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Is It Possible to Speed up Our Soul’s Growth?

Our souls incarnate here not only to enjoy this playground called Earth but also to grow and expand. This growth can actually be measured through life lessons. Life Lessons? In the Akashic records, we can find out what a soul is choosing to learn and explore in this lifetime, in the form of life lessons. […]

How Does the Soul’s Past Affect your Personality?

The human personality is intimately linked with the soul and its past experiences and trainings. After all, the soul is the part of us that survives over time, through many lifetimes, collecting along the way all the soul skills and learnings from lifetimes, relationships and events. Let’s get technical and look at the ways in […]

How Many Cords of Attachment Should I Have Cut?

This is a question people often ask about in healing sessions. In the aura healing session, we either cut a cord of attachment or remove some astral debris from your aura, in order to help you to feel lighter, clearer, happier and more empowered. If you know nothing about cords of attachment, or cutting them […]

What Happens in a Cord Cutting Session

I wrote this blog post for the curious people who want to know what a cord cutting session is like.  It’s also for those who have booked a cord cutting so they know a bit about what to expect. Cord-cutting sessions are very different from a reading. (For a start, unlike in a psychic reading, […]

My Code of Ethics for Readings and Healing Sessions

Recently I wrote a code of ethics for my sessions. I wanted to explain my code of ethics here and give more details. Unlike doctors, psychologists and mental health workers, there is no professional body that psychics or spiritual healers can belong to which says to clients that they take their role seriously.  So I […]

Cord Cutting – Client Experiences

The other day I got a testimonial from a client. It was the first client testimonial that I’ve had for the cord cutting service I offer so it was great to get it. You can read it here: cord-cutting testimonials. (Note: if you’re interested in learning more about how you can cut your own cords […]

Personal Lessons and Insights I’ve Had From Doing 500 Intuitive Readings

It’s time to compile a blog post with all the personal and psychic development lessons I’ve learned from doing 500+ readings. I’ve not blogged about what I’ve learned personally from doing readings – the blog and the readings have been separate in that regard up until now. I hope this article helps to demystify the […]

Can Anna Predict My Future?

This is something I get asked often by clients and the answer is maybe. Here’s why: Whether or not I can predict your future depends on what you’re asking me to predict. In this article, I explain why psychics can predict some things but not others. How Predictions Work To make a prediction, a psychic […]