Spirits Are Waking Me up at Night — How Do I Find Out Who They Are?

Hi Anna,

I have had the experience repeatedly of being woken up at night by spirits. I am not sure who they are, but I have experienced being woken up from my sleep by being shaken awake, having my name called, and seeing a face in my mind’s eye upon waking.

How do I work out who these spirits are and what should I do about them?

– Tanya

Hi Tanya,

First of all, you’ll need to decide whether what you’re experiencing is hypnagogia or something spiritual. I talk about how you can tell the difference here.

If you feel this is a spiritual experience, there are two likelihoods for the spirits that you’re encountering. It’s most likely that these spirits are a deceased loved one or they’re an earthbound spirit.

Let’s just make a distinction between these two types of spirit:

Deceased loved ones are people who have passed, who are known to you or to someone around you. These are spirits who have usually fully crossed over, and if they are visiting you, it is because they have a message for you or someone else.

Earthbound spirits are the mental or emotional bodies of souls who have died but have not fully crossed over into the light of spirit, so their mental or emotional body remains on earth (hence the name earthbound spirit.) Usually these spirits haven’t crossed over fully due to trauma or fear, so these spirits tend to be low-vibrational, although they are rarely malevolent. Earthbound spirits can be attached to our auras and most commonly our homes. When people experience paranormal activity in the home, it’s most likely to be an earthbound spirit at the root of it.

Here’s how you can know what type of spirit you’re dealing with:

Earthbound spirits…

– Will often appear as a multitude of faces in your mind’s eye upon waking. For me, this is like flipping through a photo album of different faces that I do not recognise, at high speed

– Have a low-vibrational energy. You may pick up on stuckness, fear, and other heavy energies. You may feel afraid upon perceiving their energy, or you may feel creeped out or have the sensation of being watched.

– When there’s an earthbound spirit in the vicinity and I’m trying to sleep, the spirit will often wake me up and the sensation I get is like someone hits me on the side of the head, near my temple. I’ve heard others report something similar.

It is also possible to pick up on the presence of spirits who have just passed away and are en route to the other side. These spirits seem to move with purpose, may be seen passing through walls and other structures, and they may appear fully dressed in outdoor clothes as if they are on their way to somewhere.

Now let’s have a look at what characterises a visitation from a deceased loved one…

If you’re dealing with a deceased loved one, it’s going to be a spirit who has a message for you or for someone you know, so the visitation is more likely to have a purpose and be accompanied by an actual message that can be verified by the recipient. (I gave an example of a message I got from a deceased person in this article.)

Therefore, if you have no idea who the person you’re seeing is, and no information is forthcoming as to the spirit’s identity, it’s more likely you’re dealing with an earthbound spirit rather than a deceased loved one.

One key difference between deceased loved ones and earthbound spirits (at least for me — I’m not sure if others perceive them this way, too…) is that when deceased loved ones present to me, their whole body is usually visible — I can see what they are wearing, whereas earthbound spirits often just look like disembodied heads, in that I can usually only see their face.

Another difference between earthbound spirits and deceased loved ones, is that earthbound spirits have more of a lost, aimless energy to them. They may be seeking your help but they may not ask for it outright. Whereas a deceased loved one with a message to pass on, may have more of an urgent energy around them. They may even be a bit pushy in their eagerness to have their message relayed to the intended recipient. So whereas earthbound spirits are a bit lost and aimless, deceased loved ones by contrast will seem more purposeful and pushy.

You will also be more likely to feel positive emotion when visited by a deceased loved one. One of the ways that the deceased communicate with us is by sending us emotions that we can feel, to communicate how they felt about you or the person the message is for. So, channelling this sort of spirit can feel emotional, whereas channelling a deceased loved one will not come with the same rush of positive emotion. Instead, their energy feels stagnant and stuck, and sort of ‘blah’.

You may also see what I call ‘angel lights’, when visited by a deceased loved one. Angel lights are bright coloured lights (often pink, blue, white and golden) that show up in your peripheral vision when a deceased loved one is with you. They are also associated with angels (hence the name.) Seeing these is like seeing a flash of colour, that looks like a small blob of colour, in your peripheral vision but if you look directly at it, it’s already gone. It’s very quick and it may also be accompanied by a lovely feeling.

If you are visited by a deceased loved one and you can perceive it, this is a sign you have mediumship skills.

If you are picking up on the presence of an earthbound spirit, you may be a Third Order member and these spirits are seeking your help to cross over, or it’s just possible that you have a lot of earthbound spirits hanging out in your space and you’re energetically sensitive enough to perceive them.

If you think you have earthbound spirits in your space, you might like to check out my online course Energy Clearing for Spaces which teaches you how to release these spirits from spaces. My book The Empath’s Toolkit also teaches you how to release any earthbound spirits from your aura.

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