting to find out what it is. 

  • The 87 life lessons that we know of 

Most souls have a curriculum of life lessons — usually several — that they are exploring during any given lifetime.

The primary life lesson is the underlying theme behind many of the person’s life experiences. Common life lessons include self-love, moderation, patience or surrender (and there’s several dozen more than I know of!)

There is often one primary life lesson and multiple secondary life lessons that a soul will be learning. In my Akashic Records class, you learn about all 87 life lessons.

  • The various soul trainings that a soul can do between earthly incarnations

Once a soul crosses over to the ‘other side’ after an earthly lifetime, there are multiple avenues for learning that the soul can explore in the non-physical realm (these are called ‘soul trainings’). Many of these trainings give us skills that we can use when we’re incarnated. For example, if you have an affinity for energy healing modalities such as Reiki, it may be that you’ve studied human energy anatomy on the other side. 

  • Basic info on past earthly lifetimes 

For this section of the reading, we look up info such as the total number of earthly lifetimes a client has had and how many of these lives were male vs. female.

We also look at the kinds of roles a soul has had in the past. For example, upon researching this we may find that over 50% a client’s earthly past lives have been religious ones, and as a result, such a person is likely to be a person of faith in this lifetime, or someone very spiritual.

Or we could find that a client has had lots of lives fighting as a warrior or soldier, or maybe the bulk of their lifetimes have been parenting as a mother and being a wife. It can be really interesting to find out the roles that a soul is extra comfortable with, through past experience. 

We can also look into more specific info on past lives, such as which eras in history and religions have made an impact on the client’s soul.

In my course, I talk about all of the possibilities for past life roles, and the religions and eras in history that often come up as important to a soul’s past.

  • Which of the 5 out of a couple of dozen archetypes that a soul can embody, and what this means for their purpose

The archetypes are qualities/gifts that the soul embodies which do not come from the other aspects covered above (such as the soul group of origin or the soul trainings.) They often come from past lives and they provide more info on the person’s soul purpose for this specific lifetime. For example, you might find out from the archetypes that a person is a lightworker or a healer. 

  • Info on the secondary Godspark

All souls have a primary Godspark, which is an energetic connection that arises from the heart chakra and connects the soul back to Source/the Divine. We receive energy from Source when we sleep, through this Godspark. 

Some souls have a secondary godspark, which is a second connection to Source, connected at a particular chakra. This constitutes a boost of energy for this lifetime (from Source) for a particular area of the person’s life. So, as an example, a soul with a soul purpose that revolves around communication and/or teaching may find themselves with a secondary Godspark at the throat chakra. 

  • Intuitive and empath gifts

The final part of an Akashic reading goes into the strongest intuitive or empath gifts that a person has for this lifetime. It could be a combination of emotional empathy and claircognizance, or perhaps clairvoyance and clairaudience, to give a couple of recent examples from my readings. 

OK, so when you have learned about all the soul trainings, life lessons, soul groups, archetypes, gifts, etc. What you do next for your reading is research which ones apply to your client (or yourself!) 

You do this using dowsing and a set of charts. 

Dowsing means dowsing with a pendulum and a chart is something on a page with several rows and columns to it.

So, for example, if you ask: ‘Which of the 22+ soul groups does a client belong to?’…

…To answer this question, you’re going to have a chart on a piece of paper in front of you with many rows and columns. Each soul group is represented in a particular row and column. Then you ask, is this person’s soul group to be found in row 1/2/3/4 until you locate the correct row using your pendulum (your pendulum is going to swing a certain way for ‘yes’ and a certain way for ‘no’). Then you locate the correct column in a similar way, until you have narrowed it down to the right soul group.

You do this for every point in the reading — the life lessons, the soul training, archetypes, intuitive gifts, everything has its own chart that you use to identify which parts apply to your client.

So, the reason new Akashic Record readers can be so accurate from the beginning, is because this process of locating the various aspects of the person’s soul is done through pendulum dowsing and charts. There is no channelling involved. 

If you have channelling abilities, you can add a few more details to the past life section of the reading, but even if you don’t, I have charts for that, too.

Researching the above points results in a content-rich reading that often is 22-30 pages long (size 12 font) when delivered by email. When delivered by phone, the reading will often take 45-75 mins.

You can check out an example Akashic reading here.

I hope this article clarifies why you do not need to be intuitive to read the Akashic Records.

All you need is belief, a willingness to learn to dowse with a pendulum, and openness to the information we have about the various aspects of the soul described above. And of course, time to learn. 

And many students have found that as a happy side effect of working in the Akashic Records, their channelling abilities also get a boost!

If you’d like to learn to read the Akashic Records for yourself or others, check out my Akashic Record Reading Program, which is on sale at 25% off until 5pm EDT on 28th March.

“I’ve been fascinated with the Akashic Records for quite awhile now but so much of the information about how to access the records and receive clear guidance was vague. Anna’s course gave me clear, detailed steps to take to access the information and a way to validate that the information was correct – invaluable to someone as detail oriented as myself! I appreciated the requirement of practicing on others – it helped to boost confidence and it was extremely validating to hear how the information resonated with my clients. If you’re wanting to learn the Akashic Records, I couldn’t recommend Anna’s course more.

— Mandy Carsten, MandyCarsten.com

“The level of detail in this program is astonishing. It never fails, completing Anna’s programs not only provide you with the opportunity to shine a light into the lives of others, but they also leave you feeling more confident and healed yourself. Anna provides an incredibly thorough study in her Akashic Record Reading Program, and as with all her programs, she is available for support and coaching as you need it. It is clear Anna not only has a tremendous depth of knowledge, but also, she leans into her teaching background to facilitate understanding for all her students. I highly recommend working with Anna in any capacity, her work is the gift that keeps on giving!

Andrea Graham, TheLeafHeartPath.com

P.S. If you’re interested in my Professional Intuitive Healing Program (which is also 25% off until 5pm EDT on 28th March) and wondering if you also need channelling abilities for that, you don’t!

All the information you need to do an intuitive healing session can be gleaned using a pendulum and charts. 

See this article for more information.

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