Why I Don’t Recommend Using Trauma Therapies While Consciously Manifesting

A common question I get from coaching clients is:

Do you need to heal before you use the Law of Assumption?


Is it OK if I resolve trauma while I’m working on consciously manifesting a new outcome in my life?

This is a complicated and nuanced topic and I’m going to try to bring as much nuance to it as possible.

I find great value in healing and trauma therapies. But at the same time I don’t recommend actively resolving trauma with a therapist while consciously using the Law of Assumption to manifest a new outcome in your life.

This is just my perspective based on my personal experiences. Below I explain why.

I have an extensive history with trauma, beginning in childhood and continuing throughout adulthood (my ACE score is 8/10.) I had C-PTSD for my entire adult life but finally let go of it in the last couple of years.

I used healing modalities and trauma therapies for around 12 years. I made a lot of progress, but I didn’t get rid of the C-PTSD through these modalities.

When it comes to manifesting a new outcome in your life, the problem with many healing modalities is that you’re focusing on the old story (of past trauma) while you’re doing them.

Focusing on old stories is going to yield more of the same in your 3D reality.

To manifest a different outcome in your life, you have to “become” that person on the inside, who is experiencing your desired outcome. You have to change on the inside — there is “nothing to change but self”, according to Neville Goddard.

Therefore, if you want to see significant change in your 3D, you need to significantly change on the inside, in terms of your thoughts, feelings, moods, assumptions, beliefs and identity/self-concept.

It’s very difficult to do this while you are “running old stories” and focusing on the past.

So, if you are currently using a trauma therapy, and you’re also consciously manifesting a new outcome in your life, the two cancel each other out to a large degree.

The trauma therapy has you focusing on the old story and the manifesting practices have you focusing on a new story. You may make some progress, but you won’t make as much progress in manifesting a new outcome because these two do neutralise each other energetically to some extent.

The nuance

Note that healing modalities and trauma therapies have their place. I don’t feel my time was wasted with them.

But they may not fully heal C-PTSD or trauma. They will get you some of the way there. I believe that to heal fully, you need to do your trauma therapy, then switch to manifesting. Using the manifesting practices is what finally regulated my nervous system, and my nervous system didn’t become regulated until I started using manifesting practices.

I still occasionally get dysregulated/triggered, but when I do, I notice quickly and I am able to re-regulate by myself within minutes. This is such a big change for me on how things used to be, because I used to spend days in a state of dysregulation. Essentially, in the last 18 months I’ve retrained my body and mind so that my autonomic nervous system is under my conscious control.

Manifesting practices have been a large part of being able to do that.

But the following work did also contribute to this end result of me being able to re-regulate myself:

  • Craniosacral therapy
  • Body-centred psychotherapy/Hakomi
  • EMDR
  • “Parts work”/Internal family systems

I would say the healing got me 60-70% of the way there and the manifesting practices were the icing and the cherry on top of the “nervous system cake”.

So, to sum up my views on healing and manifesting

1. Trauma therapies and conscious manifesting practices are not compatible, in my view, if the trauma therapy involves going over past negative experiences (EMDR is a good example of this). There’s a time for one and a time for the other. They shouldn’t be done in tandem unless you’re OK with wasting some of your time and energy on manifesting practices that may yield little to no results. Personally I feel that is a bad idea because it will cause you to feel that manifesting isn’t for you and that it doesn’t create much change in the 3D.

Don’t get a strategy session with me if you’re in the process of trauma healing or you plan to do it some time soon. I recommend continuing with the trauma therapy if you wish, then use manifesting practices when you’re done.

2. You don’t need to heal 100% before you start using Law of Assumption practices (or at all). However, if you find that if you are too dysregulated to actually use techniques or start a routine with daily practices, healing may be helpful before you start. But you may not need to heal at all in order to manifest the life of your dreams.

3. While consciously manifesting, it may be OK to use healing modalities that don’t go over past negative experiences, such as internal family systems or inner child work.

4. A great technique to use for those who dissociate, is robotic affirming or listening to affirmations that you recorded for yourself. You can use that technique no matter how you feel.

5. If you are traumatised and you manifest consciously while dysregulated or while engaging in a lot of negative thinking, you can sometimes succeed, but in my experience your bridge of incidents will be rockier than for someone who doesn’t consciously manifest from that place.

6. One of the things I’ve had to let go of with my extensive background in healing and trauma, is that there’s something wrong with me. I’m not broken and I don’t need anymore healing.

The problem with the healing techniques when used for years and years is that they reinforce the old story that you need healing. If you focus on healing work, what you’ll see in your life is more healing work. If you have had C-PTSD, I’m sure you know what that’s like. The healing can be never-ending.

Ultimately, your job is not to bust every illusion and heal every single past wound in your life. Instead, your job is to become so clear that you can rise above all the illusions and wounds*. This is what conscious manifestation can do for you.

*I think this is a Caroline Myss quotation or someone else’s quotation that I’ve somewhat changed and quoted here, but I can’t find it online.

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1 Comment

  1. Cody

    This is a very interesting article.

    I personally was never able to make visualizations work until 2023. I tried before (before the year 2023) and it never went anywhere. I think that’s because I had to do some healing first. But that’s just a guess on my part.

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