How to start a successful, full-time spiritual business in 2023

Some of the people who have been following my Law of Assumption series of articles have written to me to tell me that their dearest wish in life is to create a profitable and successful spiritual business. And so in this article I’m going to give the steps for building a spiritual business using the Law of Assumption (which is a manifesting method that is an alternative to the Law of Attraction.)

I’m also going to tell you about the way that I built my spiritual business in 2007 and why I would do exactly the same if I was starting over now. 

So this article combines the strategic and practical steps with the spiritual/energetic steps. 

In case you’re wondering who I am to teach you about business, I’ve been running my spiritual business successfully for over 15 years. 

It is my sole source of income and provides me with a comfortable life. My business allows me to take time off and work a lot less than I would if I had a job. Last year I was able to work an average of 3.5 hours per week, and still made a good full time income. I also got New Zealand residency through my business several years ago.

I achieved all of this before I even knew how to use and apply the Law of Assumption. 

It is clear to me now that taking action is one half of the equation of building a spiritual business. The other half of the equation of building a successful business is by applying the Law of Assumption. This will make your path considerably easier, and I highly recommend you combine the two if you are looking to start a new business.

If you are a spiritual business owner who knows how to apply the Law, I think the sky is really the limit. You could reach success much more quickly than I did. 

Now let’s have a look at the energetic steps you should take to become a successful business owner. 

These are all about applying the Law of Assumption to the endeavour of building your spiritual business. I have numbered them in the order you should complete them. 

  1. Learn about the Law of Assumption and how it works
  1. Choose an intention for your spiritual business, and set it

Just a note that your intention should be realistic and something that doesn’t feel like too much of a big deal to you.

For example, if you are a newbie to spiritual business, don’t set yourself the intention of for example, making an absolute fortune in your first year. Yes, it’s possible, but it’s also extremely unlikely. You need an intention you can believe in — something that feels doable and comfortable. Once you’ve reached it, you can always set a new goal.

So, for example, if it feels comfortable for you, you could set the intention of making $1000/month in your business for the next few months (note that this goal could be much lower if you are just starting out — it’s totally up to you). 

Once you’ve achieved that goal for a few months running and you’re ready to set a new goal, you could increase it to $1500 per month or $2000/month. Once you’ve reached that goal, you can set a new intention again.

So, in conclusion, I’m a fan of setting your goal low, and reaching it, and then setting another one. Otherwise if you set your goal too high, you are likely to not reach it, get discouraged and perhaps not bother setting another goal for your business in the future.

3. Next, choose a Law of Assumption technique for manifesting that appeals to you, that can help you enter the state of “the wish fulfilled”.

I list 11 techniques for manifesting here.

Neville Goddard (the New Thought author and teacher who popularised the Law of Assumption) stated that in order for something to manifest in your 3D reality, you must embody the feeling of the wish fulfilled in your life.

So, you need to decide on what the state of the “wish fulfilled” of a successful business feels like to you, and enter that state as much as possible throughout the day. Don’t worry at first if you struggle to do this — using Law of Assumption techniques for manifesting will definitely help.

Here are some ideas for the wish fulfilled and what it feels like:

It could feel like freedom — being able to work when you want and where you want. Not having to clock into a job. 

It could feel like financial security — I was ill in 2022 and on average I worked 3.5 hours per week that year. I still made a very good full time income that is well above the New Zealand median annual salary. Financial security and some degree of passive income through a spiritual business is definitely possible.  

It could feel like inspiration & fun — it is a lot of fun for me helping people to bust through the veil of illusion and uncover who they are on the soul level. I also love helping people to develop their spiritual abilities.

Maybe it would feel like awe and wonder — I still remember the day I realised, back in 2007, that being in the spiritual field was my vocation. I was doing readings for people at the time while I was working in my job as an English teacher in Spain, and it occurred to me that spiritual work was what I was meant to be doing, and that I could leave my job and do this instead.

It was a ‘Woah’ and ‘What…who, me?” moment. I couldn’t believe I was going to be doing this work…I felt very blessed.  

Note that if you have trouble accessing these emotional states right off the bat, it might help to find times in your life when you felt a sense of freedom (even if it was not financial), or a sense of spiritual awe and wonder. Replay those memories, then create scenes in your mind in which you are having those experiences anew, of financial security or having a lot of fun & feeling inspired at work. Draw on past memories to help get you there. 

4. Practise a Law of Assumption technique daily

Here is an article which can help you to structure your daily practice, for manifesting a successful spiritual business. Don’t leave out this step, or you are shortchanging yourself — you can achieve so much more in business by having a daily practice for manifesting.

5. Keep your thoughts in alignment with your intention

Go on a mental diet and observe your thoughts.

If you notice you’re thinking a lot of negative thoughts about business, money or whether or not it’s possible for you to do any of this, turn those thoughts around and contradict them. You can change any limiting beliefs over time by practising this process of observing negative thoughts and contradicting them. It is an ongoing process. 

6. Release importance

More on this important Law of Assumption concept in this article. 

Make sure you have a back up plan for your spiritual business. Decide what you will do if your business doesn’t work out. This releases importance and makes it easier for your intention to come to you. 

7. Make sure your self-concept matches that of a successful business owner

If it does not, work on changing it over time.

You have to believe in yourself. 

8. Ignore your 3D 

When you start your business and you’re not really seeing any success (which you won’t for a while), ignore the evidence of your senses and turn back to the reality behind your eyes.

9. Watch for guidance (from your intuition)

The right action flows from the right state of mind.

If you practise the steps above for using the Law of Assumption to build your business, you will change your state of mind over time. Your intuition will naturally give you actions to take based on this new state of mind, which will get you to your desired intention, such as a certain level of income or success, (however it is that you define success!)

So that’s the energetic side of building a business covered.

In case you are also interested in learning more about the practical steps for creating a spiritual business, I recommend my Build an Online Spiritual Business class.

Below I include more information on the business model I teach in this class for building a spiritual business. 

If this class is supposed to be part of your path to building a business, your intuition will let you know.

How I recommend creating a spiritual business in 2023

If you’d like to work in the spiritual field, but you’re unsure what it is you would like to do, personally I recommend learning some kind of spiritual skill or modality that you can do online, and then create a really simple website to sell your services.

This modality could be something like Reiki, Tarot, Akashic Record readings, cord cutting/energy healings, psychic readings, astrology or numerology (to give several examples.) 

It should be something where you can work with clients all over the world because you don’t want to be restricted to one particular area.

Then start working with clients.

At this stage, I’d recommend keeping it really simple. You do not need a fancy website. Just make it your first name and last name, dot com. Do not worry about branding – it’s just not necessary for a new spiritual business.

I also recommend ignoring anyone who tells you that you need to create some sort of niche, as a new spiritual business owner.  

If you would like to niche down, you can do that later. But as a new spiritual business owner, you don’t usually have the experience yet to know what your niche should be.

After you’ve created your website and you’re selling your services, I recommend you create some kind of content to market yourself. 

This content could be blog (written) content, YouTube content or a podcast for iTunes. 

(It should not primarily be Facebook or Instagram content — you definitely should not base your business around them and I explain why here.)

Next, work with clients for a few years

Learn from your clients.

Listen to them.

They will provide you with much inspiration for content creation, which you should create to serve them better.

Every time a client has a question that you think other people might want to know the answer to, blog or create a video about it.

And if it’s in your path to have a niche that you serve, those people will naturally show up in your world with a problem that they want your help to solve. 

If you’d like to have some passive income at some point, working with clients is often how you’ll get there (note that ideally, to have a profitable business you should create some kind of info product at some point, whether it’s a course, a book or something else.) 

Working with people is how I came up with the content for my most popular online course – Intuitive Awakening – and my book for empaths. I couldn’t have created those resources as a new spiritual business owner back in 2007 because I hadn’t yet done the client work which inspired me to create them. 

So that’s one way to get started in the spiritual field, that is as effective now as it was back in 2007.

The biggest mistake I’ve seen people make when trying to create a spiritual business, is to create a general website about spirituality, or an Instagram account that delivers empowering and inspirational content. That’s hard to monetise. The internet is quite crowded these days, compared to when I started, and it can take years to make money from a blog. If you want your business to be profitable and sustainable from the start, I recommend training in something and working with clients instead. 

I hope this article helps to inspire some of you who are working on building a spiritual business or about to start one. 

Above all, make sure to use the Law of Assumption and the right action will flow from there. Ideas will come to you, guidance will come to you and you will just know what your next step is. 

Further Reading:

I offer a free online resource for manifesting your desired reality using the Law of Assumption — it’s a collection of online articles which are presented in the right order so that you can use them as a ‘how to’ guide. It’s quite a comprehensive resource and can help take you from A to B with almost any intention. You can find that here.

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