How to Manifest the Life You Want

When I returned to the UK recently and was sorting through my belongings in storage, I rediscovered something I had completely forgotten about – my ‘wish box’.

My wish box is an old, purple box that was once a box of chocolates.

About 3 years ago, when I wanted to create or change something in my life, I would write it down on a little piece of paper, and put it into the box. I would then put the box away in a drawer and forget about it.

Periodically I would find it again and add new wishes, and look over the ones I had already manifested. Everything I want to create or change goes in there – in work/business, health, relationships, friendships, money, etc.

Why I Use A Wish Box to Help Me Manifest Things

One of the things I love about this process is keeping fulfilled/manifested wishes in the box and letting them collect. This is very powerful because every time you look through the wish box, you can see how good you are at getting what you want out of life.

When I am in a bad mood or feeling discouraged about something, it is easy to forget that I am actually a good manifester and that I clearly have the power to create what I want in life. If I hadn’t been keeping track of my goals in the ‘wish box’, I wouldn’t have realised this to the extent I have.

I believe that for the most part, we are here to create the lives we want. And for those of us who struggle (as not all souls choose an easy lifetime), we are also here to transcend what is holding us back.

With that in mind, here are some of my best tips on manifesting the life you want:

Know & Apply Your Life Lesson

I believe that knowing your primary life lesson and applying it, is the key to successful manifestation. The fact is, not all of us are on the same path through life. What works for someone else may not work for you, and the reason for this lies in what you are here to learn in this lifetime.

(The life lesson is a theme that our souls choose in this lifetime, to explore, and a new energy to expand into – all souls have strengths and weaknesses, based on past lives and their soul group of origin.)

Personally, my life lesson is moderation. My soul is good at being intense and passionate but has for the most part eschewed balance.

I have found that I have to be moderate, steady and sensible in my approach to my goals. If I abandon this principle or bulldoze my way through, things falls flat (or they fall apart.)

To give another example of a possible life lesson, let’s say that your soul is naturally very compassionate and kind. In previous lifetimes, you have sacrificed your own needs, and maybe had more compassion than is good for you. So your soul decides it is time to learn to balance this compassion and bring in some boundaries in this lifetime. And to achieve your goals this time around, you must learn to be more self-focused.

Another example might be a soul that is more naturally self-focused and so naturally skilled at creating a lot of success through focusing only on their own needs. Now the soul has come to a point in its evolution where empathy and kindness must take precedence. In order to manifest their goals, this soul must also take into account the needs of their community, rather than just their own.

It is clear that every soul has its own individual path towards success, and knowing your life lesson can help you to understand the conditions you will have to fulfil along the way.

If you are interested in finding out more about your life lessons, you might be interested in an Akashic Record Reading.

Be Open To Manifesting Something Even Better

One of the interesting things about keeping a wish box is also seeing the intentions that don’t work out.

One of my philosophies is that Spirit/God/the Universe knows what I need better than I do. And when I look back at the intentions that haven’t manifested, in most cases, I can also see how they were wrong for me.

For example, one of my intentions in 2015 was to buy or rent a house in Scotland. I set this intention when I first arrived in Scotland in 2015. I have seasonal affective disorder and looking back, it is clear that this was not a great idea to live in the Highlands of Scotland, as this area gets the least sunshine hours in all of Europe.

We are all seeking happiness, but the fact is, sometimes we do not realise what is actually going to make us happy.

So set your intentions, but bear in mind that you may get something even better than what you intended.

Use Negativity to Fuel You

The Law of Attraction states that we should focus on positive thoughts in order to make our dreams come true. But negative emotions and energy also have their place in the manifestation process.

Are you frustrated about what you haven’t created in life? Envious of what other people have?


Anger, envy and frustration are powerful fuel to help you overcome any roadblocks you will encounter along the way towards your goals. They can move you forwards so use them.

Commit and Invest

One of the common pitfalls in manifesting is expecting what we want to come to us without having to invest anything, but our power actually lies in investing – investing time, energy and sometimes money.

I recently read a great quote by Sabrina Reber which reflects this:

“Don’t expect it. Create it.

Many of us want something for nothing. We expect to get what we want, without having to create or attract it to ourselves.

We think everything should be given to us. But that is not how the Universe works. If we want anything, we will have to earn it….we will have to pay for it.

We pay for things with our time, with our energy, with our thoughts, with our actions, with our money, with our disciplines and with the laws of cause and effect.

Nothing is given freely, and nothing is given easily. Even if you do receive a “gift” keep in mind that it cost someone something and whatever has been given to you will eventually cost you something energetically in the future.

Energy always seeks balance. If you want something, apply your energy constructively so you can create it for yourself. Step into your power and utilize your creative life force energies, in alignment with your inner God, so you can create the world of your dreams.”

And Finally, Use Your Intuition to Guide You Towards Your Next Steps

You don’t need to see the big picture of how you are going to achieve what you want. You just need to know what the next step is, and complete that. So tell the Universe what you want to create. Use the process outlined in this article. Then wait for the pointers and nudges from Spirit to show up.

Did you know, your intuition is one of the best tools at your disposal to help you create what you want in life?

If you are interested in developing your intuition further so that you can recognise when it is guiding you, you may be interested in my Intuitive Awakening Course.

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