Do We Ever Reincarnate into the Same Family?

When I recently asked my readers to send me some questions to blog about, I got some questions about past lives. None of them were meaty enough on their own to write a whole article about, and so I thought I’d answer them together instead. Here are the questions I’m going to answer in this article:

  • How many earthly past lives have most people had on average?
  • Do we ever reincarnate into the same family?
  • How many past lives am I likely to have had with my loved ones?
  • I get the sense that this lifetime is my last one. Is it likely?

How do I know anything about past lives?

First of all, so you know where I’m coming from on these questions I wanted to tell you a little bit about what qualifies me to write about past lives:

I’ve been reading the Akashic Records for 16 years and have read for thousands of people. (If you’re not sure what the Akashic Records are, you can read about them here.)

The Akashic Records are the best place to find out information about your soul’s past, because every action that your soul has taken, throughout each lifetime you’ve had, has been recorded in the Akashic Records. So that’s a lot of past life patterns I’ve observed.

I also trained as a past life regressionist with the late Coletta Long and Dawn Grace Kelly although I’ve never practised apart from working with practice clients.

I have had 14 past life regression sessions myself. I actually got into this line of work (aka. the spiritual field) because of my interest in past lives, and due to the fact that I had a lot to heal from my past lives. My fascination with this topic just would not let me go, and I had to follow it until I had found some resolution through past life regression. I am sure I have more lives to explore and heal at some point.

So that’s my experience when it comes to past lives.

Let’s get onto the frequently asked questions (and my answers) about past lives. The first one I’m going to cover:

“How many earthly past lives have most people had on average?”

It’s hard to generalise, actually. The number of lives you have had will depend on your soul group of origin. Some soul groups only started incarnating here in the last one thousand years, therefore they have had limited experience and time to rack up the earthly incarnations.

Other soul groups have been here for 250,000 years, and those groups tend to have had 100+ incarnations.

Some groups don’t like incarnating here, because they find this place to be “unevolved” and low-vibrational, as a place of incarnation. Other groups amass a lot of lives because they feel like they have a mission here, and it’s usually connected to helping this planet evolve.

So, to summarise, it’s very hard to generalise. For those who want to learn more about this topic, I am bringing out a book soon that gives details about the 22 star traveller groups, along with how many lives members of the various groups tend to have, on average. Now onto the next question:

“Do we ever reincarnate into the same family?”

It’s possible, but rare. Our souls seek variety, above all — we want to experience it all. So if you’re a female who lives in a rich country in one lifetime, you will often choose to be a male living in a poor country in the next (to give one example.) That’s been my experience, at least, observing the lives that come up for me and my clients.

It’s true that we often attract a similar kind of learning situation in many of our lives, until we finally master it and ‘get’ what it is our souls want to learn. But we tend not to do this in the same family or even in exactly the same scenario. Instead, we find ways to learn our life lessons in a variety of different families and scenarios.

Just to give you an example that might help to illustrate this: a friend recently sent me this interesting article about an American doctor called Dr Thomas Tuttle who was around during the Spanish flu Pandemic and who not only bears an uncanny resemblance to Dr Anthony Fauci, but who, according to my friend, also faced many of the same challenges that my friend thought Fauci was facing in the fight to contain coronavirus (although I had a different idea on that topic!) My friend thought their stories were strikingly similar (go over and have a look at the image at the top of the article if you’re interested.)

My friend pointed out the uncanny similarities between these two men, including the odd resemblance, and asked me if Dr Fauci might be the reincarnation of Thomas Tuttle. I did not go into Dr Fauci’s Akashic soul record to check (I am not sure if I would even have been given access to that information, if I had tried to get it), but my sense about it was no, he is not. It would be very rare for a soul to seek out such similar situations in two separate incarnations, including the same sort of look or physique, the same country, the same job, and the same situation during a pandemic. That would be highly unusual.

And the same principle applies to reincarnating within your own family — there is likely to be a sense of: been there, done that. The soul usually wants something different once you have got that t-shirt!

“How many past lives am I likely to have had with my loved ones?”

When reading for people, I have seen that it’s common to have shared between a few and up to twenty past lives with someone who is very significant in this lifetime — we do seem to incarnate in the same groups. Michael Newton goes into this concept of ‘soul families’ further in his very interesting books Destiny of Souls and Journey of Souls.

“I get the sense that this lifetime is my last one. Is it likely?”

It’s possible, but unlikely. It depends on your soul group of origin. Some soul groups incarnate here very infrequently, so if you have the sense you’re not coming back here, it may be that you belong to one of those groups, and the likelier scenario is that you won’t incarnate again for a long time after this lifetime.

If you belong to a soul group of origin that incarnates here often, such as the Mintakans, Sirians, or some of the Blueprinter groups, it’s highly unlikely that this lifetime is your final one here. You can find out your soul group of origin by getting an Akashic Record Reading or by waiting for my book on the soul groups of origin that will come out soon (edit 2024: the book is now available and can be found here). The book can give you a good idea of which soul group might be yours, but if you want confirmation, a reading is better.

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  1. Mia

    This was so guided! I always wondered if I was my own great grand mother or something like that XD

    Thank you!

  2. G

    Thank you for this article. I am so excited to hear that you’re writing a book. I was told one of my soul groups is Blueprint Designer and there seems to be very little information about them.

  3. Anna Sayce

    G – Yes, BP Designers are fairly rare. In fact, I’ve never read for one. I think there’s only about a page in my book (out of 67 pages) dedicated to them, as a result.

  4. G

    My reader mentioned I was the first, as well. [Great reading!] Wow, I didn’t expect you to be 67 pages in already. I truly enjoy the way you write about each topic and I can’t wait to read it. Happy writing. 🙂

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